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Infinity Downline Compensation Plan – Reverse 2 Up

Infinity Downline

A Review Of The 2 Up Compensation Plan

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Although Infinity Downline has been around since March of 2009, the revolutionary compensation plan is still the talk of the industry.

Is the Infinity Downline 2 Up Compensation Plan Easy For Everyone To Understand?

I remember when I was first researching Infinity Downline. One of the biggest concerns I had was to fully understanding the compensation plan before I got started. And still to this day, it is probably one of the biggest concerns of people I talk to on a daily basis. You see, future teammates and business partners seem to understand that they need to pass up 2 people to their sponsor, but many fail to realize the power of this and what it means to them for the long-term.

Let’s Review The Infinity Downline 2-Up Comp Plan and Get a Better Understanding of It’s Potential.

The Infinity Downline Compensation Plan Video below was Produced by Infinity Downline. It covers the basics in a few brief minutes but many still have questions (just as I did when I was doing my research). For example:

Q: After I pass up #2 and #4, do I need to pass anyone else up?

A: No

Q: Is this some kind of pyramid scheme?

A: Haha! I always get a kick out of this one. It’s hilarious to me that this question is even asked these days. However, I can completely understand some people’s skepticism when first getting started in this industry.

No possible way. There is no top or bottom and there is no… “The People At The Top Make All The Money”. It doesn’t matter if you come in 10,000 levels deep, or 1 level from the owner, everyone has the same potential to make the same amount of income. Infinity Downline has a Real product, and it is proven to work… when you work it.

Q: What if my 1st person gets 2 people before I get my 2?

A: This is a great question. You must have your 4 people in order to receive pass-ups from your downline. I will say though, I have been with Infinity Downline since August of 2009 and have a very large team. I have only had 1 teammate get his 2 before their sponsor did. So, this is very rare. As long as you are working your business, you will almost always get your 2 before your downline does.

Q: Why is it in my best interest to pass up 2 people to my sponsor and how do I benefit from it? A: The best question out of them all :) OK, Let’s take a real close look at this one. Put simply, just as you have to pass up 2 people, so does your downline. Here’s where it gets really powerful. Let’s say you recruit 4 people and are now fully qualified for life. Awesome! Now, your downline (#1 and #3) are with you for life and they owe you 2 people. So, you just brought in 4 people and passed up 2 to your sponsor (#’s 2 and 4), but when your downline get’s their 4… well, they owe you 2 each for a total of 4 as well. So, even though you had to pass up 2 people, you now have 6 in your downline, each paying you $25 per month. Make sense? We’re just getting started :)

 Here’s the best part. The people that were passed up to you from your downline are now also with you for life, even though you could have never met them… ever! And now that they are part of your downline, when they bring in their 4, you get 2 from them as well. In essence, you can literally retire with 4 people in your downline. Now, obviously this is a perfect world scenario, because everyone on the team would have to do their part in getting 4. However, imagine getting 10 people or 20 people yourself. Do you think out of 20 people 2 or 3 of them know 4 people willing to invest $25 into their future, to grow their own business for the long term? I think you know the answer to this, although we wanted to ensure it.

My Exclusive Infinity Downline Team Training and Bonuses

You see, just hoping that your downline and teammates will succeed is simply not enough. You must be able to provide them with proper Infinity Downline training, resources, bonuses and tools to help them make the most out of their Infinity Downline business. “But how am I going to do that, Jon? I am just getting started in the industry my self as well?” It’s OK, I’ve been there and I know the pressure’s of needing to take care of a large downline. And this is where the power of the Infinity Masterminds Team Training and Resource Site comes into play. I spent months creating a proven system that literally walks our team thru the exact processes and action steps to developing a successful online business. It then comes down to simply applying it. Add to that, I left all of my personal branding off of the site so that you can pass this invaluable Infinity Downline training on to your team, almost as if you created it yourself. I did this to ensure that you (a teammate) had massive value to provide your teammates when they join you. It’s already created, waiting and ready for you and your team to take advantage of. To Learn More about the Infinity Downline Mastermind System and what it can do for you and your team visit:

Exclusive Infinity Downline Training and Bonuses

To YOUR Success,

James Matthews
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Cost of Starting Infinity Downline

Are There Any Additional Expenses To Get Started With Infinity Downline?

What Is The real Cost Involved With Infinity Downline?

All too often I hear horror stories of how people were mislead into joining a program that required no additional fees, only to find out that they’ve been back-ended into another ‘deal’ or additional expense once they’ve signed up.  Personally, I don’t agree with doing business this way.  I feel that it is important to be upfront and honest with your new partners / teammates as this will get your new business relationships started on the right foot.

What Infinity Downline REALLY Costs…

So, let’s look at what it really costs to get started with Infinity Downline, or any business online for that matter.

As a business owner or Entrepreneur it should be your goal to try and minimize your costs and expenses. If you were to compare the costs of Infinity Downline to ANY other business, you would soon find that having your own 100% commission based business has some major perks.

Let’s say for example that you were to open a traditional store – one where you needed to purchase products and resell them at a higher rate to achieve a profit. That could be any type of store for example:

  • A Restaurant
  • A Gas Station
  • A Convenient Store
  • A Clothing Store
  • An Electronics Store

… You get the point.

Every store that I mentioned above not only requires that you purchase products to resell at a higher rate, but it also requires Employees, Rent, Mortgage, Overhead, and not to mention probably close to a hundred thousand dollars just to get the doors open.  Ouch!

As you can tell – owning a traditional business can be extremely costly, hence the extremely high failure rate.

The advantages of an online business like Infinity Downline

Now, that’s not to say that owning your own Internet Business doesn’t have expenses, but I can guarantee you that the start-up is much much lower.

I personally always recommend a few things to anyone who wants to go into business for themselves online. It doesn’t matter if you own a shoe store or a business like Infinity Downline. If you plan to market your business online you’re going to need a web site, a way to automate the process of keeping track of your customers, and a way to accept money.

To do this you’ll need:

  • A Domain Name
  • Hosting
  • An Autoresponder
  • A Merchant Account.

Let’s understand why I recommend the above mentioned and how with my team in Infinity Downline you can avoid most (if not all) of these additional expenses.

To get a website online for Infinity Downline, you need a domain name and a hosting account. A domain name can range anywhere from $2 to $13 per year and hosting is about $6 a month – not too bad right?

An Autoresponder will keep track of your customers and also send automated messages to them to help persuade them from purchasing from you. An autoresponder costs $1 for your first month and $17 each additional month thereafter. I personally have created a great autoresponder follow up series that my team has complete access to for free. I have literally done all the hard work in writing all your Infinity Downline follow up messages. You simply copy and paste a code that I give to you into your autoresponder and bam – you just saved a month’s worth of work.

And lastly, you’ll need a merchant account.  Because Infinity Downline doesn’t earn a profit, you need to accept 100% commissions directly into your bank.  There’s no waiting around for the company to pay you. You can decide to use your own professional merchant for this or you can simply use a merchant like paypal.  Either one is fine however, I suggest using a professional merchant when you start to bring in the big bucks. I have instructions on how to do this in my Infinity Downline Team Training and this usually costs around $15 a month.

Now, if you add all of this up, you’re looking at a total of around $45.00 To start up your own 100% commission based business.

Is that not crazy or what!!!?

Especially when you take in the fact that personally earned over $1500 my first couple months with Infinity Downline, and it cost me less than a night out with friends to our local pizza shop.  Compare that to opening up a traditional business in the hundreds of thousands of dollars with only a fraction of chance that you will succeed.

How To Eliminate Your Start Up Costs With Infinity Downline

I understand that getting started in this industry can be a tough decision – especially if you are struggling to make ends meet.  Believe me, we’ve all been there.

When I got started with Infinity Downline in March of 2011 I was several thousand dollars in debt and really didn’t have a penny to spare.  And although I risked it, spent my last dime, and told myself that there was no possibility of failure, I don’t ever want to have to put someone else in the same predicament that I was in back then.

So, Is Infinity Downline Right For You?

If I had the ability to pick up the tens of thousands of dollars worth of education and training that you have at your fingertips right now, for a measly $25 when I was getting started – You can bet I would jump at it, and more than likely pay ten times that price without question.


You see, over the years I have spent a small fortune to learn the things that I now teach my team.  It is because I decided to educate myself in this industry that I have become a success, and gone on to earning multiple 6 figures yearly online.

You now have the ability to pick up this training, and education that costs me tens of thousands of dollars, and use the same systems, literally everything that I personally use to run a successful business, for less than the cost of pizza with friends.

Everything is in place for you this very moment to get you moving in the right direction. Now it comes down to you. Are you ready to take action towards changing your life?

To YOUR Success,

James Matthews
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Infinity Downline Success

What does it REALLY take to succeed with Infinity Downline?

All too often this industry is made out to seem that without all the tools, knowledge and education, your destined to fail. When it really comes down to it… it’s not only easier than you ever thought it could be once you “Get It”, but it soon becomes second nature.

Everyone gets started in this industry with a dream of living their fantasy lifestyle… driving that luxury car, or living in that huge mansion.  Some just simply want to pay off their debts.  They know in their hearts that they have the capability to accomplish the task at hand, but they get caught up on the slow process of building their business, not seeing those immediate paychecks, or thinking that everything just seems to take too long to grow.

In this brief article I’m going to discuss the facts about building your Infinity Downline business, or any business for that matter.

You see, it all starts with a burning desire.  You have to know your ‘Why’, or ‘Why’ you are in fact getting involved in business.

You absolutely MUST have a desire to succeed.  People with this passion will do whatever it takes to accomplish their goals. It does not matter how many hours, days, weeks, or months it takes… they have a passion for success and will let nothing get in their way.

The people who DO NOT have this desire will never see the results they “HOPE” for because they will not put in the time and energy required to build a thriving, prosperous business.

I challenge you to question yourself, and ask the HONEST question – is your DESIRE for great wealth strong enough, that you will fight in the face of adversity, challenge negative emotions, and press through rejection and frustration with the ENERGY that you must, to reach your desired lifestyle?  If not, you may have to be beaten down by life until you reach a point so low that finally, you make an internal decision where you stand up and say ‘ENOUGH is ENOUGH’ and decide that you are going to make something happen.

The #1 Secret To Success With Infinity Downline Is To Make a Decision NOW!

Start with what you have NOW.  Do not compare yourself to others. You cannot grow a business overnight, expecting to see immediate results in comparison to someone who has been doing this for years. The knowledge will come. Let’s use me as an example. When I got started I had absolutely no clue what I was doing.  BUT, I had a passion and a Desire to succeed. I had a thirst for knowledge and education. And when I learned something, I implemented it into my business. Then, when I saw results, I shared this knowledge with my teammates to help them duplicate the process. You don’t have to tackle everything at once. Use the resources provided to you by your upline and take it one day at a time. Before you know it (with consistent action) the results will come.

Not the Internet Savvy type?  Who cares … this is a business of networking. Sponsoring reps into your organization is not difficult, online or off… once you “Get it”.  This is a business of providing information.  You simply CREATE information and Provide. In other words … MARKETING.

Marketing and Exposure are everything.  Don’t beat yourself up trying to catch up to others in the industry who have tons of material already in place. You simply EXPOSE your business to 3 people per day and if you have the desire to learn more marketing strategies, use the tools, training and resources that are at your fingertips for free in your spare time.  That’s it! It really is that simple.

You simply EXPOSE your business to 3 people per day and move forward piece by simple piece. There is literally no limit to how creative you can get in your marketing. It’s all available to you free when you join the right team and do your research. Lastly, I want to cover 1 important key piece. Not everyone is full time in this industry. Many have families to care for, school, or work to attend. And although you should never treat your BUSINESS as a hobby, you shouldn’t overdue yourself to the point of frustration. This will only lead to inaction and giving up on yourself.

This business can really be a TON of fun when you set realistic goals for yourself and stop at nothing to accomplish them in a timely manner. Understand that “Rome was not built in a day”, and neither is a business… but when you take consistent action towards creating results, your empire can grow to be monumental. Start small with the full intention to grow HUGE… and Never, EVER give up. The rewards are greater than you can ever imagine. I hope this message was of great value to you.

To YOUR Success,

James Matthews
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How To Market Infinity Downline?

Infinity Downline

What is The Best Way To Market Your Infinity Downline Business?

When it comes to marketing your Infinity Downline business, the possibilities are endless…….

Offline marketing (if online marketing seems a little too daunting) would be using resources such as postcards, flyers, business cards, magnets (for their cars or to pass out and put on people’s fridges).  Some move into voice / phone broadcasting, and some even hold weekly meetings at local restaurants, hotels, or houses with great successes.  For many though, including myself – this style of marketing, although it can be effective, is NOT my first choice (more on this later) .  This form of marketing is great for physical products however.

Online Marketing is a newer style of advertising that many people, until recently have not taken advantage of.  Where offline marketing can be effective, it usually comes with a cost. Marketing your Infinity Downline business using resources like facebook, blogs, articles, videos, and SEO can be completely free… and who doesn’t like free?  I love free.

When you decide to expand your business, you can move into paid traffic generation methods such as PPC on facebook, yahoo and bing, and also media buys.  What’s even better is that 98% of my income comes from free online traffic generation methods.  PPC, and Media Buys are great and can bring you quick sales, but really getting out there and consistently creating some good content (just like this site) is sure to bring you Free heavy traffic and sales.

So what traffic generation method is best suited for you, and how are YOU going to advertise your Infinity Downline Business?

This is a question that YOU must answer. YOU must choose which method is best for you. When I first got my start, I quickly realized that offline marketing was NOT for me when marketing digital or online products or opportunities.  Nothing against it, it just wasn’t my style of marketing.  I wanted to leverage my time and efforts using the power of the internet reaching literally thousands of people per day that are actually interested in what I am marketing rather than having to explain my business offline to friends and family that are potentially not interested.  I’m sure you can relate on the former ;)

If Internet Marketing sounds appealing to you, I have extensive training, resources, tools, and step-by-step video tutorials valued at nearly $20K available for my team to learn from and apply.  I touch on almost all genres of Internet Marketing but it will be up to you to choose which one you would like to get started with.  My suggestion though – whatever you choose, learn from my training and stick with a single marketing strategy for 6 weeks and master it.  Once you’ve got it down and your bringing in sales, move on to the next.. and repeat the same process for 6 weeks.  Pretty soon you’ll be a pro ;)

To YOUR Success,

James Matthews
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Can A Beginner Succeed With Infinity Downline?

Infinity Downline:

What if I am a Complete Beginner?


Over the past few months we have seen a HUGE surge in Traffic Generated around Infinity Downline.  Thousands of new marketers are now turning to the internet to find a solution to their problems.  Being a beginner myself at one point, I know how overwhelming it can be looking for the right program, with the right sponsor, with the right training.  If you’ve visited my exclusive team benefits page you would’ve discovered that we literally put  business on hold for months to create one of the most extensive training courses for online marketing in existence today.

Why did we do this… because I KNOW how tough it was getting started in this industry and not having a clue what to do, where to go and who to partner up with.

It is of absolute importance to me that anyone who joined me with Infinity Downline could skip thru those first months of struggle and literally follow a road-map, a blueprint to get into profit as quickly and efficiently as possible.
On my Infinity Downline Team Benefits page you’ll find that we created a non-branded training site that my team can pass on to their teammates as if they created it themselves.  I kept this training generic, leaving my videos, pictures and name off of it for this reason specifically.

But there’s a downfall…

Infinity Downline Training

Even though we used some of the most powerful videos from this industries leading gurus from courses that was purchased and studied extensively, not everything is spelled out 100% … it’s close, but there are always going to be advancements in marketing and technology that leave room for expansion in your business. So, after getting with the team and listening to their questions, I couldn’t help but add more value to the training… in my own words, using my own personal videos, walking you and the team thru every single action and process in creating an automated online business from scratch.

I literally take you by the hand…

And show you every step as if this was the first day you ever touched a computer:

  • Here’s Day 1, Watch My Computer Screen, Do This, Here’s why.
  • Here’s Day 2, Watch My Computer Screen, Do This, Here’s why.
  • Here’s Day 3, Watch My Computer Screen, Do This, Here’s why.
  • And so on and so on.

And although many people have said that I have completely lost it for what I GIVE to my teammates for FREE, I feel that it is essential to create long-term business relationships in this industry. And to prove that, I literally give you the keys to access my personal training along with my support for the measly ridiculously low cost of only $25 when joining Infinity Downline… Not a penny more.

If I was given this chance when first joining this industry … the opportunity to own my own business at the lowest cost imaginable, with the potential to break even on my first referral, get into profit by my 3rd, and the chance to partner up with one of the industries leaders that provides a PROVEN action plan, walking you thru every process… well, it would’ve simply been a no-brainer.

But here’s the Facts…

“You Do Not Have Unlimited Opportunities
In Your Lifetime… In Fact, You Have Far
Less Than You’d Probably Care To Believe”.

The wealthiest entrepreneurs in the world are successful because they don’t think like everyone else.

They don’t believe they have “Forever” to accomplish their goals.

They take action TODAY, and seize all opportunity that presents itself TODAY.

The type of possibility this will open up for you is truly LIMITLESS.  All you have to do is SEIZE the moment now…

To YOUR Success,

James Matthews
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Infinity Downline FAQ







1.  What is Infinity Downline exactly?

Infinity Downline is an affiliate membership program.


2.  I’m out of the United States.  Can I Still Join Infinity Downline?

Infinity Downline is NOT just limited to the United States.


3.  Can I have more than one membership or subscription?

Yes, but there is no reason to have more than one membership or subscription.


4.  Are there any administration fees like in other companies?

No admin fees whatsoever.


5.  How Do I Get Paid?

You get paid directly from one of the processors and your payment is immediate, when your enrollee pays makes the payment.


6.  Can I see my Signups (Downline)?

Yes.  Login and you can see your entire team and also email them all at once, once a day.


7.  How long does it take to setup my membership (account)?

Make your payment and you instantly have your website active and ready to go!


8.  Do I have to use all of the payment processors offered?

Nope.  If you only setup and use one, your site will only show the one payment option when people get to the payment stage, however we recommend using more than one.  Most are FREE to join. 


9.  Is there a way to get support and receive help when needed?

Absolutely.  On the ‘Support’ Tab on your site or in the back office the company is available to answer all your questions.  Your sponsor can assist as well.


10.  Do I need a domain or website hosting account?

No.  Your site will appear on  , with your unique affiliate ID to track your signups, so all payments go directly into one of your payment processor accounts.  You simply promote this affiliate link to get sales.  Further website or blog creation may be beneficial, but is completely optional.


11.  Are there refunds?

No refunds.  All sales are final.  The reason for this is that you will have instant access to all the training materials as soon as you have paid.  We cannot refund money to you that has already been paid out to our affiliates.  We never even handle that money – it is paid directly to our affiliates.

To YOUR Success,

James Matthews
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