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Infinity Downline – How To Change Sponsors

How To Change Sponsors in Infinity Downline

I recently received an email from an Infinity Downline member who was in a very unfortunate situation. Their sponsor had passed away and had no clue on what to do next or how to go about their membership into the program.  While I NEVER cross recruit or in the business of getting members from other sponsors, I felt there was a need for this tutorial to help others in a similar or situation where they don’t feel comfortable in working with their sponsor.

This process just basically involves a member logging into their back office with their username and password, clicking on ‘Program Stats’, and then clicking on the 3 options to end their current subscription, which you’ll see described in the video below.

Changing Infinity Downline Sponsor or Canceling Infinity Downline Membership:

The signup process under a new sponsor will just be repeating the same process as when they first signed up, registering and I would recommend using a new email, you can setup many emails through gmail if you need a new email account to use.

I would never recommend changing sponsors for any reason other than a drastic situation, and I cannot stop anyone from changing sponsors if you feel you need to go this route.  Always remember that success in any opportunity is ‘staying in the game’ and never ever quitting, no matter what opportunity you are in.  I’ve found that most problems are never the cause of a sponsor, but caused by someone’s lack of ability to follow through and go through the steps of being successful, because so many people have been successful before you, it’s insane to think that you can’t do the same or just repeat the same process.

It’s all about just deciding to make it happen.

To YOUR Success,

James Matthews
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Is Infinity Downline OverSaturated?

Is Infinity Downline Oversaturated?

competition for infinity downline

Or is there too many people in Infinity Downline?  I get asked this alot and I really don’t know why but I’ll try to answer once and for all with this post.

I’m assuming this question comes from people who wonder if there are so many people promoting Infinity Downline, do they even have a shot at being successful?

When I joined Infinity Downline, there were approximately 200,000 members.  Does that sound like alot of people?  Let’s think about it.

200,000 people approximately is roughly the population of a small city in the U.S.  Infinity Downline is a global business.  How many people are there in the world?  There are 7.74 billion in the world as of the end of 2012.  Does Infinity Downline sound oversaturated now?  How many of those 7.74 billion people have an internet connection and may possibly want to make more money than they currently have now?   I hope you are getting the point…

Is Infinity Downline Oversaturated in the U.S.?  Are there too many people in Infinity Downline in the U.S.?

Approximately 200,000 members in this opportunity compared to the population of the U.S., which is 314,667,190…. I hope you are seeing the possibilities.  There will never be enough people to talk to about this opportunity in your lifetime, especially right in your area locally.  How many people do you know personally that constantly complain they don’t have enough money and could learn more about computer software, marketing, etc.?  This is the opportunity of Infinity Downline…

I hope this post brought things in perspective, there will never be enough people to prospect this opportunity or any opportunity to.  The secret is just to get your opportunity in front of as many people as you can, with as many strategies as you can at the same time.  This is how big business is built, whether affiliate marketing, network marketing, traditional business, etc.  The principles are all the same and great marketing is what makes you a fortune!

To YOUR Success,

James Matthews
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Need to know how to change your current subscription plan for Infinity Downline?

I recently got all my credit cards out of my life (feels amazing!) and needed to change my subscription plan for Infinity Downline.  I thought this would make a great tutorial since I do get asked this from time to time, as some people’s own situations may change from time to time on how the pay for their Infinity Downline membership.

It’s important to mention that you do NOT lose your downline if you change your subscription method and the system is setup to protect that from happening. 

Here is how you change your current subscription plan for Infinity Downline:

STEP 1:  Log into your Infinity Downline back office, using your username and password.

STEP 2:  Click on the tab titled ‘Program Stats’

STEP 3:  On this page there is a link titled ‘Click here to make renewal payments’

STEP 4:  Click on a new payment option and setup a new subscription through your sponsors’ payment processor they have available (this may be several options depending on your sponsor)

Here is a video as well if that helps in understanding the process:


And there you have it!  Just 4 simple steps if you need to change your payment subscription for Infinity Downline.  It’s very important that you do NOT let your payment plan lapse or you will lose your subscription and your downline!  That is not a good thing so please make sure you always have an active paying subscription.

To YOUR Success,

Proof of Payments for Infinity Downline

Looking for Proof of Payments for Infinity Downline?

Another big question I get asked all the time is, “How Much Money are you Making with that thing?“.  Also not a day goes by where I don’t get a call from someone seeing my website or me online somewhere, and they ask “How Much is your Income with Infinity Downline?”.

Now while it’s considered rude to ask someone at a job this question, or it’s just taboo to do so, people always ask me this.  I guess it has something to do with the fact that they have to believe this opportunity is a scam of some kind, or just can’t believe that this works. This comes from a weak mindset of no fault of their own so I always answer the question and wanted to show proof positive evidence of my income with Infinity Downline so far.

Let me also stress that this is from 2 months of marketing, and my results are ‘pretty darn awesome;)

Infinity Downline Proof of Payments:

Now I know alot of you are thinking, “Yea this guy has been doing this stuff for a long time or has some kind of secret”.

Let me be the first to tell you that I don’t have a secret, I am no smarter than you, and you can absolutely multiply this success if you just decide to do so. What would an extra $3000 do for you in your life?  But more importantly is it something you just ‘want’ or is it something you really ‘want’?  In my experience people put forth effort in what they really ‘want’ and no one will ever stop them. 

The sad part is that this is the easiest money I’ve ever made, and I’ve done some hard complicated things online.

Yes there is a little bit of a learning curve, yes there is work behind this opportunity, yes you will have to spend some time on this.

Infinity Downline’s system revolves around just having 4 business partners, and those 4 partners repeating the same process of introducing this opportunity to 4 people as well, and duplicating those same results.  If you think it’s hard to find 4 people to join a business opportunity for a measly $25 with an unlimited income earning potential, then I would like to know what planet you’re from or what drugs you are on, because you are “just plain crazy!”

It won’t happen unless you make it happen,

James Matthews
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Infinity Downline – How Do I Signup?

How Do I Signup in Infinity Downline?

In this post I’m gonna give you a tutorial and video on how to do just that:


And here is how the payment process is done after you signup in Infinity Downline:


It’s very important to understand that you MUST be an active paying member of Infinity Downline to receive payments from people.  I’ve had some members ask me why they are not getting credit for their referrals, and this is because they did not go through with the payment process themselves.  It’s very important and critical that every member in this opportunity understands this process, not only for themselves but for their prospects as well.

Believe me, you don’t want anything messing up those 100% commissions coming in every single month!

To YOUR Success,

James Matthews
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What’s So Great About Infinity Downline?

What’s So Great About Infinity Downline?

Well,  let me tell you………

The 3 main reasons why Infinity Downline is So Absolutely Great………

1.  100% commissions on each and every referral.  You can’t beat that.  Very few opportunities I’ve ever seen offer this kind of compensation.  In fact I haven’t seen any of the time of this writing.

2.  Recurring commissions every month.  These are not one time sales but recurring residual income every single month from your signup payments.  What this means = stable money you can count on every month.  Why is it so stable?  Whenever a member gets one signup, they have broken even and from then on they are in profit, all for a hefty $25 ;)

Sounding pretty good yet?

3.  Well I just realized I listed #3 along with point 2, but here it goes again and this is very important point:   Everybody breaks EVEN with just one referral into the program.  That’s really unheard of when you think about it.  How many things out there are selling $499 and up distributor packages and no one makes a sale or referral?

This is truly one of the most lucrative businesses out there with one of the lowest risk startup costs you can imagine.

I hope you are starting to get it……..

To YOUR Success,

Infinity Downline – How You Get Paid!

How You Get Paid in Infinity Downline

The most important aspect of any online opportunity is how you get paid in that opportunity, in this short video tutorial I describe just that:

When a prospect signs up through your direct affiliate link, the system will send you a notification about your new referral, and also the payment processor should send you a notification as well.  Once the transaction is completed, the $25 dollar membership fee is placed into your selected payment processor account (paypal, alertpay, linkpoint).  An Overview of the different payment processors can be viewed here.

It is very important that I also mention that the payment is INSTANT, no waiting whatsoever.  The payments are instantly available to you as a sponsor.  In many affiliate programs it takes sometimes weeks for payments to process, not so in Infinity Downline, and that’s another reason why I love this opportunity.

It was a goal of mine to make money in my sleep, and with Infinity Downline I’ve done that many times over, waking up to notifications of $25 over and over.

Who said making money had to be hard?  ;)

To YOUR Success,

James Matthews
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How Do I Make Alot of Money With Infinity Downline?

Do I have to get tons and tons of signups with $25 to make a considerable amount of money?

In this video I explain just how easy it is to make a sizeable income with this opportunity:

Everyone thinks, “That $25 is not that much, I must have to get tons of signups to make money?

This is entirely not true, Infinity Downline’s compensation plan is based around leveraging due to the Reverse 2 Up System (2 & 4th member from your signups are passed up to you).  So in reality, if you get 4 signups, you are potentially getting 8 signups, and so on and so on.  This continues to compound over the life of membership and as you actively recruit more and more members and they duplicate the same process.

This is how myself and other top earners really created a sizeable income in a very short amount of time.  Think about duplication instead of you in the trenches doing all the work yourself.  It’s an amazing concept and Infinity Downline is so great, and so easy that ANYONE can do it.  I even have senior citizens learning more about their computer and recruiting others!

25$ sure goes a long way, especially in this opportunity ;)

To YOUR Success,

James Matthews
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Payment Processors For Infinity Downline

Want to Know what Payment Processors are Available for Infinity Downline?

In this video I give an overview of what’s available:

While there are many different payment processors, most everyone I know that has been successful in Infinity Downline uses a combination of Paypal, Alertpay (Payza), and Linkpoint (paid credit card processor).

Paypal and Alertpay (Payza) are completely FREE to use while Linkpoint costs approximately $20 to process credit cards from your signups.

Paypal also has this feature with a business verified account to accept credit cards as well, but if you have an issue with Paypal, linkpoint is available.

I have heard of some members having an issue with Paypal as a payment processor with Infinity Downline, I would like to go on record to say I’ve never had this issue and trust them completely.  All kinds of businesses use Paypal as a payment processor, whether one-time sales or recurring memberships.  Paypal does have the option of freezing accounts but myself or my sponsor has never had this issue.  I personally deposit all my recurring signup payments to my checking account straight from my Paypal.

I hoped this video and information gave you a better of idea of what’s available in the Infinity Downline back office for you to use.

To YOUR Success,

Why Online Business Is Better than Traditional Business

Why Online Business is Better than Traditional Business

I had a really thought provoking experience yesterday, and I couldn’t think of a better place to share than on my Infinity Downline blog, because after all Infinity Downline is an online business, operated from the comfort of my own home.

I was asked by a local car dealership to do some online marketing for their inventory, in hopes of bringing in more sales and not be dependent on the local area mainly but advertise all over the Southeast.  I don’t normally do something like this, but due to my IT business local businesses contact me for this sort of thing and at times it pays well.  I agreed and started placing ads all over car selling websites, taking alot of my time and effort away from my online business.

Within 1 day of being within the dealership, I noticed several very important things:

  • The owner was very stressed
  • The owner told me several times he was ‘burnt-out’
  • The owner claimed that he was tired of dealing with a**holes coming into his dealership each day
  • The owner told me that there was no way he could continue operating this business on his own and had struggled in finding good ‘help’

About the second day I was there, this same owner completely ‘flipped his lid’ and I won’t go too much into it, but basically started blaming me why his business was failing, why it was so stressful, why his marriage was on the rocks, etc. etc. etc…….basically having a nervous breakdown in front of me and using some very foul language.  I immediately packed my things and left right then and there like the rockstar I am ;)

This guy worked every single day, operating every part of his business, worked from 7:00 Am to 8:00 Pm every night in hopes of someone walking onto his car lot and making a sale.

This led me to a very important realization:

“Why Does Anyone Put Themselves Through This?”

The internet has made things so incredibly easy for anyone to start a profitable online business right from their laptop.  Yes, it does involve work and yes you have to put work into marketing in your business, but why would anyone run around in a traditional business doing 5 different jobs instead of outsource different parts of the business or just completely retire altogether, worst case scenario sell the business?  This guy was definitely in retirement age by far.

Holding onto the traditional brick and mortar business and managing employees and putting up with all that drama seems very ancient to me.  I do realize that alot of people are operating these businesses to put food on the table, and I’ll be the first to congratulate them, but life is too short and technology is too convenient for you not to plan an escape plan of some sort if your not happy.  Is all this that important that it affects your health and well-being and makes you miserable?

I didn’t feel sorry for the guy, especially after the fact blaming everything and everyone else why the business wasn’t doing well.  You are where you are in life because of what you do in life.  True entrepreneurs know this.

If you read this article and don’t like where you are in life or are tired of the traditional way of doing things, I want to ask you just one question:

“What are you going to do about it?” ;)

To YOUR Success,