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Who Has the Best Infinity Downline Team?

Who Has The Best Infinity Downline Team?

I know there are lots of lots of Infinity Downline Teams out there.  But who is considered the best or has the best training, tools, and benefits?  Well I would definitely say we do but I’ll tell you what I feel the most important aspect of any ‘team’ for any opportunity is:

Infinity Downline Team

Now why is support so important?  Why didn’t I just list the latest automated online tool that does all the work for you or the latest marketing strategy that you can utilize to bring in hundreds of leads a week?  Put simply it’s because if you do not have support, most people aren’t going to go very far.  They will never get the support they need from their family or close friends especially when starting a business to get ahead.  If you’ve had support from your family and friends then consider yourself very lucky because I never did, even with all the success I’ve had.  It’s a sad fact that the people that you are closest to are the ones that are so quick to be negative or throw a little ‘jab’ into whatever dreams or goals you may have, whether starting an online business with 100% commissions or getting into amazing shape, becoming a successful artist, etc. 

Why is this?  It’s because we as humans have a very limiting belief system and when we someone trying to get ahead or better themselves in any way, we immediately want to strike out and keep them on the same level as us.  Instead of your family and close friends taking up the mantle with you and doing it with you, they will always attempt to tear you down because they want you as complacent as they are.  This is a sad truth but I want to always be honest with whoever is reading this and I’m sure alot of you are nodding your heads right now in agreement.

A Look at Our Infinity Downline Team Training:

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Even though we give you the absolute best training, tools, and mentoring to make you as successful as you want to be, it really doesn’t mean much without support.  Let me say here and now that I am truly one of those people who wants to see you successful and succeed in whatever business you are involved with and especially ours (you deserve 100% commissions).  I realize that you may have tried things in the past where you got NO support and felt lost as soon as you signed up, and that’s why I ALWAYS put my phone number and email at the bottom of every post and every page of this site.  I am a real person who went through the struggles just like you did before I found success and I know how it feels to get no support and no help. 

I will always support you!

To YOUR Success,

James Matthews
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“I Don’t Have Time”

The Number 1 Killer in Infinity Downline Business…..Or Any Business!

What would you think the number 1 business killer in Infinity Downline would be?  Lack of information, training, advice, help, etc.?  Definitely not with our Team ;) That would be a good guess but let me tell you the number 1 absolute killer of mankind’s hopes and dreams since the beginning of time:

“I Don’t Have Time”

infinity downline business

Now not the concept of actually not having time, but the big lying excuse of “I Don’t Have Time.

Let me proclaim that anyone who uses this excuse does have the time, because they do have the time to sit in the recliner and watch their favorite TV show, play video games, do their favorite activity, etc. all day long.  But when it comes time to build a business, then “I Don’t Have Time” is heard quite readily.  Yet what we do hear is tons of complaining that they don’t have money, more time to spend at home, time to travel……….doesn’t really make much sense does it?

Infinity Downline Business Killer Further Explained

You see, most people don’t have what it takes to really build a business, they start out on fire, excited, ready to go but when the first obstacle or roadblock gets in the way or more importantly they figure out that there is actual work involved…… instead of pushing through they start making excuses all day long.  “I Don’t Have Time” is the one I hear the most.  That saying is usually spewed out while sitting in the ‘lazyboy’ when they have all the time in the world to do whatever they want.

infinity downline business

This guy doesn’t have time either…

See how this is very illogical?  People do have time.  And I know for a fact that people MAKE time for what they really want.  I used to embarrassingly be so into video games, I would sit for hours and play mindlessly always thinking how awesome it would be to have an online business and make money, but yet still playing video games and doing absolutely nothing about my situation.

Why Infinity Downline Business Killers Exist

So What is the reason for the excuse “I Don’t Have Time”.  It’s very simple……MINDSET.  Mindset is so absolutely critically huge in having success. Everything, whether being a millionaire or choosing to be homeless is all about one thing, the human mind and what you believe about yourself and your environment.

The great news is that Mindset can be developed into success, and most people, through years of teaching have poor mindsets about themselves and about making money other than a J.O.B., but that’s another topic for discussion larger than the scope of this post.

If you find yourself as a person with a poor mindset, don’t worry, I was there myself until I started reading really great books (check out my bonuses) and started to develop my subconscious mind into believing I could be a success.

If your ready to stop saying “I Don’t Have Time”, and actually start changing your life starting today, then let’s just simply get started….. because it truly all starts right here.

To YOUR Success,

James Matthews
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How To Have Success in Infinity Downline

If I could sum up what it takes to be successful in Infinity Downline, or any opportunity for that matter, is it one very simple important concept:

Never Quit

When you first get started in an opportunity, you are red hot excited and ready to sign up 1,000 people and change your life forever.  But what usually happens for 95% of people, and leads to the 95% failure rate, is that the first obstacle or bump in the road is felt, people give up right then and there.

Don’t believe me?  How many people you know sit on the recliner and tell you how many things they should have done, could have done, if only something didn’t happen or for some reason they make up that validates their failure.  I personally don’t believe in such a thing as failure, but I do believe a person can give up and quit, and I see people do this quite a bit in whatever goal or achievement they set. 

I personally know people who have been in business for years, struggled the entire time, and finally figured out what finally works and are living the lifestyle they always wanted.  What do you think they would tell you?   Never Quit.  It’s just that simple.  If your not in the game to play it till the very end, then be sure you want to get started in the first place.

How Not To Have Success in Infinity Downline

Here is a guaranteed way to not have success in Infinity Downline, or any opportunity for that matter:

  • Give Up
  • Make Excuses
  • Blame someone else or something else
  • Constantly say to yourself “I just don’t have time”
  • Sit on the recliner watching TV or playing Xbox and wishing for things to happen

Those are sure fire ways to never get anywhere in this business.  I know because I did for the first 6 months I was in Infinity Downline.  I was not focused, discipline, and I was just ‘waiting’ for things to happen.  The secret is that if your waiting for something or someone to make things happen for you, things will NEVER happen.  You are responsible for your success and no one is responsible for you.  The quicker you realize this the quicker you’ll start to make things happen.

The Real Secret To Success

Here is the real truth to success.  Everyone’s minds will do whatever it takes to keep them complacent and lazy.  Our mindsets are our greatest enemyIf you can conquer your mindset you can create whatever success you want.  This is why 95% of marketers fail, they cannot overcome their mindset and they let their minds control their behavior.  This is what makes it so much easier for yourself and I to be successful.  If your willing to work and fight and control your mindset, the world is yours.

Wanna hear some good news?  No one ever really quits Infinity Downline, I can’t even begin to count my signups and I’ve never once had anyone just give up and quit.  Why?  25$ startup fee, 100% commissions, and super simple program to talk about.  How does that compare to the opportunity you are in?

What I thought ;)

To YOUR Success,

James Matthews
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The Importance of Time Freedom…..Halo 4?!?

Why Your time is important and how Infinity Downline gives you all the time freedom for the ‘little things’

Halo 4 released Tuesday November 6th.  Now I am not a hardcore nerd gamer but if there is one thing I enjoy is playing video games with my niece and nephew.  I must admit I get into at times.

What does Halo 4 have to do with Infinity Downline?  Are you insane?

Yes I am completely insane but that’s the best way to be ;)   This is why Halo 4 and Infinity Downline correlate:

I have all the time in the world to play this game.  No alarm clock.  Nowhere I need to be.  I pick and choose what I want to do each and everyday, whether that’s playing video games, going out to eat, working on marketing, learning something new, etc.  I pick and choose what I will do and what I want to do. 

This principle is the most important principle you will ever grasp, to be completely free from the stresses of a J.O.B and having someone tell you what to do each day.  As in the words of a good mentor of mine, jobs are just above slavery.  They can pay you whatever they ‘feel’ you are worth.  They tell you when to come and go, and they can fire you at anytime for any reason. 

Here is another cool thing, while I was playing Halo 4 last night, I checked my phone and 2 signups had come in within the first hour of playing the game!  Now that’s pretty cool don’t you think?   To do the things you want in life and be able to make money on autopilot.  I certainly enjoy it!

So the point of this post very simply is this:

Infinity Downline gives you the time freedom and the money to enjoy anything that you want to do

If you don’t believe that statement and you don’t believe that you can make money in Infinity Downline or any other opportunity, then let me be the first to tell you this is your mindset, and your mindset is completely false and will sabotage any success you ever hope to achieve.

Controlling your mindset will enable you to control how much money and freedom come into you life, just look at my results. I’m no different from you whatsoever.

If you want time freedom, and you want 100% commissions, then let’s just simply get started,

James Matthews
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Internet Marketing is Work Just like Anything Else

Internet Marketing is Work

I get asked alot of really strange questions from people interested in Infinity Downline.  I won’t list all of them obviously but there are several questions I’ve learned to ‘watch out for’ in regards to this business, or if you are running any business and who you personally sponsor.  Watch Out for these questions:

“Is this Hard?”

“Do I Have To Do Anything?”

“How Many Hours Do You Spend On This Weekly?”

“How Long Will it Take For Me to Make Money?”

“How Can I Make Money the Minute after I Signup?”

“Will You Do All the Work For Me?”   <——-  Huge Red Flag

I’m always honest, so I’m gonna tell you a very shocking truth about Internet Marketing, Network Marketing, or any business or opportunity under the sun:


There it is.  I hate to disappoint anyone who thinks that they can join any opportunity and money just falls out of the sky.  You know who you are.  You’ve never been successful at anything besides complaining and it’s always the company’s fault, the compensation plan, no one is interested, etc. etc. etc. You can be absolutely successful at whatever company or product you are promoting if you are willing to put in the work to do so. 

People who are successful don’t make excuses, they make money. 

If it was so incredibly easy for anyone to be successful in this industry, then everyone would be 6 & 7 figure earners.  I don’t understand why anyone thinks you get ‘something for nothing‘.  I was taught from day one that all success is dependent on one thing:

How Much Effort You Put Forth

When I first got involved in Internet Marketing, I had NO idea what I was doing and obviously didn’t make a single dime, but I knew that if I kept going I would figure out what works.  Then just duplicate those same methods again and again.  This was hard work.  Everything is hard work. But then you reach a milestone and learn this important concept:

You will learn, and we will teach you how to ‘Work Smart’ and leverage your time instead of ‘Work Hard’.  Technology, software, and applications do alot of work for the savvy Internet Marketer these days ;)

But if your looking for someone that is going to lie to you and tell you that there is no learning curve in internet marketing, that you can just sign up and make thousands of dollars every single day and live a lifestyle you’ve dreamed of, let me clearly state that I am not that person.  This is work.

Now let me also say that all the hard work does pay off, and wow is it nice when you wake up to money everyday, but this does not happen overnight if you are brand new to the game.  Every big earner will tell you the exact same thing.

If your one of the people who understand work and want to put for the effort to truly change your finances and your life, while waking up to 100 % commissions, then let me know.  I’ll show you what works so you won’t have to struggle like I did.

To YOUR Success,

James Matthews
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