New Exclusive Infinity Downline Training

Through my very quick success with this program, most of my members kept asking me the same thing:  “How Do I Make A Site Like Yours?“   While I tried to answer to the best of my ability through emails and so forth, I soon realized I needed to make an exclusive Training Site just for my direct members on how to really develop a great website for ID, or for any opportunity out there.  As I was creating the “Website Creation Series”, I just couldn’t stop myself and decided to include everything under the sun on how to market this amazing opportunity.  The Training also covers:

- YouTube Marketing (How I tripled my business on youtube)

- AutoResponders (How they completely automate your marketing for you)

- All forms of Advertising (Free, Paid, & Solo Ads are all included and offer the best training available from experts in those fields)

- Social Media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. (what really works on these sites and how to promote your business or product)

- Just About anything you could think of ;)

Is it the Best Infinity Downline Training?

Some sponsors have direct training for their members, some don’t.  I just know that I wanted to list EVERYTHING in one site so all my members could benefit.  If I’m having success from a particular strategy, I include that on the site.  I practice what I preach and I walk what I talk.  I mainly wanted to do it because I really want to see success as well from my members.

I’ve been involved in several programs and several opportunities, and have went through several ‘trainings’, but every single one of them lacked a sense of ‘connection’.  My training is mostly made up of video tutorials, as if you were looking right over my shoulder and I was explaining each area step-by-step.  I also teach everything in a way my mom could do it ;)

Will the Infinity Downline Training Site Be Updated or Stay the Same?

I will constantly be updating the training and it will not stay ‘static’ or the same.  It will be a dynamic training site that is updated to include all things from A-Z on internet marketing as well as great ways to market offline.

Why in the world would I go to all this trouble just for all my members into this measly $25 monthly program?  Very simple, Infinity Downline is an amazing program, so amazing most people think ‘too good to be true’.  I have generated an insane amount of money with this program and I want my direct members, the people who have trusted me, to have that same feeling of accomplishment and to have the time freedom like I do to focus on what matters.

If you are interested in Infinity Downline, the absolute best 100% commission based global program on the planet, I encourage you to take a preview of the training at:

You must be an active paying member into the program to access the training, as the training is password protected.


Let me know when your ready to change things for the better,

James Matthews
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