Is Infinity Downline Still Popular in 2013?

I know I’m going to get asked this many many times in 2013, and I’m already asked this on a daily basis as of this post.  The answer to

Is Infinity Downline Still Popular in 2013?

can be answered by a resounding:


Infinity Downline very popular in 2013


I was asked this question in 2012 just about every other week and was everyone’s major concern about getting involved with the program.  In fact it was the #1 question I was asked on a continual basis.  Even though I was discussing my large income within a 4 month period, everyone always wanted to know if it was possible to have success since the program launched in March of 2009 and the ‘new’ had sorta worn off somewhat.  This program is stronger than ever and what’s great with the products being digital, there will never be any sort of issues with physical product problems (warehousing, shipping, delivery) similar to more traditional network marketing programs.  Infinity Downline will always be here and will never be going anywhere.

Infinity Downline will ALWAYS be popular, from now until infinity……… ;)

Why Is Infinity Downline Still Popular in 2013?

There are a number of reasons Infinity Downline is still popular in 2013 and will always be and they are:

  1. 100% commissions – good luck finding that in another program, you are paid 100% for your efforts
  2. Instant payouts – you are paid instantly into your payment processor….no waiting 1-3 weeks to get paid whatsoever
  3. 25$ dollar sign up fee – it only costs $25 to get involved with this business……and your profit is unlimited
  4. NO ADMIN FEE – no admin fee whatsoever for this company
  5. Break even with one referral – You completely break even with just one $25 referral
  6. Amazing Products – Hundreds of hours of computer software, marketing, entrepreneurial video & audio products worth thousands of dollars
  7. Power of 4 – You just find 4 business partners, have them aquire 4 business partners….this duplicates and your income explodes
  8. Reverse 2 Up Compensation – every personal referral passes their 2nd & 4th sale to you

There are many more reasons you can look into on this site, but I believe you realize just how powerful that small $25 start-up fee will be to you in 2013.

Should I get involved with Infinity Downline in 2013?

Infinity Downline 2013

That’s a question you should ask yourself.  Have you not had the success you’ve wanted online yet?  Have you spent a fortune on starting a traditional network marketing business and made nothing?  If that sounds like you then I would take a serious look into the program.  Worst case scenario if for some reason you didn’t get at least one referral and decide it doesn’t work out……all you lost is $25…….pretty amazing when you think about it.

I’ve been involved in more traditional network marketing programs that have a $499-$2000 start-up fee, and the return on profit and lucrative nature of this business destroys those high cost programs.  It’s so incredibly easy just talking about this business with the low buy-in cost and amazing products behind the opportunity.  I’ve never had anyone say “NO” offline, and I’m continually have signups each and everyday online.

2013 is going to be an amazing year ;)

Just Why Is Infinity Downline So Popular, even in 2013?

Other than the reasons listed above I honestly believe it’s because the program has such a low cost buy-in of $25 but such a HUGE return on profit with the compensation plan.  Each referral you bring into the program pays you $25, and their 2nd & 4th referral is passed to you…..making a potential $75 on each referral you bring into a program that has a whole suite of products that anyone, whether 18 or 80, can benefit from.

To me it’s the best program I’ve ever been involved with and I consider Infinity Downline my ‘base’ and always will be.  It was the first program that taught me how to look at making money differently from the J.O.B. and I’m forever grateful.  I will always promote the program and I sincerely thank Peter Wolfing for putting together an opportunity that anyone, regardless of circumstances, can get started and be successful.

I think it’s awesome, and I’m not just saying that because I’m a big sponsor, I’m saying that because I firmly believe that anyone with any type of work ethic or desire can take this program and get it out there, whether offline or online, and really change their finances.

I see all the ‘new’ programs and opportunities popping up all over the place and I get cross-recruited on everything out there, but why would I want to get involved with anything that wouldn’t pay me 100% commissions like Infinity Downline does?  The program has an incredibly simple compensation plan and doesn’t involve a crazy ‘matrix’ or ‘binary’ or some other weird MLM type of compensation structure.

I also think that most people are sick and tired of the false promises of any kind of MLM or network marketing program.  Infinity Downline is an affiliate network marketing program and is very different, so it’s much easier to just talk about it, and I’ll stress again with such a low buy-in I don’t see why anyone would not want to sign up into this business.

If your ready to make a change in 2013, and make 2013 one of the best years ever, then just simply get started below and contact me.  I’ll be glad to answer any questions you may have about the program and I offer the absolute best training on the planet on how to make money with the program.

To YOUR Success,

James Matthews
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