How To Setup Payza (formerly AlertPay) for Infinity Downline to Process Payments

Please Note:  Payza is now AlertPay, the company just changed their name and these instructions work very similar if not identical to before the change.

You can get Payza here:

 Setting up Payza for Infinity Downline
Setting up a Payza (formerly AlertPay) account for use with Infinity Downline is a much better processor than PayPal so wanted to make a Step by Step Tutorial on how to do so.  I am going to list in steps so please either print this post or copy & paste into a notepad for your personal use.

Note:  You will need to setup a business account to accept payments and have submitted a ‘website review’ within Payza as well before setting up Payza to use within the Infinity Downline program

Step by Step Process for Setting up Payza (Alertpay) account for use with Infinity Downline:

Step 1: Log into your Payza account (must have a business account)

Step 2: Click “Business”

Step 3: Click “Business Information”

Step 4: Within that screen, click “Add”

Step 5: Fill in all your details.  Here is what you need to choose for each section:

- For ‘Business Industry’ choose ‘Multi-Level Marketing’

- For ‘Business Category’ choose ‘Affiliate Marketing’

- Click ‘Submit’

Step 6: Payza will now send a confirmation email to verify the email address you entered when creating this account.  Go to your email inbox and confirm

Step 7: Click ‘Business’ again

Step 8: Look for and click “IPN Integration”, click “Setup your IPN now” under “IPN Setup”

Step 9: Enter your “Transaction PIN”, given to you for security purposes when you created this account (ask Payza directly if you lost or don’t know how to find).  Now Click “Submit”

Step 10: Under “IPN Status” select “Enabled”.

Step 11: Copy this url:

and paste into the “Alert URL” field

Step 12: Make sure ‘Test Mode’ is set to disabled

Step 13: Click “Update”

Step 14: Copy the IPN Security Code (will look something like this for you: “S4k5jshok6Gkrk8″)

Setting Up Payza Within Your Infinity Downline Back Office

Step 15: Go to PROFILE in your Infinity Downline back office and paste the code (step 14) into the “Payza (AlertPay) EncryptedSecurity Code” box

Step 16: Be sure you also put in the email address that you used for this Payza account as well into the ‘Payza Email’ box in your PROFILE as well in the back office

Step 17:  Scroll down to the bottom of the PROFILE page and click “Update Profile”

Checking To Make Sure Your Payza Payment Options Show in Your Back Office

Step 18: Be sure and click the bottom link  ‘To check that your payment links work properly, please Click Here to make sure your payment processors are showing up on your payment page

- You’ll see your payment processors showing up, and if they are showing up here they are showing up to your Prospects as they complete the payment process!

And that’s it….You should now have your Payza account up and working correctly to accept payments.  If you run into any issues in this process, please contact Payza directly as they are there to assist you with the problems that come about.  Please do not contact your Infinity Downline sponsor as we have no control over the programming and payment processor selection or what the company does.  We are just affiliates like yourself.

To YOUR Success,

James Matthews
infinity downline join