Infinity Downline Vs. MLM

Infinity Downline Vs MLM…….Are they the same?  Are they different?  Isn’t all these programs the same?  These are the questions I get asked ALOT. 

Due to the amount of questions I decided to make a presentation on the differences and hopefully shed some light on what exactly Infinity Downline is in regards to the traditional MLM concept:

How Is Infinity Downline Different from an MLM?

infinity downline vs mlm

Infinity Downline is an affiliate marketing program.  As explained in the video, affiliate marketing is different from MLM (multi-level marketing) in that affiliate marketing has usually at most 1 tier to 2 tiers.  Multi-level Marketing involves anything from 3 to 100 levels, as far as the levels can possibly go down.

Now what is very unique about Infinity Downline is that the 2 tier compensation plan creates a unique Reverse 2 up Compensation that creates a downline on an infinite level from just referring 4 members into the program, see more about that here……

There is no need to constantly recruit hundreds of members personally to earn a small percentage of overall commissions based on the entire team.

Infinity Downline is also different from MLM in that it only requires a $25 monthly membership feeThat’s it.  All traditional MLM programs require a qualification volume of anywhere from $125-200 that HAS to be met before you even get paid.

The biggest difference on how Infinity Downline differs from MLM is that commissions are 100%!!  Good luck finding that out there in a traditional MLM, most MLM companies only offer a 25% commission, even at the highest sales production.

How Is Infinity Downline Similar to an MLM?

Infinity Downline is similar to an MLM in that they both revolve around Networking.  Network Marketing revolves around referring or making sales through networks and advertising, whether online or offline. 

Whether affiliate or MLM, the success of companies, whether Infinity Downline or any MLM company, is dependent upon the success of the people promoting the companies.  The company rises and falls with the success of the promoters and the quality of the products. 

So Which Is Better with Infinity Downline Vs. MLM…..Which One Wins?

That’s a matter of personal choice.  I am involved with both and I will give my personal opinion here.  Infinity Downline is about 100x easier to build and duplicates much more quickly due to low cost membership fee ($25) and no high minimum qualification to meet every month

Infinity Downline has a simple Power of 4 concept and the business does not revolve around the pressure of constantly recruiting and sponsoring large numbers of people constantly.  Infinity Downline is primarily marketing online and in my opinion this is much easier than the home meetings and harassing friends and family.

Remember this is my opinion, I fully believe it is possibly to be insanely successful with MLM because people are doing it everyday, it just comes down to all out effort and putting the work in…. and also top notch training ;)

To YOUR Success,

James Matthews
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