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Massive Success For Any Networking Opportunity – Why Do Some People Have All the Success In Network Marketing While Others Struggle?

I get asked this question alot:  “Hey James, How Do You Get All Those Signups?”   When I get asked a certain question alot, I like to write a post to explain that particular question.  It’s actually a really simple process, but most 95% of online marketers get this dead wrong, and I always wonder why most people don’t get this but oh well…..

network marketing working

Here is the ‘secret’ or ‘magic’ formula you’ve been missing all this time that will bring you massive success to whatever you are promoting online:

1.  Be A Real Live Actual Person

2.  Be Helpful and Provide Actual Useful Content (just like the post I’m creating right now)

3.  Work Everyday and Do Something to Promote Your Business Every Single Day

Here is What To Do if You DON’T Want Network Marketing Success Online…

What I see most people doing online is this, and this is what you want to do if you want NO success and not make a dime or build a long term business for yourself:

1.  Promote Money first (flashing cash – if your business is all about ‘money’, you are attracting people that only care about ‘money’, good luck with those types of people…

We are all very impressed by the 20′s you cashed from your J.O.B you very successful internet marketer (I hope your catching my sarcasm)

2.  Hiding behind a computer – money is not going to fall out of the sky into your bank account just because you signed up into a business.  This is work like anything else in life.  The more work you put into your business, the more success you will havePlain and simple.  Most do not understand work.  Annihilate half the competition by working your ass off for your opportunity online.  Get yourself out there and let people see you as a leader in your opportunity!

3.  Not Help – Network Marketing is a Helping Profession.  If you are not fully prepared to have something set in place for your referrals to give them the assistance they need, then do yourself a favor and do something else.  If you are not going to return questions or help your referrals when they have problems, then go ahead and do something else.

Willing to Be Helped and Help Others is the #1 Rule in this game of Network/Internet Marketing, if you break this one fundamental rule you will struggle and continue to wonder why you are not making any progress…

So How Do I Have Network Marketing Success?

Understand the concepts above and get with the right person who can show you how to do the RIGHT THINGSIt’s really that simple.  I teach everyone how to build a long term successful business and how to attract the right kind of people into your business.  If that sounds like something you are interested in, then I would love to hear from you.  You won’t find an easier program than Infinity Downline to build a large income for yourself, but only if you are trained the right way…


To YOUR Success,

James Matthews
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No Internet…And Still Making Money!

I have NO Internet…….and I am Still Making Money with Infinity Downline!

A funny scenario has happened recently, my wonderful Internet Provider ceased to function over the course of 3 days until a service technician could arrive at my home and fix my problem.  Now to an internet marketer you would think this would be disastrous, be a funny thing happened…

I Made Money with Infinity Downline Even Without An Internet Connection!

This brings up a great point about building a website selling a product or an opportunity, this exists on it’s own and continually makes money for you whether you are working it everyday or not!   This is absolutely amazing in my opinion and it’s why I love this whole game of Internet Marketing.  Where else can you receive completely passive income like this?

We are all told from day 1 that to make money we have to work at a job, if we want to make more money we get a 2nd job, etc.  If your reading this you’ve probably figured out this doesn’t work, not if you want to have a life and see your family and be able to enjoy things…

How Did I Make Money In Infinity Downline Without An Internet Connection?!

Very simply put, people run across my site through one of my marketing strategies and decide to get involved…all on complete autopilot, whether I’m sitting right behind my computer or vacationing somewhere or doing anything…this just continually keeps happening and when you get it right…it’s an Amazing Thing!

If all this sounds good to you and your ready to make more money on autopilot, or with the least amount of work possible, then I want to show you how so you can experience the freedom that I have.  There is work involved in the beginning, but once you get everything set up it’s a great  feeling to wake up to opt-ins, emails about the program, and even better lots of $25 sale notifications in my email…

Just Get Started Already,

James Matthews
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Why You Should Never Ever Give Up…Ever

Why You Should Never Ever Give Up…Ever

online marketing misery

I wanted to take the time to write a post about something that is very dear to me, and that is Persistence and Never Ever Giving Up No matter what.

We live in a society that for the most part “wants something for nothing”.  Most everyone also ‘wants it fast’ without really realizing the amount of hard work that goes into building an online business…or any business for that matter.  I deal with all types of individuals that ask me about Infinity Downline, and some of the questions I get asked most of all is:

“Is This Easy?”

“Is This Hard?”

“How Quickly Can I Make Money?”

These questions cannot be answered in a 1 word answer.  Most everyone that asks this type of question is setting themselves up for failure way before they even start.  Here is an Untold Truth about Network & Internet Marketing that no one else will probably ever tell you:

“If it was so easy to make a ton of money online, all your family and friends would be making a full-time income online….no one would be working at the jobs they hate each and everyday”

You will not hear that very often.  Especially from those releasing new products that claim you can make “$12,742 in 21 days” etc.  This is complete and utter nonsense for anyone who has no idea of how to market online.  I am absolutely so sick of the ‘hype’ and ‘false claims’ out there.  It really sickens me to my stomach, because I know people are actually falling for it.

The Importance of Not Giving Up…Ever

Anyone honest will tell you that any type of marketing, especially in the beginning is agonizing, frustrating, overwhelming, etcWhat separates those of us that are successful is that we pushed through these obstacles.  We learned and tested and we see what works vs. all of the failure and disappointment it took to get here.  WE NEVER QUIT.

It took me  quite awhile before I made a dime in Infinity Downline.  But when I did, and I applied what works, my income skyrocketed and I still can’t believe how well I’m doing with it.  It has honestly fulfilled the dream I had of ‘making money while I sleep’ over and over again to a point where I became fully free,not having to be anywhere at anytime.

That is priceless.

I hope the main message of this post really hits home.  Giving Up or Quitting is never an option.  I can still remember my grandfather, who was a veteran, teaching me these lessons when I was very small child.  You never ever Give Up….Ever.  No matter how bad it gets, how alone you are, how hopeless the situation is you never give up and you never quit.  I love this picture and what it describes about this concept:

infinity downline never quit

Online & Network Marketing is full of people that quit.  All programs are easy to get into and easy to get out of.  Most will not stay in due to lack of focus, lack of making time, making excuses, coming up with insane reasons why it won’t work etc., but that’s ok…..because those of us that don’t quit just keep making all the money…and that’s the way it should be ;)

If your ready to not quit and not give up I want to personally work with you,

James Matthews
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Bids That Give Review – Why This Is Important


Update:  I am no longer affiliated with BTG 180 (Bids That Give) but now promote a penny auction that guarantees winners!  I have had a blast playing and winning in this penny auction, you can check it out here:

Beats By Dre sales and discounts on


Everyone knows me as the ‘Infinity Downline‘ Guy, but I wanted to take a moment to write a post about an opportunity that I could just not ignore.  I am an extremely focused individual and do not recommend anyone ever joining more than 1 opportunity because of distractions or lack of focus that spreading yourself amongst several different programs causes.  But I just had to absolutely look more into ‘Bids That Give’ when I had a close marketing friend mention it to me.

So Here Goes my Bids That Give Review…

Bids That Give – What Is It?

Bids That Give is a company that started in July of 2012, and after having a few setbacks as all startup companies do, is rolling full steam ahead at the moment and implementing some amazing incentives for affiliate and internet marketers.  Bids That Give centers around a penny auction, and this penny auction drives a huge amount of revenue for the company each day.  The Company takes 50% of the profits from this revenue and pays out 50% to all affiliates in a private revenue share!  So in other words everyone earns something ;)

Please watch this OverView To See What The Business and Opportunity is all about:


Penny Auctions are one of the hottest industries online, and allows a win-win-win for everyone involved, especially for consumers who win products for usually around 97% off.  They are insanely addictive and fun, I myself won 3 items the first time I participated and I must say it was a thrill and received some unbelievable deals.

bids that give penny auction


In addition to the Penny Auction segment of Bids That Give, the company is now implementing revenue streams such as:

1.  Trivia That Gives

Trivia That Gives is an exciting new Revenue Stream where you invite others to play Trivia to earn points that convert to real cash!  This has just launched and is an amazing new opportunity in itself that allows everyone to have fun and prove just how smart they are – all while earning at the same time. 

2.  GetAways That Give

Get Aways That Give - Bids That Give

Bids That Give has launched the Getaways That Give Travel Club as a benefit for the Bid Ambassadors Club! You can now enjoy the world of exciting travel club vacations with exclusive members only pricing for cruises, hotels, condos, flights, and fabulous travel packages for all your US and international traveling needs.

3.  Bids That Give Mall

Bids That Give Mall

Affiliates earn commissions in their own Online Shopping Mall with stores like Health/Nutrition, Beauty Products, Weight Loss, Telecom, Go Green, Gourmet Foods, and more!

These additional Revenue Streams are creating even more daily profits for the company and that is good news for both affiliates promoting the company and kids around the world who are in need. 

Bids That Give Review – What is the Real Reason Behind the Company?

The mission behind Bids That Give is very simple….to help kids around the world by providing meals, shelters, and overall support to give underprivileged children basic necessities that most of us take for granted each and everyday.

Bids That Give Review

Let me make it perfectly clear…this is the number 1 reason why I am involved in this businessAs a guy who has actually traveled to many countries and seen how other cultures live, I am VERY fortunate to be involved in a business that is giving back to and providing help to kids in need.  Whatever online promotions I do for this company I know that is going to an amazing cause, and that’s why I am involved and will always be involved.

If you don’t believe that the charity side of Bids That Give is true, please watch this video and understand what we all do first and foremost:

I’ve done amazingly well in internet marketing with digital products and my main ‘home base’ of Infinity Downline as you all know, but I cannot ignore just how beneficial Bids That Give and their mission is and that’s why I am have chosen to get involved.

Bids That Give Review – How Does Bids That Give Pay the Affiliates?

Bids that Give has an amazing Compensation Plan and I will list in detail how the company rewards you for spreading the word of helping children throughout the world.

When you become part of our affiliate network, the Bid Ambassador Club, you get to share in company revenues. Our Affiliate Program is designed to give you the ability to get paid what you are truly worth through various private company revenue sharing income streams.

Here is a quick overview of some of the income streams our Bid Ambassador affiliates receive when they enroll as an affiliate:

Retail Commissions

Earn 20% on all personally sold retail bid packs on

Wholesale Bids

As a premium Ambassador you can buy Wholesale bids to be given away to retail customers as incentives and/or given away to your retail customers for their loyalty. These bids cost 50 cents each and for every dollar you spend you will be given 1 point in the Daily Revenue Sharing Pool.*

You will also earn a commission on all personally referred affiliates. The commission rate is determined by your monthly subscription. The Contributor earns 5%, the Guardian earns 7%, the Benefactor earns 10%, and the Global Ambassador earns 12% on all personally referred affiliates. You also earn half that percentage when your personally referred affiliates sell wholesale bids to their personally referred affiliates.

* Points are simply an indicator of how revenue will be shared. A percentage will be calculated based on revenue of the company. Points have no monetary value and do not earn interest. There is no guarantee of revenue.

Subscription Bids

There are four levels of Subscriptions and differing amounts of bids that coincide with each subscription. Subscription bids can be used just like retail bids but have the added benefit of being used in Ambassador Club only auctions. If you refer 4 Ambassadors at your subscription level or higher your subscription is free.* Subscription bids have no cash value in the buy now option.

* When upgrading you will pay the first month subscription at the new level, even if you have 4 or more subscribers at that new level.

Daily Revenue Sharing

Rev Share

Up to 50% of revenue is shared by all qualified affiliates that post a company approved daily ad. The amount of revenue shares depends on your wholesale bid purchases that are used as incentives for retail customers.

Subscription Revenue Pools

To encourage team sales volume, we put up to 50% of the company’s net subscription sales into a number of pools to be divided up by all qualified Bid Ambassadors.

Your team’s subscription volume will determine the pools you will earn revenue from. Each qualified affiliate will receive points that are calculated on all paid subscriptions in one’s team.

Daily Revenue Share Pool

At the end of each day our revenue is calculated and up to 50% is paid out to our affiliates on a percentage basis. The percentage is applied to your point balance in the Daily Revenue Share Pool and paid out as a cash bonus.* In order to qualify for the Daily Revenue Share Pool you must acquire 2 retail customers, purchase at least $10 in wholesale bids, post an ad once per day Monday through Friday, and once on the weekend. The indicator in your back office must be green at the time of the revenue calculations (sometime between 11pm PST and 1am PST weekdays and once on Sunday)

Subscription Revenue Pools

There are twelve subscription revenue sharing pools, 7 that allow you to earn up to 3 shares.

The qualifications for the various Subscription Revenue Sharing Pools available to Bid Ambassadors are as follows (note that Group Volume (GV) counts subscription fees paid, by your affiliate network team):

  • Community Pool (made up of 15% of the allocated Bid Ambassador Subscription Pool)
  • Mentor Pool – (made up of 5% of the allocated Bid Ambassador Subscription Pool)
  • Visionary Pool (made up of 5% of the allocated Bid Ambassador Subscription Pool)
  • VIP Pool 1 (made up of 5% of the allocated Bid Ambassador Subscription Pool)
  • VIP Pool II (made up of 5% of the allocated Bid Ambassador Subscription Pool)
  • VIP Pool III (made up of 5% of the allocated Bid Ambassador Subscription Pool)
  • VIP Pool IV (made up of 5% of the allocated Bid Ambassador Subscription Pool)
  • VIP Pool V (of the allocated Bid Ambassador Subscription Pool)
  • VIP Pool VI (made up of 5% of monthly subscription fees paid)
  • VIP Pool VII (made up of 5% of monthly subscription fees paid)
  • Presidential Elite Ambassador Bonus

* All Volume below level 2 has 50% volume from any one team of sponsorship rule.

Visionary Leadership Pool

Matches pay based on each dollar earned by all affiliates for up to 7 VIP Pool Tiers.

Presidential Ambassador Bonuses

Once you achieve the tile of Presidential Ambassador you earn after 3 months of qualification your choice between a Porsche Carrera convertible or a Mercedes CLS 550 AMG and a $10,000 shopping spree to Neiman Marcus, from the 2nd Quarter you will earn a $100,000 Lifestyle Bonus continuously paid quarterly if the required group volume is maintained. Maximum Monthly Income allowed from Bid Ambassador Subscription Pools, $250,000.

Once you achieve the title of Presidential Ambassador or earn $100,000 in a calendar month, you earn a free position directly above your main position that maintains your initial enroller. This second Bid Ambassador position earns from the Bid Ambassador Subscription Pools for a second time with no monthly income limitation. * 50% sponsorship rule is in effect for the 2nd Presidential Ambassador position therefore only 50% volume required to receive Subscription Bonus Pools shares. When the Bid Ambassador position qualifies for Presidential Ambassador Award Choice #2, he or she can either choose from an exotic car, a yacht, RV, or home (up to $225,000 in value), you then earn a 3rd free position directly above your main position that maintains your initial enroller.

This third Bid Ambassador position earns from the Bid Ambassador Subscription Pools for a third time with no monthly income limitation. Upon this third Bid Ambassador position qualifying as a Presidential Ambassador, an orphanage is built in the Bid Ambassadors name (up to $250,000 of company money is spent on an individual orphanage) and a fourth Bid Ambassador position is made available again with no income limitation. When the fourth Bid Ambassador position achieves Presidential Ambassador qualification and maintains it for a quarter, a “church, school or hospital is built in the name of the qualifying Bid Ambassador (again, up to $250,000).

Bids That Give Review – My Personal Opinion

Honestly, there is not anything negative I can say about Bids That Give, after being an affiliate for a very short amount of time all I can say is that the company has EVERYTHING  together from the back office, news, events, tutorials, training videos, etc. is all extremely top notch and professional.  I’ve seen a large amount of online programs and there is nothing out there that looks more professional than the back office.  I am thoroughly impressed.

Most everyone is looking at Bids That Give for one reason… The Daily Revenue Sharing.  This allows all affiliates to be compensated each day for placing an online ad in a 24 hour period.  This is a very unique compensation reward where everyone involved as an affiliate is allowed to earn for placing an ad.  This is another great reason why I joined this company.  They allow everyone to take part at all affiliate levels in the daily revenue sharing instead of at the top levels of just about every other network marketing company or traditional company where all the ‘top guys’ are earning everything and the guys at the bottom are doing the grunt work.  Just goes to show you just how generous the founders and the company of Bids That Give is….we are all creating wealth and creating hope for countless children around the world.

If you can’t get on board with that….then might want to check your pulse ;)

Get Started Right Here:

To YOUR Success,

James Matthews
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