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If This Was So Easy…Then Everyone Would Be An Internet Marketer!

An Important Point we need to all realize about this Industry of Online Internet/Network Marketing:

If it was so easy to do this, then all your family and friends would be full-time internet marketers and would be not pursuing traditional careers as teachers, lawyers, doctors, etc.  I know we all get bombarded every single moment with spam saying you can make $100,000 or more in 6 weeks with this new internet marketing course or new software or new ebook, etc.

Think about it.  If it were that easy why would these same people keep releasing new products for you to buy, wouldn’t the first product been enough to teach you the promises of online riches?  I hope your getting my point.  95% of everything out there in this industry is hype and garbage or re-hashed garbage looking to make a quick dime off of people looking for real answers.

Well James, Is It Even Possible To Be Successful as an Internet Marketer?

Infinity Downline Question

Absolutely.  Hundreds of thousands of people like myself are successful because we do the RIGHT things.  We are real actual people.  We don’t promise time freedom and 100,000$ dollars by doing no work whatsoever.  We are professional and help people make an educated buying decision if they choose to get involved.  It is very possible to be successful online if you just be a real honest person and do the right things.  It’s actually very simple once you learn how to do it the right way.

Being successful online is the same principles as being successful offline, you conduct yourself in a manner the same as if people were sitting in your living room.

You Talk About the Value of the Products of the Opportunity

You Talk About How the Products Benefit them and not You

You Talk About the Income Potential when there is Honest Work Behind the Effort

If more people online would do just those 3 concepts, then we wouldn’t have the 95% failure rate.  Most people who start an online business are looking to make quick money and will ‘hype’ and give many false promises to the masses.  We see this alot in the ‘make money online’ niche every single day where a new product is released every single minute promising untold riches for buying a course.

What’s the Real Secret Behind Being Successful in Internet Marketing?

Very simply just be yourself.  It’s a fundamental concept that has been lost in the hype and garbage of the Internet Marketing industry.  Be yourself and let people get to know you.  Explain Why You enjoy and are involved in the opportunity you are promoting.  Discuss the value of the products, the value of the compensation plan, be helpful and professional.  If you can do these things, then the sky is the limit online ;)

To YOUR Success,

James Matthews
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Is Infinity Downline Real – Can I Really Make Money?

I just recently put together a video to address a question I get asked more often than not, and it really kinda gets to me.  That question is this:

“Hey James….Is This For Real……..Can I Really Make Money With Infinity Downline?”

While I have a huge amount of content online to answer this question in as much detail as possible, it really kind of amazes me how some people’s mindsets are these days and how many questions they ask before taking any action.

Watch the Video to hear me vent:

What else can be shown to prove my income and my success with this opportunity?  Nothing.  I’ve felt that I can only go so far and show so much to let an individual make a decision to get involved or not.  I’ve learned the hard way and through experience that people with broken mindsets will do anything to keep themselves broke, and you should never waste another thought on this issue.

Why Are People So Skeptical About Infinity Downline?

Very simple.  Programming since they could walk that they need to work at a J.O.B to make any sort of income, spend their lives in a cubicle, work for someone else their entire life, etc.  This is taught to us since we can walk as it preached as to what is ‘normal’ and ‘just what everybody does’.  Online Marketing & Internet Marketing is so ‘out of the box’ for some of the population there is no way they can ever think they can have any sort of success.

It’s really a shame.  And the process of being successful online is really very simple once you understand what works.  I believe that most people are just fearful about doing something ‘different’, but all the while complaining every single moment that they have no time freedom, no money, etc.   It really kind of perplexes me :(

is infinity downline for real?

Is Everyone Skeptical About Infinity Downline?

Absolutely Not.  The ones who just simply take action instead of ‘thinking’ are the people like myself who are successful and make things happen.  Having thousands of dollars pouring in every month without doing any more work on your part is amazing, and is the very essence of residual income.  Residual income is what Infinity Downline is all about with the Reverse 2 Up Compensation Plan.  It’s really an amazing program that once set in motion, it is a freight train that can’t be stopped!

To YOUR Success,

James Matthews
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Infinity Downline – Why It’s Better Than Everything Else!

I get asked all the time these questions:  “Hey James, What’s So Great About Infinity Downline?”   “Why Is It Better than this or that company?”  So I thought it would be best to make a post to describe to the masses just how much better it is than 95% of the programs online and all the highpoints of the business.

Please watch this video first to get a visual of why it’s so awesome:

Why Is Infinity Downline Better?

Infinity Downline is better

Don’t be like this guy, join Infinity Downline ;)

Here is why Infinity Downline is better than most anything out there:












Those are the main points of why I find this business beneficial vs. all the other MLM, matrix comp plans, network marketing programs out there today.  What I also love about Infinity Downline is that the cost is so low with $25, anybody can do this and best of all…no one is getting hurt like these other programs where you have to have at least $125 in autoship or personal volume coming in every single month to even get paid….that’s ridiculous.

Is Infinity Downline Really Better Than Everything Else Out There?

Don’t get me wrong, there are alot of great programs out there, but for me when I looked into the compensation plan of Infinity Downline, just how easy it was, just how easy the payments coming in start to compound, how beneficial the products were, etc. it was just a ‘no-brainer’ for me.  My mother personally learned how to use Microsoft Excel in the product library, how cool is that for real life world example?

To me there is really nothing that compares, Infinity Downline has been copied many times and after 4 years the company is stronger than ever and I’m experiencing signups on a daily basis.  So glad I chose the right company to get involved with while so many people are failing left and right promoting other programs.


To YOUR Success,

James Matthews
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The Internet & Network Marketing Haters…

The Internet & Network Marketing Haters…

I shot a YouTube Video about one of the most peculiar aspects of human nature.  The types of people who would rather take shots at the successful instead of actually putting in hard work themselves.  I believe the popular term for these types of people are ‘haters’.  If you do Internet/Network Marketing on a large scale like myself, you will encounter these people on a daily basis.  If you don’t encounter ‘haters’ on a daily basis, then you just don’t have enough content out there yet online or just not working hard enough in your online marketing, here is the video (as I sit on the golf cart):

Why Do Internet & Network Marketing Haters Exist?

One of my very good friends by the name of Alan Cosens taught me very early in my Internet Marketing career, that if your not encountering negative and hateful people on a daily basis, then you are just not working hard enough or making a big enough difference.  I learned very quickly what Alan was referring to when I made up my mind to completely work from home and never have a J.O.B. again.

You have to understand that a large percentage of people in our society are frustrated, angry, and downright miserable that they have to show up a job everyday to make ends meet, and if they see anyone successful the first thing they yell is “SCAM”.  This is a very poor broken mindset but sadly it’s very prevalent in our society.  This is the same reason the tabloid, news, & TV industry makes millions of dollars, people love seeing successful people in scandals, or in any situation where they lose their success or ‘fall’ from whatever success they have.

It’s Sad but True.  I get countless emails from prospects and members who explain how their families and close friends were so critical and downright negative of them taking the chance on starting their own business or ‘thinking outside the box’.   The real reason however is that those same friends and family are actually quite fearful that you might actually make something out of yourself, and this consequently makes them look even more average, mediocre, complacent etc.

How Should You Handle Internet & Network Marketing Haters?

In my experience, I handle ‘hater’s the same way I handle ‘quitters’ in my business.  I get rid of them as fast as possible.  If I get a negative message from one of these people on YouTube, Facebook, etc. I will immediately block them from contacting me.  Believe me you don’t want these people in your life.  They will attempt to suck out every inch of optimism and enthusiasm out of you if they are in your business.  Get them out immediately if they are.  You will thank me later.  It’s the same as if you run a traditional company or a business, if you have negative, hateful, soul-sucking employees, you should FIRE them immediately.  You don’t want this type of environment for the rest of your team to deal with.  It’s the same in the home based business industry.

The single most important factor I’ve found in dealing with these types of Internet & Network Marketing Haters is this golden rule:

“The Best Revenge Is To Live Well”

To YOUR Success,

James Matthews
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Why I Love Quitters…

Why I Love Quitters in Infinity Downline…

Interesting Title?  Yes it is.  Let me explain.  When I first got started in Infinity Downline I started having minimal success, I had just a few signups but I was still very excited that I had even 1 signup.  A week later they would cancel and quit.  I was devastated and I really let it bother me.  I was wondering what I was doing wrong or what else I could offer so these people would stay in the program.  It really got to me and I wondered if this whole online marketing game was really worth it.

How I Learned To Love Quitters in My Infinity Downline Business

Here is what you need to learn about this whole internet/network marketing game.  It’s good when you have someone quit.  Why?  You DON’T want these people in your business whatsoever.  Better to ‘weed out’ the weeds as soon as possible in the beginning rather than later.  You may not understand this when you are first starting out and just want to recruit and sponsor as many people as possible, but you will understand it in time.  Believe Me.

You do not want anyone in your business who is not committed and want to make a huge change in their finances and in their life.  Sadly some people are quitters, complainers, excuse makers, unfocused, etc. so how is your business going to operate with these types of people inside of it?  This is why I love getting the notification from one of my payment processors that a member has canceled and opted out of the program ;)

The Good News About Quitters In Your Infinity Downline Business

The Good News is that when you really learn how to market online, learn attraction marketing, and bring in so many leads you don’t know what to do with, you really learn how to screen these people and spot the ‘duds’.  For every one person that quits in my business, I have 4 that have success very quickly because they understand work and that nothing is going to be handed to them and it’s up to them to make the change and work the program.  I can provide all the tools, training, support in the world but it’s up to each of us to make it happen.

This business is very easy, and if someone cannot generate an income with Infinity Downline, then they can’t generate an income with ANYTHING.  That’s the Truth.

If your Ready to Make A Change and Your Not A Quitter then Contact Me Below…I give you All The Tools You Need to be a Success,

James Matthews
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