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The Difference Between Being ‘Poor’ and Being ‘Broke’…

Alot of people think being ‘poor’ and being ‘broke’ are the same things.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Being ‘poor’ is a mindset while being ‘broke’ is something that can be fixed very quickly.  Most people get these two concepts confused but I’ll explain each one and the differences further in this post.  Through operating a very successful as an affiliate in Infinity Downline I’ve seen both of these quite a bit in dealing with people interested in the program.

How is Being ‘Broke’ Different than Being ‘Poor’?

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Being ‘broke’ is defined as not having any money currently.  This is almost always a temporary state of being as money can be gained through many different methods, whether from a job, starting a business, or lots of other means.  Anyone who is ‘broke’ can change their situation if they choose to do so and are willing to put in the work to change that situation.

Being ‘poor’ is a self defeating mindset, and being raised in the rural south it’s almost always preached and taught as well.  Being ‘poor’ is just noble for alot of people in our society.  The mindset of being ‘poor’ involves the individual never believing that they will be successful financially due to unforeseen circumstances or because ‘that’s just the way things are’.  I’m sure you know several individuals just like this.  Mindsets are very hard to break and are usually taught and ingrained in our subconscious from our teachers, preachers, and parents since we could walk.

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So How Do We Avoid Being Either ‘Broke’ or ‘Poor’?

Very easy answer to this question.  You absolutely work your a$$ off, no matter what happens or who tells you whatever, you absolutely get laser focused on what you want in life and you learn to be the absolute best at it.  If you don’t get rich you will at least be insanely comfortable and not every worry about money.  This strategy works every single time and every successful person will tell you the exact same thing.

We choose to be ‘broke’, ‘poor’, or ‘rich’ everyday of our lives through our beliefs, actions, and most importantly how we spend our time.  If you change how you spend your time and work insanely hard you can absolutely achieve whatever you want in your life, whether being retired with your own Infinity Downline business or whatever your dreams are, it is only up to you to make it happen.

Now Go Make It Happen,

James Matthews
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“Is Infinity Downline Hard?”

“Is Infinity Downline Hard?”

Another very popular question I get asked alot is this one:

“Is Infinity Downline Hard?”  “Is it Hard To Make Money With This?”

infinity downline is easy

While Infinity Downline has been the absolute easiest thing I’ve ever done on the planet, I will say that some people just always have to complicate things for themselves no matter what and make things far more difficult than they actually are.

Infinity Downline is by far the easiest program out there and has a product line that virtually anybody can benefit from and understand, but yet it is some people’s nature to make this difficult on themselves by ‘thinking’ way too much about what it takes to be successful in any business.

Infinity Downline is Not Hard In Any Shape, Form, or Fashion

When I first got started in this business, I was running my own IT business and I could get signups by just stating this one statement to anyone I came across:

Hey I joined this program that teaches people how to use computer software, and you can make money at the same time

Not once did anyone ever say to me, “Hey that’s ridiculous”  “Yeah Right” or “Sure, tell me another story”

All I ever heard was this “Wow Tell Me More!

You see all business deals with communication, and it’s all about how you present this opportunity to others is where you will have success.  If you tell anyone you know that they are going to make a bazillion dollars in 2 weeks, of course they are going to laugh in your face and reject you.  But if you focus on VALUE of the opportunity you can get ANYONE signed up into the program.

It’s all about how YOU conduct yourself and present the opportunity to others that will determine your success with Infinity Downline, or whatever program you may be involved with.

Why Do People Make Infinity Downline Hard?

I believe they just cannot see the program for what it is, to some it’s all about money, to me it’s about value of the products and the residual income the program creates for the members.  Everyone can find common ground with that.  If your just in anything to make money, and make quick money from referrals, you are going to have a very difficult time, plain and simple.  On the other hand, if you are looking to help people duplicate your same success very quickly then this is going to be the easiest thing you’ve ever done.

I have step by step training on how to promote Infinity Downline online, offline, and any kind of way possible and have success with the program.  If your looking to make things happen and create a residual income that takes a life of it’s own, then contact me and I will help you have my same success!
To YOUR Success,

James Matthews
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Take Action Is The Key To Success, Stop Thinking!

Ever wonder why some people are insanely successful while others always seem to struggle?  I’ve always noticed this too and this doesn’t just apply to internet marketing, it applies to anything.

just do it infinity downline

It’s a fact that the people who are the most successful at anything are the people that ‘JUST DO IT’.  This is Nike’s slogan for a reason.  Athletes are coached and mentored to ‘Just Do It’ each and everytime they step out onto the field.  You’ll never hear a coach say to his player: “Hey Just Think It!”

Thinking too much is not only detrimental, it’s downright dangerous to success.  While one person is ‘thinking about it’ there is another that is already halfway through completing the steps needed for success!

Why Do People Think So Much Before Making A Decision?

In the areas of marketing a business like Infinity Downline, people want to ‘think too much’ because they just can’t grasp the concept that they can be successful at building their own business, or just can’t see themselves having a lucrative income online, so they have to complicate the matter about 1000x by thinking how they will do things.  When in reality all they have to do is follow my training.  Taking their head out of the equation is a sure route to success.

Some people are just ‘thinkers’.  I know I had to change my mindset in a big way when getting into online business.  I was always the type that had to think and make things perfect before ever getting into action.  This is dangerous for online business.  You have to get yourself out there everyway possible as fast as you can, don’t ever worry about being perfect, just start taking massive action.

How Can I Start Just Doing It, Instead of Thinking Too Much?

This all starts by just taking action, whether it’s building that first website, talking to that first person about your business, learning the latest marketing strategy, etc. it’s just about taking action and taking action and taking action.

We all hear the countless stories of the internet marketers who read countless stories and e-books but never take action.  Don’t be one of these people, take action with the unbridled belief that if you don’t, you’ll absolutely lose everything.  That always works!

Are You Ready To Take Action?

James Matthews
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Stop Being Afraid

Stop Being Afraid – Fear Is Holding You Back

As someone who has referred tons and tons of people into Infinity Downline, out of all the questions, problems, issues, etc. that referrals ask me have to do with one very simple emotion….FEAR.

infinity downline fear

Some referrals tell me such things like:

“I just can’t make a video”

“No one would listen to me”

“Everyone else is doing that”

“I’m not smart enough”

“I’m not good looking enough”

“I know someone that failed at this”

The list goes on and on.  All of these types of questions all stem from Being Afraid.  Being Afraid is the single most crucial element in destroying your success each and everyday, whether you are in Infinity Downline or doing anything in life.  Those that are Afraid, will never have the same amount of success as the person who just simply ‘makes it happen’ and ‘does it without thinking’.

Why Are People Afraid?

While I have a bachelor’s degree in psychology, I am not going to make an attempt into people’s psychology, but everyone is different.  A business like Infinity Downline would be considered ‘different’ to the masses who are working a 9 to 5 job, so that in itself is scary for most people who want to continue to have a herd mentality and be just like everyone else.

Most people that are afraid to build a business and have success, whether online or offline or any kind of business, are mainly scared of what others think.  I can go on and on how people that you worry about constantly would never even attend you funeral, but that’s a matter of another post.

What I will say is that continually being afraid of what others think will leave you in a life of mediocrity.

How Do I Overcome Fear To Build My Business?

Change Your Mindset.  Every successful person that I’ve studied always always talks about self development and changing your mindset.  Your mindset is truly who you are.  I am constantly reading self improvement material so I can reinforce my mind with success.  This turns my mindset so that I will continually work as hard as possible to build my Infinity Downline business.

To YOUR Success,

James Matthews
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Infinity Downline – 4 Year Anniversary!

Infinity Downline – 4 Year Anniversary!

I am very late in celebrating the 4 Year Anniversary for Infinity Downline, as the program was started in March of 2009.  But I had always wanted to write a post about just how beneficial and amazing a 4 year anniversary is for ANY company!

infinity downline anniversary

Especially in terms of an online business, this is a HUGE DEAL.  Seems we are always hearing of a company that is being shut down, investigated, goes offline, etc. any time we turn around.  “Infinity Downline” on the other hand has been a solid rock within the internet network marketing community and will always be stable due to the system and the ingenuity of the creator Peter Wolfing.

How Has Infinity Downline Been So Strong Over 4 Years?

There are a number of reasons why Infinity Downline is still as popular as ever:

1.  It’s Simple

2.  Anyone Can Understand the Program

3.  It’s Global

4.  Products Are Digital and have Immediate Access

5. Easily Duplicatable by each person joining the Program

6.  System is setup perfectly with programming and compensation

7.  Payments are Instant; No Waiting To Be Paid

8.  Compensation gets Insanely HUGE with the Reverse 2 Up System

I could go on and on about how great Infinity Downline is but those are just a few of the reasons.  Everyone is looking for a solid stable business to build that’s not going to disappear a year after they join.  This IS that business!

As a leader within Infinity Downline, I’m always cross-recruited by others in other programs about the ‘next thing’ coming out or I should join ‘this or that’ and my response is always the same:  “No thanks I’ll stay with something Stable!”

Will Infinity Downline Be Around Another 4 Years?

I personally believe that Infinity Downline will be around for 40 years and even after that.  Peter Wolfing’s overall corporation Multiplex systems is a debt-free company which has created many outstanding networking and internet marketing companies that have been true blessings to over 260,000 members just within Infinity Downline itself.

Ready For Something Stable?  If So ‘Join Below’…

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“Are You Still Promoting Infinity Downline?”

“Are You Still Promoting  Infinity Downline?”

The most frequently asked question I have been getting lately has got to be “Are You Still Promoting Infinity Downline?”

So much so I decided to make a YouTube Video answering the question for everyone, all while enjoying my all day sessions of Netflix and looking absolutely terrible during the day while everyone else is working at the jobs they hate ;)

I’m really uncertain as to why I get asked this question the most.  I believe people are used to seeing someone promoting 5-6 different programs online at the same time.  This DOES NOT lead to success, never has and never will.

The art of staying focused and disciplined in completing the success you want is just as true in online business as it is in any other business on the planet.  I wish more people would realize this.

So Are You Still Promoting Infinity Downline?

Let me settle this once and for all.  I will promote Infinity Downline until the end of time.  I will NEVER STOP promoting Infinity Downline.  It’s the easiest and most profitable program on the internet.  I’ve had an overwhelming amount of success and all of my internet marketing chops were learned by implementing them through this amazing online business.  I’m so glad I made the right decision on what to promote.  It’s made all the difference in the world.

The biggest reason I would say is it’s just so easy.  Infinity Downline is not an MLM, it doesn’t have a crazy binary matrix breakaway unilevel compression (sarcasm intended) compensation plan that no one can understand.  It’s simple to understand, it’s simple for other people to understand, it’s simple for people to duplicate, most importantly it’s simple to make alot of money.

Would Anyone Stop Promoting Infinity Downline?

I don’t see any logical reason why anyone would stop promoting Infinity Downline.  Smart people know what to look for in a program.  Jon Mroz, Alan Cosens, and myself are smart.  We know what to look for and that’s why we are the biggest leaders in this opportunity and why we make the most money.  We don’t waste our time on what doesn’t work.

Everyone else is always running and promoting the ‘next big thing’, this is not the type of person I’ve ever been.  I was always taught hard work, consistency, and going after what you want and follow your own instincts.  I let everyone else keep running around and promoting everything under the sun.  I just keep consistently make more and more money.

If your tired of trying to promote the next big thing and finally want stability, then click the ‘Join’ button below…

James Matthews
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SEO Omega Review

SEO Omega Review – Rankings in 24 Hours?

I don’t normally review products, but when I was introduced to this product through a mutual network marketing friend and Infinity Downline business partner, I just had to check it out because I’m one of the crazy people on the planet that really enjoys SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

I’m known for my SEO skills, and I can pretty much rank just about anything over time, but as I started studying SEO Omega I realized very quickly that this product is teaching how to rank much more quickly than ever before.  SEO is an ever evolving industry thanks to our wonderful friends at Google (sarcasm intended).

In this SEO Omega Review we will look at each part of SEO Omega and break down what you need to know.

Who Created SEO Omega, Who Is Behind the Product?

SEO Omega was created by Alexander Becker and Alex Cass, two SEO experts that actually run their own SEO services for national businesses and organizations as well as building their own SEO sites to rank and sell products/services.  They have created quite the SEO Empire for themselves.

seo omega review

Once you get to know Alexander Becker (Check out his Source Wave SEO Blog) you’ll see that this guy is as REAL as it gets.  That’s what attracted me to this product the most.  I knew very quickly that their SEO tactics worked while studying the course because I’ve used similar strategies to rank my own sites, but you can see how much integrity Becker has in his teachings.

Both Alexander Becker and Alex Cass have built multiple 6 figure businesses online.  You can read more about them at Source Wave.

What Will I Learn In SEO Omega?

The course itself is broken down into 7 Modules with a few Bonus modules thrown in as well:

seo omega review module list

I can attest to the fact that this SEO course takes you by the hand and shows you everything you need to know about getting VERY Quick Rankings for low competition keyword and how to go after the big competition keywords with more effort.  I personally enjoyed the module on site design as it helped me learn several new strategies on how to structure a site to get way more ‘link juice’ flowing within the site itself.

How Can I Get SEO Omega?

If you would like to purchase SEO Omega or learn more about what the product offers, just go right here:

seo omega review

I wholeheartedly recommend SEO Omega, whether your in an Internet Network Marketing business like Infinity Downline, or getting started with selling affiliate products or services online, you cannot go wrong with this course. 

It has amazing amount of value in each one of the modules that can make you a small fortune online, but most importantly the entire course is taught in a way by Becker that is completely easy to understand and relatable.  Becker is a normal guy just like me who hates the ‘gurus’ and the ‘elitists’ out there who claim to be experts but have nothing to back it up.

I approve this product ;)

James Matthews
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