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Happy ThanksGiving – What Are You Thankful For?

Happy ThanksGiving – What Are You Thankful For?

Each year I try to think of what I’m most thankful for when ThanksGiving rolls around.  Like everyone else I am thankful for my family and my friends and all that I have, but it’s great to think about real specifically what you are thankful for every year.

This year I share with you what I am most thankful for:

Don’t you just hate those freezing mornings where you have to get up and go to work, even when it’s absolutely freezing in the morning?  I remember it like yesterday and while nothing is perfect, having a successful work from home online business like Infinity Downline is absolutely awesome!

What Else Am I Thankful For in ThanksGiving This Year?

happy-thanksgiving infinity downline
I am also thankful for the amount of people that I’ve helped in my Infinity Downline business – the countless members who have signed up and those who have had no internet marketing experience whatsoever sharing their results after going through my private training.  Most thank me for teaching them what actually works online instead of the usual ‘hype’ and ‘garbage’ that’s being marketed to them every time they turn around.

I’m glad that I can help and bring some reality to an industry that for the most part doesn’t have great reputation due to the amount of people who have used programs to hurt people and take their money and offer no help or guidance whatsoever.  Having someone say ‘thank you’ makes all this worthwhile in a big way.

You are never successful in this industry until you have your members having the same sort of success, so that is what I am thankful for this year in a big way.

What’s So Special About ThanksGiving Anyway?

ThanksGiving is very special because it is a time of reflection, to think about what you’ve accomplished and what you have.  Some of you reading this may think your life is really bad or couldn’t get any worse.  I’m here to tell you that no matter how bad you think you have it, there is always someone else that has it worse.  ALWAYS be thankful for what you have, no matter how small.

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My First $1000 in a Single Day With Infinity Downline!

My First $1000 in a Single Day With Infinity Downline!

Well, well, well this is some exciting news!  Not even a year into Infinity Downline and I’ve had my first $1000 day, having 44 signups and payments in a single day!  That’s not $1000 a month, that’s $1000 a Day!

I’m sure your skeptical, so go ahead and watch my proof positive video why don’t you ;)

I had been nearing the edge of hitting a goal of $1000 in a single day, averaging on some days 20-34 signups and payments in a day, but this is the first day of having over 40 signups and payments into a single day so I am feeling both accomplished and extremely vindicated as I’ve shattered this goal I had set for myself in Internet Marketing, just with this simple $25 program.

I hope that my teaching and preaching of being consistent and dedicated is hitting home now ;)

How Did I Make $1000 in a Single Day With Infinity Downline?

If you read my posts you know that I preach one thing over and over to have success in this crazy world of internet/network marketing, and that is consistency.   Consistency is the one value that will lead to success every single time.   Far more than any new SEO trick, high converting capture page, social media marketing strategy, sales page, consistency is by far the most important value to have in online marketing. 

Never get distracted, never listen to the naysayers and everyone else shouting about ‘the newest thing’ and just simply get to work and be consistent.  This is what leads to an absolutely giant income with Infinity Downline or any other online marketing opportunity.

Consistency for success with Infinity downline

Very few understand that Consistency, taking action each and everyday to study marketing and build your business through very tiny steps at first always leads to big success every single time. 

If you haven’t had the success you want yet, think about how many times you ‘gave up’ or ‘jumped around’ in the past from opportunity to opportunity thinking it was the program’s fault and you could not stay consistent or focused on just simply making it happen for yourself.

Is $1000 a day normal income for Infinity Downline and Online Marketing?

In Infinity Downline $1000 in a single day is not common, only people like myself who are willing to help as many people as possible get the same results I’ve gotten will make this kind of money.  My results are the result of helping hundreds and hundreds of people have the same type of success and holding nothing back, teaching every single one of them what really works in building an online business and developing complete freedom.

If your in Network Marketing, you must be willing to help everyone who joins you as much as possible.  There will always be excuse makers, whiners, complainers, and lazy individuals that join your business.  But then there will be those who repeat your same success and have even more success, and that is what I truly love about this industry

Lucky for you reading this post I teach everyone exactly what I do through my exclusive private training site.  I hold nothing back and will give you the keys to the kingdom if you take action and click the ‘Join Now’ button below…

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Infinity Downline 34 Signups In 1 Day….WOW!!

Infinity Downline 34 Signups In 1 Day….WOW!!

I’ve been having alot of fun sharing my personal results with Infinity Downline lately, just for the fact that it proves to people, mainly naysayers that believe that what they are doing ‘is working’ and all of those that try and cross recruit me into their programs or say things like “Infinity Downline is dead” or “Infinity Downline is Old” or my favorite “Infinity Downline is Oversaturated”.

Please watch the video for picture proof evidence that can’t be faked, please remember that I do work my business and I don’t make excuses:

How Do I Have this Kind of Success in Only 1 Day While Others Have None?

As stated above it comes from the fact that I don’t quit, make excuses, or believe what weak mindsets like to ‘explain’ to me or get distracted in any way whatsoever.  This is what brings big success in anything, despite what all the ‘gurus’ tell you…

internet guru infinity downline

In being super successful in only 8 months with Infinity Downline and referring hundreds and hundreds of members, I do see a mindset among some referrals in that they ‘want something for nothing’ or ‘want to just give it a shot and see what happens’ type of mindset.  This leads to failure as quickly as they start because they can’t take accountability and responsibility for their own success.  An online business is no different from being successful in any other type of venture in life.  Those of us that do the work and are consistent will always destroy the competition hands down every single time.

How Can I Learn To Be Successful in Marketing and Have This Same Success?

It’s really easy to understand once you develop the type of understanding in what others are looking for in joining and signing up into your business.  Lucky for you reading this I do all of this for you through my own private exclusive training site that teaches you how to get massive response from prospects and the psychology of how and why people buy into an opportunity with you.  If you can just simply copy what I do you’ll be more successful than 90% of all the other marketers out there promoting their ‘new shiny object’.

If you can apply the principles of work, focus, consistency, and dedication then I can guarantee you that you will have success with my training.  I can only show you what to do, it is up to you to apply it, and this is where some people unfortunately fall short in following through, no matter if it’s building a business, getting in great shape, learning a new skill, etc.  it’s just a sad fact that some people can’t do what it takes in following through.

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How Do I Manually Mark Payments for Infinity Downline?


While Infinity Downline has a built in system to mark your referrals as paid when they pay through the system through your affiliate link, it is sometimes necessary to mark payments manually, in this post I’m going to show you step by step on how to do this.  First of all we need to understand why we need to mark someone manually as paid:

You will need to mark someone paid manually if and only if they pay OUTSIDE the program, this means they do not pay through your affiliate link payment page or signup page.  For instance, if someone wanted to pay you by cash or by a check every month for their subscription, this would be an instance where you would mark them manually as paid.

Some payment processors as well are not always 100% of the time tracked and marked by the company itself, so it’s always a good idea to view your back office by using the ‘view downline’ feature in the back office.  For instance everytime I have a referral pay through Payza for example, I always go in the back office and mark them paid manually.   Get in the habit of checking your back office regularly when you have referrals.

Step By Step Process on How To Mark Payments Manually with Infinity Downline

Step 1:  Log into your ID back office with your ID username and password on the main company site:

Step 2:  Find a Tab called ‘Mark Payments’ as show in the picture here:

infinity downline mark payments

Step 3:  Once You are in the ‘Mark Payments’ Page, you just simply find the username of the referral that signed up and then click the blue link ‘Process’

- If you have tons of referrals like I do and tons of members, do a ‘control-f’ (hitting control button and f button on your keyboard at the same time) search and enter the username to find the referral very quickly.

Step 4:  After you click ‘Process’ you will see the process page that looks like this:

infinity downline mark payments

It is only required to input the information of the ‘payment processor’, the ‘transaction ID’, and the ‘payment amount’…

- For Payment Processor just use the drop down menu to select the payment processor the referral used

- For Transaction ID you can enter the transaction ID the processor gave for the transaction, or your own transaction ID for your own  reference

- For Payment Amount this will always be ’25′ since Infinity Downline is a $25 membership program

Also please note that in a very few rare occasions, if the Infinity Downline server was having maintenance for a short time for instance, even though you receive a notification from ‘Site Admin’ you may still have to process and mark those payments, if your referral is reporting to you as being ‘inactive’ even though they have made a payment to you, then you can simply go in and mark and process that referral to make them active into the system.




The 95% Failure Rate in Internet & Network Marketing…

When I first got started and building an online business, I always heard of something called the “95% failure rate in online marketing” and I found it to be quite discouraging to be honest.  Do this many people who start a business actually fail?  In my experience in the past 9 months marketing the online business Infinity Downline I will give you my honest experiences and thoughts on this topic, but first watch this video as it will help you understand better about what I am discussing:

Do 95% of the People Who Start an Online Business Really Fail?

I would say that 95% is close but not entirely accurate completely.  What this figure refers to is all the people overall who start any kind of business online, whether it be e-commerce, network marketing business marketed online, traditional business marketed online, or affiliate marketing business like Infinity Downline.  If you put all of the people together who have attempted to start an online business WITHOUT any direction, help, or guidance on how to grow their business, then yes the failure rate is going to be through the roof due to the frustration from each person taking their business online.

95% failure rate internet network marketing

However, it is my firm belief that anyone, regardless of alot of experience can build a business like Infinity Downline due to the ease and simplicity of the business itself.  If you were to start a giant e-commerce website from scratch then is going to take a huge amount of time and frustration on your part due to the complexity of the nature of this type of startup.

Infinity Downline is incredibly easy to promote due to the universal product line, super simple compensation plan, and it’s just downright easy for people to understand and ‘get it’.  This is why the system is so attractive and popular 4 years strong and why I am having days of 20-30 signups in a single day, the program just plain works and will always work.  If someone can’t understand that $25 gets them access to a product line worth thousands and they can build a super profitable business at the same time, then you need to check their pulse!

How Can I Avoid the 95% Failure Rate and Be A Success?

Starting out it’s VERY important to get involved with a program that is simple, easy, and not complicated to promote to others.  Infinity Downline is so simple you can talk about the program to people in your living room before you take the program online in a huge way like I do.  Infinity Downline is a huge stepping stone and where most successful marketers like myself got started because the system just flat out works like crazy and is incredibly easy to build an income, when you know how to market effectively (very important).

If your looking to be one of the 5% elite who makes tons of money while everyone else is scratching their head, then you need someone who has had success and is having success everyday to show you EXACTLY what they are doing.  Lucky for you you’ve seen this post and I am the person that is going to show EXACTLY what I do on my private training site.

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