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Does Success Happen OverNight in Infinity Downline?

Does Success Happen OverNight in Infinity Downline?

The Online Networking Industry relies on alot of ‘hype’ for its success obviously, and this has led to alot of people who believe that if they signup into an online opportunity like Infinity Downline, then success does and will happen literally overnight.  As if tons of money will magically fall out of the sky by themselves doing absolutely nothing to obtain success or putting forth any amount of effort.

As a leader in the industry and someone who has enrolled hundreds upon hundreds of people into Infinity Downline, I can tell you that this is a fact that some people believe that success should happen literally overnight.  It’s a frustrating dilemma as I do everything in my power to bring ‘reality’ to this industry and full explain that developing a large income in any business endeavor takes a ton of hard work, consistency, and focus each and everyday.

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That is the truth.

There are many in this industry that will tell you otherwise.  They will flash cash from pictures either taken from ‘google images’ or photoshopped and proclaim that this amount of money was made from their online business.  Gullible and naive people fall for this left and right, then frustratingly quit short time later because they were expecting these same results as well.

This is what’s wrong in this industry and if I do anything, I hope to change it and will always actually teach what works in online marketing vs. the ridiculous and false claims from those looking to make fast money off as many people as possible.

How Long Does Success Take in Infinity Downline or Any Internet Marketing?

Success in any business, whether Infinity Downline or any type of business, comes from 2 very important and fundamental principles:

1.  Your Mindset

2.  Your Ability To Focus

Your Mindset and your Ability To Focus are the 2 most crucial aspects to success.  If either of these 2 are not fully developed or trained, success will not happen or last for the long term.

In fact I would say that people’s lack of ability to focus is the #1 factor in them becoming absolute failures in their online businesses.  You cannot jump from program to program or product to product and expect success.  It’s just not going to happen, not in a million years.

People’s Mindsets are another huge crutch in their success in that some people just never can believe they can have success, or that success just ‘happens to other people’ or ‘success is just not meant for me’ or other incredibly ridiculous self destructive thought patterns.

So Is OverNight Success Possible in Internet Marketing at All?

Quick Success in an Online Business comes from how hard and fast you apply proven training and teaching that someone like myself, who has been very successful, teaches you in depth.

That’s it.

Success is not complicated but it will only happen on how hard you focus on taking action most of all.  Another problem within this industry is that people love to buy courses and study, study, study, but can never take action on the training provided.  It’s almost a sort of compulsive behavior in buying tons of courses without focusing and applying what is actually in the course.

It’s alot like exercise in my opinion, how many people do you know buy a gym membership, hire a personal trainer, or buy a book on exercise or diet, and never lose a pound of weight?  Probably alot and sadly this is just the norm in our society.   True focus takes discipline, and discipline comes through mindset.

If your looking for some world class internet marketing training and you are the type that stays focused, consistent, and understands the concept of ‘work’, then click the ‘Join Now’ button below and I can show you how to make a great income online with not only Infinity Downline, but any product or opportunity that you may be involved with…

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Infinity Downline Success – 3 Books You Have To Read…

Infinity Downline Success – 3 Books You Have To Read…

Alot of my viewers and followers who have tracked my success in Infinity Downline ask me how I got started in ‘doing things differently’.   ‘Doing things differently’ refers to making the transition from working at a job I hated to being very successful in the online business Infinity Downline.

The absolute biggest thing you have to do to have success within a home based business, or to have success in anything, is to change your mindest and BELIEVE that you are worth and can have the success you really want, whether that is tons of money or time freedom, you have to actually believe it happening before it happens whatsoever.

I knew I needed to change my mindset before I could ever have any success with doing my own thing, so I wanted to make this post to recommend the top 3 books I would have anyone read to gain an understanding and develop the foundation for your own success:

These Books are the following:

1.  The Unemployed Millionaire – Matt Morris

2.  The 4 Hour Work Week – Timothy Ferris

3.  Awaken the Giant Within – Tony Robbins

Are Books Essential for Success in Infinity Downline?

Absolutely!  If you are not reading some type of self development or self improvement material in a book format, then you need to be watching it in a video or listening to it on audio.  Good positive reinforcement for your mind is absolutely essential crucial to counteract the negative garbage that surrounds us and attempts to invade our minds 24/7.

I can’t stress how crucial this is.  When you start believing your success, then the universe will give you success.  That is the absolute truth I can give to you in reading this post.  Ask anyone who has been successful in any endeavor and they will tell you the exact same thing.  Mindset is the single most important part of your success!

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My personal routine is that I spend at least 30 minutes daily reading some type of motivational or self development book, course, training daily.  I don’t let any negative garbage in the form of television or the media enter my mind whatsoever.  I can’t tell you how much your life will improve if you start applying these same principles.

What Else is Essential To Success in Infinity Downline?

Besides improving your mindset completely to where you can believe your success, the only thing that is going to make you tons of money and allow you to get free is just all out consistent action and focus on your business.  The great thing of having a home based business like Infinity Downline is that you can work your business is hard as you want, or as easy as you want.  Your schedule and time is completely yours.

Take consistent focused action and apply with my world class Internet Marketing training you get access for free for joining me in Infinity Downline and you are virtually guaranteed success.

If you are ready to take back your life, click the ‘Join Now’ button below…

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Hate Your Job? Then Try Infinity Downline…

Hate Your Job?  Then Try Infinity Downline…

As an online business marketer and the top affiliate in Infinity Downline, I get countless emails from people telling me how much they hate their jobs.

Who doesn’t hate their job?  In fact it’s been stated that 76% of Americans hate their jobs, and I’m sure these statistics are just as bad in other countries.  Why do people hate their jobs so much?

hate your job infinity downline

There are a number of reasons why people hate their jobs, in my experience it was for these main reasons:

- Having To Wake Up To an Alarm Clock

- Having To Work With Miserable People I Didn’t Like

- Having Be Told What To Do By People Who Were Idiots

- Politics of the workplace

- Working Incredibly Hard and never appreciated

- Working Incredibly Hard and being Underpaid

The list could go on and on, but you get the point, before I got involved with the online business Infinity Downline, to be honest I felt pretty hopeless when I was working at a job I hated, and to really get to know my job experiences before getting started in online marketing, watch this video:

Is There Hope For Me If I Hate My Job?

As much as you don’t feel like it, there is an overwhelming amount of hope for anyone who wants to make a change and do things differently.  The easiest way to do things differently is to start an online business within Infinity Downline and learn how to leverage your time with passive residual income.  This is the easiest business to build on the planet and has the most amazing compensation plan among any home based business programs.

More people now than ever are making giant residual incomes through home based business, internet and affiliate marketing, network marketing, etc. than ever in the past.  What’s great is just about everyone is looking for an opportunity like Infinity Downline because they hate their jobs as well, and this is great for anyone looking to get started in 2014 with an opportunity and want to get started marketing.

People are signing up into Infinity Downline by the hundreds everyday, as well as many opportunities to do things differently away from the job mindset, people are sick and tired of being sick and tired.

What’s the Quickest Way To Leave My Job for Good?

The absolute quickest way to leave your job and replace that income is to work as hard as possible in promoting an online marketing opportunity, whether it’s Infinity Downline like I’ve done and made tons of money, or is another opportunity that you are interested.  Success in this industry is no different from success in anything else, it’s all just about hard work and taking  massive action.

Luckily for you reading this I have all the training and then some to tell you exactly how to build a full time income insanely quickly on my private internet marketing training site ;)

I don’t recommend anyone quitting their job outright, but I do recommend you keeping your job and working your online business as hard as possible while you keep your job.  Your ability to follow the steps I teach will determine how soon you can leave you job with the income you make with Infinity Downline.

Also working on a business to get free on the side will make your job about x1000 better because you are making plans to tell your boss “I Quit!!”

If your ready to do things differently and you are an ‘action taker’, then click the Join Now button below…

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How To Change Your Mindset, Be the 2%…

How To Change Your Mindset, Be the 2%…

In the beginning of 2014, it’s always great to start the year off right. To prepare for big success in Infinity Downline or any type of business, it’s absolutely crucial to get your Mindset right. This is the most important factor in any kind of success in anything you pursue in life.

Before you can have big success, you have to BELIEVE you can have big success. This is why 95% of people fail at online marketing with a program such as Infinity Downline, or any type of business for that matter.

To fully illustrate what I’m talking about, I made a video that includes an image that summarizes what successful Mindsets are all about:

Most people never adopt the belief that they can achieve massive success, and this is the reason most don’t.  When you learn to control and change your Mindset, anything in life is possible.  You can literally bend the universe to your will when you learn how to control your Mindset.  Building a giant income with an opportunity like Infinity Downline is a piece of cake if you can change your Mindset.

Why Do Most People Have Poor Mindsets?

I believe it’s because most people are beat down at every avenue they turn in our society.  Most people are predominantly negative so people are continually talked down, berated, belittled etc. at their jobs, from family, and from society in general.

Turn on the TV and what do you see?  95% of shows and news on the TV are full of negative garbage.  The news in particular is the most depressive amount of time you’ll ever spend during your day.  One way I completely changed my mindset was I stopped watching the news and the negative reporting going on everything under the sun, nothing positive is ever rarely shown on the news.

TV shows and our society in general are made to make people feel incompetent and inferior unless they look a certain way, buy certain brands, have a nice enough car, etc.  These type of ‘programming’ over time makes one feel very inadequate about themselves due to our ‘celebrity’ culture we live in today.  I honestly believe it’s a form of mind control to keep people feeling inferior, grateful to have substandard jobs, etc. but that’s a subject of another post.

This is also the reason why people cannot be successful in an online business like Infinity Downline, they have such a poor self esteem about themselves and never get themselves enough credit to even get started and will continually make excuses and never change their lives.  This is true for any business.

Is Changing Your Mindset Easy?

Changing your Mindset takes time, since most have been ‘programmed’ by the massive amount of negatives in our society.  Here are the biggest tips I can give anyone looking to change their mindset:

1.  Stop watching the News

2.  Surround yourself with Positive People

3.  Let go of the negative people in your life (not always easy but a must unfortunately)

4.  Fill your mind with good positive self development books (Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, Napoleon Hill)
5.  Just don’t let negativity enter your mind in any way shape, form, or fashion

As you start changing your Mindset, you’ll find that your view on yourself and what you are able to accomplish drastically improves very quickly.  You’ll start to realize that whatever success you want in life is entirely and completely dependent on you, and that my friend makes you absolutely dangerous ;)

If you ready for success, personal development, and everything under the sun and ready to build a massive income with Infinity Downline and my huge massive training site then just click the ‘Join Now’ button below…

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