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Internet Millionaire Your Blueprint To Succeed by Jeff Usner Review – Yours Completely FREE!

jeff usner internet millionaire your blueprint to succeed

Alot of people ask me these questions:  “Hey James, How Did You Get Your Start in Internet Marketing?“  or “How Do You Make So Much Money While So Many Make Nothing?” or “Who Did You Learn From in the Beginning?” and “Where Did You Get Your Start?”

The reason I’ve had so much success in affiliate marketing with Infinity Downline is because I learned how to do things correctly from the very beginning, and I’m going to be sharing with you the exact same book I read when I first ever started thinking about doing things differently with internet marketing.

Make no mistake.  This is not some ‘cookie cutter’ rehashed garbage internet marketing book or course that you’ll pay $100-$400 for and receive no benefit.  This is an actual physical book with 240 pages of the most powerful information you’ll ever learn on the internet marketing industry. 

I’ve had so much success very quickly while so many others fail because this book taught me the fundamental principles of how to have success online in a big way. If I hadn’t read this book when I started, I would be struggling and would not have made a dime online.  That’s how important this book is to anyone’s success with online marketing, whether it’s an affiliate network marketing business like Infinity Downline, or promoting or selling any type of product in any type of market whatsoever.

This book is called ‘Internet Millionaire Your Blueprint To Succeed’ and is by a guy by the name of Jeff Usner, who is one of my all time greatest mentors and could not be a better human being.  Jeff has even been featured on ABC’s ‘Secret Millionaire’ TV show due to his success in internet marketing.

What’s So Great About Internet Millionaire Your Blueprint To Succeed Vs. All the Other Internet Marketing Courses and Books?

This FREE book taught me more strategies, techniques, methods of how to dominate in any niche within internet marketing than any other book or course I’ve spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars studying.  Better yet it’s taught step by step in a manner that anyone can follow.  It’s the most powerful internet marketing book I’ve ever read, and I’ve read just about all of them. I still can’t believe the book is absolutely FREE but it is, that’s just how awesome of a person Jeff Usner is…

jeff usner internet millionaire your blueprint to succeed get it free here

Just one strategy out of tons of very crucial subjects taught in this book is something called the ‘Reverse Online Profits’ which will absolutely guarantee anyone’s success in getting started.  This method teaches you how to find very profitable markets and how to just replicate that same method with your own business, cutting your failure rate to nonexistent.  I’ve never seen this taught in any course and is absolutely fundamental in learning how to generate sales and income very quickly in your first project. 

This is the exact same method I used to make a full-time income with Infinity Downline, and my success was absolutely guaranteed. 

Another great strategy I learned in Jeff’s book that I applied to my business is a productivity method which has you setting and completing 6 goals a day.  You write down 6 goals a day in your calendar and you do not move to the next goal until you complete your first one and then move down the list, marking off each one as you go.  I can’t tell you how much this exploded my Infinity Downline affiliate marketing business as I applied this strategy of focusing and disciplining myself to work my business. 

Those are just 2 out of hundreds of insanely profitable strategies I learned from reading this amazing book.

Why is Internet Millionaire Your Blueprint To Succeed by Jeff Usner Free ?!?

I couldn’t believe this book was free myself when I first discovered Jeff Usner on facebook.  Since it was free I had to check it out and to be honest really didn’t expect much because it was ‘free’. 

When I received the book in the mail and read through the first chapter where Jeff reveals alot of his life and the struggles he overcame and the success he achieved, I knew that this book was an absolute gem that I would be using daily.  In fact this honestly the only internet marketing book you’ll ever need.  I know that’s a big statement coming from a guy like myself but I fully endorse this book in every way possible. 

Another reason this book is free is because that’s the kind of guy Jeff Usner is.  He cares about your success just like I do.  He could easily charge whatever he wanted for the book but he wants you to have it absolutely free.  To give you a tool for you to be successful as well and break free from a mediocre life, to do something amazing with the time freedom and massive income internet marketing can give you, when you learn how to do it correctly.

All you have to do is click the button right here to get this book absolutely free, I only ask you to take massive action on what you learn…

jeff usner get the internet millionaire your blueprint to succeed

To YOUR Success,

James Matthews
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The Top 5 Online Marketing Mistakes, Why Everyone Fails Miserably…

In my very brief and very successful venture with Infinity Downline and referring right at 1,000 people into the opportunity, I’ve noticed a few things about how people duplicate my same success.

I’ve also noticed how people also become absolute failures.

I’ve received literally thousands of emails asking me about my success in Online Marketing with Infinity Downline and how I make so much money while most others make nothing.  This concern recently caused me to write a Report titled “The Top 5 Online Marketing Mistakes”. 

This Report tells you exactly the biggest and most crucial mistakes that cause just about everyone to fail miserably online.  You can get the full Report by opting in to my list on my website here to the right.

infinity downline top marketing mistakes

While I think avoiding these mistakes would just be common sense, it does shock me how much most people have no clue about how to market online.  This is what brought me to the obligation to write my report.  Fortunately for you I’m going to be touching on these 5 mistakes in this post.

If you want to get more in depth with these Top 5 Online Marketing Mistakes, download the full report my opting in to my list on the right.

What Are the Top 5 Online Marketing Mistakes?

If you want huge success in an online business like Infinity Downline or any online business, avoid these mistakes at all costs!

Mistake #1:  Hiding Behind A Website

Some unfortunately believe that when they sign up into an opportunity like Infinity Downline, they can just market their affiliate or company site online and expect big success.

This is absolutely false.

Unless your company or affiliate site allows your traffic to get to know you or know that you are an actual real life person, then expect ZERO sales or signups.  If you are not allowing people to get to know you through a personalized website or in your marketing, you will make ZERO sales or have very little success online.  People always buy or signup from people they know, like, and trust.

Mistake #2: Using Company Replicated Sites, Tools, or Capture Pages

This ties in somewhat to mistake #1 but using anything replicated does nothing to seperate yourself from the thousands of others using the exact same things.

If you want a unique (large) income online, then develop yourself into a leader and be as unique as possible.

Mistake #3:  Not Treating Your Business Like A Business

This is a huge mistake I see people do more than any other mistake.  Signing up into an opportunity and just ‘hoping’ for things to happen without working very hard and completing tasks everyday to build your business, you will fail.

This is work like anything else in life and if you are not committed to building your business, you will not last longer than a month and will end up quitting your business and become yet another statistic of failure.

Mistake #4: Lack of Focus

By far the biggest mistake anyone can make in starting an online business like Infinity Downline or any business, is not being able to focus on their business.

The internet itself is a huge distraction, and if you cannot focus and stay away from all the distractions online such as social media, videos, and all of the other hype and endless amounts of garbage trying to get your attention, you will fail.

Mistake #5: Comparing Yourself To Top Marketers

I see alot of people unfortunately try to compare themselves to myself or other top marketers when first starting out.  This is detrimental because most if not all never understand the amount of work we have done learning, studying, and applying ourselves to become successful.

Don’t get me wrong, anyone can be successful in this industry if they just choose to apply themselves, but comparing yourself to someone that makes over 10k a month before you make your first dollar, is never a good idea.

How To Avoid the Top 5 Online Marketing Mistakes…

How do you avoid these crucial mistakes so you can be a success in Infinity Downline or any online business venture?  Simply being aware of these top 5 mistakes will allow you to be ahead of 95% of other marketers out there.  In referring close to 1,000 people into my opportunity these are the top 5 mistakes most everyone makes that has NO success.   Once these are corrected, members find themselves making big progress.

If you are ready to join the top 5% of Online Marketers and gain access to my private internet marketing training site, then just click the ‘Join Now’ button below and get ready to get free…

James Matthews
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Why ‘Shiny Object Syndrome’ is the Number 1 Killer of Online Success…

When starting an online business like Infinity Downline, it’s important to set yourself up for success right from the very beginning.  As I’ve referred hundreds if not a thousand people into the opportunity, I’ve noticed those that have success and those do not.

Some have certain characteristics such as focus, persistence, taking action, dedication, etc. while those that completely fail have 1 very dangerous characteristic that will keep them in failure and doom their online business from ever having success whatsoever…

What is that 1 very dangerous characteristic?

shiny object syndrome infinity downline

Very simple.  It’s something called the ‘shiny object syndrome’.  ‘Shiny object syndrome’ is the number 1 killer of success for any aspiring online business owner or promoter of any online business like Infinity Downline or anything else for that matter.

What exactly is ‘shiny object syndrome’?  Well I’m glad you ask because I made a video on it right here:

Why is Shiny Object Syndrome Such A Killer of Online Success?

If you cannot focus, you will fail.  If you cannot focus, you will fail.

I wrote that twice for a reason.  If you are unable to get completely focused on your business, whether it’s Infinity Downline or any online business, and absolutely tune everything else out online then you will make next to nothing in your business.

Focus is the absolute most important characteristic any online marketer absolutely has to have.  This is because the Internet itself is nothing but a huge giant distraction within itself.   There are countless promotions, offers, incentives and all kinds of ‘shiny objects’ online just waiting to take your attention at every given moment.   There are also tons of people spewing everything under the sun about how much ‘better’ their online opportunity is better than your opportunity.

You cannot get caught up in this and ever hope to be successful, it just won’t happen.

How Do I Fight the Shiny Object Syndrome and Have Success in Infinity Downline, or any Online Business?

Learn to focus from the very beginning.  What I learned to do very quickly is that when I turned on the laptop to work on promoting Infinity Downline, everything else was turned off completely.

That means no Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, or anything else that would distract me whatsoever in completing the task I was working on.

This is what skyrocketed my success in Infinity Downline, or any product that I would promote online.  Laser focused work and determination in building my business.  This principle will always work now and until the end of time, much more so than any technical marketing technique, software, latest guru strategy ever will.

Also setting clear cut goals each and everyday on a large calendar and completing those tasks daily will work wonders on completing goals and grow your business to the moon.  Unfortunately some that sign up for an online opportunity like Infinity Downline never do this and they are doomed from the beginning, always ‘wanting something to happen’ but never ‘making things happen’ for themselves.

Fortunately for you reading this I teach you everything you’ll ever want to know about setting goals and making a large income online through my private internet marketing training site.  You’ll be ahead of 95% of anyone else as I teach ‘what works’ in a huge way through my step by step video tutorials.

If your ready to ‘make things happen’, then click the ‘Join Now’ button below…


James Matthews
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Infinity Downline 2014 – Is it Still Working and Popular?

As we start another year in 2014, I will get flooded with questions from those interested in Infinity Downline asking things such as “Hey James, is Infinity Downline Still Popular?”  “Does Infinity Downline Still Work in 2014?”  “Are You Still Making Money with Infinity Downline in 2014?”

I’ve answered these question in depth many times, but I’ll state it very clearly for anyone reading this post:

Infinity Downline is a Massive Income Maker and Always Will Be, Infinity Downline is Not Going Anywhere Ever…

In fact the program is as popular now in 2014 as when it first started, this video will show you proof positive evidence as I log into my own back office:

Why is Infinity Downline Still Popular in 2014?

Very simple.  Amazing product line combined with amazing compensation plan equals an online business program that will be here forever.  In a world of online companies that come and go and disappear after a brief period of time, Infinity Downline has proven over and over that it is hands down the most stable and profitable home based business opportunity on the planet.

Alot of online marketers, when looking to join an opportunity, operate with a false mindset and have the ‘shiny object syndrome’ to where they feel they have to jump on every new online marketing opportunity that pops up to make money.  This is completely false and shows just how misguided most people are when it comes to marketing just about anything.

To really be successful with a product or online business opportunity, you have to get really good at marketing.   It’s just that simple.  In fact I joined Infinity Downline 3 years after the company began!  You’ve seen my results over and over and that should prove something to you.

Will Infinity Downline Be Popular After 2014?

Listen.  Infinity Downline has a product line that consists of a video & audio library that is timeless.  These products will always be beneficial to anyone that joins the program.  The company also has a truly unique compensation plan that is unrivaled in the industry.  I’ve never seen a better opportunity that will give anyone the chance to get financially free if they are willing to put in the work to do so.

It’s just doesn’t get any easier.

When looking for an online business opportunity to make an extra income or make a giant income, it’s absolutely crucial you pick one that has integrity and has a proven track record of success.  Unfortunately there are many ‘programs’ that are scams and you have to make sure you are building something that is stable and profitable for the long term.

Peter Wolfing has created a program within Infinity Downline that has the utmost integrity, proven track record (the business was started in March of 2009 and is now more Popular than ever – WOW), and offers 100% commissions and an insane amount of money to anyone that chooses to apply themselves in marketing the program.  

Luckily for those of you reading this post and decide to join Infinity Downline with me, your going to get access to my private internet marketing training site that teaches you everything you’ll ever want to know about building a large income online and getting completely free from that J.O.B., developing a lifestyle and an income that you truly deserve…

Click the ‘Join Now’ button below if you are ready to make a Huge Change in 2014!

James Matthews
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