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Infinity Downline 2014 – Over 40 Payments in just 1 Weekend Received!

Infinity Downline is hotter than ever in 2014 and am going to share just some more success proof for the Weekend of March 16th.  I spent the entire weekend traveling and wanted to show just how many payments I received in the couple of days I was having complete fun and time freedom.  There is nothing like residual income with Infinity Downline!

Don’t believe I make more in a couple of days than most make in a month with other programs?  Well glad you asked cause here is some good old proof:

The amount of money I make with Infinity Downline is beside the point.  What is really great about an online business like Infinity Downline is how it gives you the coveted time freedom that everyone on the planet really wants.  Freedom from a job, freedom from miserable co-workers at a job, freedom from a terrible boss telling you what to do everyday, etc.   This is the most crucial benefit of having success with an online program….complete FREEDOM!

infinity downline freedom

How To Have Success With Infinity Downline in 2014…

If you want to learn how to get free, and only if you want to be truly free, you can do 2 things:

1.  Keep scratching off lottery tickets and hope you get that 1 in 20 million chance of actually getting some money

2.  Join a great residual income online business like Infinity Downline and get really good at marketing

What’s so great about Infinity Downline vs. all the other online programs people are explaining is ‘the next dream fulfilling opportunity’?

Here are a few reason why Infinity Downline is better than everything else under the sun but review my full site for even more information on the opportunity:

1.  100% commissions – why promote anything that doesn’t give you 100% of the profits?   Compare this to the 20% with an MLM program and you’ll quickly get the point

2.  Break even with just 1 referral – find one person that has $25 and wants to make alot of money and you have completely broke even with that program, good luck finding that anywhere else

3.  The Power of 4 – just referring 4 people into the program creates an infinite downline that cause your income to explode over and over with the Reverse 2 Up Compensation Plan

It’s very important to understand also that Infinity Downline has a product line worth thousands of dollars that each member gets access to with their $25 membership cost.  The program has great products unlike most any other program where members are just recruiting and recruiting to make money, these types of programs operate on the fringes of legality and usually do not last more than 3 months.  Infinity Downline is now 5 years strong….BAM!

Infinity Downline 2014 – Is 40 Payments Received Typical Success with the Program?

Each Member within Infinity Downline determines whether they have massive success or they have massive failure.  Big success is typical by taking consistent daily action in building your business each day.  Massive failure is caused by signing up into any business and just sitting back ‘hoping’ for things to happen.

This may come as a shock to some reading this, but money does not magically fall out of the sky when you join an online business.  An online opportunity like Infinity Downline has an extremely low entry fee and an incredibly high potential in profit, but high profit only comes from taking massive action and putting great content out there driving traffic to your business.

The great news however is that this gets incredibly easy as you learn how to do this, and I teach you everything every step of the way on my private training site if you click the ‘Join Now’ button below…

James Matthews
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Another 28 Signups & Payments in 1 Day With Infinity Downline…

Well Infinity Downline just keeps getting better and better, as everyone knows I’ve had huge success with the program and make more money in a single day than just about anyone promoting any type of program.

Here is an interesting day where I had 28 Signups & Payments in a single day on March 11, 2014 with the Infinity Downline program.   28 payments of $25 equals $700 dollars in a single day.  That’s not a month, that is in a single day with this simple easy 100% commission program.

Don’t believe me, well good because here is a proof positive video of those 28 Signups & Payments with Infinity Downline:

Most people with any home based business opportunity only make about $20-100 a month due to lack of focus, no work ethic, lack of motivation in their business.  I would say that my results speak for themselves with the Infinity Downline program, and it’s incredibly easy to get these kinds of results if you just decide to ‘get to work’.

Do All Infinity Downline Members Have Huge Results Like James Matthews?

I can guarantee that anyone who focuses and puts in the work that I teach on my private training site will have results.  The funny thing is that online marketing just like anything in life, takes a little time to learn and takes work.  I would say that some people just never get this and think that online marketing programs like Infinity Downline are like a ‘lottery ticket’ they buy just hoping that things work out.

infinity downline lottery ticket

You have to make the decision to ‘make it work’ instead of ‘hope it works’ if you want any success in life, whether it’s in internet marketing or anything in life.  I deal with tons of questions and emails from tons of people about the Infinity Downline program, and alot of people have severe mindset issues asking me questions such as “Will This Work For Me?”  “Does This Program Work?”  “Will I Be Successful At This?”

These are very weak minded questions and come from a place of fear.  Some people just don’t understand that they have the ability to do anything they want, once they just simply decide to make it happen and put in the work needed to make it happen.  It’s really just that simple to have success with Infinity Downline, or getting free with any residual income program.

Why Do So Many Fail at Infinity Downline or Any Online Marketing Program?

I state this alot but it really comes down to one simple thing, and that is your mindset, or your belief in yourself to have success.  Again alot of people join a program like Infinity Downline in hopes that something will work out.  When I joined the program I was bound and determined to make this program work for myself, to do whatever it takes.  This creates huge success very very quickly.

On the other hand alot of people put forth really good effort in their marketing, but just have never been trained correctly or have any fundamental knowledge of online business strategies, or business and marketing strategy whatsoever.    They could literally spend hours upon hours, even working more hours online than at their jobs and still make nothing because they just don’t do things correctly.

Luckily for you reading my post I teach you everything you’ll ever want to know about getting huge results online.  This is taught on my private training site and is only accessible for my Infinity Downline members.  Each member gets personalized access after joining with me directly and all my secret to getting over 20 signups & payments in 1 Day are revealed in depth through step by step video tutorials!

Go Ahead and Click the ‘Join Now’ button below if you are ready to Dominate…

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Infinity Downline 5 Year Anniversary – More Popular Now than Ever!

Infinity Downline was started in March of 2009, as of the time of writing this post the online business is now celebrating 5 long years of huge success!  In a world of internet hype and programs popping up left and right and then disappearing 3 months later, this type of longevity and stability is really unheard of in this industry.  I am absolutely proud to be involved with Peter Wolfing and his most popular online company to date.

infinity downline 5 year anniversary

In fact, Infinity Downline is now more popular than ever and I am frequently seeing days of 10-20 new signups on top of the huge residual income coming in already.   Here is an awesome fact:

In doing keyword research I found that there are approximately 8,100 people searching for ‘infinity downline’ as of this current date within google and other search engines.

8,100 people!

Think if you could just put 10% (810 signups) of that in your business every month, then you would be smiling a very big smile!  This is exactly what I’m doing and how myself and my members following my training are dominating the opportunity.

Why is Infinity Downline Still So Popular Vs. All the Other Online Programs?

Infinity Downline will always stand the test of time and will be here another 10 years from now because the program was designed and built rock solid with an amazing product line, unique and highly profitable compensation plan with 100% commissions, and most of all is just downright incredibly easy for anyone to build a solid income if they choose to put the program to work for themselves.

Another huge reason why Infinity Downline is so popular 5 years later, along with just about anything Peter Wolfing designs, is because Peter Wolfing puts together very product focused companies.  Any business whether online or offline has to have a product that each member or customer pays for due to obvious federal trade commission laws.

Here is a video of Peter Wolfing explaining the program himself explaining this same principle:

The FTC (federal trade commission) does not allow any business to exist that is not selling a product or service, and this is why many hyped up programs get shut down and disappear left and right, usually taking everyone’s money as well with no explanation.  This is another reason why Infinity Downline is so popular, people get burned in other hyped up programs and realize that Infinity Downline is rock solid and stable since the day it started 5 years ago, and will always be completely legal and highly profitable for anyone involved.

I couldn’t imagine putting tons of hard work into an online business only to see my reputation damaged and my income disappear overnight, but this happens to countless people everyday who do not research honest reliable companies like Infinity Downline to get involved with.

Infinity Downline 5 Year Anniversary – Just How Long Will Infinity Downline last?

Infinity Downline will always be here, probably long after I’m 6 feet under (lol), and I’m only 32 years old and have been able to completely retire with the income I’ve made from this very simple program.  The entire product line is digital and is instantly accessed by each member now and 20 years from now.  Compare that to traditional programs with physical products and you can definitely see why this online program will be here forever online.

This is why an online business is so beneficial and is the absolute quickest way to get free with an full time income very quickly, as long as you are marketing the program correctly and are willing to help your members duplicate the same results.

Online businesses are definitely not created equal, and so many people get burned every year with new programs arriving on the scene claiming they are ‘the answer to everyone’s dreams’ and all sorts of hyped up garbage I can’t believe people fall for.  It’s absolutely crucial you build a business on a solid foundation and you can never go wrong with Infinity Downline, or anything that Peter Wolfing creates and develops.

If your tired of the hype and garbage and being ‘burned’ left and right, and you would like actual real training that actually works as well, then I invite you to click the ‘Join Now’ button below and get yourself to a real online income and get yourself FREE…

James Matthews
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Infinity Downline Success Proof – 34 Signups & Payments in 1 Day…I”m Killing It ;)

Talk about Success with Infinity Downline?  One thing I absolutely love doing is destroying negative mindsets and negative people telling me “It can’t be done” or “those things don’t work”.  In fact it’s kind of a passion of mine to completely put people in their place.

I had another day of nearly 40 signups & payments (that’s right at $1000 just in one day) coming in from the Infinity Downline program and here is absolute proof positive evidence of that occurring, despite everyone else telling you how much they are making without any evidence:

Why do I make these videos and put them online for the world to see?  It’s to prove 2 points:

1.  Don’t ever doubt James Matthews

2.  You can make more money in an online business in 1 day than most make in a month (if you do things correctly)

As I’ve had more and more success with Infinity Downline, I’ve had more and more ‘critics’ come out and go out of their way to criticize my success, steal my content, try and completely copy what I do, etc.  It’s been the most amusing entertainment that I can think of to see people who have no work ethic just try and steal what I do.  This brings me to a very important point I need to make:


‘Success Comes from Consistency and Commitment, Not Copying’

In fact, if your copying someone else’s content online you will not last over 1-2 months in your business, especially if your copying myself or another leader who has built an amazing reputation and have helped countless people.  Learn to create your own content and tell your own story if you want to make a large income in online marketing.

Why Doesn’t Everyone Have Success in Infinity Downline, or Any Online Program?

I write about this alot, but it bears repeating, success with Infinity Downline or any online marketing program comes from Consistency and Commitment, nothing else.  Most everyone that fails in online marketing signs up into an opportunity like Infinity Downline expecting overnight and huge success, even when they have done nothing to put any content out there whatsoever.

infinity downline success proof

This is why they quit after 1-3 months and blame the opportunity saying, “Oh that just doesn’t work” when they themselves did no work whatsoever.  I hope you understand that work is the key factor in any type of large income, whether it is a traditional business or an online business.  However, success in an online business is about 100x easier than a traditional business for very obvious reasons.

I’ve referred right at 1,000 people into Infinity Downline at the time of writing this post, and of course I’m always going to have some people who will always make excuses, blame everyone but themselves, are incredibly lazy, etc. even after I walk them through my training step by step on exactly what I do.  This is just life and this is just how some people are.  I’ve come to understand this and I always just focus on my leaders and help even further those that choose to take action and make things happen for themselves.

Is My Infinity Downline Success Proof Typical Results in Online Marketing?

Absolutely Not.  I’m incredibly focused, cannot even fathom working at a job, love building this business, love helping others do the same within my private training site, and as stated will always destroy the naysayers. 

The failure rate in online marketing is high because it’s a reflection of our society in alot of ways.  Some people will never understand the concept of ‘work’.  Even when it’s incredibly easy work typing keys on a keyboard, exactly what I’m doing right now typing this post.

If you want to make $1000 in a day with Infinity Downline like I do, be prepared to put in some work and more importantly be prepared to put in a serious amount of focus.  Sorry to break it to you but this is what it takes.  There are no ‘secret traffic techniques’ or ‘super internet marketing tactics’.  Those of us that make large incomes know how to work, and how to compound work over time for consistent results.  If you are thinking any differently then please go buy more ‘lottery tickets’ and let me know how that works out for you.

On the other hand if you are ready to take your life back and will let me show you how, then click the ‘Join Now’ button below and let’s get started...

James Matthews
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