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Another 20 Sales In One Day For Infinity Downline…

As much as I dislike making proof of income videos for my Success with Infinity Downline, I have people over and over ask to see my success or to make these kinds of ‘income proofs’.

I must say it really gets under my skin just how weak minded some people are in constantly wanting to see my success, instead of creating their own success with Infinity Downline or any online business to get free, but I do understand this is important for some so here is just another day in this business with 20 sales in just One Day:

20 Payments in One Day is Alot of Success in just one day, this is by far not my highest day in Infinity Downline but is about the normal income for only 1 day!  The sad part of this is that I make more money in a day with the program than what some are making at jobs or what others are making monthly with other online programs.

How Do I Make 20 Sales In A Day with Infinity Downline?

It’s funny because people think that just because they sign up into an online program they are instantly going to have success like this.  While I can pretty much have this kind of success with any type of product/business opportunity because I know how to market, everyone has to realize that success like this rarely ever happens overnight.

While most think this looks so easy, success is actually much more like this:
infinity downline real success

Don’t get me wrong, once you understand marketing you can make tons of money very easily with just about anything online, but any type of business or anything new to learn has some type of ‘learning curve’ that obviously is part of any success.

I have some members within Infinity Downline that go through my training and make a full time income in 3 weeks, I have some that are members for over a year and never take one step of action.  No 2 people are the same and it takes mindset, effort, and dedication to have big success like I have.

Infinity Downline is the easiest online program on the planet to get into massive profit very quickly, but some people will always complicate things and make it 100x harder than it actually is.

Is 20 Sales For One Day In Infinity Downline Possible for Every Member that Joins the Program?

This is a very common question I get from tons of people asking to join.  Here is a very important principle that you need to realize before starting any business venture:

‘Your Success is Completely Dependent On Your Ability To Take Action…’

That sounds incredibly simple but as I said people can complicate this over and over and over.  In referring over 1,000 people into the Infinity Downline opportunity I’ve noticed that there are ‘action takers’ who have big success as well but there are also ‘time wasters’ who will think, analyze, procrastinate, complain, whine, etc. all day long and not take any action.

If you are an ‘Action Taker’ and can follow my world class Internet Marketing Training then go ahead and click the ‘Join Now’ button below…

James Matthews
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What Makes Someone Successful in Infinity Downline or Any Online Business?

With my Huge Success with the Infinity Downline business, I often get lots of questions about what makes someone successful at online marketing vs. all those that stay broke, miserable, or frustrated.

I had someone email me with this question recently and made a video response to help anyone who ever wonders what separates the Successful Marketers from the Failures Online:

There are very many similarities between having success in an online business to having success in reaching a fitness goal, and I use this comparison alot because more people can relate to staying or wanting to get into shape more than the crazy world of online network marketing.

If you want success in an online business like Infinity Downline, it’s just a matter of consistency and work just like it is in the gym.  No kidding.

As stated in the video, the main difference between the successful marketer vs. the failure is the ability to overcome and conquer obstacles and be able to recognize and put in the work needed to achieve a result.   Human beings always complicate things way more than they should, but this is really that simple.

In dealing with over 1,000 individuals I’ve personally referred into the Infinity Downline Online Opportunity, I’ve dealt with every sort of mindset, personality, attitude, etc. that you can think of.  I will discuss in detail the differences between the Successful Vs. the Failures.

What is the Difference Between the Successful Vs. the Failures in Infinity Downline or Any Online Business?

I’ve noticed several characteristics about these 2 types of individuals, starting with the Successful they can be characterized by these points:

Successful Marketers Always…

1.  Know How To Take Action (By Far the Most Important)

2.  Never Ask Questions Unless Absolutely Necessary

3.  Will Always Prevail and Overcome Any Roadblock or Obstacle


Unsuccessful or Broke Marketers Always…

1.  Cannot Take Any Action

2.  Always Ask Every Question When Possible, Even When Everything Is Explained Step by Step

3.  Will Quit, Complain, and Give Up When any little obstacle or roadblock gets in their way


It’s very easy to see the differences between someone that is successful at Infinity Downline vs. those that are not by looking at these points.  This is what makes someone successful in the offline world just as much in an online business.

The most important point to take from the Successful Marketer is this one very crucial factor, they know how to take action!  This is what separates the ‘big boys’ from the rest and what separates those that make huge amounts of money from those that make next to nothing.

Now you would think that ‘taking action’ would be a simple enough concept to be able to do, but unfortunately this is not the case with some who want to make money online or get free with an online business opportunity.

Why Is Taking Action So Important to the Successful Marketer?

While most that join Infinity Downline claim they want to get free with an income for themselves vs. working at job they hate etc., the men are separated from the boys and the women are separated from the girls when it comes down to taking action.

For some people sadly putting in the work and taking action to market their online business is just not something they will allow themselves to do.  Most of the time this comes out of fear from ‘getting themselves out there’ but unfortunately it’s just plain laziness.

Unfortunately there are some who still believe that there is some type of ‘push button’ magic software or ‘secret’ ninja marketing technique that is going to bring overnight success in their Infinity Downline business and make them tons of money with them doing no work whatsoever for their business.  This is the furthest thing from the truth in online network marketing.

While I only work about 4 hours a week within my Infinity Downline business, when I first got started I worked very hard in studying, learning, and applying and taking action over and over until I started seeing results.  This is how it happens for any successful marketing in any market or niche online.  We understand the concept of ‘work’ and we just flat out put in the work needed to dominate.   It’s just really that simple.

If your looking to learn what actually works vs. all the hype and garbage in the industry, then just click the ‘Join Now’ button below…

James Matthews
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Is Infinity Downline A Pyramid Scheme?

Is Infinity Downline A Pyramid Scheme?

It’s amazing to me even after the Infinity Downline program has been the all time strongest affiliate marketing business in existence for 5 long years now, I still get asked this question:

“Hey James, Is Infinity Downline A Pyramid Scheme?”

In being incredibly successful with the Infinity Downline business, I’ve dealt with my fair share of weak mindsets and ignorant people, but this question really dumbfounds me because 99% of the time anyone claiming a business is a ‘pyramid scheme’ has no earthly idea of what a ‘pyramid scheme’ is.

So to really define what a pyramid scheme and hopefully educate these people, let’s look at the real actual definition (taken from merriam-webster dictionary):

pyramid scheme


: a dishonest and usually illegal business in which many people are persuaded to invest their money and the money of later investors is used to pay the people who invested first

In terms of network marketing opportunities, a pyramid scheme can also be defined where an investor (customer, member, distributor, etc.) pays into a business and receives no real value for paying for their membership or for a product whatsoever. Mainly meaning that each member is basically just transferring money to other members without paying for any actual products.

We all know that with the Infinity Downline program, there is a huge library of products and you can look at my in depth review of the products right here. All of the products are digital within the video or audio product library where each member or customer pays $25 to access.

This is one of the most widely used business models in existence today. A customer (member) pays a cost to access the product line. This is exactly the same model any digital product line would use. For instance think about language learning products like Rosetta Stone or any digital product where the customer accesses the products online (digital) to use the product rather than holding the physical product in their hand.

There are absolutely limitless digital products out there in all industries using this same business model in all types of markets from language learning, fitness, health, marketing, and just about any ‘how to’ on doing anything on the planet. It is much more convenient for a customer to download or access a product instantly instead of waiting for the physical product to arrive in the mail.

So Why Does Infinity Downline Get Accused of Being a Pyramid Scheme?

A very sad truth to some people out there is that like I said, they are just ignorant. These same people never really take the time to learn the real definition of anything and most always have a very weak mindset. They cannot believe anyone can make a living with an online business like Infinity Downline and get completely free from the mundane jobs they have to attend to everyday.

Also anything like Infinity Downline that has a huge profit potential where people can make lots of money as I have, people are always going to be threatened by this type of business. It makes these same people feel very uncomfortable because it is a way for people to get FREE. Miserable people do not like seeing others have success at anything, whether it’s an online business or a traditional business.

infinity downline pyramid scheme

This is the type of person usually saying online opportunities are a ‘pyramid scheme’…

So of course anything like Infinity Downline will be attacked by weak people claiming it is a ‘pyramid scheme’ or ‘ponzi scheme’. How dare anyone not work and give their life to a job 40-80 hours a week like they are…

What Do I Tell People That Ask Me If Infinity Downline Is A Pyramid Scheme?

If anyone asks you if Infinity Downline is a pyramid scheme, I would invite you to show them what a real ‘pyramid scheme’ looks like:

infinity downline pyramid scheme

Changes your perspective doesn’t it?  It’s a sad fact that most people work in a corporate ‘pyramid scheme’ their entire life and are too dumb and ignorant to even realize it.

What’s worse is they work 40 hours a week just to get a promotion to work 60 hours a week just to get a promotion to 80 hours a week and so on and so on…

Know how many hours I work in a week with Infinity Downline and make more than anyone in the corporate pyramid scheme above?

4 hours.  Not 4 hours a day but I work maybe 4 hours a week building my Infinity Downline business if that much and it just keeps paying me and paying me and paying me residually while I am enjoying life to the fullest by traveling and spending time with those I want to spend time with.  It just doesn’t get any better than that ;)

If the light bulb just went off in your head and you are ready to do things differently, then just click the ‘Join Now’ button below and I’m going to show you how to say goodbye to the corporate pyramid scheme once and for all…

James Matthews
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Vick Strizheus Leaving Empower Network?

Vick Strizheus Leaving Empower Network?

In recent news regarding the online network marketing industry relating to a very successful online business similar to Infinity Downline, there has been alot of hype and rumors that the one and only Vick Strizheus was possibly leaving Empower Network or had been banned from Empower Network…

vick strizheus leaving empower network

Vick Strizheus is a huge top earning affiliate within Empower Network, master of paid marketing strategies, and is considered to be one of the top internet marketing leaders and authorities in the industry

Whenever a powerhouse giant and top income earning affiliate like Vick Strizheus is potentially leaving a company or have any sort of issue, the rumors and gossip are most definitely going to fly through the roof.

In this post I will be reporting and the actual facts of what happened in Vick Strizheus possible problems with the Empower Network opportunity.  I do not want to add fuel to the fire but give actual facts from the company itself and from Vick Strizheus own personal public statement regarding the incident. 

Please do be aware that I have the utmost respect for Vick Strizheus and the Empower Network opportunity.

Please also note that I am not involved in Empower Network or endorse them in any way, I am the number 1 affiliate in Infinity Downline but I found this event relevant to our industry and wanted to help get the facts out there.

Did Vick Strizheus Really Leave or Get Banned from Empower Network?

The entire situation started when Vick Strizheus hosted a private webinar for his marketing group within Empower Network titled ‘Big Idea Mastermind’ on around April 30th.

vick strizheus leaving empower network webinar

In this webinar reportedly Vick Strizheus stated several points which led many to believe that he was either starting his own network marketing company or going into some type of completely different direction due to some type of  ‘problems’ for himself within the network marketing industry.

This set off obviously a huge reaction among Empower Network affiliates who started tons of rumors and confusion on the matter and caused a firestorm across social media platforms like Facebook with much heated debate.  Obviously people were very confused and wanted answers to why the number 1 affiliate in Empower Network was possibly leaving or having problems…

The problem with anything internet related in this manner is that things get blown WAY out of proportion and are exaggerated way beyond what was meant on the webinar (from what I understand) so Vick released a public statement to quell the confusion, rumors, and problems that had come from the webinar itself:

Click Here to Read Vick’s public response about possibly leaving Empower Network…

I can relate as I once had a situation within Infinity Downline where I had to change the payment processor that I was using and everyone within the opportunity was asking me if I was leaving, what happened, what are you doing, what the heck is going on, etc.

It was a situation that was blown completely out of control and had to get the word out there quickly that I was just simply changing payment processors.  It’s really amazing how things can get over exaggerated very very quickly online (yikes!)

So Vick Strizheus Didn’t Leave or Get Banned from Empower Network After All?

Apparently not and was just all a big misunderstanding and as stated, completely blown out of proportion by rumors and gossip and those who always just want to add ‘fuel to the fire’ in our industry towards those that are big leaders and have big success.

Anyone who is financially free in any type of home based business such as Infinity Downline or Empower Network or any type of online opportunity, is a target from the masses out there who love to see any of us fail or any type of scandal.  I believe that is where alot of the rumors and gossip came from.

I would also like to report that David Wood (creator of Empower Network) and Vick Strizheus openly talked on a conference call for everyone and corrected the entire situation and I think that shows incredible integrity and transparency on both sides.

To Your Success,

James Matthews
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