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Is Infinity Downline Easy?

Is Infinity Downline Easy?

One of the most popular questions I get asked through email is this one:

“Hey James, Is Infinity Downline Easy?”

infinity downline easy

This seems to be a frequent question so I decided to write a detailed post about whether the Infinity Downline program is easy or not.

Asking if an online business opportunity is easy is a very loaded question, and most often it is coming from a weak mindset to begin with.  Anyone who would ask this question wants to believe they can just jump into any online opportunity and everything is so completely easy that money just flies out of their laptop or computer.

Nothing could be further from the truth, but however I will also explain why an online opportunity like Infinity Downline is easy…

So Is infinity Downline Hard or Is Infinity Downline Easy?

Let’s think about what an online business like Infinity Downline is.  An online business relies on you sitting on your computer, laptop, or mobile device and creating compelling marketing content to attract other individuals to join your business or become customers into your business.

Seems pretty simple doesn’t it?

When I think about what I’ve done to build my Infinity Downline business, which I’ve sponsored over 1,000 people into, the program has been incredibly easy. 

I basically just write good quality content like this post, direct the content towards relatable keywords, apply social media marketing strategies, invest in paid advertising with great ad copy, etc. and it’s really that simple.

Now when I compare this to some of my former jobs like welding for 12 hours a day 7 days a week, or teaching public school and dealing with insane bureaucratic rules, or work in the mental health field seeing the most awful things you can imagine 8 hours a day then not only has building Infinity Downline been easy, it’s been an absolute blessing!

If Infinity Downline Is Easy, Then Why Is It So Hard For the Majority That Fail With The Business?

This really comes down to one thing.  I would say the majority of anyone that start any online business like Infinity Downline just never ‘get it’.

They just don’t understand that it does take work to build an online business, or that there is this ‘magic bullet’ in online marketing that guarantees signups into your business without any work whatsoever.

Most people think that they can just ‘plug in’ to something replicated as well and have huge success online.  Anything replicated online that doesn’t separate you from the competition is a recipe for disaster.

If you can be a real person, offer alot of value to your market, and just all around put in consistent effort into your marketing and not give up on yourself like so many do, you will have success with infinity downline or any online business you choose to get involved with.

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The New Admin Fee is Now Mandatory for Infinity Downline

Beginning July 7th 2014 Infinity Downline as well as the new Infinity Downline relaunch program National Wealth Center now include a monthly admin fee of $9 for member accounts to remain active.

Peter Wolfing, the creator of Infinity Downline, gave all members at least 2 months in advance and repeatedly told members to pay the admin fee through webinars and company newsletters up until this point.

Members who did not or refuse to pay the admin fee have had their accounts either ‘cancelled’ or ‘suspended’.  You can however have your account reinstated by paying the admin fee.  You can view how to pay the admin fee as seen in the below image when logging into your Infinity Downline back office:

infinity downline admin fee

Why Should Each Infinity Downline Member Pay Their Admin Fee?

As Peter Wolfing has discussed many times on the new National Wealth Center webinars, the admin fee goes towards programming updates, server programming, product purchases and upgrades for the monthly levels, better member support, etc. just to name a few.

Infinity Downline has not had an admin fee since the launch in March of 2009.  While this may have seemed beneficial to some, the company was not receiving enough revenue to correct programming errors or slow server problems that arose from 300,000 members trying to access the back office and perform needed functions.

The decision was made recently that for the Infinity Downline program to continue to excel, the company would need to introduce an admin fee to help correct problems when they arose.

How Has the Admin Fee Helped the Infinity Downline Program So Far?

For starters the Infinity Downline back office is 200 times faster.  Peter Wolfing did major server overhauls and hugely increased speeds of data processing within the back office of the program.

It is now much faster and easier to view downlines, process payments if needed, mark accounts, access sections in the back office, etc. much much faster than before.

This was a big issue at times because the server would be overloaded and crash at times giving an error when anyone would attempt to access the main Infinity Downline company site.

This has been a major huge improvement that would not have been possible without the admin fee revenue.  I for one am glad to pay a small admin fee to make the Infinity Downline program even better as we move into 2014 and decades more as this is the easiest, simple, and best online marketing business on the planet!

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Is Infinity Downline & National Wealth Center the Same Program?

infinity downline logo

national wealth center logo

With the new National Wealth Center program, which is the Infinity Downline revamp and relaunch, there is always going to be a certain amount of confusion that sets in with any new program launch.

In this post I am going to clear up any confusion set forth and explain everything very clearly.  What I will do is explain how the programs are the same and then explain how the programs are different.  It is quite confusing to the newcomer as they are somewhat the same and different at the same time.

How Is Infinity Downline and National Wealth Center the Same?

Infinity Downline and National Wealth Center are the same in the sense that they are exactly the same at the $25 level.  Infinity Downline has a $25 level where each member accesses the product line and can market the opportunity to others to receive 100% commissions.  National Wealth Center has the $25 Self Development level as well and these levels are exactly the same between the two programs.

These 2 levels are exactly the same between the 2 programs.  If a member if active within Infinity Downline at the $25 level, then they are automatically a member of National Wealth Center at the $25 Self Development Level.

Also Infinity 100, which is a standalone or upgrade program from Infinity Downline, is the same as the $100 Wealth Advantage Level.  If anyone is a member of Infinity 100 then they are automatically a member of $100 Wealth Advantage Level within National Wealth Center.

Infinity Downline was decided to keep ‘as is’ for the huge amount of member base that wanted to continue to market the opportunity as well.

How Are Infinity Downline and National Wealth Center Different?

Infinity Downline and National Wealth Center are different in that there are several new features, enhancements, etc. that National Wealth Center has that Infinity Downline does not as Infinity Downline was kept ‘as is’.

The biggest major difference now than before is the introduction of an admin fee which is $9.95 monthly for each member that is mandatory after July 7th.  This is for both Infinity Downline and National Wealth Center and the admin fee can be seen here when logging into Infinity Downline:

infinity downline admin fee

This admin fee goes towards programming, server and data updates, adding products, better support etc. for each member.  Infinity Downline never had an admin fee for the 5 years after launch since 2009 but the decision was made to implement a very inexpensive admin fee so the company can add revenue to correct problems when needed for both Infinity Downline and National Wealth Center.

This has been great as the server that Infinity Downline uses is 100x faster now than ever before as well as everything working 100x faster.

Another big difference between Infinity Downline and National Wealth Center is that National Wealth Center has much higher compensation levels by adding in a new monthly subscription level at the $50 Business Development Level.

(the program now has 3 monthly recurring 100% commission levels, $25, $50, $100 levels that each member receives 100% commission on each month as they refer others into the opportunity, massive monthly income potential)

national wealth center compensation plan

There is also the Introduction of 1 Time High Ticket Purchase Products, which are as follows:

- $250 Fitness Product Package

national wealth center fitness advantage

- $1000 Elite Wealth Advantage Package

national wealth center wealth advantage elite

- $3500 Elite Network Marketing Training Package

national wealth center network marketing elite

(10% of these product levels go to the company as an admin fee, the rest of the product sale goes directly to the member for huge commissions!)

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Infinity Downline Now Has An Admin Fee

Infinity Downline Now Has An Admin Fee

As of July 7th, 2014 the company Infinity Downline now has an admin fee.  This admin fee is a monthly fee of $9.95 each member is required to pay in order to keep their account active.

The company formerly had no admin fee since the program launched in March of 2009 and had operated in this manner until July 7th 2014.

Each member can view the details of this admin fee when they log into their Infinity Downline account as shown in the image below:

infinity downline admin fee

Why Did the Infinity Downline Company Choose To Place An Admin Fee Into The Program?

The biggest reason the admin fee was placed is because while the company took in revenue from optional paid tools in the Infinity Downline back office, the company was not taking in enough revenue to correct server and bandwidth issues from the massive amounts of members signing up into the program.

This very inexpensive admin fee from each member goes towards inputting programming, product updates, server updates, better support for each and every member into Infinity Downline and the new Infinity Downline relaunch National Wealth Center.

Peter Wolfing, Infinity Downline’s creator, chose to institute the $9.95 Admin Fee after the program was revamped and relaunched as National Wealth Center.

Infinity Downline will always still exist for any members who want to promote and build the program for themselves, but National Wealth Center is the new improved version of Infinity Downline and is a massive amazing program with huge enhancements, features, and upgrades from the regular Infinity Downline opportunity.

What Does Each Member Get With Their Infinity Downline Admin Fee?

Each Infinity Downline Member gets FREE access to a savings program called National Savings Center which allows member to receive up to 50% off of items they are already purchasing including retail, travel, airline tickets, etc. as a special added bonus for being a member and paying their admin fee.

national savings center national wealth center infinity downline

National Savings Center is only accessible through a private company code that is generated for each member through the National Wealth Center and Infinity Downline back offices after the $9 admin fee is paid.

National Savings Center will allow any member to save hundreds monthly on items they are already purchasing, click here to read more about National Wealth Center and the National Savings Center Incentive Program.

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