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Why Infinity Downline Has The No Refund Policy…

Why Infinity Downline Has A No Refund Policy…

With Huge Success with Infinity Downline at a near 90% retention rate with well over 1,000 members, I felt it was a good idea to make a post to just why Infinity Downline has a very strict NO refund policy.

infinity downline no refunds

This is true for most any home based business or affiliate marketing opportunity as well and I will explain why in this post.

First of all let me say that most people who get involved or want to get involved in an affiliate marketing opportunity like Infinity Downline are some of the best people you will ever exchange emails with or get to know. They are people looking to do big things online and have that entrepreneurial drive just like we do.

It is sad and unfortunate however that a small minority of people who sign up or get involved with a program like Infinity Downline do not have decent intentions, and that is the need for this post and the need for a NO refund policy to be set in place.

Why Is There A No Refund Policy for Infinity Downline or Most Any Affiliate Marketing Program?

First of all the NO refund policy is set in place to PROTECT the affiliates most of all. It is any company’s right to set whatever payment policy terms they choose whatsoever, but you’ll find that most if not all home based businesses have a very strict no refund policy.

This is because there are always going to be a minority of what I call ‘bottom dwellers’ who will purchase a product or sign up into an opportunity and then immediately attempt to get their money back for their purchase. This is about the lowest type of underhanded attempt that you can imagine, but it does happen and this is why most of all a NO refund policy is set in place.

Think about it this way, if you opened a traditional business on the side of the street selling lemonade and everyone who bought your lemonade wanted a refund, then how would you ever make any money? It’s the same principle online. Underhanded people who buy and then want their money back are attempting to take money back away from hard working affiliates and this is why the company itself has to protect it’s affiliate base.

Some people unfortunately who attempt to sign up into a business like Infinity Downline think they can get their money back after using the products or being a member, but I am very glad the company enforces a very strict no refund policy to protect myself and my over 1,000 members from these types of lowlifes who unfortunately at times perpetuate the internet, looking for the ‘magic bullet’ program and never putting in any type of work whatsoever.

What Else Can You Do to Enforce a NO Refund Policy for Your Business?

I personally have a very strong agreement with my payment processor and state very clear terms and conditions on my payment page stating a very strict NO refund policy.

In the very rare event that anyone would attempt to file a ‘chargeback’ or a dispute or unauthorized claim for their purchase, all I have to do is submit my very clear terms and conditions and it’s always case solved every time.

If someone makes a payment into your Infinity Downline business and sees a very clear terms and policies before making purchase, then they have no possibility of ever getting their fraud completed, and that’s they way it should be for any type of business.

While the company and myself explain multiple times for any member to just simply and easily cancel at anytime, there will always be the types that will fraudulently make purchases into your business, so it’s always a great idea to put core business practices into place to protect yourself in the beginning.

If you are wanting to get involved in a business that will make you tons of 100% commissions that you keep and are protected, then click the ‘Join Now’ button below…

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Can I Make $10,000 Monthly With Infinity Downline?

Can I Make $10,000 Monthly with Infinity Downline?

making money with infinity downline

One question I get asked most of all from people wanting to join Infinity Downline is something like:

“Hey James, Can I Make $10,000 Monthly With Infinity Downline?”

Some other frequent questions I get asked are:

“Can I Make $4,000 in the next 3 months?”

“How Long will it take to make $1,000?”

“How Much will I make in my first week?”

“Will I Be Able to Quit My Job in the Next 6 months?”

These questions are interesting because people have the perception that there is a direct amount of time related to the amount of money they can make in Infinity Downline.

While I understand the question, it’s very important to understand that no set amount of money can ever be guaranteed results of any online business opportunity like Infinity Downline or any online opportunity. Anyone tells you differently then they are attempting to scam you completely.

Any results, whether $100 a month or $10,000 monthly is completely and utterly dependent on one’s ability to take action in their online business, and that is the honest and sincere truth about any online business.

How Much Do People Make With Infinity Downline?

This will always be up to the person who gets started with Infinity Downline. A person’s ability to study my training for example but more importantly take action on this training will always make a ton of money vs. anyone who procrastinates or takes NO action.

This is true for any venture in life, whether business related or anything, it’s amazing to me how many people think that they can just sign up into any online business and money just starts shooting from their laptop and their lives are changed.

In fact, results in online marketing can be summed up by thinking about this concept:

Your Ability To Take Action = Your Results

In referring over 1,000 people into Infinity Downline and dealing with just about every type of mindset you can imagine, members who have the best and biggest results and make the most amount of money are the ones who just simply take action vs. watching and watching and asking and asking questions…

Will You Make $10,000 A Month If You Join Infinity Downline?

If there is one thing you get from this post, understand that your results with Infinity Downline is completely and utterly dependent on your ability to take action.

While I teach everything that I do to each of my members on my exclusive training site, it is up to each member to take action in this training and consistently apply it.

There are alot of marketers in alot of different online opportunities that will guarantee signups, magical co-op advertising, special capture pages, ninja marketing techniques just to make short money off of individuals and scam them left and right, but I’ve chosen to be honest and give it to people straight right from the beginning.

This is work like anything else in life, but I usually only work about 4 hours a week at this point and that is what is great about online network marketing with Infinity Downline ;)

If you are ready to start making an income for yourself instead of someone else then just click ‘Join Now’ below…

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Are People Still Signing Up Into Infinity Downline?

Are People Still Signing Up Into Infinity Downline?

Infinity Downline Question

After the relaunch and Revamp of Infinity Downline into National Wealth Center, I’ve started receiving more and more questions about Infinity Downline and whether this will effect the huge popularity of the program.

Peter Wolfing, the creator of Infinity Downline and National Wealth Center, decided to keep Infinity Downline intact as the program did relaunch into National Wealth Center.  This means that the Infinity Downline company site and everything related to Infinity Downline will officially stay ‘as is’ with no changes to the program.

Infinity Downline has always been there and will always be there for anyone who wants to promote Infinity Downline across the internet and I agree this was a great decision due to the simplicity and effectiveness of the world’s most stable internet marketing program.

So to answer the question:  “Are People Still Signing Up Into Infinity Downline?”   The answer is a resounding YES!

Will Members Continue to Promote Infinity Downline after the Relaunch?

Yes most anyone who is a smart marketer will continue to promote Infinity Downline along with the new National Wealth Center.

The reasoning behind this is that most anyone who has had success with Infinity Downline has alot of content out there supporting the program, and it would be foolish not to continue to capitalize on that content.

Also since Infinity Downline and National Wealth Center are basically the same program at the $25 level, they are really one in the same programs regardless.

Will Infinity Downline Still Be Around For Years To Come?

Yes Infinity Downline has been the most stable, lucrative home based business on the planet for 5 years strong and will be for the next 20.  You will not find a better stronger track record than the Infinity Downline program.

Any online program with a library of digital products can exist forever, there is no shipping, warehousing, storing of products in the online digital world and this is why I love affiliate marketing with digital marketing businesses such as Infinity Downline and National Wealth Center!

If you would like to be a part of the most stable home based affiliate marketing opportunity on the planet, then just click the ‘Join Now’ button below…

James Matthews
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Is Money or Time Freedom More Important?

Money Vs. Time Freedom, Which Is More Important?

With my success with the Infinity Downline opportunity, and interesting concept occurred to me as I was enjoying just another day of complete freedom on the waverunner…

That is the concept of whether having money or having time freedom is more important, I talk about the concept in detail in the video:

While most everyone wants more money, what is money if you do not have the time freedom to enjoy it?

This is a very important crucial concept that most everyone does not get, and the fact that most everyone thinks that just simply ‘having money’ is everything you need to have to make life complete and be truly happy.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Is Money Or Time Freedom More Important?

Anyone who has made alot of money, whether it be in an online opportunity like Infinity Downline like myself, or any business venture or anything, will tell you that TIME FREEDOM is by far the most important aspect of your life by far.

Some of you may disagree, but that’s because you don’t understand the concept of trading hours and hours and hours of your life for money. This is the job structure that so many people fall prey to.

I once welded in a factory for 12-14 hours a day and never saw the sun come up for an entire year. Yes I had money but was I every able to enjoy life whatsoever? Absolutely not and it was miserable.

Now with Infinity Downline I work maybe 4 hours weekly and I’ve tripled my income from that miserable job and have the time freedom to do whatever I want everyday.

I hope you understand the concept of what is more important, because if you don’t you are going to spend your entire life and give all your time to make someone else rich and live your life for that job. This is a miserable experience in my opinion.

Is It Possible To Have Both Time Freedom and Money?

Absolutely! An online business like Infinity Downline gives you the ability to leverage your time and continue to make 100% commissions over and over going straight into your bank account 24 hours a day.

You will not find a better opportunity with such a massive earning scale as Infinity Downline with 100% residual monthly commissions.

If you are sick and tired of trading your entire life of working and making someone else rich, why not work for yourself and pick and choose when YOU want to work?

Just click the ‘Join Now’ Button below…

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Happy Labor Day 2014 from James Matthews of Infinity Downline!

labor day infinity downline

As another Labor Day Weekend has come and gone I remember the days when I had a job and absolutely loved this holiday as it gave me one single Monday off of work.

As of this date it has now been a solid 4 years of Internet Marketing, owning my own business, and a solid short 1 year and a half of making way more than a full-time income with the Infinity Downline program!

It’s amazing to me how far I’ve come in terms of mindset, believing in myself, and what I have been able to accomplish in this online network marketing industry.  Seems like yesterday I was even scared to make the payment into the Infinity Downline opportunity because I thought it was a ‘scam’, wow I sure have come a long way… ;)

It’s discouraging to think back just how weak my mindset was and I’ll never go back to that defeated lifestyle ever again.

Why Is Labor Day So Important Every Year?

Labor Day is important because it is a celebrate for millions of Americans to take a day off of their hard work.  It is also essential that we as a nation come together to celebrate all of our hard work, no matter what professions, businesses, or industries we may be involved in.

While I believe that most people work and put in too many hours at their jobs each week, I do respect anyone for putting in any type of hard work at their jobs and putting food on the table for their families.  There are millions of heroes out there that go to terrible jobs each and everyday to support their families and they have my utmost respect and admiration for doing what they do.

With all my success I will never forget or understand what I went through at jobs before I found Internet Marketing, or what workers go through each day at their jobs.  I at one time welded in a factory for 12 hrs every single day for an entire year and didn’t see the sun all year, talk about sacrificing my life for a paycheck.

How To Have Labor Day 365 Days Out of the Year…

As being one of the top affiliates with Infinity Downline, I now have Labor Day every single day of the year.  I now make more money in a day than I made in a month with some of my former jobs.  That’s really sad when you think about it.

While everyone would love my type of lifestyle, getting to this point did not happen overnight as most would have you believe so.  It took work, effort, and most of all learning and applying myself day after day.  What separates myself from 95% of other marketers is my ability to take action.

If you want any type of success in this industry, you have to take action…plain and simple.  So many in this industry, whether in the Infinity Downline business or any online business, cannot take action due to lack of focus or for a number of reasons.

Sadly, just some do not have a big enough reason to want time freedom in their life to work to achieve such.

If you are looking for a better way, and a way to get your life back from the 9 to 5 drudgery I can seriously teach you how to do so…just click the ‘Join Now’ button below…

James Matthews
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