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How To Pay The Admin Fee For Infinity Downline

How To Pay The Admin Fee For Infinity Downline

Despite Infinity Downline giving very clear directions within the back office of the program, I still get asked often on how to pay the admin fee for Infinity Downline.

In this post I am going to give very clear directions on how to pay the admin fee for the program for anyone who may be having trouble.

It is very important to mention to keep the admin fee paid and current, because failure to do this will result in a member’s account being deactivated.

Here are the steps to pay the Infinity Downline Admin fee:

Step 1: Log into your Infinity Downline account with your username and password at the company site here

Step 2: When logged in, you can simply locate the ‘Program Stats’ tab you see in this screenshot:

infinity downline admin fee how to pay

Step 3: After you make that click you will come to a screen and will see the different Infinity Downline levels each member can join, scroll down the page to find the ‘Admin Membership Dues’ section as shown here:

national wealth center how to pay admin fee back office

Step 4: Click the ‘Click here to make renewal payments’ to make your admin fee payment into the program.

That’s it and very simple. You can also use the company ‘Support’ feature in the back office to get any assistance if needed.

Why Is It So Important To Pay The Admin Fee and Keep The Admin Fee Paid For Infinity Downline?

As stated above, it’s very important to pay the admin fee because if this is not paid, a member’s account will become deactivated within the system and will lose any recurring commissions made from referrals into the program.

Also the Infinity Downline admin fee goes toward all maintenance needed to make the program the best home based business program on the planet. Maintaining and building an online business is not cheap or easy, and this admin fee is put towards server maintenance, product updates, programming, support features, etc. to keep the program running top speed for all members.

It’s also important to know that paying the admin fee into the Infinity Downline program gives each member access to the National Savings Center program where each member gets access to a huge savings program as well to give members up to 50% off of items and travel purchases they are already making.

You can read more about National Savings Center here in this post as well.

If you are looking to get started with the best home based business opportunity on the planet and start earning those 100% commissions, then just simply click the ‘Register Now’ button below…

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My Advertising Pays Review – Daily Profit Return On Advertising!

My Advertising Pays MAP

I had just discovered My Advertising Pays just a few weeks ago and after becoming a member of the advertising program, I’ve decided to make a full post about it.

This platform was introduced to me by a very successful friend of mine who owns an offline publishing company, who in turn uses My Advertising Pays to advertise all kinds of events and charitable opportunities as well as her own online business programs.

This is truly a remarkable amazing opportunity that gives anyone the ability to advertise their business or product, and also earn an approximate 2% daily return on the advertising packages they purchase.

To earn within the daily profit share return involves NO selling, No recruiting, and NO prospecting or any type of sales whatsoever.  Each member just has to click and view 10 ads per day which takes about 5 minutes of work to accomplish.

This is a phenomenal way to advertise a business such as Infinity Downline and also add another income stream with the profit share instantly upon joining.

In this review I will explain in detail about My Advertising Pays, how it works, and more importantly how to get started advertising and earning money at the same time!

Who Started My Advertising Pays?

My Advertising Pays was started by a disabled armed forces veteran by the name of Mike Deese, who is also a fellow Mississippian and all around down to earth guy.

Mike Deese Founder of My Advertising Pays

Mike Deese Founder of My Advertising Pays

Mike wanted to give anyone the ability to earn money with My Advertising Pays and has created a platform where members can not only advertise and make sales to their online business programs but also earn an amazing 2% daily profit share return!

As quoted from the My Advertising Pays company site:

“In a sea of scams and empty promises, My Advertising Pays is the definitive online advertising system created by Mike and his team of experienced marketers, mathematicians and engineers to create a true Internet Income System.  Mike’s Passion is to help people find and unlock their true income potential by plugging them into the right money-making systems.”

What Exactly Is My Advertising Pays And How Does It Work?

What is so great about My Advertising Pays is it has 2 main great options for each and every member who uses their advertising platform:

1) Advertise their business opportunity or product to highly responsive traffic

2) Earn a 2% daily profit share on advertising packages (credit packs) purchases

How the system works is that to earn within the daily profit share each member has to view and click 10 ads daily to be able to earn the completely passive income with the profit share.  That ad viewing looks like this and is timed to make sure each member is actually viewing the ad appropriately:

my advertising pays MAPS review

This creates a huge amount of traffic and viewers to your business or products of people already interested in those niches and markets.  Each member completely and easily sets up their own advertising campaigns to be shown in the ad network.

Members also earn advertising credits by consistently viewing and clicking on ads each day that can be applied to their advertising campaigns within the network.

In addition to this, members can also just buy advertising to have their landing pages for their business opportunity or product advertising all across the internet within the ‘advertising’ section with My Advertising Pays Guaranteed Visitors Solution which is very high quality traffic from prospective buyers.

Who Should Join My Advertising Pays and Why Should They?

Anyone who has an online business as an affiliate, involved in an MLM opportunity, or just simply wants more traffic and visitors to any product or opportunity should join My Advertising Pays.

I’ve never seen a better advertising solution where you can also earn money simply by clicking and viewing ads, it’s really a unique and more importantly an ‘anyone can do this’ type of platform.

The advertising really also exists on autopilot when the advertising packs are applied to your campaigns, so you are consistently adding new and new leads for you online business such as Infinity Downline or whatever you may be involved with.

I have tested several campaigns with My Advertising Pays traffic and I can confidently say that these are pre-qualified ready to buy individuals already interesting in ‘home based business’ ‘affiliate marketing’ and ‘make money online’ niches.  It’s a great way to advertise!

If you are interested in My Advertising Pays and are ready to start earning a 2% return on your advertising and start collecting tons of new leads for your primary business, then just click the ‘Get Started Today’ Below…

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Do People Stay In Infinity Downline?

Does Infinity Downline Have High Retention Rates?

infinity downline retention people stay in the program

One of the most common questions asked by people looking to join Infinity Downline is if the program has a high retention rate, or if people who join the program usually stay in the program long term.

In this post I am going to explain the retention rate of the Infinity Downline program and also offer some tips for would be members to really increase their retention rates for the program, or any online business for that matter.

First of all however I think it’s important to understand just what a ‘retention rate’ is as far as an online business.

Retention just simply means ‘control or taking possession of’ or also just simply ‘keeping’ or ‘staying long term’. When applied to the concept of an online business it just means keeping your customers and members into the program as well for long term success.

So for Infinity Downline, this would just mean to keep your referrals and sales coming in month after month after month as long term stable income for yourself.

What Are the Retention Rates Like For Infinity Downline?

While I cannot speak for every promoter of Infinity Downline, I personally have a 90% retention rate with the program. This is really unheard of in terms of an online business but I will explain why the retention rate is so high for the Infinity Downline business with these points:

  • Very low entry fee for the $25 self development level; anyone can afford this
  • 100% commissions on the monthly referral levels; this is unheard of in the industry and very lucrative for any member promoting
  • Super low admin fee which also gives access to National Savings Center where members can save money on purchases
  • Members break even with just 1 referral; just 1 referral and each member pays nothing

Now these are just a few features that keep most everyone in the program, but if you take your time reading through this entire site you will easily understand why Infinity Downline is so attractive to just about anyone looking to do big things with an online business.

How Can I Increase Retention Rates for Any Online Business?

If you are in any online business, and some of you may be in Infinity Downline as well but have problems with retention, it’s very important to take notes on what I’m about to give you in these points.

In referring over 1,000 people into Infinity Downline and keeping 90% of those members, keeping your income and customer/member base growing is just following these simple strategies:

  • Give actionable easy to follow steps to your members so they can duplicate success as well
  • Provide ongoing support and training to your members
  • Always be available within reason through email to help and answer questions from members
  • Make sure your members/customers/distributors are ‘plugged in’ to company webinars or calls for motivation and updates

Lucky for you reading this post I take care of all these bullet points within my exclusive training site that has a wealth of resources for the Infinity Downline opportunity. The reason so many of my members have great success with the program is that I show them exactly what I do step by step!

If you are ready to take action and start raking in tons of 100% commissions, then just simply click ‘Join Now’ below…

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The #1 Success Secret To Marketing Infinity Downline…

It comes to no surprise that I get asked alot of questions due to my success with Infinity Downline. A very interesting question is “What is the Number 1 Secret To Success With Infinity Downline?”

It’s a great question and deserves alot of consideration, but in this post I will discuss the number 1 crucial important characteristic you HAVE to have in building a great income with an online business like Infinity Downline…

infinity downline center key to success

While there are several skills you need to have to be successful in any business, I will focus on the single most important in this post. Without this trait you are doomed from the start.

The #1 Key To Success With Infinity Downline Is This…

The absolute #1 Key To Success in any online business, whether it’s Infinity Downline or any online business, is this:




Sounds pretty simple, right? Well if we really take a look at the internet and the nearly limitless business opportunities and products in the ‘make money online’ niche, we can clearly start to see how focus is absolutely critical to you success in marketing anything online.

We’ve all been and are continuing to have our attention pulled in thousands of different directions online, whether it’s the latest new business opportunity or the latest ‘magic bullet’ product that will show you how to magically make money shoot out of your laptop in a matter of seconds, the internet environment is the sheer definition of a ‘focus killer’.

In Sponsoring over 1,000 members and counting into Infinity Downline I can say the Focus is the number 1 reason for success from members who are making tons of money promoting the program effectively.

Alternatively, the number 1 reason for failure from members who quit or give up on themselves is lack of focus, and continually pulled in different directions online or the next ‘shiny object’ that pops up literally everyday across the internet claiming untold riches just by pushing a button…

Why Is Focus So Important For Success With Infinity Downline?

Despite what you will hear from most online, trying to promote 5-6 different business opportunities will most always end in miserable failure with no significant income gained with any of them.

Big success with anything in life all deals with your ability to Focus and Take Action and your ability to remove distractions to build your business each and everyday.

That’s the real honest truth to online and internet marketing, having success with Infinity Downline is incredibly easy once you start to focus and devote real energy and effort into your Infinity Downline business.

If you understand that success is effort and you are ready for a great residual income, then simply click the ‘Join Now’ button below…

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