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Happy Thanksgiving From Infinity Downline!

Happy Thanksgiving From Infinity Downline Members!

happy thanksgiving infinity downline

It is now the week of Thanksgiving here in the US and my how time flies!

I wanted to take the time to write a very ‘Happy Thanksgiving’ to everyone out there on behalf of myself and all the other Infinity Downline members making a huge difference in people’s lives with this amazing income opportunity.

During the time of Thanksgiving, all families give Thanks to all that they are thankful for past, present, and future. It is a time of reflection to really understand what is important in life.

What Are Infinity Downline Members Thankful For This Thanksgiving?

Infinity Downline members, including myself, are thankful for a multitude of reasons but I will list the main reasons why a member of the program would give thanks:

  • 100% Commission Based Residual Unlimited Income
  • Amazing Reverse 2 Up Compensation Plan
  • The Ability to Completely Break Even on their Very First Referral
  • Huge Monthly Income Also With Giant 1 Time Product Purchase Commissions
  • Huge Digital Product Library for Each Member Consisting of Self Development, Business & Wealth Building Training
  • Great Member Support
  • Access to National Savings Center where members are already saving up to 50% off of items they are already purchasing

These are just several reasons why Infinity Downline Members are thankful, especially when all kinds of online programs are popping up and then disappear after 3 months. Peter Wolfing has put together a truly amazing income opportunity that will be here for decades to come, creating very sustainable income on a foundation anyone can count on and be proud of!

What Are You Thankful For This Thanksgiving?

No matter where you are in life, it’s always very important to be thankful. You have to remember that no matter how bad you think you have it, someone always has it far worse.

Take it from a guy who has traveled to countless countries and seen people who have absolutely nothing, you have plenty to be thankful for and plenty of blessings to be proud of.

However, if you are not where you want to be financially and would like to learn how to create a great residual income for yourself, then click the ‘Join Now’ button below…

James Matthews
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What Level Should I Join In Infinity Downline?

What Level Should I Join In Infinity Downline?

how to maximize success with the levels in national wealth center

When joining Infinity Downline, it’s important to understand how to set yourself up for success right from the beginning for maximum commissions within the program when generating referrals.

It’s very important to understand that Infinity Downline is now what is known as National Wealth Center as of July 7th, 2014.  If anyone joins Infinity Downline, they are a member of National Wealth Center at whatever levels they choose to join as shown in this post.

In this post I’ll be breaking down the different levels within Infinity Downline and how to maximize the amount of money one can make as a member in the program.

Some people do get confused as to what levels to come in at and how this effects their level of success in the program, so I hope in this post to be as helpful as possible in better understanding just how profitable Infinity Downline Can Be.

Just What Are the Levels In Infinity Downline?

First of all let’s go through each of the levels within Infinity Downline to really understand how the membership levels and what they really are:

1. The Basic Self Development $25 level features Self Development Products for Mindset and Success Development. Members earn a 100% commission on every signup at this level. For instance 100 referrals at the $25 Basic Self Development level is $2500 monthly, not counting the Reverse 2 Up Passups as well within the Compensation Plan. If we factor in the 2nd & 4th sale passups this would be approximately $7500 monthly…

national wealth center self development

2. The Business Development $50 Level features tons of products relating to Developing and Growing your Business. Members earn a 100% commission on every signup at this level. For instance 100 referrals at the $50 Business Development level is $5000 monthly, not counting the Reverse 2 up Passups as well within the Compensation Plan. If we factor in the 2nd & 4th sale passups this would be approximately $15,000 monthly…

national wealth center business development

3. The Wealth Advantage $100 Level features tons of informational products focused on Finance, Increasing Assets, and Growing Wealth. Members earn a 100% commission on every signup at this level. For instance 100 referrals at the $100 Basic Self Development level is $10,000 monthly, not counting the Reverse 2 Up Passups as well within the Compensation Plan. If we factor in the 2nd & 4th sale passups this would be approximately $30,000 monthly…

national wealth center wealth advantage

In addition to the monthly residual product levels above, Infinity Downline also has 3 High Ticket Product 1 Time Purchases where each member earns a 90% sale (with 10% going to the company as an admin fee) when the product is sold:

1. The Fitness Advantage ($250, $225 commission from each product sale)

fitness advantage national wealth center

2. The Wealth Advantage Elite ($1000, $900 Commission Earned on Each Sale)

wealth advantage elite national wealth center

3. The Network Marketing Elite ($3500, $3150 Commission Earned on Each Sale)

network marketing elite national wealth center

As we can see from the monthly levels and the 1 time product purchase levels, Infinity Downline has something for Everybody! Anyone looking to get access to great products and also earn tons of commissions will not find a better residual income earning program in the world.

As one of Infinity Downline’s top sponsors I can proudly say the income potential with this opportunity is literally limitless and the potential for compounding income is insanely fast and duplicatable. Huge monthly residual commissions are made from the monthly levels as well as big time money with the sales of the 1 time high ticket products.

Good luck finding that income potential with any other program out there!

So What Levels in Infinity Downline Should I Join At?

To really maximize the amount of money you can make with Infinity Downline, it’s very important to join at the highest levels you possibly can.

This is for 2 main reasons:

1) You really maximize the amount of commissions you earn by joining at the highest level possible, for instance making 100 referrals at the $100 level will earn you $10,000 monthly while 100 referrals at the $25 level will earn you $2500 monthly.

2) If you are not a member at higher levels, when your referrals upgrade within the program and you are not a member of that level, then those referrals get passed up to the sponsor who is active on that level. This is very important to understand so you do not miss out on higher and higher commissions.

I firmly believe that to really get serious and make tons of money with this very easy affiliate network marketing program, it’s very important to go ‘all in’ with the program. This proves your commitment, and if you have spent money joining a level you are going to work very hard to get referrals to increase commissions on that level.

I did not make the amount of money you see on this website with Infinity Downline by ‘playing it safe’ or ‘seeing what may happen’. That type of mindset gets little to no results. If you want to make big money and have huge success with any online program, commitment and consistency are what you need first and foremost.

If you are ready to make tons of money with the Infinity Downline program, then just simply click the ‘Join Now’ button below…


James Matthews
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Does Infinity Downline Offer Good Support For Members?

does infinity downline have good support

One of the biggest concerns for anyone joining an online business opportunity like Infinity Downline is if the company offers good support on a consistent basis to members.

The reason for this is because members want questions and concerns answered when they do arise. Any credible online opportunity like the Infinity Downline program should offer members great support for any questions they have for their membership and their partnership when joining.

As Peter Wolfing has stated with the Infinity Downline development, customer and member support was the utmost importance and in this post I will go over the features the program offers to each member.

What Support Options Does Infinity Downline Have for Members?

Within the back office of Infinity Downline, members will find several options for support. When members log into their Infinity Downline accounts they will see a couple of tabs at the top of the back office as shown here:

infinity downline support

There are ‘Support Tools’ located within the back office that contains many resources to help members build their businesses and there is a ‘Support’ area where I will show more in depth for this post. When members click ‘Support’ they are taken to a page with many support options.

Infinity Downline not only offers email support to members but also offers support tickets to help members with whatever issues they encounter.

Any member at anytime can just simply submit a support ticket with the company to get their questions answered, this is unheard of in the online marketing industry in terms of member support!

Do All Online Opportunities Like Infinity Downline Offer Good Support?

Absolutely not, and Infinity Downline’s ability to offer such incredible support to members is one of the main reasons the program is so stable and profitable for the long term.

Alot of online companies do not offer much support at all or none whatsoever, and this is the first sign of a scam or that the program will be gone within a few months.

Choosing and getting involved with a professional company like Infinity Downline is of the utmost importance when deciding what online business to join.

If support is what you are after and you have seen the Infinity Downline program’s amazing integrity after reading this post, then what are you waiting for and click the ‘Join Now’ button below and get involved with the hottest home based business on the planet…

James Matthews
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Infinity Downline Co-op Is Now Available!

In my tireless efforts to bring more and more value to my Infinity Downline members, I have put together an all new Co-op advertising platform for my direct members in the program. Watch the video here for full details as it launched:

(Please Note: In the video the Co-op states for ‘National Wealth Center’, National Wealth Center is the same program as Infinity Downline at the basic level and the Co-op works very effectively for Infinity Downline)

If you are familiar at all with what a ‘co-op’ is, it’s very important to realize why co-ops are effective for some members to use. Co-ops are there for members who need a turn key advertising solution that they can just plug into that is setup and run for them to get as many clicks to their website as they purchase within the co-op.

All of the advertising is setup completely for each member who uses the Infinity Downline Co-op through a variety of very effective advertising sources such as media buys, banner advertising, pay per click advertising, etc. All of these sources have been completely tested for some time and give my members the best quality for their co-op purchase.

While I teach all of my Infinity Downline members how to market online very effectively, showing them everything possible on my private exclusive training site, I’ve come up with a very effective co-op rotator solution for members to get very high quality traffic very quickly within the co-op advertising.

Why Are Co-ops Important and How Is It Effective For Infinity Downline?

Co-ops are important for a number of reasons, but mainly to just give my Infinity Downline members very effective advertising they can just plug their capture pages/landing pages into that is very easy and not time consuming like other forms of advertising online.

My Co-op Is Important for a number of reasons but will list the most effective reasons here:

  • I teach my members how to effectively use the co-op and what to use within the co-op
  • All traffic from the co-op is very high quality US based traffic
  • All the clicks ordered within the co-op are delivered very quickly
  • All of the advertising is completely setup for each member who uses, requires no work in setting up the advertising
  • The co-op sources include very effective media buys, banner ad advertising, pay per click, etc. through very effective ads

Co-ops are effective for my Infinity Downline members in that the advertising is completely setup and ‘turn-key’ solution. While there is a limitless way to advertise online with internet marketing, having this co-op available to my members really cuts out all the ‘learning curve’ with online advertising and makes everything incredibly simple.

Who Can Use My Infinity Downline Co-op?

Unfortunately my Infinity Downline Co-op is only available to my members within the program. No one outside of my organization can gain access to the co-op whatsoever. This is because my resources, training, and tools are for my members to create as much success as possible for my organization within the Infinity Downline program.

I give each of my members every resource, tool, and training possible through my private training site to give them the greatest chance of success possible for their internet marketing goals.

If you are interested in Infinity Downline and want to dominate the opportunity just like myself and my top leaders, then you need to join the right team and click the ‘Join Now’ button below, choosing the right sponsor is crucial for your success…

James Matthews
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