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Is National Wealth Center Hurting Infinity Downline?

Is National Wealth Center Hurting Infinity Downline?

I get asked alot of questions concerning both National Wealth Center and Infinity Downline and how they relate to each other.   One of the most surprising recently was someone asking if National Wealth Center was hurting the success of Infinity Downline?

I thought I would share the reply and answer the question to help everyone out there who has these same type of questions.  It’s Very Important to understand however that National Wealth Center and Infinity Downline are the SAME program on the $25 level.

This does seem confusing to newer members so this post will really help understand how the programs relate to each other and if success of one program hurts the progress of the other, or vice versa.

How Could National Wealth Center’s Success Hurt Infinity Downline?

If you full understand that National Wealth Center and Infinity Downline are the same programs and that National Wealth Center is a revamp and relaunch of the Infinity Downline program, then this is a mute point and there is no need to be concerned.

When National Wealth Center was launched on July 7th of 2014 the decision was made by Peter Wolfing to always leave the Infinity Downline program as is.  This was due to the amount of content out there for members promoting the opportunity.

Alot of members who really love and appreciate the Infinity Downline program are concerned that the National Wealth Center revamp overshadows the Infinity Downline program completely, making it obsolete.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Infinity Downline will always be the #1 online opportunity out there and this fact will never change.  The program will be around here forever for any member who wants to promote that program solely.  Infinity Downline members don’t even have to mention National Wealth Center if they do not want to and can just solely promote the longstanding Infinity Downline program.

Are Members Promoting Infinity Downline Or National Wealth Center More?

It’s obvious that most members (I would say about 90%) are now promoting National Wealth Center due to more products, more support, better features, much higher income levels, etc.

Think of National Wealth Center as Infinity Downline on steroids.  Much more products, much higher commissions, much better support and features, just all around huge relaunch and revamp of an already amazing program.

This is why most members promote National Wealth Center, but any member can promote Infinity Downline solely if they want to, as Infinity Downline is an amazing longstanding stable program that will be here forever!

If you are looking to get involved with the Infinity Downline program and want to learn and understand how to market and dominate the opportunity, go ahead and click the ‘Join Now’ button below…

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Ice Storm Income With Infinity Downline!

Making Money in an Ice Storm with Infinity Downline!

making money with infinity downline in an icestorm

If the title of this post doesn’t make sense to you, then keep reading because you will fully understand the potential of residual income with Infinity Downline!

In my area of the SouthEast there has been a massive snow/icestorm that has accumulated about 1-3 inches of ice and snow, making it literally impossible to travel and most often power and electricity has been disabled due to the heavy ice on the power lines and making tree branches collapse.

What’s so cool about that you ask?

Well for starters the fact that I don’t even have to leave my house for an amazing income, Infinity Downline has given me the ability to make a great income right here from the laptop 24/7 without even having to leave the house!

A major icestorm just makes the whole job commute thing even worse (I haven’t had a job in 3 years), so if you have a job it is absolutely brutal to have to get up in freezing temperatures and travel across dangerous icy roads to get to work to be a ‘wage slave’.

I remember 4 years ago when I had a job and had to get up at 6am everyday when it was freezing in the winter to go make a mediocre salary, was not the life I ever wanted to have and I’m so glad I made the choice to get free…

There is nothing like making a great income from home and Infinity Downline sure does pay well!

How Do I Make Money From Home With Infinity Downline?

When you get really good at online marketing with Infinity Downline, income occurs 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You can also review on this website just how great Infinity Downline pays with it’s Compensation Plan. Infinity Downline is the easiest and most simplest way for anyone to make a full-time income from their laptop as quick as possible.

You also have to understand just how powerful residual income is. Infinity Downline’s monthly membership residual income is a huge incentive for this business and is absolutely crucial for a great income. If your online business opportunity does not have a residual income component, you really need to start thinking about Infinity Downline.

If your new to online marketing, you probably don’t understand just how powerful and crucial the Infinity Downline Compensation plan is with the residual income, so please review that in depth and you’ll fully understand how awesome the program is!

Aren’t You Tired of Having To Get Up On These Cold Mornings?

If you are tired of having to wake up on these frigid mornings on go to work to make someone else rich and just to get by, I highly recommend you start looking into Infinity Downline with it’s powerful products, 100% commission comp plan, and other powerful incentives shown on this website.

I hated waking up and having to give my time to someone else 4 years ago, and made the decision to make an income for myself with Infinity Downline. I could not have picked a better program to lock arms with for a great income and the ability to help my members get free with the program as well.

If you are tired of cold mornings, do yourself a favor and click the ‘Join Now’ button below…

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Infinity Downline Debit Cards, Details Here!

Infinity Downline Debit Cards Are Now Live!

national wealth center debit cards

If you’ve been following Infinity Downline news lately, you would know that Infinity Downline has been revamped into what is now known as National Wealth Center.  This post describes the recent debit card enhancements in National Wealth Center since these 2 programs are basically the same at the $25 level.

This was implemented so Infinity Downline members could use the company itself to process payments if they chose to or if they could not obtain a payment processor to process payments themselves.

With this new feature they company discussed that those members who chose the company to process payments would have their own debit cards available as well.

Peter Wolfing unveiled the details this last week in a webinar and the debit cards are now official! Infinity Downline members now have their own debit cards to use to pay for anything with their payment processor funds!

Why Are the Infinity Downline Debit Cards Important?

The Infinity Downline debit cards are important because very few online companies are as legitimate as Infinity Downline. This is also just another amazing feature our company has among tons of features our members have access to.

There are not many, if any at all online companies who have their own debit cards for members, and this further legitimizes the company as the absolute most stable, long-term truly credible online marketing opportunity on the planet.

Another great feature of the debit cards for Infinity Downline members is the convenience of being able to spend their commissions on whatever they wish when they use their cards, exactly like a regular banks’ debit cards they issue for customers.

Why Were the Infinity Downline Debit Cards Put Into Effect in the First Place?

As stated by Peter Wolfing, the creator of Infinity Downline, is to give every member more and more features and support as much as possible. There is no other company like Infinity Downline that continually rolls out more and more support, features, incentives, and just about anything that will better help the member base of the program.

I’ve stated this many times, but I am very fortunate to have set my foundation with Peter Wolfing and Infinity Downline, as it has set me free with the retirement lifestyle with income and time freedom.

If you are ready to finally join a company that cares about it’s members, then click the ‘Join Now’ button below…

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Is Everyone Honest About Infinity Downline?

Are Infinity Downline Sponsors Telling the Truth?

infinity downline sponsors lying?

Alot of people are not going to like this post, but as Infinity Downline’s top sponsor I feel obligated to put it out there. I’m all about truth and honesty. It’s how I’ve made alot of money and helped alot of people with Infinity Downline.

Need proof that I’m Infinity Downline’s top sponsor? Well check out the screenshot here and then go try and find anyone’s commissions even comparing to mine:

infinity downline earnings proof

The Internet Marketing/Affiliate Marketing industry, much like the MLM industry is full of marketers who exaggerate earnings, results, and just about anything in an effort to get customers or signups into their business, and don’t do much of anything of helping anyone.

What I’m gonna do in this post is really expose these types of marketers in an effort to keep everyone aware of what type of antics these people do in an effort to make short money off of people.

How Would An Infinity Downline Sponsor Lie About Their Success?

While there are countless ways to lie on the internet about success in an online marketing opportunity like Infinity Downline, I’m going to expose the top ways these marketers try to trick people.

Prepare to be enlightened:

  • Fake YouTube Subscribers and Views: Yes you can easily go on and pay for fake views and subscribers to your YouTube Channel to make yourself ‘appear’ more popular
  • Fake Instagram Likes and Follows: Yes you can easily go on and simply buy fake followers and likes to ‘appear’ more popular
  • Fake Cars and Flashing Cash: Don’t even get me started on the amount of marketers who take pictures of themselves by cars in parking lots they do not own whatsoever or cash monthly paychecks from their jobs claiming that this is from their business
  • Stealing images: It’s widely known that some marketers will dupe so low that they will outright steal top earners screenshots, edit the photo, and then put attempt to badly photoshop their names claiming the earnings or the results
  • Stealing videos and impersonation: I once had someone create a youtube channel stating they were me, and stole all of my videos and re-uploaded every single one of them claiming they were myself. This was my first experience on how low some will go to try and get success with an online business. Shocking…

That’s just a few and there are many more but you get my drift. If you watch for these types of ‘tricks’ you can start to see them everywhere whether they are promoting Infinity Downline or any online opportunity.

So if Lying Is Not Effective With Infinity Downline, Then What Does Work?

Well the answer to that is really gonna shock you…

Just be completely honest and be a real life person. Offer actual value to your market and be helpful.

Does that sound complicated? It’s absolutely the quickest way to skyrocket your success whether in Infinity Downline or any online business. I would say that 95% of marketers do not do this and will continually fake and exaggerate their way constantly in a futile attempt to gain success.

The quickest way I made $1000 a month my first month way back in the day was just being honest.

Sounds crazy when you think about it and see all these people doing all kinds of things, but then again the amount of money I’ve made with Infinity Downline is crazy… ;)

I hope this post made sense to you and if you are looking for real life effective marketing training from a real person who has had massive real success, just click the ‘Join Now’ button below…

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