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National Wealth Center Discount Travel Program!

National Wealth Center is Now in the Discount Travel Business!

national wealth center discount travel my deals travel

national wealth center discount travel my deals travel

Breaking Announcement for National Wealth Center and affiliates, National Wealth Center is now in the discount travel business. As all of you know I am a huge traveler and know quite alot about travel deals and getting the best deals while traveling.

I am super excited about this announcement not only for my own travel discounts but this opens up a WHOLE NEW way to market the National Wealth Center opportunity!

Everyone loves discount travel deals and this will be a huge incentive for more and more to join you in your National Wealth Center business.

The National Wealth Center Discount Travel Details…

Here is the exact announcement from the company and from the CEO, Mr. Peter Wolfing about the travel discount program:

This month, we officially announce the rollout of My Deals Travel, a new travel booking engine available to all National Wealth Center members. Just log into your National Savings Center My Deals platform or mobile APP and click on the “TRAVEL” category.

No waiting for rebates and best of all, this service is INCLUDED to all National Wealth Center members. This is in addition to all the other savings on over 300,000 merchants in over 5,000 cities.

The service is free as long as you are an active member. heck, if used regularly on things you are already buying, you should save enough each month to offset your basic membership.

What’s So Great About the NWC My Deals Travel Engine Discount Travel Program?

Well, suffice it to say – the deals are pretty spectacular. This update also includes updated merchant counts, our most popular brands and categories for the month, and a listing of the newest brands to join the savings platform. And, with so many vacationers making their way to Orlando this summer, we thought we’d feature some fun Florida destinations for those looking for some promotional ideas this travel season.

With the National Wealth Center My Deals Travel platform, you can now go online to get great travel deals on hotel stays, cruises, rental cars and travel packages, just like you would with other travel sites like Expedia, Orbitz or Kayak!

What’s the Difference About National Wealth Center My Deals Travel Vs. Other Travel Programs?

Substantially lower prices that are guaranteed to be less than any public online provider. It’s also backed up with a “best price guarantee”, paying 110% of the difference between a competitor’s retail pricing and that offered on National Wealth Center My Deals Travel. The savings are real!

These deals aren’t just off-season travel or at obscure properties selling excess inventory, either. Our members will discover everyday deals at popular destinations worldwide, with respected providers ranging from brand-name hotels to luxury five-star resorts. You’ll also find unparalleled deals on car rentals and travel packages with popular cruise lines.

Enjoy exclusive, wholesale pricing on hotels, rental cars, tours, excursions, cruises and more. With My Deals Travel we’ll find the absolute, no-doubt-about-it, best deal anywhere … GUARANTEED!

Here are back office images of the National Wealth Center My Deals Travel In Action As Well:

national wealth center my deals travel


national wealth center my deals travel

Benefits of National Wealth Center?

New National Wealth Center Benefits Video 2015

For this next post I am featuring the new National Wealth Center company Benefits Video, this video really hones in on and explains just what the benefits are of being involved within this opportunity.  And if you are wondering just what the heck ‘National Wealth Center’ is, then know that this is the official revamp/relaunch of the Infinity Downline program.

The video does an amazing job of showcasing our ‘National Savings Center’ savings platform available to all members who are getting up to 60% of items they are already purchasing!

Check Out the Video Right Here:

As you can see from the video, everyone who sees this is going to want to know more about ‘National Savings Center’ and how to be a part of the program, really great professional video put out by the company itself to help affiliates bring in more and more referrals.

So What Exactly is the Greatest Benefit of Being a Member of National Wealth Center?

While the video primarily showcases the ‘National Savings Center’ savings platform, there are many many benefits of being a National Wealth Center member. You will see all these explained in detail all over this website but I will give you some of the best ones here:

  • 100% commissions on monthly product level referrals with monthly passive income
  • Huge digital product line delivered instantly to customers/members offering amazing value
  • Amazing Reverse 2 Up Compensation Plan that builds and compounds income very quickly
  • Site and Admin Support from CEO Every step of the way for affiliates
  • Huge digital product commissions on higher level product packages
  • Industry’s lowest admin fee of $9 to access all features and become a referring affiliate
  • Payments are instant to all members with NO waiting

In all of the ‘online opportunities’ out there I can confidently say that there is no better program than National Wealth Center for producing long term stable wealth as well as teaching how to build wealth through the products contained within the opportunity.

Overall What is the Greatest Benefit of National Wealth Center in my Opinion?

By far in my opinion the greatest benefit of National Wealth Center is being able to be free. Not having a job taking huge amounts of your time and energy and working for someone else and building their dream, you are building your OWN dream of financial freedom.

I’ve been able to live an amazing lifestyle right from my laptop due to the power of National Wealth Center’s compensation plan and the income provided from referring over 1,000 members at this point and counting.

All of my members are having easy duplicatable success as well and that’s one of the biggest benefit in my opinion, to be able to help people have the same lifestyle of freedom.

If you are tired of being ‘sick and tired’ of that alarm clock waking you up to that job everyday and want to start a journey to freedom, then click the ‘Register Now’ button below and I’ll see you on the inside…

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James Matthews
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National Wealth Center Compensation Plan

Next Up in my National Wealth Center 2.0 feature is the new compensation plan video put out by the company with the release of the 2.0 update coming very soon.  And if you are not aware, Infinity Downline was relaunched as National Wealth Center since June of 2014, they are in fact the same programs while Infinity Downline will always remain ‘as is’ as well.

This new video explaining the compensation plan is going to be a great tool for members to market their business in a huge way so check out the video right here:

As you can see from the video, the points the National Wealth Center compensation plan bring out amazing points to anyone that views the video and really brings out the reality of how people are trapped in a life of mediocrity unless they make the decision to change their life.

The Specifics of the New National Wealth Center Compensation Plan Video

As you can see from the video, the National Wealth Center compensation plan follows a Reverse 2 Up model on the 3 monthly product levels that pays you infinitely with the 2nd and 4th sales from your referrals always being sent up to you after you are qualified by referring 4.

In action the compensation plan looks like this:

national wealth center reverse 2 up compensation plan

It’s an incredibly easy and duplicatable compensation plan that anyone can understand and best of all it pays 100% commissions straight to your pocket each and every month residually!

Check out how this really explodes and compounds with the 3 monthly levels:

national wealth center compensation plan example

As a huge affiliate with National Wealth Center I can tell everyone that this compensation plan is by far the easiest and quickest way to compound and duplicate your income with any compensation plan out there.

The greatest thing about this compensation plan is how it generates large commissions by your members passing up their 2nd and 4th referrals without any work on your part whatsoever, now that’s what I call true passive residual income!

Are There Any Pros and Cons of the National Wealth Center Compensation Plan?

As one of the largest affiliates with National Wealth Center I will give an honest review of the compensation plan and list both the pros and cons (good and bad) of the comp model in referring over 1,000 people into the opportunity:

What’s great about the National Wealth Center Compensation Plan:

  • Very easy to understand by anyone
  • 100% commissions on the 3 monthly product levels and 90% commissions on one time higher product levels
  • Commissions are paid directly to members; no waiting to get paid
  • Generates passive residual income without anymore work directly by the referring affiliate
  • Very duplicatable by referrals coming into the opportunity
  • Break even with your very first referral!

What’s not so great about the National Wealth Center Compensation Plan:

  • Some referrals do not understand the ‘qualified’ status (bringing in just 4 referrals) completely because sometimes they do not take the time to understand the compensation plan fully
  • Some referrals attempt to passup ‘duds’ in the 2nd and 4th positions to the sponsor in an attempt to keep good quality referrals in the 1st and 3rd positions to themselves
  • Some prospects are very selfish and do not take time to understand the compensation plan and want all referrals sent directly to them within the compensation plan

Now while the last 3 problems are very easily corrected by the referring member fully making sure each referral or prospect fully understands how the business model works, these points are really a mute point.

Also speaking from personal experience, you never want anyone in your business that would not take the time to fully understand how the business model works or understand how the Reverse 2 Up really compounds for each member of National Wealth Center.

Selfish prospects have no place in being involved with any online networking/affiliate marketing model and have no concept of business principles in the first place, so it’s best to keep these people as far out of your business as possible.

If anyone takes the time to fully understand how the National Wealth Center compensation plan fully benefits not only the sponsor, but also themselves they would realize that this compensation plan is the most powerful and lucrative compensation plan of ANY online marketing opportunity out there by far!

So what are you waiting for? Click the ‘Register Now’ button below and lets get you making those passive 100% commissions right now:
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James Matthews
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National Wealth Center Products – Any Good?

National Wealth Center Products

As part of the National Wealth Center 2.0 Launch Coming there is a New National Wealth Center Product Video. As part of my 2.0 update posts in this one I will be featuring the new video detailing the National Wealth Center products.  If you don’t know already, National Wealth Center is the official relaunch of the Infinity Downline program.

Watch the New Product Video here:

As you can clearly see from the video, National Wealth center has the best products of any online business opportunity on the planet! This is what separates the opportunity from the many others on the market, we have legitimate great digital products that anyone can find use with.

Why Are the National Wealth Center Products Important?

How many online business opportunities have you seen that have just ‘filler products’ or sometimes not even hardly a product at all whatsoever, creating a very suspicious and illegal business opportunity? I know I have and if you’ve joined something like that in the past it only lasted a few months.

The reason that National Wealth Center is the strongest online opportunity on the market is because of our products and the value of those products for each member/customer that purchases one of our products.

Here are more key points to why our products are so Great:

  • All product levels and packages are digital and accessed online through the back office of National Wealth Center
  • Any product level/package can be accessed 24/7 through the back office
  • You can earn 100% commission on the 3 monthly product levels you are a member of and refer into
  • Each product level covers a specific area to make you an all around better person/marketer/financial expert
  • All the monthly product levels are updated and added to every single month!
  • All sales are instant and direct with no waiting to get paid!

Those are just a few points but you get my drift. If you are like me in the past you’ve probably joined a traditional MLM and had tons of physical weight loss product piling up in your living room that wouldn’t say or made a 10% commission off the sales of that physical product in a terrible compensation plan. Not to mention waiting a week to get your measly check from that MLM company for those 10% commissions…

This is what makes National Wealth Center such a breath of fresh air in terms of products, no headache of storing/shipping the products as they are all accessed online by your customers/members and you make 100% of the sales on the monthly product levels in your pocket instant and direct!

What is the Best Thing About the National Wealth Center Products?

In my opinion the single best thing about the National Wealth Center Products are the fact that they appeal to everyone. For instance the 3 monthly levels deal with Self Development, Business Development, and Wealth Development.

Self Development products help your customers learn how to overcome mindset issues to become successful and train their mindsets to deal with the adversities of life and deal better with stress, anxiety, etc.

national wealth center self development

Business Development products are world class training centered around building and developing your online business.

national wealth center business development

Wealth Development products center around how to save and create wealth and all things financial, creating better lifestyle choices with cash flow, money generation, and most importantly how to use and invest and use that money as an asset, creating true financial freedom.

national wealth center wealth advantage

As you can see National Wealth Center has an amazing product line that benefits anyone, and anyone will want to join this opportunity if you are really discussing and showing the product value behind the opportunity!

Well what are you waiting for? Click the ‘Register Now’ button below and start creating an income for yourself helping tons and tons of people just like I do with an amazing product line…

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James Matthews
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