How To Have Success in Infinity Downline

If I could sum up what it takes to be successful in Infinity Downline, or any opportunity for that matter, is it one very simple important concept:

Never Quit

When you first get started in an opportunity, you are red hot excited and ready to sign up 1,000 people and change your life forever.  But what usually happens for 95% of people, and leads to the 95% failure rate, is that the first obstacle or bump in the road is felt, people give up right then and there.

Don’t believe me?  How many people you know sit on the recliner and tell you how many things they should have done, could have done, if only something didn’t happen or for some reason they make up that validates their failure.  I personally don’t believe in such a thing as failure, but I do believe a person can give up and quit, and I see people do this quite a bit in whatever goal or achievement they set. 

I personally know people who have been in business for years, struggled the entire time, and finally figured out what finally works and are living the lifestyle they always wanted.  What do you think they would tell you?   Never Quit.  It’s just that simple.  If your not in the game to play it till the very end, then be sure you want to get started in the first place.

How Not To Have Success in Infinity Downline

Here is a guaranteed way to not have success in Infinity Downline, or any opportunity for that matter:

  • Give Up
  • Make Excuses
  • Blame someone else or something else
  • Constantly say to yourself “I just don’t have time”
  • Sit on the recliner watching TV or playing Xbox and wishing for things to happen

Those are sure fire ways to never get anywhere in this business.  I know because I did for the first 6 months I was in Infinity Downline.  I was not focused, discipline, and I was just ‘waiting’ for things to happen.  The secret is that if your waiting for something or someone to make things happen for you, things will NEVER happen.  You are responsible for your success and no one is responsible for you.  The quicker you realize this the quicker you’ll start to make things happen.

The Real Secret To Success

Here is the real truth to success.  Everyone’s minds will do whatever it takes to keep them complacent and lazy.  Our mindsets are our greatest enemyIf you can conquer your mindset you can create whatever success you want.  This is why 95% of marketers fail, they cannot overcome their mindset and they let their minds control their behavior.  This is what makes it so much easier for yourself and I to be successful.  If your willing to work and fight and control your mindset, the world is yours.

Wanna hear some good news?  No one ever really quits Infinity Downline, I can’t even begin to count my signups and I’ve never once had anyone just give up and quit.  Why?  25$ startup fee, 100% commissions, and super simple program to talk about.  How does that compare to the opportunity you are in?

What I thought ;)

To YOUR Success,

James Matthews
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