“Are You Still Promoting  Infinity Downline?”

The most frequently asked question I have been getting lately has got to be “Are You Still Promoting Infinity Downline?”

So much so I decided to make a YouTube Video answering the question for everyone, all while enjoying my all day sessions of Netflix and looking absolutely terrible during the day while everyone else is working at the jobs they hate ;)

I’m really uncertain as to why I get asked this question the most.  I believe people are used to seeing someone promoting 5-6 different programs online at the same time.  This DOES NOT lead to success, never has and never will.

The art of staying focused and disciplined in completing the success you want is just as true in online business as it is in any other business on the planet.  I wish more people would realize this.

So Are You Still Promoting Infinity Downline?

Let me settle this once and for all.  I will promote Infinity Downline until the end of time.  I will NEVER STOP promoting Infinity Downline.  It’s the easiest and most profitable program on the internet.  I’ve had an overwhelming amount of success and all of my internet marketing chops were learned by implementing them through this amazing online business.  I’m so glad I made the right decision on what to promote.  It’s made all the difference in the world.

The biggest reason I would say is it’s just so easy.  Infinity Downline is not an MLM, it doesn’t have a crazy binary matrix breakaway unilevel compression (sarcasm intended) compensation plan that no one can understand.  It’s simple to understand, it’s simple for other people to understand, it’s simple for people to duplicate, most importantly it’s simple to make alot of money.

Would Anyone Stop Promoting Infinity Downline?

I don’t see any logical reason why anyone would stop promoting Infinity Downline.  Smart people know what to look for in a program.  Jon Mroz, Alan Cosens, and myself are smart.  We know what to look for and that’s why we are the biggest leaders in this opportunity and why we make the most money.  We don’t waste our time on what doesn’t work.

Everyone else is always running and promoting the ‘next big thing’, this is not the type of person I’ve ever been.  I was always taught hard work, consistency, and going after what you want and follow your own instincts.  I let everyone else keep running around and promoting everything under the sun.  I just keep consistently make more and more money.

If your tired of trying to promote the next big thing and finally want stability, then click the ‘Join’ button below…

James Matthews
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