Benefits of National Wealth Center?

New National Wealth Center Benefits Video 2015

For this next post I am featuring the new National Wealth Center company Benefits Video, this video really hones in on and explains just what the benefits are of being involved within this opportunity.  And if you are wondering just what the heck ‘National Wealth Center’ is, then know that this is the official revamp/relaunch of the Infinity Downline program.

The video does an amazing job of showcasing our ‘National Savings Center’ savings platform available to all members who are getting up to 60% of items they are already purchasing!

Check Out the Video Right Here:

As you can see from the video, everyone who sees this is going to want to know more about ‘National Savings Center’ and how to be a part of the program, really great professional video put out by the company itself to help affiliates bring in more and more referrals.

So What Exactly is the Greatest Benefit of Being a Member of National Wealth Center?

While the video primarily showcases the ‘National Savings Center’ savings platform, there are many many benefits of being a National Wealth Center member. You will see all these explained in detail all over this website but I will give you some of the best ones here:

  • 100% commissions on monthly product level referrals with monthly passive income
  • Huge digital product line delivered instantly to customers/members offering amazing value
  • Amazing Reverse 2 Up Compensation Plan that builds and compounds income very quickly
  • Site and Admin Support from CEO Every step of the way for affiliates
  • Huge digital product commissions on higher level product packages
  • Industry’s lowest admin fee of $9 to access all features and become a referring affiliate
  • Payments are instant to all members with NO waiting

In all of the ‘online opportunities’ out there I can confidently say that there is no better program than National Wealth Center for producing long term stable wealth as well as teaching how to build wealth through the products contained within the opportunity.

Overall What is the Greatest Benefit of National Wealth Center in my Opinion?

By far in my opinion the greatest benefit of National Wealth Center is being able to be free. Not having a job taking huge amounts of your time and energy and working for someone else and building their dream, you are building your OWN dream of financial freedom.

I’ve been able to live an amazing lifestyle right from my laptop due to the power of National Wealth Center’s compensation plan and the income provided from referring over 1,000 members at this point and counting.

All of my members are having easy duplicatable success as well and that’s one of the biggest benefit in my opinion, to be able to help people have the same lifestyle of freedom.

If you are tired of being ‘sick and tired’ of that alarm clock waking you up to that job everyday and want to start a journey to freedom, then click the ‘Register Now’ button below and I’ll see you on the inside…

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James Matthews
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National Wealth Center Compensation Plan

Next Up in my National Wealth Center 2.0 feature is the new compensation plan video put out by the company with the release of the 2.0 update coming very soon.  And if you are not aware, Infinity Downline was relaunched as National Wealth Center since June of 2014, they are in fact the same programs while Infinity Downline will always remain ‘as is’ as well.

This new video explaining the compensation plan is going to be a great tool for members to market their business in a huge way so check out the video right here:

As you can see from the video, the points the National Wealth Center compensation plan bring out amazing points to anyone that views the video and really brings out the reality of how people are trapped in a life of mediocrity unless they make the decision to change their life.

The Specifics of the New National Wealth Center Compensation Plan Video

As you can see from the video, the National Wealth Center compensation plan follows a Reverse 2 Up model on the 3 monthly product levels that pays you infinitely with the 2nd and 4th sales from your referrals always being sent up to you after you are qualified by referring 4.

In action the compensation plan looks like this:

national wealth center reverse 2 up compensation plan

It’s an incredibly easy and duplicatable compensation plan that anyone can understand and best of all it pays 100% commissions straight to your pocket each and every month residually!

Check out how this really explodes and compounds with the 3 monthly levels:

national wealth center compensation plan example

As a huge affiliate with National Wealth Center I can tell everyone that this compensation plan is by far the easiest and quickest way to compound and duplicate your income with any compensation plan out there.

The greatest thing about this compensation plan is how it generates large commissions by your members passing up their 2nd and 4th referrals without any work on your part whatsoever, now that’s what I call true passive residual income!

Are There Any Pros and Cons of the National Wealth Center Compensation Plan?

As one of the largest affiliates with National Wealth Center I will give an honest review of the compensation plan and list both the pros and cons (good and bad) of the comp model in referring over 1,000 people into the opportunity:

What’s great about the National Wealth Center Compensation Plan:

  • Very easy to understand by anyone
  • 100% commissions on the 3 monthly product levels and 90% commissions on one time higher product levels
  • Commissions are paid directly to members; no waiting to get paid
  • Generates passive residual income without anymore work directly by the referring affiliate
  • Very duplicatable by referrals coming into the opportunity
  • Break even with your very first referral!

What’s not so great about the National Wealth Center Compensation Plan:

  • Some referrals do not understand the ‘qualified’ status (bringing in just 4 referrals) completely because sometimes they do not take the time to understand the compensation plan fully
  • Some referrals attempt to passup ‘duds’ in the 2nd and 4th positions to the sponsor in an attempt to keep good quality referrals in the 1st and 3rd positions to themselves
  • Some prospects are very selfish and do not take time to understand the compensation plan and want all referrals sent directly to them within the compensation plan

Now while the last 3 problems are very easily corrected by the referring member fully making sure each referral or prospect fully understands how the business model works, these points are really a mute point.

Also speaking from personal experience, you never want anyone in your business that would not take the time to fully understand how the business model works or understand how the Reverse 2 Up really compounds for each member of National Wealth Center.

Selfish prospects have no place in being involved with any online networking/affiliate marketing model and have no concept of business principles in the first place, so it’s best to keep these people as far out of your business as possible.

If anyone takes the time to fully understand how the National Wealth Center compensation plan fully benefits not only the sponsor, but also themselves they would realize that this compensation plan is the most powerful and lucrative compensation plan of ANY online marketing opportunity out there by far!

So what are you waiting for? Click the ‘Register Now’ button below and lets get you making those passive 100% commissions right now:
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James Matthews
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National Wealth Center Products – Any Good?

National Wealth Center Products

As part of the National Wealth Center 2.0 Launch Coming there is a New National Wealth Center Product Video. As part of my 2.0 update posts in this one I will be featuring the new video detailing the National Wealth Center products.  If you don’t know already, National Wealth Center is the official relaunch of the Infinity Downline program.

Watch the New Product Video here:

As you can clearly see from the video, National Wealth center has the best products of any online business opportunity on the planet! This is what separates the opportunity from the many others on the market, we have legitimate great digital products that anyone can find use with.

Why Are the National Wealth Center Products Important?

How many online business opportunities have you seen that have just ‘filler products’ or sometimes not even hardly a product at all whatsoever, creating a very suspicious and illegal business opportunity? I know I have and if you’ve joined something like that in the past it only lasted a few months.

The reason that National Wealth Center is the strongest online opportunity on the market is because of our products and the value of those products for each member/customer that purchases one of our products.

Here are more key points to why our products are so Great:

  • All product levels and packages are digital and accessed online through the back office of National Wealth Center
  • Any product level/package can be accessed 24/7 through the back office
  • You can earn 100% commission on the 3 monthly product levels you are a member of and refer into
  • Each product level covers a specific area to make you an all around better person/marketer/financial expert
  • All the monthly product levels are updated and added to every single month!
  • All sales are instant and direct with no waiting to get paid!

Those are just a few points but you get my drift. If you are like me in the past you’ve probably joined a traditional MLM and had tons of physical weight loss product piling up in your living room that wouldn’t say or made a 10% commission off the sales of that physical product in a terrible compensation plan. Not to mention waiting a week to get your measly check from that MLM company for those 10% commissions…

This is what makes National Wealth Center such a breath of fresh air in terms of products, no headache of storing/shipping the products as they are all accessed online by your customers/members and you make 100% of the sales on the monthly product levels in your pocket instant and direct!

What is the Best Thing About the National Wealth Center Products?

In my opinion the single best thing about the National Wealth Center Products are the fact that they appeal to everyone. For instance the 3 monthly levels deal with Self Development, Business Development, and Wealth Development.

Self Development products help your customers learn how to overcome mindset issues to become successful and train their mindsets to deal with the adversities of life and deal better with stress, anxiety, etc.

national wealth center self development

Business Development products are world class training centered around building and developing your online business.

national wealth center business development

Wealth Development products center around how to save and create wealth and all things financial, creating better lifestyle choices with cash flow, money generation, and most importantly how to use and invest and use that money as an asset, creating true financial freedom.

national wealth center wealth advantage

As you can see National Wealth Center has an amazing product line that benefits anyone, and anyone will want to join this opportunity if you are really discussing and showing the product value behind the opportunity!

Well what are you waiting for? Click the ‘Register Now’ button below and start creating an income for yourself helping tons and tons of people just like I do with an amazing product line…

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James Matthews
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New National Wealth Center Opportunity Video!

National Wealth Center 2.0 Opportunity Video

There is a lot of new features being added into National Wealth Center that I will be adding to this website so please do bookmark this site if you haven’t already.  Also if you’ve been living under a rock, you should know that National Wealth Center is the relaunch of the Infinity Downline opportunity with much better products, features, support, etc.

The first update I am featuring is the new National Wealth Center opportunity video, watch it here:

As you can see from this video, the New National Wealth Center 2.0 Videos describing the opportunity is awesome and will definitely increase alot more conversions even more for the program.

This is just the first video concerning the opportunity I will be showcasing on this site, the company is really going in an even greater direction!

Why is the National Wealth Center 2.0 Opportunity Needed in the First Place?

The reason National Wealth Center is creating new videos and marketing content is because the company really and actually cares about it’s member base. The company really wants to continually get better and better and give each member the opportunity to take maximum advantage of the opportunity and give them the best chance of huge success.

Not every member who joins National Wealth Center follows through and has success due to inability to take action or not focusing, lazy, etc. but I can confidently say that the company itself gives every member every possible chance to succeed.

I really like the fact that the company continually improves on itself, because that is the trait of a long term credible company vs. all of the other 95% online opportunities that disappear after a few months (with all of your income as well).

Should I Join National Wealth Center after Seeing This New Opportunity Video?

If this new National Wealth Center opportunity video doesn’t make sense to you and what was stated within the video doesn’t make a light bulb go off in your head, then I will be completely honest and tell you you are not an entrepreneur and you need to keep being underpaid, overworked, and have less and less time to actually enjoy life.

On the other hand if this opportunity video made you realize something, just as it did with me 3 years ago when I got started in this industry, then you definitely need to click the ‘Join Now’ button below and start the journey of being overpaid, underworked, and have all the time in the world to do whatever you want!

James Matthews
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National Wealth Center 2.0 Full Review

National Wealth Center 2.0 – Full Complete Review of the New Features With the New Update!

national wealth center 2.0

Ok everyone as promised here is an absolute full review of the National Wealth Center 2.0 updates with lots of new National Wealth Center company videos to fully explain the new enhancements and features!  If you do not know what ‘National Wealth Center’ is, National Wealth Center is the relaunch/revamp of the Infinity Downline opportunity with bigger, better, features and enhancements.

I will include the company videos and explain through this post as much as possible about all the new changes and features on everything National Wealth Center 2.0 to help you understand just how awesome this update is…

It’s very important to watch all the videos in depth to really gain an understanding of how the opportunity is moving in 2015 and how to take advantage.

So What are All the New National Wealth Center Updates?

Here are the New National Wealth Center 2.0 Changes and Updates, I’ve listed the topic and will be a video straight from the company concerning each topic for the 2.0 Update:

1. The New National Wealth Center Company Opportunity 2015:

2. The New National Wealth Center Company Benefits 2015:

3. The New Added Elite Trading System:

4. National Wealth Center Products 2015:

5. Brand New National Wealth Center Marketing Tools:

6. National Wealth Center Compensation Plan 2015:

7. New Push Button Fitness (Fitness Package):

As you can see from all these new National Wealth Center videos there are huge new features and incentives with the National Wealth Center 2.0 Update. If you haven’t made the smart decison of getting involved with these amazing opportunity then believe me the time is now!

What Are the Best Updates For the National Wealth Center 2.0 In My Opinion?

For me personally I am really excited about the new trading system, I have always been interested in day trading as it is just another way to make an income sitting in the comfort of your home trading currencies. Peter Wolfing has always been involved with day trading and I’m glad to see the platform making it’s way within the National Wealth Center opportunity.

There are also alot of great marketing materials, including a capture page, for use within the program I believe will help alot of members who want something they can just plug in and use. While this capture page is not anywhere near as effective as the sales funnel I’ve designed for my members, it is an added incentive to quickstart marketing the business.

I’ve done huge and amazing things with the National Wealth Center opportunity, and these new incentives and features add in even more limitless ways to market this great opportunity out there. I will be very busy getting this website updated and training and adding tutorials for my members to take advantage of these new features as well.

If you have not joined the National Wealth Center opportunity and are reading this post, I can 100% guarantee you will regret it. This opportunity dominated in 2014 when the program launched and will take over the landscape for home based business the rest of 2015.

Do yourself a favor and click the ‘Join Now’ button below and get with the right group right now for National Wealth Center…

James Matthews
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National Wealth Center Marketing System

My National Wealth Center Marketing System – Insanely High Converting!

I am very proud to announce after a month’s worth of testing, I have developed the perfect National Wealth Center marketing funnel, which is the revamp of the Infinity Downline program.

This sales funnel is so effective that it is converting at 60% percent…that means that 1 out of every 2 people that view this sales funnel are opting in and taking action.

You can see an overview of the sales funnel right here:

This is the easiest most duplicatable resource I’ve ever created to help my members get the same success as myself. In this sales funnel, I do ALL the selling for you and you don’t have to do a thing!

Just plug in with the sales funnel and start using it for your success with National Wealth Center.

Why Is This National Wealth Center Marketing System So Beneficial?

There are several key points on why my National Wealth Center marketing funnel performs much better than everything else out there:

  • This sales funnel converts because it shows a real life human being having massive success; prospects always take action when seeing this
  • This sales funnel allows a complete beginner to leverage my success and I do all the selling for them; eliminating any beginning complications whatsoever when getting started
  • This sales funnel is very personal and has myself explaining all the great benefits of the business to the viewer, this creates huge response from prospects
  • Unlike other marketing systems being created by marketers for National Wealth Center that are very commercial and replicated; this sales funnel allows for customization and uniqueness, which is crucial in conversions and to avoid saturation within any marketing system

Most beginners looking to get involved in an opportunity like National Wealth Center think they can just sign up with a sponsor who has a replicated marketing system and have massive success, but nothing could be further from the truth.

What happens with commercial looking replicatable marketing systems is that when tons of members start using and marketing these systems with no unique selling proposition or branding, it saturates the market and prospects soon learn that these systems do not convert well in the first place.

My National Wealth Center Marketing Funnel converts so well because it avoids all the usual issue and very simply bridges the connection of a real life human being explaining the opportunity and selling the opportunity in the right way; this creates massive success for any member using the funnel through whatever marketing method they wish.

Is This National Wealth Center Marketing System Only for James Personally Sponsored Members?

I am allowing anyone within the National Wealth Center opportunity to take part and use my sales funnel…

Why am I doing this?

Very simply because I am constantly asked by National Wealth Center members for help. People sign up into the opportunity with another sponsor and do not have any success whatsoever so they obviously will then start looking for another sponsor for guidance.

This sales funnel is created through a very powerful marketing resource called Power Lead System, and I have found this system to be the absolute best ‘all in one’ marketing resource for any online affiliate or network marketer. It will really streamline and make your creation of marketing content insanely easy.

Any National Wealth Center member reading this post who purchases Power Lead System through the button here gets access to my insanely high converting Sales Funnel:

power lead sytem national wealth center

power lead system national wealth center sales funnel

And if you are not even in the Infinity Downline/National Wealth Center opportunity yet then what are you waiting for? Click the ‘Join Now’ button below and learn how to dominate the opportunity…

James Matthews
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National Wealth Center 2.0 – What You Need To Know…

national wealth center 2.0

As Most everyone now knows, Infinity Downline was revamped to National Wealth Center so this post will be dealing with National Wealth Center updates as Infinity Downline and National Wealth Center are essentially the same programs.

Looking for details on the National Wealth Center 2.0 or even what that means? On May 6th National Wealth Center is going to make some changes, and in this post I’m going to share just what those changes are to prepare you for what’s just around the corner at the time of this post.

While National Wealth Center is by far the most stable and legitimate business opportunity on the planet, as promised by Peter Wolfing (creator of Infinity Downline) and staff the program will continually be changing and upgrading due to member feedback and to continually make the opportunity better and better.

It is important to know and understand that National Wealth Center is not even a year old as it was launched in June of 2014. The opportunity is still in it’s infancy stages and the time is now if anyone wants to profit for the long term, just like myself and all the other leaders are doing.

What Are the Changes With the National Wealth Center 2.0 Update?

The changes that will be occurring with National Wealth Center will be as follows:

  • New back office
  • New site design
  • New core tracking system
  • Built in lead capture page system

More and more details about these new changes will be shown on this site but these are the major changes and enhancements coming, which is all due to member feedback and continual improvements to the opportunity to make National Wealth Center an even better online business program that is universally appealing to anyone.

Every member within the business is excited to see the new back office and site design. As an expert internet marketer I myself am anxiously waiting to see the new core tracking system and built in lead capture page.

How Will the National Wealth Center 2.0 Update Help the Opportunity?

The new enhancements to National Wealth Center will make the opportunity even easier to prospect to potential prospects whether complete newbies or experienced internet marketers.

I believe the new back office and site design will appeal and make the back office a bit easier to navigate while the core tracking and lead capture page will appeal to the savvy marketer members within the program.

The one thing I will say about National Wealth Center, which is very different from 99% of other online programs is that Peter Wolfing and staff really care about the members and work to continually make even more improvements to the world’s already best online opportunity.

Most online business opportunities never change or evolve or pay one bit of attention to member feedback and this is a big reason why those opportunities do not last more than a year…

National Wealth Center along with Infinity Downline will be here for decades and that’s something you can really rely on vs. 99% of everything else going on out there.

If your ready to finally join something stable and start earning 100% of your money, then go ahead and click the ‘Join Now’ button below…

James Matthews
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Over $800 In A Single Day With Infinity Downline!

In my earnest transparency I like to share results of what an awesome opportunity like Infinity Downline can give anyone who decides to be focused and consistent with an online business.

In this particular video I share with everyone proof positive of how I made over $800 dollars in a single day with Infinity Downline (this video shows National Wealth Center, which is the Infinity Downline relaunch program) commissions. That’s not $800 in a month, or even a week, that’s with 1 single day. Here it is if you don’t believe what someone can do with consistent work and action and not ever ‘giving up’ like so many in this industry do:

There are two types of reactions to a proof positive video like this and they are:

1. That’s not possible, I can’t do that.

2. If he can do it, I know I can do it too!

If you are person #2 then I invite you to keep reading on how Infinity Downline can really change your future for the better as it did mine…

How Does James Matthews Make $800 In A Single Day With Infinity Downline?

I say this over and over but it’s really incredible simple. I would say it’s just downright easy. Here are 2 things you need to do to be incredibly successful with an opportunity like Infinity Downline:

1. Don’t Give Up

2. Believe In Yourself

Now I could go on all day long about consistency, focus, dedication, and work but these 2 principles will always have you very successful in whatever you choose to do in life, whether it’s an online business and getting free or just doing anything.

Everybody in your family, friends, etc. will tell you all day long to ‘give up’ and go get a ‘real job’ like they are slaving away at. But if you are reading this post you are like myself and want a better lifestyle for yourself and learn how to leverage a great opportunity like Infinity Downline.

Can James Matthews Teach Me How To Make $800 In A Single Day With Infinity Downline?

I show everyone exactly, and I do mean exactly what I do on my huge training site each and every member gets access to when they signup through the ‘Register Now’ button below.

I hold nothing back, I show my 1,000 plus members how to do exactly what I’m doing through every marketing method you can imagine both free and paid and more importantly how to dominate for the Infinity Downline opportunity over and over again.

If you are ready to make that $800 In A Single Day then go ahead and click that ‘Join Now’ button below…

James Matthews
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How To File Taxes For Home Based Business…

Tax Tips For Home Based Business

home based business tax tips

Since we are approaching the tax deadline of April 15th this week, I thought it would be a great time to share tips and how to do your taxes if you are involved with a home based business opportunity like Infinity Downline.

I remember back when I had a job working for the state and I would be taxed to death, I remember my federal and state taxes were close to $1000 being taken out of my check every single month, and the worst part is that I wasn’t even making much money or had a great salary…

What you don’t know will hurt you, and that’s definitely the case with having a job and not taking advantage of all the great tax deductions through owning and operating a home based business like Infinity Downline!

In this post I will be sharing how I maximize deductions every year when filing my taxes and hope this helps if you are curious about tax deductions for an online or home based business.

How To File Taxes For A Home Based Business

Since 4 years ago when I got started in the home based business industry with a great opportunity like Infinity Downline I always filed my taxes online with Turbo Tax.

Turbo Tax makes it incredibly easy to file taxes and more importantly they go through and make sure you are getting all the deductions for home and business. It’s really the best decision I could have made in filing taxes every year.

They even walk you through every sort of deduction possible such as home office expenses, office supplies, and online business deductions such as web hosting and domain hosting to name just a few things.

What Are Some Great Deductions For A Home Based Business?

Just to name a few but here are some great deductions for a home based business like Infinity Downline:

  • Web hosting
  • Domain name purchases
  • home office space
  • home office expenses like pens, paper, printer cartridges
  • travel expenses related to business meetings and entertaining
  • product purchases such as tablets or computers used for your online business
  • utility bills for your home
  • internet and cell phone service

As you can see, you can get a ton of great tax deductions you could never get at a job, and most of these deductions some people never even know about.

The first year I was in a home based business like Infinity Downline I saved a minimum of $6,000 off of my taxes. When you compare that to the usual taxes most of the time you have no say over whatsoever working at a job, you realize just how much incentive there is to a home based business.

If you are ready to start keeping more of your money when tax time rolls around and ready for alot more money, then click the ‘Join Now’ button below…

James Matthews
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Happy Easter Holiday From Infinity Downline!

Happy Easter Weekend From Infinity Downline!

We just had a great Easter weekend and the kids were out on Friday as well, the entire weekend was filled with fun and hiding eggs. This holiday is very special for children because they get to find all kinds of awesome treats within those Easter eggs!

infinity downline happy easter

I remember when I was a kid we would always get an ‘easter basket’ filled with all kinds of goodies! It was almost like Christmas morning and we were just as excited, I always have such fond memories of Easter and the entire weekend because we were usually out of school as well for ‘Good Friday’.

As a big sponsor within Infinity Downline, whenever I have a new signup I feel like these individuals have found a truly great ‘easter egg’ of an opportunity like no other and in this post I’ll explain why…

What Is Easter Really All About for Infinity Downline Members?

I know when I discovered and came across Infinity Downline, I felt like I had found the best ‘easter egg’ one could imagine. It’s really an opportunity like no other and here are just a few reasons why:

  • 100% Commissions
  • Amazing Huge Product Library
  • Break Even On Just 1 Referral
  • National Savings Center where Members Can Get Huge Savings on Travel and Everyday Purchases
  • Amazing Compensation Plan
  • Amazing Support and Program Upgrades

If you’ve been in another online opportunity and have not had huge success yet, you should really take a look at Infinity Downline and read all about the program on this website, it really has the potential to change your finances in a huge way if you choose to take action.

What Does the Easter Holiday Really Represent?

Easter for me always represented a ‘resurrection’ and most everyone who had a great upbringing and were raised in the church know the true story of this ‘Resurrection’.

If we look at the subject of ‘resurrection’ and apply to home based or online business opportunities, then Infinity Downline could very much be a ‘resurrection’ for anyone looking to get a new start in marketing. I know it has been a huge blessing for 100,000 members already since launch.

You won’t find another opportunity that even comes close to Infinity Downline whatsoever, no matter how much time you spend ‘looking’ and sitting on the sidelines.

And if you’re the type of person that is an action taker and needs a ‘resurrection’ from making little to no money online or had little success with another opportunity, then click the ‘Join Now’ button below to get started to a New Future…

James Matthews
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