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What if I am a Complete Beginner?


Over the past few months we have seen a HUGE surge in Traffic Generated around Infinity Downline.  Thousands of new marketers are now turning to the internet to find a solution to their problems.  Being a beginner myself at one point, I know how overwhelming it can be looking for the right program, with the right sponsor, with the right training.  If you’ve visited my exclusive team benefits page you would’ve discovered that we literally put  business on hold for months to create one of the most extensive training courses for online marketing in existence today.

Why did we do this… because I KNOW how tough it was getting started in this industry and not having a clue what to do, where to go and who to partner up with.

It is of absolute importance to me that anyone who joined me with Infinity Downline could skip thru those first months of struggle and literally follow a road-map, a blueprint to get into profit as quickly and efficiently as possible.
On my Infinity Downline Team Benefits page you’ll find that we created a non-branded training site that my team can pass on to their teammates as if they created it themselves.  I kept this training generic, leaving my videos, pictures and name off of it for this reason specifically.

But there’s a downfall…

Infinity Downline Training

Even though we used some of the most powerful videos from this industries leading gurus from courses that was purchased and studied extensively, not everything is spelled out 100% … it’s close, but there are always going to be advancements in marketing and technology that leave room for expansion in your business. So, after getting with the team and listening to their questions, I couldn’t help but add more value to the training… in my own words, using my own personal videos, walking you and the team thru every single action and process in creating an automated online business from scratch.

I literally take you by the hand…

And show you every step as if this was the first day you ever touched a computer:

  • Here’s Day 1, Watch My Computer Screen, Do This, Here’s why.
  • Here’s Day 2, Watch My Computer Screen, Do This, Here’s why.
  • Here’s Day 3, Watch My Computer Screen, Do This, Here’s why.
  • And so on and so on.

And although many people have said that I have completely lost it for what I GIVE to my teammates for FREE, I feel that it is essential to create long-term business relationships in this industry. And to prove that, I literally give you the keys to access my personal training along with my support for the measly ridiculously low cost of only $25 when joining Infinity Downline… Not a penny more.

If I was given this chance when first joining this industry … the opportunity to own my own business at the lowest cost imaginable, with the potential to break even on my first referral, get into profit by my 3rd, and the chance to partner up with one of the industries leaders that provides a PROVEN action plan, walking you thru every process… well, it would’ve simply been a no-brainer.

But here’s the Facts…

“You Do Not Have Unlimited Opportunities
In Your Lifetime… In Fact, You Have Far
Less Than You’d Probably Care To Believe”.

The wealthiest entrepreneurs in the world are successful because they don’t think like everyone else.

They don’t believe they have “Forever” to accomplish their goals.

They take action TODAY, and seize all opportunity that presents itself TODAY.

The type of possibility this will open up for you is truly LIMITLESS.  All you have to do is SEIZE the moment now…

To YOUR Success,

James Matthews
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