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Take Action Is The Key To Success, Stop Thinking!

Ever wonder why some people are insanely successful while others always seem to struggle?  I’ve always noticed this too and this doesn’t just apply to internet marketing, it applies to anything.

just do it infinity downline

It’s a fact that the people who are the most successful at anything are the people that ‘JUST DO IT’.  This is Nike’s slogan for a reason.  Athletes are coached and mentored to ‘Just Do It’ each and everytime they step out onto the field.  You’ll never hear a coach say to his player: “Hey Just Think It!”

Thinking too much is not only detrimental, it’s downright dangerous to success.  While one person is ‘thinking about it’ there is another that is already halfway through completing the steps needed for success!

Why Do People Think So Much Before Making A Decision?

In the areas of marketing a business like Infinity Downline, people want to ‘think too much’ because they just can’t grasp the concept that they can be successful at building their own business, or just can’t see themselves having a lucrative income online, so they have to complicate the matter about 1000x by thinking how they will do things.  When in reality all they have to do is follow my training.  Taking their head out of the equation is a sure route to success.

Some people are just ‘thinkers’.  I know I had to change my mindset in a big way when getting into online business.  I was always the type that had to think and make things perfect before ever getting into action.  This is dangerous for online business.  You have to get yourself out there everyway possible as fast as you can, don’t ever worry about being perfect, just start taking massive action.

How Can I Start Just Doing It, Instead of Thinking Too Much?

This all starts by just taking action, whether it’s building that first website, talking to that first person about your business, learning the latest marketing strategy, etc. it’s just about taking action and taking action and taking action.

We all hear the countless stories of the internet marketers who read countless stories and e-books but never take action.  Don’t be one of these people, take action with the unbridled belief that if you don’t, you’ll absolutely lose everything.  That always works!

Are You Ready To Take Action?

James Matthews
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Stop Being Afraid

Stop Being Afraid – Fear Is Holding You Back

As someone who has referred tons and tons of people into Infinity Downline, out of all the questions, problems, issues, etc. that referrals ask me have to do with one very simple emotion….FEAR.

infinity downline fear

Some referrals tell me such things like:

“I just can’t make a video”

“No one would listen to me”

“Everyone else is doing that”

“I’m not smart enough”

“I’m not good looking enough”

“I know someone that failed at this”

The list goes on and on.  All of these types of questions all stem from Being Afraid.  Being Afraid is the single most crucial element in destroying your success each and everyday, whether you are in Infinity Downline or doing anything in life.  Those that are Afraid, will never have the same amount of success as the person who just simply ‘makes it happen’ and ‘does it without thinking’.

Why Are People Afraid?

While I have a bachelor’s degree in psychology, I am not going to make an attempt into people’s psychology, but everyone is different.  A business like Infinity Downline would be considered ‘different’ to the masses who are working a 9 to 5 job, so that in itself is scary for most people who want to continue to have a herd mentality and be just like everyone else.

Most people that are afraid to build a business and have success, whether online or offline or any kind of business, are mainly scared of what others think.  I can go on and on how people that you worry about constantly would never even attend you funeral, but that’s a matter of another post.

What I will say is that continually being afraid of what others think will leave you in a life of mediocrity.

How Do I Overcome Fear To Build My Business?

Change Your Mindset.  Every successful person that I’ve studied always always talks about self development and changing your mindset.  Your mindset is truly who you are.  I am constantly reading self improvement material so I can reinforce my mind with success.  This turns my mindset so that I will continually work as hard as possible to build my Infinity Downline business.

To YOUR Success,

James Matthews
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Infinity Downline – 4 Year Anniversary!

Infinity Downline – 4 Year Anniversary!

I am very late in celebrating the 4 Year Anniversary for Infinity Downline, as the program was started in March of 2009.  But I had always wanted to write a post about just how beneficial and amazing a 4 year anniversary is for ANY company!

infinity downline anniversary

Especially in terms of an online business, this is a HUGE DEAL.  Seems we are always hearing of a company that is being shut down, investigated, goes offline, etc. any time we turn around.  “Infinity Downline” on the other hand has been a solid rock within the internet network marketing community and will always be stable due to the system and the ingenuity of the creator Peter Wolfing.

How Has Infinity Downline Been So Strong Over 4 Years?

There are a number of reasons why Infinity Downline is still as popular as ever:

1.  It’s Simple

2.  Anyone Can Understand the Program

3.  It’s Global

4.  Products Are Digital and have Immediate Access

5. Easily Duplicatable by each person joining the Program

6.  System is setup perfectly with programming and compensation

7.  Payments are Instant; No Waiting To Be Paid

8.  Compensation gets Insanely HUGE with the Reverse 2 Up System

I could go on and on about how great Infinity Downline is but those are just a few of the reasons.  Everyone is looking for a solid stable business to build that’s not going to disappear a year after they join.  This IS that business!

As a leader within Infinity Downline, I’m always cross-recruited by others in other programs about the ‘next thing’ coming out or I should join ‘this or that’ and my response is always the same:  “No thanks I’ll stay with something Stable!”

Will Infinity Downline Be Around Another 4 Years?

I personally believe that Infinity Downline will be around for 40 years and even after that.  Peter Wolfing’s overall corporation Multiplex systems is a debt-free company which has created many outstanding networking and internet marketing companies that have been true blessings to over 260,000 members just within Infinity Downline itself.

Ready For Something Stable?  If So ‘Join Below’…

James Matthews
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“Are You Still Promoting Infinity Downline?”

“Are You Still Promoting  Infinity Downline?”

The most frequently asked question I have been getting lately has got to be “Are You Still Promoting Infinity Downline?”

So much so I decided to make a YouTube Video answering the question for everyone, all while enjoying my all day sessions of Netflix and looking absolutely terrible during the day while everyone else is working at the jobs they hate ;)

I’m really uncertain as to why I get asked this question the most.  I believe people are used to seeing someone promoting 5-6 different programs online at the same time.  This DOES NOT lead to success, never has and never will.

The art of staying focused and disciplined in completing the success you want is just as true in online business as it is in any other business on the planet.  I wish more people would realize this.

So Are You Still Promoting Infinity Downline?

Let me settle this once and for all.  I will promote Infinity Downline until the end of time.  I will NEVER STOP promoting Infinity Downline.  It’s the easiest and most profitable program on the internet.  I’ve had an overwhelming amount of success and all of my internet marketing chops were learned by implementing them through this amazing online business.  I’m so glad I made the right decision on what to promote.  It’s made all the difference in the world.

The biggest reason I would say is it’s just so easy.  Infinity Downline is not an MLM, it doesn’t have a crazy binary matrix breakaway unilevel compression (sarcasm intended) compensation plan that no one can understand.  It’s simple to understand, it’s simple for other people to understand, it’s simple for people to duplicate, most importantly it’s simple to make alot of money.

Would Anyone Stop Promoting Infinity Downline?

I don’t see any logical reason why anyone would stop promoting Infinity Downline.  Smart people know what to look for in a program.  Jon Mroz, Alan Cosens, and myself are smart.  We know what to look for and that’s why we are the biggest leaders in this opportunity and why we make the most money.  We don’t waste our time on what doesn’t work.

Everyone else is always running and promoting the ‘next big thing’, this is not the type of person I’ve ever been.  I was always taught hard work, consistency, and going after what you want and follow your own instincts.  I let everyone else keep running around and promoting everything under the sun.  I just keep consistently make more and more money.

If your tired of trying to promote the next big thing and finally want stability, then click the ‘Join’ button below…

James Matthews
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Can You Get Freedom With Infinity Downline?

Can You Get Freedom With Infinity Downline?

infinity downline freedom

Braveheart is one of my favorite movies, and when I think about being ‘FREE’ in terms of ‘Freedom’ I think of:

- Not having a Job

- Having ALOT of Income

- Not being Told What To Do

- Not having to Work With Miserable Co-Workers

- Being Able To Travel When You Want

- Do Whatever You Want, Whenever You Want (Most Important)

Most everyone wants ‘Financial Freedom’ whether it’s in any kind of business, but I always get asked if this is possible with an online business such as Infinity Downline.  This is all dependent on the person and how hard they are willing to work in whatever business they are in, but I will say that achieving financial freedom with Infinity Downline would be much much easier than any other business out there.

Why is Freedom Easier With Infinity Downline?

There are many reasons why an Online Business is much easier than any type of business, but I’ll list the biggest benefits:

- Work When You Want

- Work From Anywhere

- Complete Residual (Passive) Income

- No Building To Open at 6:00 Am (Yikes!)

- Set Your Own Time

These are just a few of the big reasons why an online business is much better than any business.  I know alot of business owners that have car dealerships, restaurants, or any type of brick & mortar business and their business completely owns their life.  They cannot do anything, go anywhere due to their business having to be opened, have employees, inventory, etc. and all that headache.  I’ve seen enough traditional business owners have nervous breakdowns to decide that I NEVER want to do that!

With an online business, your store is open 24/7 through the internet and you are continually gaining new and new referrals on autopilot, without you ever really doing any direct work.  For me and my traveling lifestyle, Infinity Downline was an absolutely no-brainer.  There is no other opportunity out there that allows anyone to get started with $25 and turn that into absolute wealth and time freedom.  I am very fortunate to have found and use this opportunity from the very beginning.

So Can You have Freedom With Infinity Downline Too?

You can have my same success in Infinity Downline if you just apply these 2 principles:

- Don’t Ever Give Up

- Be A Real Person

These are the major 2 reasons for my success and anyone on the planet can be as successful as they want to with this business if they just choose to work hard and put my training into action.  There will always be excuse makers, lazy, unmotivated, something for nothing type of individuals but everyone of my members who decides to work their business is having success.

Are You Ready For Freedom? If so Join Now below…

James Matthews
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MLM Scams – Get Out of MLM For Something Better…

I”m always honest, so this post is about the forbidden and often understood concept of ‘mlm’ which is an acronym for ‘multi level marketing’.  I got curious this last year and I decided to give the whole ‘mlm’ thing a go and see if I could build an offline team of sales and distributors in my area for a very popular weight loss company.  It worked.

But there is something you need to know about “MLM Scams”, especially vs. Affiliate Marketing (what Infinity Downline is), please watch my honest & sincere video:

Do I Think All MLM Companies Are Scams?

Of course not, and I’m not saying anything negative about MLMI’m just saying honestly that it’s about 100x more difficult and a constant headache of a sales job that you are running 24/7.  If you stop for a moment your business comes to a screeching halt.  I don’t see where the stability in something like this is after doing it successfully for a year.  I wouldn’t say ‘scam’ but I definitely don’t feel that most MLM companies are completely honest on what it takes to be successful in the traditional network marketing game.  It’s hard and draining.

After running my experiment this past year I’ve come to the conclusion that with a traditional MLM and the VERY high dropout rates, MLM companies are primarily making money off of the distributors.  Traditional MLM’s have ridiculously high autoship volumes that have to be kept even before a distributor is paid.  This makes it extremely hard for the average person to stay successful and actually make more money than they are paying.

Constant home parties, on the phone 24/7 with distributors and selling the product, etc. is just not my thing.  Some people love this, not me.  I would much rather build a site and push massive traffic and sit back and rake in sales and signups, but that’s just me ;)

So What’s Better Than MLM Scams Or What Do I Need To Be Involved With?

In my opinion you need to be involved in a program or an opportunity that allows you to completely do it from your laptop, anywhere on the planet.  You also need to be able to leverage your time.  In other words put a small amount of work into a program and it pay you much more in return.  Once you learn how to market online, target keywords, drive traffic, attraction marketing, you will never ever have to call anyone on the phone again or make anyone feel ‘different’ about your because you prospected them on your business (yes I’m talking to you MLM’ers – you know it’s true).

If your looking for something Better, you won’t find anything better on the planet than Infinity Downline, it’s the most simple and lucrative opportunity for anyone to be successful.  Don’t fall for the MLM Scams and the ‘hype’ associated with.  They are not giving you the whole story.

If your ready I’m ready to help you,

James Matthews
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Vacation Once A Month Instead of Once A Year!

I just got back from a great trip where I visited 3 different states and experienced several things on my ‘bucket list’.  One of which was spending the night in America’s most haunted hotel which was an unbelievable and scary experience.  I no longer hear about places I want to visit on TV, I actually visit them to experience it firsthand.  It’s an amazing feeling.

Infinity downline vacations

I visit family, spend time with friends, make new friends, on a constant basis and everyone wonders how I’m able to do this and also resents me for doing it as well (lol).  As I think about being able to travel as much as I do and what residual income really does for you and your time freedom, I’m so glad I made this business my primary income.  I think about all the families and people who have to wait 1 week out of the year to take a vacation, if that, and some never take vacations ever.  It’s really sad.

Infinity Downline has really allowed me to live a life that most work 30 years for at a job.  I can travel as much as I want and can work from anywhere in the world.  If I want to hang out somewhere for 3 months and see the sights, I just take my laptop with me and keep building my online business, it’s a really amazing concept compared to the 9 to 5 drudgery I used to experience.  There is no freedom in working for someone else.

How Many Vacations Have You Taken In The Last Year?

I’ve been on more than 10 trips in this last year.  I absolutely love to travel, I could do it constantly and never stop.  An online business is the only way I could possibly think of having an income while being able to travel as much as I do.  The sad part is most people will never understand or comprehend just how powerful residual & passive income is.  They will work 30-40 years at a job and will probably be laid off or fired before that because they are just an expendable number to a corporation or for some other political reason.

Business owners never get laid off and we are in control of our own destinies.  If I want to make more money, I just work harder, if I want to take time off…I just take time off and pick up where I left off.   I really can’t think of anything better.

Is It Possible To Make Money While On Vacation or Not Working Your Business?

It is for me.  With Infinity Downline’s Reverse 2 Up Compensation Plan and tons of people finding this website every week I am making money on complete autopilot, whether I work or not.  Let’s compare that to slaving away for 40-80 hours a week at a job for hopes of a promotion that will probably never come whatsoever.  When I think of doing the exact same thing at a job everyday, I get really depressed.  That’s no way to live!

Are You Ready for A Better Way?  If So Let’s Get Started,

James Matthews
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Why I Hate MLM

Why I Hate MLM

Before I get into this post very deeply, and for all of you thinking that Infinity Downline is an MLM, let me be very clear and say that Infinity Downline is NOT an MLM is any shape, form, or fashion.  Yes, it has a networking model where you can build a team with your referrals, but Infinity Downline is affiliate marketing, not the MLM (multi level marketing) we hear so many horror stories about.

why i hate mlm

How Is Infinity Downline Not An MLM?

I’ve explained this thoroughly in another post, but Infinity Downline’s compensation model is based around the 100% commissions only going to the 4th level.  The Reverse 2 Up Compensation Plan only has the 2nd & 4th referral being passed up to the sponsor.  Everything after that is 100% your money in your pocket to use whenever you want.

In the MLM industry, all commissions are passed up from everyone underneath the sponsor in some way, usually to the amount of about 5%, also all product sales within an MLM are usually around 25% of the total volume of sales from you personally.  You can see already how Infinity Downline is much better and blows away any MLM out there.

So James, Why Do You Hate MLM, What’s The Deal?

Well this past year I was curious to try the traditional home based business industry and get involved with a very popular weight loss company.  I was curious to see what I could build offline to see if I could duplicate the same amount of success.  I did.  I could not build the opportunity online whatsoever and ‘cheat’.

Here is the difference and why the traditional MLM is very substandard and a total ‘waste of time’ as well as just downright not fun at all:

- I was on the phone 24/7

- I was scheduling home parties for my distributors 24/7, usually doing these 3-4 nights out of the week

- It was a complete and total ‘sales job’ all the time

- Constant coaching and encouragement 24/7

- I started in my warm market (family and friends) and followed the company’s ‘system’

Now some of you may be reading this that have had success in MLM, and your saying well that’s just what it’s all about.  Well I’ve got news for these MLM types of people.  I know that if you ‘take your foot off the gas’ for a moment in your business it will die literally overnight.  If your not constantly coaching and selling your opportunity, whether the products or distributorship, it’s literally dying overnight.  It is truly a system where you are “Selling the dream, living the nightmare”.  But this is never really seen in the MLM Company’s overview video of course.

Here is How My Experience in Infinity Downline has been Vs. the MLM system:

- I’m never on the phone (I answer emails on my own schedule)

- I have never done a home party for any of my members (Infinity Downline is marketed online)

- I’ve never sold anyone anything; everyone comes to me

- Infinity Downline is so easy I never have to coach or encourage anyone; I only answer questions about the program and help when needed

- I’ve made tons of referrals in Infinity Downline on an international scale, from the comfort of my own home with a laptop and an internet connection

Doesn’t Infinity Downline sound alot better than the MLM route?  I thought so…just get started already ;)

To YOUR Success,

James Matthews
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If This Was So Easy…Then Everyone Would Be An Internet Marketer!

An Important Point we need to all realize about this Industry of Online Internet/Network Marketing:

If it was so easy to do this, then all your family and friends would be full-time internet marketers and would be not pursuing traditional careers as teachers, lawyers, doctors, etc.  I know we all get bombarded every single moment with spam saying you can make $100,000 or more in 6 weeks with this new internet marketing course or new software or new ebook, etc.

Think about it.  If it were that easy why would these same people keep releasing new products for you to buy, wouldn’t the first product been enough to teach you the promises of online riches?  I hope your getting my point.  95% of everything out there in this industry is hype and garbage or re-hashed garbage looking to make a quick dime off of people looking for real answers.

Well James, Is It Even Possible To Be Successful as an Internet Marketer?

Infinity Downline Question

Absolutely.  Hundreds of thousands of people like myself are successful because we do the RIGHT things.  We are real actual people.  We don’t promise time freedom and 100,000$ dollars by doing no work whatsoever.  We are professional and help people make an educated buying decision if they choose to get involved.  It is very possible to be successful online if you just be a real honest person and do the right things.  It’s actually very simple once you learn how to do it the right way.

Being successful online is the same principles as being successful offline, you conduct yourself in a manner the same as if people were sitting in your living room.

You Talk About the Value of the Products of the Opportunity

You Talk About How the Products Benefit them and not You

You Talk About the Income Potential when there is Honest Work Behind the Effort

If more people online would do just those 3 concepts, then we wouldn’t have the 95% failure rate.  Most people who start an online business are looking to make quick money and will ‘hype’ and give many false promises to the masses.  We see this alot in the ‘make money online’ niche every single day where a new product is released every single minute promising untold riches for buying a course.

What’s the Real Secret Behind Being Successful in Internet Marketing?

Very simply just be yourself.  It’s a fundamental concept that has been lost in the hype and garbage of the Internet Marketing industry.  Be yourself and let people get to know you.  Explain Why You enjoy and are involved in the opportunity you are promoting.  Discuss the value of the products, the value of the compensation plan, be helpful and professional.  If you can do these things, then the sky is the limit online ;)

To YOUR Success,

James Matthews
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Is Infinity Downline Real – Can I Really Make Money?

I just recently put together a video to address a question I get asked more often than not, and it really kinda gets to me.  That question is this:

“Hey James….Is This For Real……..Can I Really Make Money With Infinity Downline?”

While I have a huge amount of content online to answer this question in as much detail as possible, it really kind of amazes me how some people’s mindsets are these days and how many questions they ask before taking any action.

Watch the Video to hear me vent:

What else can be shown to prove my income and my success with this opportunity?  Nothing.  I’ve felt that I can only go so far and show so much to let an individual make a decision to get involved or not.  I’ve learned the hard way and through experience that people with broken mindsets will do anything to keep themselves broke, and you should never waste another thought on this issue.

Why Are People So Skeptical About Infinity Downline?

Very simple.  Programming since they could walk that they need to work at a J.O.B to make any sort of income, spend their lives in a cubicle, work for someone else their entire life, etc.  This is taught to us since we can walk as it preached as to what is ‘normal’ and ‘just what everybody does’.  Online Marketing & Internet Marketing is so ‘out of the box’ for some of the population there is no way they can ever think they can have any sort of success.

It’s really a shame.  And the process of being successful online is really very simple once you understand what works.  I believe that most people are just fearful about doing something ‘different’, but all the while complaining every single moment that they have no time freedom, no money, etc.   It really kind of perplexes me :(

is infinity downline for real?

Is Everyone Skeptical About Infinity Downline?

Absolutely Not.  The ones who just simply take action instead of ‘thinking’ are the people like myself who are successful and make things happen.  Having thousands of dollars pouring in every month without doing any more work on your part is amazing, and is the very essence of residual income.  Residual income is what Infinity Downline is all about with the Reverse 2 Up Compensation Plan.  It’s really an amazing program that once set in motion, it is a freight train that can’t be stopped!

To YOUR Success,

James Matthews
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