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Infinity Downline – Why It’s Better Than Everything Else!

I get asked all the time these questions:  “Hey James, What’s So Great About Infinity Downline?”   “Why Is It Better than this or that company?”  So I thought it would be best to make a post to describe to the masses just how much better it is than 95% of the programs online and all the highpoints of the business.

Please watch this video first to get a visual of why it’s so awesome:

Why Is Infinity Downline Better?

Infinity Downline is better

Don’t be like this guy, join Infinity Downline ;)

Here is why Infinity Downline is better than most anything out there:












Those are the main points of why I find this business beneficial vs. all the other MLM, matrix comp plans, network marketing programs out there today.  What I also love about Infinity Downline is that the cost is so low with $25, anybody can do this and best of all…no one is getting hurt like these other programs where you have to have at least $125 in autoship or personal volume coming in every single month to even get paid….that’s ridiculous.

Is Infinity Downline Really Better Than Everything Else Out There?

Don’t get me wrong, there are alot of great programs out there, but for me when I looked into the compensation plan of Infinity Downline, just how easy it was, just how easy the payments coming in start to compound, how beneficial the products were, etc. it was just a ‘no-brainer’ for me.  My mother personally learned how to use Microsoft Excel in the product library, how cool is that for real life world example?

To me there is really nothing that compares, Infinity Downline has been copied many times and after 4 years the company is stronger than ever and I’m experiencing signups on a daily basis.  So glad I chose the right company to get involved with while so many people are failing left and right promoting other programs.


To YOUR Success,

James Matthews
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The Internet & Network Marketing Haters…

The Internet & Network Marketing Haters…

I shot a YouTube Video about one of the most peculiar aspects of human nature.  The types of people who would rather take shots at the successful instead of actually putting in hard work themselves.  I believe the popular term for these types of people are ‘haters’.  If you do Internet/Network Marketing on a large scale like myself, you will encounter these people on a daily basis.  If you don’t encounter ‘haters’ on a daily basis, then you just don’t have enough content out there yet online or just not working hard enough in your online marketing, here is the video (as I sit on the golf cart):

Why Do Internet & Network Marketing Haters Exist?

One of my very good friends by the name of Alan Cosens taught me very early in my Internet Marketing career, that if your not encountering negative and hateful people on a daily basis, then you are just not working hard enough or making a big enough difference.  I learned very quickly what Alan was referring to when I made up my mind to completely work from home and never have a J.O.B. again.

You have to understand that a large percentage of people in our society are frustrated, angry, and downright miserable that they have to show up a job everyday to make ends meet, and if they see anyone successful the first thing they yell is “SCAM”.  This is a very poor broken mindset but sadly it’s very prevalent in our society.  This is the same reason the tabloid, news, & TV industry makes millions of dollars, people love seeing successful people in scandals, or in any situation where they lose their success or ‘fall’ from whatever success they have.

It’s Sad but True.  I get countless emails from prospects and members who explain how their families and close friends were so critical and downright negative of them taking the chance on starting their own business or ‘thinking outside the box’.   The real reason however is that those same friends and family are actually quite fearful that you might actually make something out of yourself, and this consequently makes them look even more average, mediocre, complacent etc.

How Should You Handle Internet & Network Marketing Haters?

In my experience, I handle ‘hater’s the same way I handle ‘quitters’ in my business.  I get rid of them as fast as possible.  If I get a negative message from one of these people on YouTube, Facebook, etc. I will immediately block them from contacting me.  Believe me you don’t want these people in your life.  They will attempt to suck out every inch of optimism and enthusiasm out of you if they are in your business.  Get them out immediately if they are.  You will thank me later.  It’s the same as if you run a traditional company or a business, if you have negative, hateful, soul-sucking employees, you should FIRE them immediately.  You don’t want this type of environment for the rest of your team to deal with.  It’s the same in the home based business industry.

The single most important factor I’ve found in dealing with these types of Internet & Network Marketing Haters is this golden rule:

“The Best Revenge Is To Live Well”

To YOUR Success,

James Matthews
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Why I Love Quitters…

Why I Love Quitters in Infinity Downline…

Interesting Title?  Yes it is.  Let me explain.  When I first got started in Infinity Downline I started having minimal success, I had just a few signups but I was still very excited that I had even 1 signup.  A week later they would cancel and quit.  I was devastated and I really let it bother me.  I was wondering what I was doing wrong or what else I could offer so these people would stay in the program.  It really got to me and I wondered if this whole online marketing game was really worth it.

How I Learned To Love Quitters in My Infinity Downline Business

Here is what you need to learn about this whole internet/network marketing game.  It’s good when you have someone quit.  Why?  You DON’T want these people in your business whatsoever.  Better to ‘weed out’ the weeds as soon as possible in the beginning rather than later.  You may not understand this when you are first starting out and just want to recruit and sponsor as many people as possible, but you will understand it in time.  Believe Me.

You do not want anyone in your business who is not committed and want to make a huge change in their finances and in their life.  Sadly some people are quitters, complainers, excuse makers, unfocused, etc. so how is your business going to operate with these types of people inside of it?  This is why I love getting the notification from one of my payment processors that a member has canceled and opted out of the program ;)

The Good News About Quitters In Your Infinity Downline Business

The Good News is that when you really learn how to market online, learn attraction marketing, and bring in so many leads you don’t know what to do with, you really learn how to screen these people and spot the ‘duds’.  For every one person that quits in my business, I have 4 that have success very quickly because they understand work and that nothing is going to be handed to them and it’s up to them to make the change and work the program.  I can provide all the tools, training, support in the world but it’s up to each of us to make it happen.

This business is very easy, and if someone cannot generate an income with Infinity Downline, then they can’t generate an income with ANYTHING.  That’s the Truth.

If your Ready to Make A Change and Your Not A Quitter then Contact Me Below…I give you All The Tools You Need to be a Success,

James Matthews
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Massive Success For Any Networking Opportunity – Why Do Some People Have All the Success In Network Marketing While Others Struggle?

I get asked this question alot:  “Hey James, How Do You Get All Those Signups?”   When I get asked a certain question alot, I like to write a post to explain that particular question.  It’s actually a really simple process, but most 95% of online marketers get this dead wrong, and I always wonder why most people don’t get this but oh well…..

network marketing working

Here is the ‘secret’ or ‘magic’ formula you’ve been missing all this time that will bring you massive success to whatever you are promoting online:

1.  Be A Real Live Actual Person

2.  Be Helpful and Provide Actual Useful Content (just like the post I’m creating right now)

3.  Work Everyday and Do Something to Promote Your Business Every Single Day

Here is What To Do if You DON’T Want Network Marketing Success Online…

What I see most people doing online is this, and this is what you want to do if you want NO success and not make a dime or build a long term business for yourself:

1.  Promote Money first (flashing cash – if your business is all about ‘money’, you are attracting people that only care about ‘money’, good luck with those types of people…

We are all very impressed by the 20′s you cashed from your J.O.B you very successful internet marketer (I hope your catching my sarcasm)

2.  Hiding behind a computer – money is not going to fall out of the sky into your bank account just because you signed up into a business.  This is work like anything else in life.  The more work you put into your business, the more success you will havePlain and simple.  Most do not understand work.  Annihilate half the competition by working your ass off for your opportunity online.  Get yourself out there and let people see you as a leader in your opportunity!

3.  Not Help – Network Marketing is a Helping Profession.  If you are not fully prepared to have something set in place for your referrals to give them the assistance they need, then do yourself a favor and do something else.  If you are not going to return questions or help your referrals when they have problems, then go ahead and do something else.

Willing to Be Helped and Help Others is the #1 Rule in this game of Network/Internet Marketing, if you break this one fundamental rule you will struggle and continue to wonder why you are not making any progress…

So How Do I Have Network Marketing Success?

Understand the concepts above and get with the right person who can show you how to do the RIGHT THINGSIt’s really that simple.  I teach everyone how to build a long term successful business and how to attract the right kind of people into your business.  If that sounds like something you are interested in, then I would love to hear from you.  You won’t find an easier program than Infinity Downline to build a large income for yourself, but only if you are trained the right way…


To YOUR Success,

James Matthews
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No Internet…And Still Making Money!

I have NO Internet…….and I am Still Making Money with Infinity Downline!

A funny scenario has happened recently, my wonderful Internet Provider ceased to function over the course of 3 days until a service technician could arrive at my home and fix my problem.  Now to an internet marketer you would think this would be disastrous, be a funny thing happened…

I Made Money with Infinity Downline Even Without An Internet Connection!

This brings up a great point about building a website selling a product or an opportunity, this exists on it’s own and continually makes money for you whether you are working it everyday or not!   This is absolutely amazing in my opinion and it’s why I love this whole game of Internet Marketing.  Where else can you receive completely passive income like this?

We are all told from day 1 that to make money we have to work at a job, if we want to make more money we get a 2nd job, etc.  If your reading this you’ve probably figured out this doesn’t work, not if you want to have a life and see your family and be able to enjoy things…

How Did I Make Money In Infinity Downline Without An Internet Connection?!

Very simply put, people run across my site through one of my marketing strategies and decide to get involved…all on complete autopilot, whether I’m sitting right behind my computer or vacationing somewhere or doing anything…this just continually keeps happening and when you get it right…it’s an Amazing Thing!

If all this sounds good to you and your ready to make more money on autopilot, or with the least amount of work possible, then I want to show you how so you can experience the freedom that I have.  There is work involved in the beginning, but once you get everything set up it’s a great  feeling to wake up to opt-ins, emails about the program, and even better lots of $25 sale notifications in my email…

Just Get Started Already,

James Matthews
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Why You Should Never Ever Give Up…Ever

Why You Should Never Ever Give Up…Ever

online marketing misery

I wanted to take the time to write a post about something that is very dear to me, and that is Persistence and Never Ever Giving Up No matter what.

We live in a society that for the most part “wants something for nothing”.  Most everyone also ‘wants it fast’ without really realizing the amount of hard work that goes into building an online business…or any business for that matter.  I deal with all types of individuals that ask me about Infinity Downline, and some of the questions I get asked most of all is:

“Is This Easy?”

“Is This Hard?”

“How Quickly Can I Make Money?”

These questions cannot be answered in a 1 word answer.  Most everyone that asks this type of question is setting themselves up for failure way before they even start.  Here is an Untold Truth about Network & Internet Marketing that no one else will probably ever tell you:

“If it was so easy to make a ton of money online, all your family and friends would be making a full-time income online….no one would be working at the jobs they hate each and everyday”

You will not hear that very often.  Especially from those releasing new products that claim you can make “$12,742 in 21 days” etc.  This is complete and utter nonsense for anyone who has no idea of how to market online.  I am absolutely so sick of the ‘hype’ and ‘false claims’ out there.  It really sickens me to my stomach, because I know people are actually falling for it.

The Importance of Not Giving Up…Ever

Anyone honest will tell you that any type of marketing, especially in the beginning is agonizing, frustrating, overwhelming, etcWhat separates those of us that are successful is that we pushed through these obstacles.  We learned and tested and we see what works vs. all of the failure and disappointment it took to get here.  WE NEVER QUIT.

It took me  quite awhile before I made a dime in Infinity Downline.  But when I did, and I applied what works, my income skyrocketed and I still can’t believe how well I’m doing with it.  It has honestly fulfilled the dream I had of ‘making money while I sleep’ over and over again to a point where I became fully free,not having to be anywhere at anytime.

That is priceless.

I hope the main message of this post really hits home.  Giving Up or Quitting is never an option.  I can still remember my grandfather, who was a veteran, teaching me these lessons when I was very small child.  You never ever Give Up….Ever.  No matter how bad it gets, how alone you are, how hopeless the situation is you never give up and you never quit.  I love this picture and what it describes about this concept:

infinity downline never quit

Online & Network Marketing is full of people that quit.  All programs are easy to get into and easy to get out of.  Most will not stay in due to lack of focus, lack of making time, making excuses, coming up with insane reasons why it won’t work etc., but that’s ok…..because those of us that don’t quit just keep making all the money…and that’s the way it should be ;)

If your ready to not quit and not give up I want to personally work with you,

James Matthews
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Infinity Downline Vs. MLM

Infinity Downline Vs. MLM

Infinity Downline Vs MLM…….Are they the same?  Are they different?  Isn’t all these programs the same?  These are the questions I get asked ALOT. 

Due to the amount of questions I decided to make a presentation on the differences and hopefully shed some light on what exactly Infinity Downline is in regards to the traditional MLM concept:

How Is Infinity Downline Different from an MLM?

infinity downline vs mlm

Infinity Downline is an affiliate marketing program.  As explained in the video, affiliate marketing is different from MLM (multi-level marketing) in that affiliate marketing has usually at most 1 tier to 2 tiers.  Multi-level Marketing involves anything from 3 to 100 levels, as far as the levels can possibly go down.

Now what is very unique about Infinity Downline is that the 2 tier compensation plan creates a unique Reverse 2 up Compensation that creates a downline on an infinite level from just referring 4 members into the program, see more about that here……

There is no need to constantly recruit hundreds of members personally to earn a small percentage of overall commissions based on the entire team.

Infinity Downline is also different from MLM in that it only requires a $25 monthly membership feeThat’s it.  All traditional MLM programs require a qualification volume of anywhere from $125-200 that HAS to be met before you even get paid.

The biggest difference on how Infinity Downline differs from MLM is that commissions are 100%!!  Good luck finding that out there in a traditional MLM, most MLM companies only offer a 25% commission, even at the highest sales production.

How Is Infinity Downline Similar to an MLM?

Infinity Downline is similar to an MLM in that they both revolve around Networking.  Network Marketing revolves around referring or making sales through networks and advertising, whether online or offline. 

Whether affiliate or MLM, the success of companies, whether Infinity Downline or any MLM company, is dependent upon the success of the people promoting the companies.  The company rises and falls with the success of the promoters and the quality of the products. 

So Which Is Better with Infinity Downline Vs. MLM…..Which One Wins?

That’s a matter of personal choice.  I am involved with both and I will give my personal opinion here.  Infinity Downline is about 100x easier to build and duplicates much more quickly due to low cost membership fee ($25) and no high minimum qualification to meet every month

Infinity Downline has a simple Power of 4 concept and the business does not revolve around the pressure of constantly recruiting and sponsoring large numbers of people constantly.  Infinity Downline is primarily marketing online and in my opinion this is much easier than the home meetings and harassing friends and family.

Remember this is my opinion, I fully believe it is possibly to be insanely successful with MLM because people are doing it everyday, it just comes down to all out effort and putting the work in…. and also top notch training ;)

To YOUR Success,

James Matthews
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Empower Network Vs. Infinity Downline – Which Is Better?

Empower Network Vs. Infinity Downline, 2 somewhat similar networking affiliate programs, but which is better for you personally?  As one of the top Infinity Downline Sponsors worldwide, I wanted to write this post with one goal in mind:  To give you the absolute best information possible so you can make the best business decision for yourself.  We will take a look at both programs and then discuss the pros & cons of each program.

When looking at an online business, or any business, it’s very important to do your due diligence and research every part of the program so you are not caught ‘off guard’ after the signup process is complete.  I am hoping to give you the most in depth review of these 2 programs so you know what to completely expect before ‘jumping in’.

Empower Network Vs. Infinity Downline – What Is Empower Network?

Empower-Network vs Infinity Downline

Empower Network is a company started by 2 Internet Marketing powerhouses, David Wood & David Sharpe.  These are 2 of the most knowledgeable leaders in the network/internet marketing industry.

David Wood & David Sharpe Empower Network

The Empower Network company was started on October 31st 2011 and is headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida.  Empower Network, at it’s core, is a blogging platform for its members, meaning that any member can immediately use their system to blog and create posts and get into the world of online marketing very quickly and without much of the headache associated with creating capture pages, learning SEO, optimizing posts, etc.

There are several different membership levels to Empower Network, as well as several products, let’s look at those more in depth:

1.  Basic Membership – This is the basic $25 monthly membership and is the lowest level to come into the program.  The basic includes the full blogging platform for the member to start promoting and learning how to build a business online.  There is also a $19.95 e-wallet access fee monthly as well, this is an additional expense for all membership levels.

2.  Inner Circle Membership – This is a $100 monthly membership upgrade that allows access to the ‘Inner Circle’ program.  This allows access to further in-depth training not accessible in the basic membership.  The inner circle involves audio trainings from top level internet and network marketing leaders to further benefit the member.

In addition to the 2 subscription models above, Empower Network also offers one-time product sales on the following courses, affiliates can only sell these products if they have purchased the products themselves:

1.  Cost Rica Intensive Training – ($500) One Time Fee – Intensive Training Series From David Wood at his retreat in Cost Rica.  Includes high definition videos of more in-depth training related to Internet Marketing strategies and techniques.

2.  The 15k Formula – ($995) One Time Fee – Even more In-Depth Training for individuals who want to follow a system for a possible 15k monthly income.  More in depth video trainings related to technical aspects of marketing your business online.

3.  The Masters Course – ($3500) One Time Fee – As expected, even more In-Depth Training for members who desire more intensive training that includes a 39 module course that proclaims to be the last course anyone would ever need to learn how to be successful online and make over $10,000 monthly.

That pretty much sums up the entire Empower Network system and product line as of the time of this post.

Empower Network Vs. Infinity Downline – What Is Infinity Downline?

infinity downline

Infinity Downline was started in March of 2009 by Network Marketing Leader Peter Wolfing.  The company is part of Peter Wolfing’s Multiplex Systems based out of New York.  Infinity Downline has been around for awhile and will always be.  Peter Wolfing is considered an absolute network marketing giant, having created many successful online network marketing model companies.

Peter Wolfing Infinity Downline

Peter Wolfing, owner of Infinity Downline

Infinity Downline revolves around a very simple $25 membership fee.   There is only 1 membership level to the program and no upsells or higher membership levels.  There is a completely optional Infinity 100 program which centers around stock marketing informational products that is $100 monthly, but is completely optional and a seperate program altogether.

Infinity Downline has several ‘highpoints’ to the system as well, which are:


100 % commissions

Low Cost $25 Membership Fee

NO admin fee whatsoever of any kind

Perpetual Downline created by the Power of 4 System

Instant Payments – No Waiting Whatsoever

Break even with just 1 Referral into the Program


The product line within Infinity Downline is pretty exhaustive, as the products deal with not only Internet/Network Marketing, but also very useful and beneficial trainings on software such as Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel, Adobe Photoshop, SEO, Pay Per Click, etc.  Here is a sample of the product library:

Infinity Downline Affiliate Marketing Training

Infinity Downline Product Creation Training Series

Infinity Downline WordPress Site Training Series

Infinity Downline Forum Training Site Series

Infinity Downline Squidoo Training Series

There are literally hundreds and hundreds of hours worth of video & audio training within the product line that would take a solid year to go through.  Huge amount of value for the $25 membership, you can get a more ideal representation of the entire product line in this video:

Empower Network Vs. Infinity Downline – Which Has Better Compensation?

Infinity Downline money

Both Empower Network & Infinity Downline have amazing compensation plans offering 100% commissions on referrals into both programs.  We will look at each program’s compensation more in depth:

Empower Network Compensation Plan:

Empower Network has 100% commissions following a powerline (this is another word for payline) that works directly as follows, from my understanding of the system (EN affiliates please correct me if I get this wrong and I will be glad to correct):

The payment plan follows a 2nd, 4th, 6th, and then every 5th sale being passed up to the sponsor.  This can be illustrated by this picture:

Empower Network Comp Plan

This compensation plan not only revolves around the basic $25 blogging platform but all of the product line, and each affiliate has to have purchased the higher membership levels to be able to be compensated by those product sales within this compensation plan.  If not, the sales would then go up the payline to a member who has purchased that product, if the product sale lands on a passup number as described in the picture.


Infinity Downline Compensation Plan:

Infinity Downline follows a Reverse 2 Up Compensation Plan, and what this means simple is that every 2nd & 4th referral is passed up to the sponsor.  This 2nd & 4th pass up then consequently creates a perpetual downline and payline for the referring sponsor.  The compensation centers around the simple and powerful concept of the Power of 4.  The Power of 4 centers around referring 4 individuals with the $25 membership fee, and those 4 just duplicating that same process and the payments continually compound for the originating member.

The Reverse 2 Up Compensation Plan can best be described by this picture:

infinity downline reverse 2 up compensation plan

What Payment Processors are used by Empower Network & Infinity Downline? 

I get asked this question alot for Infinity Downline and wanted to include what processors are available for each opportunity:

Empower Network requires members to use Linkpoint/FirstData,, PayPal, Alertpay, or the Empower Network eWallet.

Infinity Downline requires members to use these same processors as well, with the exception of an eWallet system.  Paypal & Payza by far the most common.

Empower Network Vs. Infinity Downline – So Which One Is Better?

In my personal opinion, you can’t go wrong with either one of these great programs.  I am doing extremely well with Infinity Downline.  Most of my really close marketing friends and partners are doing extremely well with Empower Network.  Both of these programs offering 100% commissions is a VERY powerful incentive to any would be internet marketer.  I can’t say enough about each program’s founders, these are amazing people who put an amazing amount of work to build a business that ANYONE can do if they have the work ethic to make it happen.  The founders of these companies should be congratulated on an immense scale.

My Personal Recommendation On What Program To Get Involved With

I would ask myself this question, “Which one of these programs is better suited for me?“  Don’t make a business decision on what everyone else is doing or what is ‘popular’.  If you want to get involved with Empower Network or Infinity Downline it has to be for the right reasons for YOU. 

I will say that when you really enjoy the program yourself, it is far easier to promote the program in a variety of ways.  For me personally Infinity Downline is a program that is so EASY, you can just basically get into conversations about it with other people and start making money.  The product line is very universal and benefits anyone, from 18 years of age to 95 (and older).  Infinity Downline is crazy simple to promote and it does not complicate itself.  I like simple.  Simple duplicates easier and faster and will explode your income.

In selecting any program, it is always very important to do your due diligence and research a program in depth to make a really good decision.  Even with the very low start up cost of $25, it is very important to learn all about each program as much as possible.

Well that’s it, I bet you thought I was going to be completely biased because I’m in Infinity Downline and not Empower Network?

Nope, that’s not me.  I’m one of the few people online that is going to be honest and give you best information so it will help you as much as possible.  Speaking of help, why don’t you check out my HUGE Training Site for Infinity Downline, if the program interests you whatsoever ;)

To YOUR Success,

James Matthews
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Just what is the Power of 4, and What Does It Have To Do With Infinity Downline?

The Famous ‘Power of 4′ is a term to describe the entire Infinity Downline business model and just how incredibly simple it really is.  I explain just how simple in this video:

The Power of 4 just centers around referring 4 people into the Infinity Downline program, then those 4 just duplicate those same results each week.  Your income as a result of this activity will explode with the unique Reverse 2 Up Compensation Plan.

Sound hard?

Of course notBut if it does let’s just think about the criteria of who would want to join Infinity Downline:

Who do you know has $25 and would like to have more money?
Who do you know would like access to an amazing digital product library worth thousands of dollars for only $25?
Who do you know would like long term passive residual income?

What Is So Special About the Power of 4 With Infinity Downline?

Power of 4 Infinity Downline

Very simply it’s EASY.  There is so much hyped garbage compensation plans out there and business models I couldn’t think of anything easier than finding 4 business partners who have $25 and just decide they are going to make it happen.  It’s just that simple.  Do not complicate this process.  People have a tendency to complicate everything and try to make things harder.  Keep it simple because the Power of 4 is very simple and best of all it’s so easy ANYONE can do it.

With all the confusing matrix plans, binaries, multilevel compensation plans from traditional MLM and networking opportunities I am very proud to be a part of something that is so SIMPLE that anyone, with any amount of work ethic, can make this happen for themselves.  Most people that join Infinity Downline with me have had very little success promoting overpriced and complicated programs, and really love Infinity’s very simple payment plan and structure.

So How Do I Start Using the Power of 4 With Infinity Downline?

Very simply just get started and sign up.  Then get 4 partners into your business that have $25.  I teach you how to get these 4 partners (as well as 100′s more) in my exclusive training that is completely FREE to you when you join my Infinity Downline organization.  What I teach works.  Plain and simple, and you can see picture proof evidence right here…..

Just always remember that it doesn’t require referring hundreds of people, it just requires referring 4, then those 4 just simply repeat this same process, then the Reverse 2 Up Compensation immediately starts taking effect and you are building many monthly commissions from your referrals bringing in their 4 and so on, and son on, and so on……until Infinity ;)

Ok that last part was a little ‘cheesy’, but I hope you are seeing just how simple and lucrative this all is.  I’ll help you every step of the way!

To YOUR Success,

James Matthews
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