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National Wealth Center Marketing Systems – Do They Really Work?

(Please Note: If you are confused about what National Wealth Center is, please know that this program is the official revamp/relaunch of the Infinity Downline program)

In any online business opportunity like National Wealth Center, you have a multitude of marketers creating ‘marketing systems’ and ‘funnels’ for the program.

In this post I am going to reveal the honest truth about the recent popups of marketing systems everywhere for National Wealth Center and what most everyone will have a problem hearing, as I always give the honest truth instead of hype concerning what is happening in the industry.

And just so you know, I have referred over 1,000 people into the opportunity so I do know a little of what I’m talking about and like most everyone I fell for the ‘hype’ in the beginning when I got started…

So Do National Wealth Center Marketing Systems Work?

national wealth center marketing systems

This is a loaded question and not always easily answered but like I said this is the truth as I am an industry leader.

‘Marketing Systems’ for National Wealth Center do work for those who have created the marketing system itself. What occurs is that those who create the ‘system’ usually load the system with tons of hype such as:

  • Co-ops – promising tons of traffic and sales for co-op traffic that you can just ‘plug into’ that will explode your business
  • Guaranteed Sales – there is no guarantee within any business or system whatsoever and in fact this is illegal to state as such
  • Fake people and testimonials who read a script and say the system is the ‘best thing ever’

These are just a few but you get my drift, now here is the real honest truth about making a big income with any online business or product whatsoever:

  • Making a full-time income with any business, whether offline or online requires tons of action, consistency, and focus and not just putting $50 into a ‘co-op rotator’ and hoping for success
  • To make tons of money with any online business this requires a member learning how to drive THEIR OWN traffic – why put your success into someone else’s hands and limit yourself
  • Systems with ‘guaranteed’ success always draw in the wrong types of people who cannot take action on their own and will always blame the creator or the sponsor of the system for not having tons of success overnight. These people are a nightmare to have in your business
  • Systems with ‘guaranteed’ success compel to prospects who never will take big action for themselves or personal accountbility for their own marketing and results

These points are completely true and are listed because this was my personal real experience when creating our first ‘marketing system’ for our first opportunity.

So What Really Does Work For National Wealth Center and Online Marketing?

What really works for National Wealth Center or any online business/product is you learning how to take huge action for your online business, create value, making yourself unique, and then taking daily action and testing your results.

That is the cold hard truth when it comes to Online Marketing, and I am truly sorry to burst your bubble if you believe that marketing systems work for the long term and will set you apart from anyone else marketing your opportunity.

This is the main reason why I not only build sales funnel for my members, but I also teach them how to build funnels as well to make themselves truly unique and teach them how to become great marketers; this is what really builds that giant income these ‘marketing systems’ claim…

There is an old saying that goes something like this:

“You can give someone a fish when they are hungry or you can teach someone to fish so they never go hungry again”

This is has always been my philosophy and this is what actually creates 6 figure earners in the home based business industry. I can hype and trick people all day long into a ‘marketing system’ but my name and integrity are far more important to me.

If you are really wanting to understand what actually works instead of ‘hype’, then go ahead and click the ‘Register Now’ button below and you can get started in getting yourself free…

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James Matthews
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National Wealth Center Marketing System

My National Wealth Center Marketing System – Insanely High Converting!

I am very proud to announce after a month’s worth of testing, I have developed the perfect National Wealth Center marketing funnel, which is the revamp of the Infinity Downline program.

This sales funnel is so effective that it is converting at 60% percent…that means that 1 out of every 2 people that view this sales funnel are opting in and taking action.

You can see an overview of the sales funnel right here:

This is the easiest most duplicatable resource I’ve ever created to help my members get the same success as myself. In this sales funnel, I do ALL the selling for you and you don’t have to do a thing!

Just plug in with the sales funnel and start using it for your success with National Wealth Center.

Why Is This National Wealth Center Marketing System So Beneficial?

There are several key points on why my National Wealth Center marketing funnel performs much better than everything else out there:

  • This sales funnel converts because it shows a real life human being having massive success; prospects always take action when seeing this
  • This sales funnel allows a complete beginner to leverage my success and I do all the selling for them; eliminating any beginning complications whatsoever when getting started
  • This sales funnel is very personal and has myself explaining all the great benefits of the business to the viewer, this creates huge response from prospects
  • Unlike other marketing systems being created by marketers for National Wealth Center that are very commercial and replicated; this sales funnel allows for customization and uniqueness, which is crucial in conversions and to avoid saturation within any marketing system

Most beginners looking to get involved in an opportunity like National Wealth Center think they can just sign up with a sponsor who has a replicated marketing system and have massive success, but nothing could be further from the truth.

What happens with commercial looking replicatable marketing systems is that when tons of members start using and marketing these systems with no unique selling proposition or branding, it saturates the market and prospects soon learn that these systems do not convert well in the first place.

My National Wealth Center Marketing Funnel converts so well because it avoids all the usual issue and very simply bridges the connection of a real life human being explaining the opportunity and selling the opportunity in the right way; this creates massive success for any member using the funnel through whatever marketing method they wish.

Is This National Wealth Center Marketing System Only for James Personally Sponsored Members?

I am allowing anyone within the National Wealth Center opportunity to take part and use my sales funnel…

Why am I doing this?

Very simply because I am constantly asked by National Wealth Center members for help. People sign up into the opportunity with another sponsor and do not have any success whatsoever so they obviously will then start looking for another sponsor for guidance.

This sales funnel is created through a very powerful marketing resource called Power Lead System, and I have found this system to be the absolute best ‘all in one’ marketing resource for any online affiliate or network marketer. It will really streamline and make your creation of marketing content insanely easy.

Any National Wealth Center member reading this post who purchases Power Lead System through the button here gets access to my insanely high converting Sales Funnel:

power lead sytem national wealth center

power lead system national wealth center sales funnel

And if you are not even in the Infinity Downline/National Wealth Center opportunity yet then what are you waiting for? Click the ‘Join Now’ button below and learn how to dominate the opportunity…

James Matthews
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New FREE Infinity Downline Tools!

New Awesome Infinity Downline Tools!

infinity downline new tools

More and More awesome news as each Infinity Downline member gets amazing new tools straight from the company for even more value to each and every member. This business just keeps getting better and better.

Peter Wolfing, the creator of Infinity Downline, just released an email stating that 3 great tools are available to each member completely FREE.

You must be an active member on any level and be current with the admin fee to access these FREE amazing tools for use within your Infinity Downline business.

What Are the New Infinity Downline Member Tools?

As Peter Wolfing stated in a recent email, the new tools for each Infinity Downline members are:

1. Classified Ad Site Lead Scraper software
2. Postcard Lead Scraper software
3. Phone Blaster software with very cost effective call cost to each and every member

These tools are FREE and can be found within the National Wealth Center back office (the Infinity Downline revamp) when logging in and can be used immediately to further build your Infinity Downline business!

Just more awesome and free resources and value for the best opportunity on the planet.

Are the New Infinity Downline Member Tools Effective and How Do Members Use These Tools?

For instructions on how to use the new tools, consult with the back office within National Wealth Center or consult your Infinity Downline sponsor for help or training on how to use these softwares.

Any one of the softwares, when used effectively, can generate hundreds of leads to market your Infinity Downline business towards. The classified ad site lead scraper in particular is very effective of finding targeted leads within ad classified sites for example who are already interested towards a home based business opportunity.

Infinity Downline sponsors are responsible for updating and training their members on how to use these softwares, if they choose to do so, but as always it is up to each member to use these tools and most importantly take big action within their business.

If you like the idea of free amazing tools and ready to join a great opportunity, then click the ‘Join Now’ button below…

James Matthews
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National Wealth Center 2.0 Coming May 1st!

national wealth center 2.0

More and more great news for the National Wealth Center program (the relaunch of the Infinity Downline program) as Peter Wolfing has been detailing more and more features coming to the opportunity on May 1st.

The company has titled this event: National Wealth Center 2.0

These new changes are coming as a promise Peter Wolfing made to continually make the National Wealth Center program better and better using feedback from members and analyzing how the program is performing.

There is no other online opportunity that delivers this much value, support, and dedication to members. National Wealth Center is just getting started and will dominate the online industry even more after the 2.0 update!

What Are the Changes in the National Wealth Center 2.0 Update?

As expected, the new updates are being kept on the ‘down low’ as top earning members and leaders have been discussing new features to be added into the National Wealth Center program.

More and more updates are being unveiled on the company’s newsletter and within the weekly calls and webinars Peter Wolfing holds for all members.

If you are in the opportunity and want to know more about the National Wealth Center 2.0 update, then make SURE you are on these calls and webinars each and every week.

Also make sure you bookmark or check this site often for updates for all news regarding National Wealth Center.

If you are not in the opportunity then go get your head examined because great is going to get about 100x better when May 1st gets here!

Why Is There Going To Be A National Wealth Center 2.0 Anyway?

As stated the National Wealth Center program is going to be always continually updated with adding more and more features, products, incentives, and enhancements to better support the members within the opportunity.

This 2.0 update is just one of many as the program receives more and more feedback from members within the program as this is truly the way an amazing program gets even better if you can believe the National Wealth Center program can improve on it’s already amazing opportunity.

If you are reading this and you have been ‘on the fence’ about National Wealth Center, NOW is the time to get off the fence and take action and be prepared for the 2.0 update that will send shockwaves through the industry…

Infinity Downline Co-op Is Now Available!

In my tireless efforts to bring more and more value to my Infinity Downline members, I have put together an all new Co-op advertising platform for my direct members in the program. Watch the video here for full details as it launched:

(Please Note: In the video the Co-op states for ‘National Wealth Center’, National Wealth Center is the same program as Infinity Downline at the basic level and the Co-op works very effectively for Infinity Downline)

If you are familiar at all with what a ‘co-op’ is, it’s very important to realize why co-ops are effective for some members to use. Co-ops are there for members who need a turn key advertising solution that they can just plug into that is setup and run for them to get as many clicks to their website as they purchase within the co-op.

All of the advertising is setup completely for each member who uses the Infinity Downline Co-op through a variety of very effective advertising sources such as media buys, banner advertising, pay per click advertising, etc. All of these sources have been completely tested for some time and give my members the best quality for their co-op purchase.

While I teach all of my Infinity Downline members how to market online very effectively, showing them everything possible on my private exclusive training site, I’ve come up with a very effective co-op rotator solution for members to get very high quality traffic very quickly within the co-op advertising.

Why Are Co-ops Important and How Is It Effective For Infinity Downline?

Co-ops are important for a number of reasons, but mainly to just give my Infinity Downline members very effective advertising they can just plug their capture pages/landing pages into that is very easy and not time consuming like other forms of advertising online.

My Co-op Is Important for a number of reasons but will list the most effective reasons here:

  • I teach my members how to effectively use the co-op and what to use within the co-op
  • All traffic from the co-op is very high quality US based traffic
  • All the clicks ordered within the co-op are delivered very quickly
  • All of the advertising is completely setup for each member who uses, requires no work in setting up the advertising
  • The co-op sources include very effective media buys, banner ad advertising, pay per click, etc. through very effective ads

Co-ops are effective for my Infinity Downline members in that the advertising is completely setup and ‘turn-key’ solution. While there is a limitless way to advertise online with internet marketing, having this co-op available to my members really cuts out all the ‘learning curve’ with online advertising and makes everything incredibly simple.

Who Can Use My Infinity Downline Co-op?

Unfortunately my Infinity Downline Co-op is only available to my members within the program. No one outside of my organization can gain access to the co-op whatsoever. This is because my resources, training, and tools are for my members to create as much success as possible for my organization within the Infinity Downline program.

I give each of my members every resource, tool, and training possible through my private training site to give them the greatest chance of success possible for their internet marketing goals.

If you are interested in Infinity Downline and want to dominate the opportunity just like myself and my top leaders, then you need to join the right team and click the ‘Join Now’ button below, choosing the right sponsor is crucial for your success…

James Matthews
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Do People Stay In Infinity Downline?

Does Infinity Downline Have High Retention Rates?

infinity downline retention people stay in the program

One of the most common questions asked by people looking to join Infinity Downline is if the program has a high retention rate, or if people who join the program usually stay in the program long term.

In this post I am going to explain the retention rate of the Infinity Downline program and also offer some tips for would be members to really increase their retention rates for the program, or any online business for that matter.

First of all however I think it’s important to understand just what a ‘retention rate’ is as far as an online business.

Retention just simply means ‘control or taking possession of’ or also just simply ‘keeping’ or ‘staying long term’. When applied to the concept of an online business it just means keeping your customers and members into the program as well for long term success.

So for Infinity Downline, this would just mean to keep your referrals and sales coming in month after month after month as long term stable income for yourself.

What Are the Retention Rates Like For Infinity Downline?

While I cannot speak for every promoter of Infinity Downline, I personally have a 90% retention rate with the program. This is really unheard of in terms of an online business but I will explain why the retention rate is so high for the Infinity Downline business with these points:

  • Very low entry fee for the $25 self development level; anyone can afford this
  • 100% commissions on the monthly referral levels; this is unheard of in the industry and very lucrative for any member promoting
  • Super low admin fee which also gives access to National Savings Center where members can save money on purchases
  • Members break even with just 1 referral; just 1 referral and each member pays nothing

Now these are just a few features that keep most everyone in the program, but if you take your time reading through this entire site you will easily understand why Infinity Downline is so attractive to just about anyone looking to do big things with an online business.

How Can I Increase Retention Rates for Any Online Business?

If you are in any online business, and some of you may be in Infinity Downline as well but have problems with retention, it’s very important to take notes on what I’m about to give you in these points.

In referring over 1,000 people into Infinity Downline and keeping 90% of those members, keeping your income and customer/member base growing is just following these simple strategies:

  • Give actionable easy to follow steps to your members so they can duplicate success as well
  • Provide ongoing support and training to your members
  • Always be available within reason through email to help and answer questions from members
  • Make sure your members/customers/distributors are ‘plugged in’ to company webinars or calls for motivation and updates

Lucky for you reading this post I take care of all these bullet points within my exclusive training site that has a wealth of resources for the Infinity Downline opportunity. The reason so many of my members have great success with the program is that I show them exactly what I do step by step!

If you are ready to take action and start raking in tons of 100% commissions, then just simply click ‘Join Now’ below…

James Matthews
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The #1 Success Secret To Marketing Infinity Downline…

It comes to no surprise that I get asked alot of questions due to my success with Infinity Downline. A very interesting question is “What is the Number 1 Secret To Success With Infinity Downline?”

It’s a great question and deserves alot of consideration, but in this post I will discuss the number 1 crucial important characteristic you HAVE to have in building a great income with an online business like Infinity Downline…

infinity downline center key to success

While there are several skills you need to have to be successful in any business, I will focus on the single most important in this post. Without this trait you are doomed from the start.

The #1 Key To Success With Infinity Downline Is This…

The absolute #1 Key To Success in any online business, whether it’s Infinity Downline or any online business, is this:




Sounds pretty simple, right? Well if we really take a look at the internet and the nearly limitless business opportunities and products in the ‘make money online’ niche, we can clearly start to see how focus is absolutely critical to you success in marketing anything online.

We’ve all been and are continuing to have our attention pulled in thousands of different directions online, whether it’s the latest new business opportunity or the latest ‘magic bullet’ product that will show you how to magically make money shoot out of your laptop in a matter of seconds, the internet environment is the sheer definition of a ‘focus killer’.

In Sponsoring over 1,000 members and counting into Infinity Downline I can say the Focus is the number 1 reason for success from members who are making tons of money promoting the program effectively.

Alternatively, the number 1 reason for failure from members who quit or give up on themselves is lack of focus, and continually pulled in different directions online or the next ‘shiny object’ that pops up literally everyday across the internet claiming untold riches just by pushing a button…

Why Is Focus So Important For Success With Infinity Downline?

Despite what you will hear from most online, trying to promote 5-6 different business opportunities will most always end in miserable failure with no significant income gained with any of them.

Big success with anything in life all deals with your ability to Focus and Take Action and your ability to remove distractions to build your business each and everyday.

That’s the real honest truth to online and internet marketing, having success with Infinity Downline is incredibly easy once you start to focus and devote real energy and effort into your Infinity Downline business.

If you understand that success is effort and you are ready for a great residual income, then simply click the ‘Join Now’ button below…

James Matthews
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How To Sponsor Over 1,000 People In Your Online Opportunity…

Most online network marketers ask me how I’ve sponsored over 1,000 people into Infinity Downline in under a year.  While most want a very elaborate and complicated answer, the reality is very very simple.

It’s very easy to put a ton of people into your online business by just doing very simple common sense business principles.  Here is a video where I go over in detail the very simple business principles of how I’ve put in over 1,000 people into the Infinity Downline online business opportunity:

What Are the Exact Steps To Putting Over 1,000 People Into Your Online Business?

Very simply the exact steps to sponsoring over 1,000 people into Infinity Downline or your online business is to follow these steps:

1.  Be a Real Honest Person

2.  Be Accessible

3.  Respond to Questions When Asked to You

4.  Learn and Know Your Business To Be Able To Answer and Educate Interested People

5.  Be As Helpful As Possible

Sounds like common sense doesn’t it?  That’s because it is.  You would be amazed as to how many in Infinity Downline or any online business don’t do any of these common sense basic business principles.

I would say that most individuals who get involved in any online business don’t really care much at all as to how they present themselves to prospects or anyone viewing their content, and this is why they fail miserably online.

Think about offline business as I described in the video, sale dealerships that are helpful as possible and answer questions from customers are always going to get HUGE amounts of business.   This is exactly the same in the online business world.

How Can You Sponsor Over 1,000 People Yourself?

Study this post and make sure you are doing the 5 principles I’ve listed above.  Believe me 95% of those promoting any online business opportunity, whether Infinity Downline or any program are not doing any of these basic business principles.

Those looking to join in an online business are always going to be attracted to leaders who are helpful, know their business, and help their customers or members as much as possible.  That’s what the online industry should be all about and a big reason why I enjoy it so much.  People helping people to achieve their goals and everyone’s income is increasing.

If you want to do like me and sponsor over 1,000 people into the Infinity Downline opportunity, I show you exactly how to do it through my huge internet marketing training site.  If you are ready to dominate then click the ‘Join Now’ button below…

James Matthews
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Do I Have To Talk To People in My Online Business?

With my success in online marketing and Infinity Downline, I’ve received my fair share of interesting emails from people asking all kinds of questions.  I just recently received an email from an individual who asked a very strange question and it went something like this:

“Hey James, if I get involved with an online business, do I have to talk to anybody?”

In the latter part of the email this individual stated that he wanted to make alot of money, but he did not want to communicate or talk to anyone if he got involved in a business online.

Let’s think about just how warped this kind of mindset is.  All Business, whether offline or online, relies solely on communication as the key factor for success.  If you open up a lemonade stand on the side of the street and are unable to answer any questions or help anyone wanting to buy your lemonade, guess how much success you are going to have…

no success online business

If you do not have the desire or the basic common sense to communicate to other individuals about your business, then obviously that business (whatever it is) is going to fail and it’s going to fail hard.  This is true for your Infinity Downline business or any kind of business you would every be involved with.

While this would seem like basic common sense to most, it is shocking to know just how many people think that just because they got involved in an online business that money will just fall into their lap with no communication or intent of communicating their business to other people.

Do I Have To Talk To People On the Phone To Build My Online Business?

Another question I get from those interested in Infinity Downline or online marketing in general ask if they will have to be constantly on the phone talking to people about their business…

online business phone calls

This all depends on how you want to communicate with your prospects or those who view your content online and want to contact you.  Some prefer the phone and text while some prefer email.

I personally, due to logistics involving time and from the amount of success I’ve achieved, can only correspond at this point through email.   Some people unfortunately do not understand this because they have not experienced massive online success and tons of people wanting your time.

Your time is very valuable and if you are constantly spending it on the phone answering questions that are easily answered through a website or a  FAQ, it’s not only unnecessary it’s also detrimental in the long term.

You don’t want people involved with your business that don’t understand or value your time or cannot easily follow directions.   People with business sense will understand this and will only ask questions through email due to the value they place upon your time and will not disturb you with a phone call.

Is It Possible To Never Talk to Anyone and Have Online Success?

While it is possible to have some kind of success without communicating and explaining your business or product to other people, this will be very minimal.

Think about when you’ve purchased a car or any type of major purchase.  Who did you buy this major purchase from?  I can guarantee it was from a salesman or someone you knew, liked, or trusted.  Online business works in the exact same way.

Online marketers and the successful promoters of the Infinity Downline business are those who are engaging and communicating their content all across the internet and speaking to people as if they were sitting in their living room.  This brings huge success online and attracts a huge amount of people into your business!

Lucky for you reading the post I show you exactly what to say and how to attract huge numbers into your business with my training, just simply click the ‘Join Now’ button below…

James Matthews
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Increasing Retention Rates in Your Online Business

Increasing Retention Rates in Your Online Business

A Big issue with an Online Business like Infinity Downline or any online business is the issue of Retention.

online business retention infinity downline

What is Retention?

Retention is defined as:

“The continued possession, use, or control of something”

Retention within any online business is simply keeping the members or sales you are referring into your business month after month after month.  This is what builds a very large stable online business for years to come and in my opinion is the only way to go about doing business online.   I have a huge member base within Infinity Downline with over 1,000 members in under a year and this post is describing alot of how I accomplished this feat.

In this post I’m going to be showing you how I have a near 80-90% Retention Rate within my online business and how to increase yours as well.

Why Do Online Marketers Have Problems with Retention in the First Place?

If any online marketer is dealing with Retention problems, whether within Infinity Downline or any online business, it is because they are not doing several things:

1.  Not offering enough value into their market

2.  Not engaging their customers/members in a relatable helpful manner

3.  Not offering correct training/assistance for their customers/members to duplicate success as well

I could go on and on but these are the 3 main points to why an online business does not continue to grow.
I would say that probably about 90% of marketers out there are just trying to make short term money.  This means that they are trying to get signups/customers as fast as possible by whatever means possible.

Usually this results in marketers ‘flashing cash’ and all kinds of suspicious marketing activities in a hurried attempt to get signups.  This is what I refer to as ‘short term money’.  Short term money involves just trying to make a ‘quick buck’ from your business without any long term results.  Marketers engaging in this type of marketing could care less about their customers/members duplicating success as well.

Anyone who gets involved with these joins these types of marketers in whatever business will always quit or leave the business very shortly after signing up because they have no help or resources in building their own business.

This is another reason for the 95% failure rate in online network marketing, most everyone is just trying to make fast short term money and offers no assistance to their downlines or customer base.

I on the other hand with Infinity Downline have created very long term stable business by offering a ton of value for my market.  Members who sign with me directly receive world class training that provides them with easy duplication within their Infinity Downline business and this creates long term success for everyone involved.

How Do I Increase My Retention Rates and Keep My Customers and Members in My Online Business?

It’s actually really simple.  I’ll go over what I personally do in my Infinity Downline business that enables me to keep over a 80-90% Retention Rate.

1.  The fastest solution is to give each of your customers or members of your online business a way to duplicate success for themselves.

You can see an example of this in my own huge internet marketing training site here.  I use this for my Infinity Downline business as well as tons of marketers are paying to access as well.  This training teaches step by step on how to have success, any member of mine into Infinity Downline that goes through and studies the training, applies themselves, always has success as well.

Offering a way of duplication is the quickest way of increasing your Retention Rates in Online Marketing.  If a member/customer is provided with a way to have success as well they are not only into profit and are in for life, they are also incredibly appreciative to you for giving them this type of resource.

2.  Another great way of increasing Retention is just simply being relatable and helpful to your downline or customers for your product.  You would be shocked at the amount of marketers Being available to answer questions through email, updating training, and offering your expertise to help your downline/customer base is huge for increasing Retention.

People ‘lock arms’ and go into battle with those who are true leaders and serving their market in a huge way.  Understand this and Retention is a piece of cake and a long term stable residual income is yours for the taking, no matter what online opportunity you become involved with.

If you are looking for the easiest and simplest Online Marketing business to get ‘retirement income’ then just click the ‘Join Now’ button below and I will reveal all my online marketing secrets…

James Matthews
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