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Over $800 In A Single Day With Infinity Downline!

In my earnest transparency I like to share results of what an awesome opportunity like Infinity Downline can give anyone who decides to be focused and consistent with an online business.

In this particular video I share with everyone proof positive of how I made over $800 dollars in a single day with Infinity Downline (this video shows National Wealth Center, which is the Infinity Downline relaunch program) commissions. That’s not $800 in a month, or even a week, that’s with 1 single day. Here it is if you don’t believe what someone can do with consistent work and action and not ever ‘giving up’ like so many in this industry do:

There are two types of reactions to a proof positive video like this and they are:

1. That’s not possible, I can’t do that.

2. If he can do it, I know I can do it too!

If you are person #2 then I invite you to keep reading on how Infinity Downline can really change your future for the better as it did mine…

How Does James Matthews Make $800 In A Single Day With Infinity Downline?

I say this over and over but it’s really incredible simple. I would say it’s just downright easy. Here are 2 things you need to do to be incredibly successful with an opportunity like Infinity Downline:

1. Don’t Give Up

2. Believe In Yourself

Now I could go on all day long about consistency, focus, dedication, and work but these 2 principles will always have you very successful in whatever you choose to do in life, whether it’s an online business and getting free or just doing anything.

Everybody in your family, friends, etc. will tell you all day long to ‘give up’ and go get a ‘real job’ like they are slaving away at. But if you are reading this post you are like myself and want a better lifestyle for yourself and learn how to leverage a great opportunity like Infinity Downline.

Can James Matthews Teach Me How To Make $800 In A Single Day With Infinity Downline?

I show everyone exactly, and I do mean exactly what I do on my huge training site each and every member gets access to when they signup through the ‘Register Now’ button below.

I hold nothing back, I show my 1,000 plus members how to do exactly what I’m doing through every marketing method you can imagine both free and paid and more importantly how to dominate for the Infinity Downline opportunity over and over again.

If you are ready to make that $800 In A Single Day then go ahead and click that ‘Join Now’ button below…

James Matthews
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Infinity Downline Success – Huge 1 Day Earnings Evidence and Proof…

I decided to share what 1 day earnings look like for myself with the Infinity Downline program for one simple reason.  That is to prove a point to the ‘cash flashers’ and all the wannabe ‘make money’ types who can’t stand the fact that a person can have real success by educating and not entertaining like so many do with online opportunities like Infinity Downline.

I can guarantee that the ‘cash flashers’, whether they work at McDonalds or whatever they really do, do not have 1 day earnings like this:

A very crucial point that I make in the video is that anyone can say anything online, and it is absolutely crucial to do your own research and due diligence when getting involved in any business.  Sadly alot of online network marketers feel the need to trick and disguise ‘success’ in an effort to get customers or signups into their business, so don’t fall for the hype and use your head.

What Does It Take To Have Success in Infinity Downline and Have Huge 1 Day Earnings?

First of all don’t lie or make false claims about your success.  The people you want in your business, whether Infinity Downline or any online business, will appreciate you for your honesty.  Honesty and integrity are a rare trait in the world of online network marketing and this is another reason why I am so successful and blow away the competition.

People are not stupid and will see right through false success, ‘cash flashing’ and other ignorant tricks to entice prospects.

Another thing that really gets me about online network marketing is that alot of marketers are still trying to achieve success by spamming.  Spam is the absolute worst way to have any attempt at success with any business, but myself just like anyone else receives tons of spam emails from people just begging to get people to sign up into their business…

infinity downline success don't spam

If you have any sort of work ethic, can follow directions etc. you can have so much amazing success in online marketing because I would say that 95% of most every online marketing has no clue on how to market much of anything.

This was another big reason why I wanted to get involved in online network marketing, to give people real actual marketing training and teach people how to just do the right things to have success online.  The more I can help people getting started the right way the more chances they will have big success as well and build a great foundation.

Online marketing and online opportunities like Infinity Downline need good solid leaders and people who understand business and building a business and making it work.

How Can I Have Huge 1 Day Earnings With Infinity Downline?

Great news for you reading this post as I show you exactly what to do step by step on my huge internet marketing training site.  If you can simply just follow directions you can have great success as well.  More so if you have any sort of work ethic and understand that ‘work’ is what it takes to build a massive business.

While I only usually work about 4 hours a week on my Infinity Downline business, I like anyone getting started in online marketing worked very hard in learning and most importantly taking action on what I learned to develop myself as a leader and how to better help my market. 

This created success very quickly as again most that get involved in an online business have no intentions or desire of making huge money in their business or applying themselves in doing so.

I treat every product or business opportunity I promote as having huge success and I do not accept defeat, click the ‘Join Now’ button below and I’ll show you exactly how to do the same…

James Matthews
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Another 20 Sales In One Day For Infinity Downline…

As much as I dislike making proof of income videos for my Success with Infinity Downline, I have people over and over ask to see my success or to make these kinds of ‘income proofs’.

I must say it really gets under my skin just how weak minded some people are in constantly wanting to see my success, instead of creating their own success with Infinity Downline or any online business to get free, but I do understand this is important for some so here is just another day in this business with 20 sales in just One Day:

20 Payments in One Day is Alot of Success in just one day, this is by far not my highest day in Infinity Downline but is about the normal income for only 1 day!  The sad part of this is that I make more money in a day with the program than what some are making at jobs or what others are making monthly with other online programs.

How Do I Make 20 Sales In A Day with Infinity Downline?

It’s funny because people think that just because they sign up into an online program they are instantly going to have success like this.  While I can pretty much have this kind of success with any type of product/business opportunity because I know how to market, everyone has to realize that success like this rarely ever happens overnight.

While most think this looks so easy, success is actually much more like this:
infinity downline real success

Don’t get me wrong, once you understand marketing you can make tons of money very easily with just about anything online, but any type of business or anything new to learn has some type of ‘learning curve’ that obviously is part of any success.

I have some members within Infinity Downline that go through my training and make a full time income in 3 weeks, I have some that are members for over a year and never take one step of action.  No 2 people are the same and it takes mindset, effort, and dedication to have big success like I have.

Infinity Downline is the easiest online program on the planet to get into massive profit very quickly, but some people will always complicate things and make it 100x harder than it actually is.

Is 20 Sales For One Day In Infinity Downline Possible for Every Member that Joins the Program?

This is a very common question I get from tons of people asking to join.  Here is a very important principle that you need to realize before starting any business venture:

‘Your Success is Completely Dependent On Your Ability To Take Action…’

That sounds incredibly simple but as I said people can complicate this over and over and over.  In referring over 1,000 people into the Infinity Downline opportunity I’ve noticed that there are ‘action takers’ who have big success as well but there are also ‘time wasters’ who will think, analyze, procrastinate, complain, whine, etc. all day long and not take any action.

If you are an ‘Action Taker’ and can follow my world class Internet Marketing Training then go ahead and click the ‘Join Now’ button below…

James Matthews
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Infinity Downline 2014 – Over 40 Payments in just 1 Weekend Received!

Infinity Downline is hotter than ever in 2014 and am going to share just some more success proof for the Weekend of March 16th.  I spent the entire weekend traveling and wanted to show just how many payments I received in the couple of days I was having complete fun and time freedom.  There is nothing like residual income with Infinity Downline!

Don’t believe I make more in a couple of days than most make in a month with other programs?  Well glad you asked cause here is some good old proof:

The amount of money I make with Infinity Downline is beside the point.  What is really great about an online business like Infinity Downline is how it gives you the coveted time freedom that everyone on the planet really wants.  Freedom from a job, freedom from miserable co-workers at a job, freedom from a terrible boss telling you what to do everyday, etc.   This is the most crucial benefit of having success with an online program….complete FREEDOM!

infinity downline freedom

How To Have Success With Infinity Downline in 2014…

If you want to learn how to get free, and only if you want to be truly free, you can do 2 things:

1.  Keep scratching off lottery tickets and hope you get that 1 in 20 million chance of actually getting some money

2.  Join a great residual income online business like Infinity Downline and get really good at marketing

What’s so great about Infinity Downline vs. all the other online programs people are explaining is ‘the next dream fulfilling opportunity’?

Here are a few reason why Infinity Downline is better than everything else under the sun but review my full site for even more information on the opportunity:

1.  100% commissions – why promote anything that doesn’t give you 100% of the profits?   Compare this to the 20% with an MLM program and you’ll quickly get the point

2.  Break even with just 1 referral – find one person that has $25 and wants to make alot of money and you have completely broke even with that program, good luck finding that anywhere else

3.  The Power of 4 – just referring 4 people into the program creates an infinite downline that cause your income to explode over and over with the Reverse 2 Up Compensation Plan

It’s very important to understand also that Infinity Downline has a product line worth thousands of dollars that each member gets access to with their $25 membership cost.  The program has great products unlike most any other program where members are just recruiting and recruiting to make money, these types of programs operate on the fringes of legality and usually do not last more than 3 months.  Infinity Downline is now 5 years strong….BAM!

Infinity Downline 2014 – Is 40 Payments Received Typical Success with the Program?

Each Member within Infinity Downline determines whether they have massive success or they have massive failure.  Big success is typical by taking consistent daily action in building your business each day.  Massive failure is caused by signing up into any business and just sitting back ‘hoping’ for things to happen.

This may come as a shock to some reading this, but money does not magically fall out of the sky when you join an online business.  An online opportunity like Infinity Downline has an extremely low entry fee and an incredibly high potential in profit, but high profit only comes from taking massive action and putting great content out there driving traffic to your business.

The great news however is that this gets incredibly easy as you learn how to do this, and I teach you everything every step of the way on my private training site if you click the ‘Join Now’ button below…

James Matthews
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Infinity Downline Success Proof – 34 Signups & Payments in 1 Day…I”m Killing It ;)

Talk about Success with Infinity Downline?  One thing I absolutely love doing is destroying negative mindsets and negative people telling me “It can’t be done” or “those things don’t work”.  In fact it’s kind of a passion of mine to completely put people in their place.

I had another day of nearly 40 signups & payments (that’s right at $1000 just in one day) coming in from the Infinity Downline program and here is absolute proof positive evidence of that occurring, despite everyone else telling you how much they are making without any evidence:

Why do I make these videos and put them online for the world to see?  It’s to prove 2 points:

1.  Don’t ever doubt James Matthews

2.  You can make more money in an online business in 1 day than most make in a month (if you do things correctly)

As I’ve had more and more success with Infinity Downline, I’ve had more and more ‘critics’ come out and go out of their way to criticize my success, steal my content, try and completely copy what I do, etc.  It’s been the most amusing entertainment that I can think of to see people who have no work ethic just try and steal what I do.  This brings me to a very important point I need to make:


‘Success Comes from Consistency and Commitment, Not Copying’

In fact, if your copying someone else’s content online you will not last over 1-2 months in your business, especially if your copying myself or another leader who has built an amazing reputation and have helped countless people.  Learn to create your own content and tell your own story if you want to make a large income in online marketing.

Why Doesn’t Everyone Have Success in Infinity Downline, or Any Online Program?

I write about this alot, but it bears repeating, success with Infinity Downline or any online marketing program comes from Consistency and Commitment, nothing else.  Most everyone that fails in online marketing signs up into an opportunity like Infinity Downline expecting overnight and huge success, even when they have done nothing to put any content out there whatsoever.

infinity downline success proof

This is why they quit after 1-3 months and blame the opportunity saying, “Oh that just doesn’t work” when they themselves did no work whatsoever.  I hope you understand that work is the key factor in any type of large income, whether it is a traditional business or an online business.  However, success in an online business is about 100x easier than a traditional business for very obvious reasons.

I’ve referred right at 1,000 people into Infinity Downline at the time of writing this post, and of course I’m always going to have some people who will always make excuses, blame everyone but themselves, are incredibly lazy, etc. even after I walk them through my training step by step on exactly what I do.  This is just life and this is just how some people are.  I’ve come to understand this and I always just focus on my leaders and help even further those that choose to take action and make things happen for themselves.

Is My Infinity Downline Success Proof Typical Results in Online Marketing?

Absolutely Not.  I’m incredibly focused, cannot even fathom working at a job, love building this business, love helping others do the same within my private training site, and as stated will always destroy the naysayers. 

The failure rate in online marketing is high because it’s a reflection of our society in alot of ways.  Some people will never understand the concept of ‘work’.  Even when it’s incredibly easy work typing keys on a keyboard, exactly what I’m doing right now typing this post.

If you want to make $1000 in a day with Infinity Downline like I do, be prepared to put in some work and more importantly be prepared to put in a serious amount of focus.  Sorry to break it to you but this is what it takes.  There are no ‘secret traffic techniques’ or ‘super internet marketing tactics’.  Those of us that make large incomes know how to work, and how to compound work over time for consistent results.  If you are thinking any differently then please go buy more ‘lottery tickets’ and let me know how that works out for you.

On the other hand if you are ready to take your life back and will let me show you how, then click the ‘Join Now’ button below and let’s get started...

James Matthews
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Happy New Year 2014 from Infinity Downline!

Happy New Year 2014 from Infinity Downline!

As we all approach the Year of 2014, I wanted to wish everyone a Very Happy New Year as yet another year draws to a close.  Seems like yesterday we ended the year of 2012.  How time flies when your having fun in an online business like Infinity Downline.

happy new year 2014 infinity downline

Whenever New Year’s celebrations rolls around each year, I always think and contemplate about what I’ve accomplished through the past year, what I did really terrible, what I could have done better, when I was lazy, when I was focused, what brought success, what brought failure, etc.  All these things run through my head…

Out of all the things I’ve done this past year, I am very proud of my accomplishments in Infinity Downline.  In a very short time span of 10 months within the program, I generated more money than I ever had working in any other internet marketing product promotion I had done in the past.  This is because of a very unique Reverse 2 Up Compensation Plan and alot of good old fashioned hard work on my part.

When you combine hard work with an amazing program and comp plan within Infinity Downline, believe me when I say that ‘the sky is the limit’.

What’s In Store for Infinity Downline in 2014?

Infinity Downline has been around since March of 2009, and if anyone had any questions about the longevity and sustainability of the Infinity Downline program, all of those concerns were answered as the program is now in it’s 5th year and is as popular now more than ever.

Infinity Downline is and will always will be the household name of home based business in the industry, and could not be a more respected program put together by one of the industry’s most respected men, Mr. Peter Wolfing:

Peter Wolfing Infinity Downline happy new 2014

2014 will be an amazing year for myself and my members within the program, and one thing is certain is that I will double my profits this year in the program as I generated a massive amount of money in 2013, earning a full-time income within 1 month of promoting the opportunity.

I will personally be bringing my direct members tons of new training updates and tools to help them build their business on my private training site ( to help them as much as humanly possible, within my short 10 months within the program I built a direct member referral base of well over 500 members and that number will triple in 2014.

I’m just getting started…

Will Infinity Downline Still Be Around After the Year of 2014?

Infinity Downline will NEVER go anywhere.  The opportunity has a global member base of approximately 260,000 members at this point and that’s just the tip of the iceberg of the program’s potential.

The program has an absolute universal product line that everyone needs, whether they are 18 or 90.  The program has one of the most highly profitable compensation plans with 100% commissions and a Reverse 2 Up Compensation Plan that allows anyone, and I do mean anyone, to make an insane amount of money if they choose to apply themselves.

If your looking to make serious change in 2014, and I do mean a ‘serious’ change in 2014 with more time freedom, way more money, and an all around just better quality of life doing the things you enjoy, then click the ‘Join Now’ button below…


James Matthews
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My First $1000 in a Single Day With Infinity Downline!

My First $1000 in a Single Day With Infinity Downline!

Well, well, well this is some exciting news!  Not even a year into Infinity Downline and I’ve had my first $1000 day, having 44 signups and payments in a single day!  That’s not $1000 a month, that’s $1000 a Day!

I’m sure your skeptical, so go ahead and watch my proof positive video why don’t you ;)

I had been nearing the edge of hitting a goal of $1000 in a single day, averaging on some days 20-34 signups and payments in a day, but this is the first day of having over 40 signups and payments into a single day so I am feeling both accomplished and extremely vindicated as I’ve shattered this goal I had set for myself in Internet Marketing, just with this simple $25 program.

I hope that my teaching and preaching of being consistent and dedicated is hitting home now ;)

How Did I Make $1000 in a Single Day With Infinity Downline?

If you read my posts you know that I preach one thing over and over to have success in this crazy world of internet/network marketing, and that is consistency.   Consistency is the one value that will lead to success every single time.   Far more than any new SEO trick, high converting capture page, social media marketing strategy, sales page, consistency is by far the most important value to have in online marketing. 

Never get distracted, never listen to the naysayers and everyone else shouting about ‘the newest thing’ and just simply get to work and be consistent.  This is what leads to an absolutely giant income with Infinity Downline or any other online marketing opportunity.

Consistency for success with Infinity downline

Very few understand that Consistency, taking action each and everyday to study marketing and build your business through very tiny steps at first always leads to big success every single time. 

If you haven’t had the success you want yet, think about how many times you ‘gave up’ or ‘jumped around’ in the past from opportunity to opportunity thinking it was the program’s fault and you could not stay consistent or focused on just simply making it happen for yourself.

Is $1000 a day normal income for Infinity Downline and Online Marketing?

In Infinity Downline $1000 in a single day is not common, only people like myself who are willing to help as many people as possible get the same results I’ve gotten will make this kind of money.  My results are the result of helping hundreds and hundreds of people have the same type of success and holding nothing back, teaching every single one of them what really works in building an online business and developing complete freedom.

If your in Network Marketing, you must be willing to help everyone who joins you as much as possible.  There will always be excuse makers, whiners, complainers, and lazy individuals that join your business.  But then there will be those who repeat your same success and have even more success, and that is what I truly love about this industry

Lucky for you reading this post I teach everyone exactly what I do through my exclusive private training site.  I hold nothing back and will give you the keys to the kingdom if you take action and click the ‘Join Now’ button below…

James Matthews
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Setting up Payza (AlertPay) for Infinity Downline

How To Setup Payza (formerly AlertPay) for Infinity Downline to Process Payments

Please Note:  Payza is now AlertPay, the company just changed their name and these instructions work very similar if not identical to before the change.

You can get Payza here:

 Setting up Payza for Infinity Downline
Setting up a Payza (formerly AlertPay) account for use with Infinity Downline is a much better processor than PayPal so wanted to make a Step by Step Tutorial on how to do so.  I am going to list in steps so please either print this post or copy & paste into a notepad for your personal use.

Note:  You will need to setup a business account to accept payments and have submitted a ‘website review’ within Payza as well before setting up Payza to use within the Infinity Downline program

Step by Step Process for Setting up Payza (Alertpay) account for use with Infinity Downline:

Step 1: Log into your Payza account (must have a business account)

Step 2: Click “Business”

Step 3: Click “Business Information”

Step 4: Within that screen, click “Add”

Step 5: Fill in all your details.  Here is what you need to choose for each section:

- For ‘Business Industry’ choose ‘Multi-Level Marketing’

- For ‘Business Category’ choose ‘Affiliate Marketing’

- Click ‘Submit’

Step 6: Payza will now send a confirmation email to verify the email address you entered when creating this account.  Go to your email inbox and confirm

Step 7: Click ‘Business’ again

Step 8: Look for and click “IPN Integration”, click “Setup your IPN now” under “IPN Setup”

Step 9: Enter your “Transaction PIN”, given to you for security purposes when you created this account (ask Payza directly if you lost or don’t know how to find).  Now Click “Submit”

Step 10: Under “IPN Status” select “Enabled”.

Step 11: Copy this url:

and paste into the “Alert URL” field

Step 12: Make sure ‘Test Mode’ is set to disabled

Step 13: Click “Update”

Step 14: Copy the IPN Security Code (will look something like this for you: “S4k5jshok6Gkrk8″)

Setting Up Payza Within Your Infinity Downline Back Office

Step 15: Go to PROFILE in your Infinity Downline back office and paste the code (step 14) into the “Payza (AlertPay) EncryptedSecurity Code” box

Step 16: Be sure you also put in the email address that you used for this Payza account as well into the ‘Payza Email’ box in your PROFILE as well in the back office

Step 17:  Scroll down to the bottom of the PROFILE page and click “Update Profile”

Checking To Make Sure Your Payza Payment Options Show in Your Back Office

Step 18: Be sure and click the bottom link  ‘To check that your payment links work properly, please Click Here to make sure your payment processors are showing up on your payment page

- You’ll see your payment processors showing up, and if they are showing up here they are showing up to your Prospects as they complete the payment process!

And that’s it….You should now have your Payza account up and working correctly to accept payments.  If you run into any issues in this process, please contact Payza directly as they are there to assist you with the problems that come about.  Please do not contact your Infinity Downline sponsor as we have no control over the programming and payment processor selection or what the company does.  We are just affiliates like yourself.

To YOUR Success,

James Matthews
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The Importance of Time Freedom…..Halo 4?!?

Why Your time is important and how Infinity Downline gives you all the time freedom for the ‘little things’

Halo 4 released Tuesday November 6th.  Now I am not a hardcore nerd gamer but if there is one thing I enjoy is playing video games with my niece and nephew.  I must admit I get into at times.

What does Halo 4 have to do with Infinity Downline?  Are you insane?

Yes I am completely insane but that’s the best way to be ;)   This is why Halo 4 and Infinity Downline correlate:

I have all the time in the world to play this game.  No alarm clock.  Nowhere I need to be.  I pick and choose what I want to do each and everyday, whether that’s playing video games, going out to eat, working on marketing, learning something new, etc.  I pick and choose what I will do and what I want to do. 

This principle is the most important principle you will ever grasp, to be completely free from the stresses of a J.O.B and having someone tell you what to do each day.  As in the words of a good mentor of mine, jobs are just above slavery.  They can pay you whatever they ‘feel’ you are worth.  They tell you when to come and go, and they can fire you at anytime for any reason. 

Here is another cool thing, while I was playing Halo 4 last night, I checked my phone and 2 signups had come in within the first hour of playing the game!  Now that’s pretty cool don’t you think?   To do the things you want in life and be able to make money on autopilot.  I certainly enjoy it!

So the point of this post very simply is this:

Infinity Downline gives you the time freedom and the money to enjoy anything that you want to do

If you don’t believe that statement and you don’t believe that you can make money in Infinity Downline or any other opportunity, then let me be the first to tell you this is your mindset, and your mindset is completely false and will sabotage any success you ever hope to achieve.

Controlling your mindset will enable you to control how much money and freedom come into you life, just look at my results. I’m no different from you whatsoever.

If you want time freedom, and you want 100% commissions, then let’s just simply get started,

James Matthews
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Need to know how to change your current subscription plan for Infinity Downline?

I recently got all my credit cards out of my life (feels amazing!) and needed to change my subscription plan for Infinity Downline.  I thought this would make a great tutorial since I do get asked this from time to time, as some people’s own situations may change from time to time on how the pay for their Infinity Downline membership.

It’s important to mention that you do NOT lose your downline if you change your subscription method and the system is setup to protect that from happening. 

Here is how you change your current subscription plan for Infinity Downline:

STEP 1:  Log into your Infinity Downline back office, using your username and password.

STEP 2:  Click on the tab titled ‘Program Stats’

STEP 3:  On this page there is a link titled ‘Click here to make renewal payments’

STEP 4:  Click on a new payment option and setup a new subscription through your sponsors’ payment processor they have available (this may be several options depending on your sponsor)

Here is a video as well if that helps in understanding the process:


And there you have it!  Just 4 simple steps if you need to change your payment subscription for Infinity Downline.  It’s very important that you do NOT let your payment plan lapse or you will lose your subscription and your downline!  That is not a good thing so please make sure you always have an active paying subscription.

To YOUR Success,

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