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Is Infinity Downline Another MLM?

Is Infinity Downline an MLM business?

is infinity downline an mlm?

Another question that I get asked most often about Infinity Downline is “Hey James, Is Infinity Downline an MLM business?”

I will admit that MLM (multi-level marketing) gets confused with just any type of work from home or home based business and as a person who has had success with both MLM and affiliate marketing opportunities like Infinity Downline, I feel that this article will help alot of people in understanding the difference between affiliate marketing and the traditional MLM business.

Before I get into answering the question, it’s very important to understand just what an MLM is, MLM stands for ‘multi-level marketing’ and this basically means that there are multiple, usually many levels within the compensation or distributor level of the business opportunity.

This is very much different from what the compensation plan of Infinity Downline and similar affiliate marketing businesses are. We’ll take a closer look at these topics within this post.

How Does an MLM Work and How Is It Different than Infinity Downline?

Many, if not all traditional MLM programs have a multi-level compensation plan attached where we can see an example in this screenshot:

infinity downline vs mlm programs

While I’m not showing this screenshot as a disclaimer or warning to any traditional MLM program, this screenshot really sums up how money is made within a traditional MLM compensation model. Those at the top of the MLM program are making percentages of the sales throughout the whole structure, usually at around 5% overall volume of the organization.

MLM opportunities almost always have a very low commission structure for products sold within the business as well, usually being no more than 25% maximum for any product sold from the opportunity. This is because most any product within a traditional MLM is a physical product (weight loss, skincare, beauty products, etc.) that has to be manufactured and shipped and alot of that cost is from the company itself, resulting in much lower commissions for distributors selling the product.

Ok So How Is Infinity Downline Different From An MLM Business Then?

The most drastic difference between Infinity Downline and a traditional MLM by far is the compensation plan. While I’ve shown the limitations of a traditional MLM program we will now look at how the compensation of Infinity Downline works in detail.

Infinity Downline has what is called a Reverse 2 Up Compensation Plan (you can read more about that here on this site) in which the 2nd and 4th referrals are passed up to the sponsor, looking something like this:

infinity downline reverse 2 up compensation

As we can see from the screenshot, the compensation plan within the Reverse 2 Up only goes 2 levels or 2 tiers. This is very much different than the many levels going downward with the MLM type of structure. It also gives anyone the opportunity within the program to make much more money than their sponsor within the compensation plan.

Another huge and probably the biggest difference within Infinity Downline is the 100% commissions on the 3 monthly levels. Each member makes 100% commissions on their referrals to the $25, $50, and $100 monthly levels. As stated before, you are lucky to make 25% commissions within any MLM plan pay structure.

This makes the compensation plan of Infinity Downline much more easy and more profitable for just about anyone involved. Especially since any member breaks completely even with just their very first referral into the level they refer to. That is absolutely unheard of within any MLM whatsoever.

While you can read on this site tons of ways Infinity Downline is miles ahead of just about any type of MLM in existence, the best reasons in my opinion are:

  • Digital products – all of the products within Infinity Downline are digital and delivered instantly, NO physical products to ship.
  • Online – Infinity Downline can be completely built and successful online. NO home parties and 24/7 phone calls like the typical MLM programs
  • $9 admin fee – when you compare this to the usual $100 admin fee with MLM programs
  • Much much higher retention rates – each member breaks even with their very first referral. Unheard of in the industry.
  • The Power of 4 – Just referring 4 members creates a perpetual and limitless income with this concept duplicating among referrals

As stated before I’ve had success in both the traditional MLM and Infinity Downline, and I must say that success with Infinity Downline is about 100x easier and feels like I am in retirement with the lifestyle the program has given me. I have no desire and will never go back to the horrendous home parties and 24/7 upline calls of the MLM world…

If you are tired of the hype of the MLM world and want an amazing 100% commission income coming in every month, then do yourself a favor and click the ‘Join Now’ button below…

James Matthews
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Merry Christmas From James of Infinity Downline!

Merry Christmas from Infinity Downline!

infinity downline merry christmas

Christmas is a time of giving, and I wanted to write this post to wish everyone out there a very merry Christmas! Infinity Downline has given me the ability to have such a great Christmas this year for myself and for my family, it is definitely time to think and reflect on just how great life has become.

It seems like yesterday when I was working a ‘job’ I would always be really stressed out because I was barely making ends meet and really had to watch what I spent each Christmas…

As I got more involved and serious about Internet Marketing and Infinity Downline, thinking and worrying about money is truly a thing of the past.

Why Is Christmas So Great for Infinity Downline Members?

While I can’t speak for everyone within Infinity Downline, I can pretty much sum up why members are having such a great Christmas this year:

  • 100% commissions gained from each referral on monthly income levels
  • Great products involving personal development, business development, creating wealth, etc.
  • Breaking even with their first and only referral
  • Amazing Reverse 2 Up Compensation Plan Creating Full-Time Incomes Very Quickly

Those are just a few reasons why Infinity Downline members are having a great Christmas, read and explore this site to see the huge amount of reasons why Infinity Downline is giving everyone a big reason to smile during this holiday season.

In the world of Internet marketing programs, getting involved in the right program is absolutely crucial. Infinity Downline has the best products, huge profitable income, stable long term business that everyone is looking for to create an income for themselves.

Is Christmas Great This Year For You?

If Christmas is not as great as it should be for you this year, then think about getting involved with Infinity Downline and generating long term 100% commissions for yourself, click the ‘Join Now’ button below…

James Matthews
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How To Use Payza With Infinity Downline

Using Payza With Infinity Downline

using payza with national wealth center

A popular payment processor to use with the Infinity Downline program is Payza. While there are many payment processors to choose from within the back office of Infinity Downline, Payza is very convenient as it is absolutely free to start a business account and is fully integrated within the back office of the opportunity.

While I have made a post in the past about using Payza with Infinity Downline, this a new post with a few changes due to some minor differences within the back office of the program.

In this post I am going to detail why Payza is a great choice to use a payment processor to accept payments. Please understand there are many processors to use and you can use a combination of several within the program, or have the company accept and process payments for you as well.

I will also be detailing steps on how to setup and use Payza within the Infinity Downline program.

Why Is Using Payza with Infinity Downline beneficial?

Using Payza is beneficial mainly because it is a great international processor. Infinity Downline is a global opportunity and you need a payment processor that can process and accept payments from customers and referrals in other countries. Many of my own referrals from Japan, Philippines, Middle East, Australia, Jamaica just to name a few have used Payza to join under me personally.

Other reasons why Payza is so beneficial to use with Infinity Downline are:

  • Fully integrated and endorsed to use by the Infinity Downline program
  • When setup will automatically process new payments and automatically process payments each month
  • Setup only takes 24 hours with the approval process
  • Great Payza back office and great options for withdrawals
  • Easy and convenient back office and easy to understand and use
  • Payza will also automatically convert currencies from other countries

Since Payza is absolutely free to use as a business account and will allow you to open your business worldwide to accept payments, using Payza is really a ‘no-brainer’ to use with the Infinity Downline program!

How To Setup Payza With Infinity Downline

There are several parts to setting up a business account with Payza to use with Infinity Downline, all is very easy but will list the exact details to every step here:

1. Open a business account with Payza, this is explained step by step by just going to Payza’s website and setting up.

2. Complete a Website Review with the Directions listed within the back office of Infinity Downline to get your affiliate site approved to use with Payza (usually takes only 24 hours excluding weekends)

3. Once the Website Review is completed, complete these steps to fully integrate and use Payza with Infinity Downline:

1) Next, click on “My Payza Account Main Menu” in the menu tab.
2) Click on “Manage Business Profiles” (add a business profile, for
3) Click on “My Payza Account Main Menu” in the menu tab. Click on “IPN Advanced
Integration”. Under IPN Setup, click on “Set up your IPN now”.
4) Enter your Payza Transaction PIN and click on the “Access” button.
5) Under your business profile for, click “Edit”. Make sure the “IPN
Status” is set to “Enabled”, and “Enable IPN Version 2″ is set to “Disabled”. Verify that the
“Allow Encrypted Payment Details (EPD)” is set to “Disabled”.
6) In the input field “Alert URL” enter in “”
without the quotation marks.
7) Click the button “Generate New”, and copy the resulting IPN Security Code into your clipboard.
8) Verify that the “Test Mode” is set to “Disabled”.
9) Click on the “UPDATE” button. Log out of Payza.
10) Paste the Security Code into the “Payza IPN Security Code” field above on this profile page.
11) Click “Update Profile” (below)

Ready to Get Started with Infinity Downline and start collecting 100% commissions all around the World? Just click the ‘Join Now’ button below…

James Matthews
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Infinity Downline New Payment Processor!

Infinity Downline Is Getting It’s Own New Payment Processor!

infinity downline new payment processor

With many new enhancements and features that Infinity Downline has put in place since it’s launch in July of 2014, Peter Wolfing has just announced that the program will be getting it’s own new payment processor for members!

This decision was made over recent complications with a payment processor and to give members, especially international members, an easy and convenient way to process payments received within the program from referrals.

International members, for various reasons, may not always have access to payment processors that US members have access to, and this solution will be huge for members around the globe.

Also this will be much easier for everyone within the Infinity Downline program to receive payments for their commissions generated without using a third party processor, or another option added in to receive payments in case some members cannot pay through a third party processor.

Why Is It Important for Infinity Downline To Have It’s Own Payment Processor?

While most anyone who has done big business online and Infinity Downline members who are making thousands and thousands of dollars each month know, payment processors can be a sometimes confusing and frustrating aspect of your business.

Infinity Downline having it’s own ‘in-house’ processor instantly cuts out any type of issue or problem a third party processor may have in dealing with the program and makes things even easier for members.

There are many payment processors within the back office of Infinity Downline to use for each and every member, and all of these processors are top notch to use with the program, but Infinity Downline having it’s own processor will give members a much easier tool to use to use with their business.

Are There More Details About the New Payment Processor for Infinity Downline?

Plans are that the new payment processor will be in the program by the middle or end of December and updates will be reported on my site about further details as the company reports in future webinars and calls.

Again Peter Wolfing, who is the absolute best CEO on the planet, has implemented this within the Infinity Downline program to further help members, especially international members, in having a much easier payment processor they can utilize to process payments. 

If you are ready to join an amazing opportunity that actually cares about it’s members, then just click the ‘Join Now’ button below…

James Matthews
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Infinity Downline Co-op Is Now Available!

In my tireless efforts to bring more and more value to my Infinity Downline members, I have put together an all new Co-op advertising platform for my direct members in the program. Watch the video here for full details as it launched:

(Please Note: In the video the Co-op states for ‘National Wealth Center’, National Wealth Center is the same program as Infinity Downline at the basic level and the Co-op works very effectively for Infinity Downline)

If you are familiar at all with what a ‘co-op’ is, it’s very important to realize why co-ops are effective for some members to use. Co-ops are there for members who need a turn key advertising solution that they can just plug into that is setup and run for them to get as many clicks to their website as they purchase within the co-op.

All of the advertising is setup completely for each member who uses the Infinity Downline Co-op through a variety of very effective advertising sources such as media buys, banner advertising, pay per click advertising, etc. All of these sources have been completely tested for some time and give my members the best quality for their co-op purchase.

While I teach all of my Infinity Downline members how to market online very effectively, showing them everything possible on my private exclusive training site, I’ve come up with a very effective co-op rotator solution for members to get very high quality traffic very quickly within the co-op advertising.

Why Are Co-ops Important and How Is It Effective For Infinity Downline?

Co-ops are important for a number of reasons, but mainly to just give my Infinity Downline members very effective advertising they can just plug their capture pages/landing pages into that is very easy and not time consuming like other forms of advertising online.

My Co-op Is Important for a number of reasons but will list the most effective reasons here:

  • I teach my members how to effectively use the co-op and what to use within the co-op
  • All traffic from the co-op is very high quality US based traffic
  • All the clicks ordered within the co-op are delivered very quickly
  • All of the advertising is completely setup for each member who uses, requires no work in setting up the advertising
  • The co-op sources include very effective media buys, banner ad advertising, pay per click, etc. through very effective ads

Co-ops are effective for my Infinity Downline members in that the advertising is completely setup and ‘turn-key’ solution. While there is a limitless way to advertise online with internet marketing, having this co-op available to my members really cuts out all the ‘learning curve’ with online advertising and makes everything incredibly simple.

Who Can Use My Infinity Downline Co-op?

Unfortunately my Infinity Downline Co-op is only available to my members within the program. No one outside of my organization can gain access to the co-op whatsoever. This is because my resources, training, and tools are for my members to create as much success as possible for my organization within the Infinity Downline program.

I give each of my members every resource, tool, and training possible through my private training site to give them the greatest chance of success possible for their internet marketing goals.

If you are interested in Infinity Downline and want to dominate the opportunity just like myself and my top leaders, then you need to join the right team and click the ‘Join Now’ button below, choosing the right sponsor is crucial for your success…

James Matthews
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Do People Stay In Infinity Downline?

Does Infinity Downline Have High Retention Rates?

infinity downline retention people stay in the program

One of the most common questions asked by people looking to join Infinity Downline is if the program has a high retention rate, or if people who join the program usually stay in the program long term.

In this post I am going to explain the retention rate of the Infinity Downline program and also offer some tips for would be members to really increase their retention rates for the program, or any online business for that matter.

First of all however I think it’s important to understand just what a ‘retention rate’ is as far as an online business.

Retention just simply means ‘control or taking possession of’ or also just simply ‘keeping’ or ‘staying long term’. When applied to the concept of an online business it just means keeping your customers and members into the program as well for long term success.

So for Infinity Downline, this would just mean to keep your referrals and sales coming in month after month after month as long term stable income for yourself.

What Are the Retention Rates Like For Infinity Downline?

While I cannot speak for every promoter of Infinity Downline, I personally have a 90% retention rate with the program. This is really unheard of in terms of an online business but I will explain why the retention rate is so high for the Infinity Downline business with these points:

  • Very low entry fee for the $25 self development level; anyone can afford this
  • 100% commissions on the monthly referral levels; this is unheard of in the industry and very lucrative for any member promoting
  • Super low admin fee which also gives access to National Savings Center where members can save money on purchases
  • Members break even with just 1 referral; just 1 referral and each member pays nothing

Now these are just a few features that keep most everyone in the program, but if you take your time reading through this entire site you will easily understand why Infinity Downline is so attractive to just about anyone looking to do big things with an online business.

How Can I Increase Retention Rates for Any Online Business?

If you are in any online business, and some of you may be in Infinity Downline as well but have problems with retention, it’s very important to take notes on what I’m about to give you in these points.

In referring over 1,000 people into Infinity Downline and keeping 90% of those members, keeping your income and customer/member base growing is just following these simple strategies:

  • Give actionable easy to follow steps to your members so they can duplicate success as well
  • Provide ongoing support and training to your members
  • Always be available within reason through email to help and answer questions from members
  • Make sure your members/customers/distributors are ‘plugged in’ to company webinars or calls for motivation and updates

Lucky for you reading this post I take care of all these bullet points within my exclusive training site that has a wealth of resources for the Infinity Downline opportunity. The reason so many of my members have great success with the program is that I show them exactly what I do step by step!

If you are ready to take action and start raking in tons of 100% commissions, then just simply click ‘Join Now’ below…

James Matthews
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The #1 Success Secret To Marketing Infinity Downline…

It comes to no surprise that I get asked alot of questions due to my success with Infinity Downline. A very interesting question is “What is the Number 1 Secret To Success With Infinity Downline?”

It’s a great question and deserves alot of consideration, but in this post I will discuss the number 1 crucial important characteristic you HAVE to have in building a great income with an online business like Infinity Downline…

infinity downline center key to success

While there are several skills you need to have to be successful in any business, I will focus on the single most important in this post. Without this trait you are doomed from the start.

The #1 Key To Success With Infinity Downline Is This…

The absolute #1 Key To Success in any online business, whether it’s Infinity Downline or any online business, is this:




Sounds pretty simple, right? Well if we really take a look at the internet and the nearly limitless business opportunities and products in the ‘make money online’ niche, we can clearly start to see how focus is absolutely critical to you success in marketing anything online.

We’ve all been and are continuing to have our attention pulled in thousands of different directions online, whether it’s the latest new business opportunity or the latest ‘magic bullet’ product that will show you how to magically make money shoot out of your laptop in a matter of seconds, the internet environment is the sheer definition of a ‘focus killer’.

In Sponsoring over 1,000 members and counting into Infinity Downline I can say the Focus is the number 1 reason for success from members who are making tons of money promoting the program effectively.

Alternatively, the number 1 reason for failure from members who quit or give up on themselves is lack of focus, and continually pulled in different directions online or the next ‘shiny object’ that pops up literally everyday across the internet claiming untold riches just by pushing a button…

Why Is Focus So Important For Success With Infinity Downline?

Despite what you will hear from most online, trying to promote 5-6 different business opportunities will most always end in miserable failure with no significant income gained with any of them.

Big success with anything in life all deals with your ability to Focus and Take Action and your ability to remove distractions to build your business each and everyday.

That’s the real honest truth to online and internet marketing, having success with Infinity Downline is incredibly easy once you start to focus and devote real energy and effort into your Infinity Downline business.

If you understand that success is effort and you are ready for a great residual income, then simply click the ‘Join Now’ button below…

James Matthews
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Why Infinity Downline Has The No Refund Policy…

Why Infinity Downline Has A No Refund Policy…

With Huge Success with Infinity Downline at a near 90% retention rate with well over 1,000 members, I felt it was a good idea to make a post to just why Infinity Downline has a very strict NO refund policy.

infinity downline no refunds

This is true for most any home based business or affiliate marketing opportunity as well and I will explain why in this post.

First of all let me say that most people who get involved or want to get involved in an affiliate marketing opportunity like Infinity Downline are some of the best people you will ever exchange emails with or get to know. They are people looking to do big things online and have that entrepreneurial drive just like we do.

It is sad and unfortunate however that a small minority of people who sign up or get involved with a program like Infinity Downline do not have decent intentions, and that is the need for this post and the need for a NO refund policy to be set in place.

Why Is There A No Refund Policy for Infinity Downline or Most Any Affiliate Marketing Program?

First of all the NO refund policy is set in place to PROTECT the affiliates most of all. It is any company’s right to set whatever payment policy terms they choose whatsoever, but you’ll find that most if not all home based businesses have a very strict no refund policy.

This is because there are always going to be a minority of what I call ‘bottom dwellers’ who will purchase a product or sign up into an opportunity and then immediately attempt to get their money back for their purchase. This is about the lowest type of underhanded attempt that you can imagine, but it does happen and this is why most of all a NO refund policy is set in place.

Think about it this way, if you opened a traditional business on the side of the street selling lemonade and everyone who bought your lemonade wanted a refund, then how would you ever make any money? It’s the same principle online. Underhanded people who buy and then want their money back are attempting to take money back away from hard working affiliates and this is why the company itself has to protect it’s affiliate base.

Some people unfortunately who attempt to sign up into a business like Infinity Downline think they can get their money back after using the products or being a member, but I am very glad the company enforces a very strict no refund policy to protect myself and my over 1,000 members from these types of lowlifes who unfortunately at times perpetuate the internet, looking for the ‘magic bullet’ program and never putting in any type of work whatsoever.

What Else Can You Do to Enforce a NO Refund Policy for Your Business?

I personally have a very strong agreement with my payment processor and state very clear terms and conditions on my payment page stating a very strict NO refund policy.

In the very rare event that anyone would attempt to file a ‘chargeback’ or a dispute or unauthorized claim for their purchase, all I have to do is submit my very clear terms and conditions and it’s always case solved every time.

If someone makes a payment into your Infinity Downline business and sees a very clear terms and policies before making purchase, then they have no possibility of ever getting their fraud completed, and that’s they way it should be for any type of business.

While the company and myself explain multiple times for any member to just simply and easily cancel at anytime, there will always be the types that will fraudulently make purchases into your business, so it’s always a great idea to put core business practices into place to protect yourself in the beginning.

If you are wanting to get involved in a business that will make you tons of 100% commissions that you keep and are protected, then click the ‘Join Now’ button below…

James Matthews
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How To Sponsor Over 1,000 People In Your Online Opportunity…

Most online network marketers ask me how I’ve sponsored over 1,000 people into Infinity Downline in under a year.  While most want a very elaborate and complicated answer, the reality is very very simple.

It’s very easy to put a ton of people into your online business by just doing very simple common sense business principles.  Here is a video where I go over in detail the very simple business principles of how I’ve put in over 1,000 people into the Infinity Downline online business opportunity:

What Are the Exact Steps To Putting Over 1,000 People Into Your Online Business?

Very simply the exact steps to sponsoring over 1,000 people into Infinity Downline or your online business is to follow these steps:

1.  Be a Real Honest Person

2.  Be Accessible

3.  Respond to Questions When Asked to You

4.  Learn and Know Your Business To Be Able To Answer and Educate Interested People

5.  Be As Helpful As Possible

Sounds like common sense doesn’t it?  That’s because it is.  You would be amazed as to how many in Infinity Downline or any online business don’t do any of these common sense basic business principles.

I would say that most individuals who get involved in any online business don’t really care much at all as to how they present themselves to prospects or anyone viewing their content, and this is why they fail miserably online.

Think about offline business as I described in the video, sale dealerships that are helpful as possible and answer questions from customers are always going to get HUGE amounts of business.   This is exactly the same in the online business world.

How Can You Sponsor Over 1,000 People Yourself?

Study this post and make sure you are doing the 5 principles I’ve listed above.  Believe me 95% of those promoting any online business opportunity, whether Infinity Downline or any program are not doing any of these basic business principles.

Those looking to join in an online business are always going to be attracted to leaders who are helpful, know their business, and help their customers or members as much as possible.  That’s what the online industry should be all about and a big reason why I enjoy it so much.  People helping people to achieve their goals and everyone’s income is increasing.

If you want to do like me and sponsor over 1,000 people into the Infinity Downline opportunity, I show you exactly how to do it through my huge internet marketing training site.  If you are ready to dominate then click the ‘Join Now’ button below…

James Matthews
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Infinity Downline 2.0 – All You Need To Know Right Here!

infinity downline 2.0

We just had our first webinar tonight on June 11th, 2014 on the new direction the Infinity Downline Opportunity is going.  That new direction is a complete relaunch of the program called Infinity Downline 2.0 with brand new upgrades, incentives, design, function and enhancements to make the best home based business on the planet about 100x better!

Before I go into the details, please make sure and understand that not everyone within the opportunity is reporting facts.  A big reason why I am writing this post is to give the actual facts regarding the new launch that is straight from the webinar itself as reported by Peter Wolfing (company creator).

While obviously not all the details were brought out on the first webinar, here is a summary of what’s coming up with Infinity Downline 2.0:

- new site design (much more current and inviting for business minded prospects)
– new products (updating product line and will be updated each month)
– new video intro (amazing)
– same comp plan (same 100% commission residual comp plan)
– higher monthly as well (another highly monthly 100% commission residual for even higher income)
– addition 2-3 one time higher priced product levels (huge 1 time commission sales for each member)
– member support staff
– modify the inner programming to be much faster (brand new function for server and member processing)
– new new new and more new

I also wanted to include a Video Message for my Direct Members on How I am going to be Helping Them As Much as Possible With the Great New Changes:

Infinity Downline 2.0 – What Are The Biggest Changes?

The biggest changes for Infinity Downline 2.0 are the new levels within the program.  While the program will keep the standard $25 100% commission based monthly residual, as seen in the screenshot below taken from the webinar there will be another higher $50 100% commission monthly residual level!

Infinity Downline 2.0 new changes

Also from the screenshot we can see the 1 time Purchases that are going to give each member the ability to generate some amazing commissions on higher 1 time product sales!  There is a $250, $1000, and an awesome $3500 product level…can you imagine making $3500 in one day from one sale?  Now that’s why I am excited about these new awesome changes ;)

What this basically means is that each member has the potential to make an insane income with both the monthly residuals and the 1 time product sales…

For instance let’s say you’ve just referred 40 people in the program at the $25 level, that would be a $1000 monthly recurring (would be even higher because of the Reverse 2 Up Compensation Plan).  When those members join the $50 dollar monthly level as well you are then making $75 from each directly referred member monthly.  That’s $75 x 100 which would be a nice monthly income of $7500 a month just on the monthly residual…

We haven’t even touched on the 1 time product sales of $250, $1000, $3500 that at anytime any of your referred members can purchase and you will make an insane 1 time commission on these product sales as well!

Now you see why myself and so many other members are excited ;)

Also here is another huge incentive for Infinity Downline 2.0 Members that was unveiled in the first webinar:

infinity downline 2.0 member perks

Each Member is going to have access to a Member Perk program that is going to allow them to save a huge 50% off on everything from hotels, travel packages, retail to just about anything you can think of.  This is just another huge perk for members and for anyone in the program to use to prospect others into your Infinity Downline business.

It just keeps getting better and better…

What Other Changes Are Coming with Infinity Downline 2.0?

Another change that is going to be intregrated into the program is a very small admin fee.  This is what I am most proud of Peter Wolfing for doing.  The company will now be able to accept a very small admin fee from each member to use to perform tasks such as server maintenance, program design, general programming, adding newer and more features over time etc.

As Peter Wolfing explained on the webinar, Infinity Downline has always been a member to member 100% commission based program where each member makes a fortune and the company never really received much of anything in the form of compensation. 

Another sad truth of this is when the company needed funding to fix programming issues or to add new features, hardly any member in the program (some making over 6 figures a year) would never lend any type of money in any fundraising project to help out. Even when the program has paid them a small fortune in commissions…

Over time this caused problems because Peter Wolfing did not have the resources to fix programming problems, back office issues etc. when the time came.  Programming an online business such as Infinity Downline is no small feat and is expensive.  The new admin fee will resolve all these issues to keep the company website and functions lightning fast for decades to come.

While some people like myself love the new admin fee to prevent problems for the company and to make the company grow, there are going to be some that disagree and will not want to pay the admin fee, complain, and possibly leave the program.

I hope they do.  If anyone cannot understand that the company itself needs to make some money then the last thing they need to be involved in is any type of business.  These types of people are ‘takers’ who have plagued the opportunity for the last 5 years and frankly they need to go scratch off lottery tickets if they are looking for ‘something for nothing’.

The rest of us who have integrity, honesty, and know how to make money and help others do the same are going to have even more massive profits from the Infinity Downline program for the rest of 2014.

There will be more and more updates and this page will get updated as new features are shown on the webinars, but if you are looking to make a massive profit and be a part of the #1 home based business on the planet, then just do yourself a favor now and click the ‘Join Now’ button below…

James Matthews
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