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National Wealth Center Marketing Systems – The Cold Hard Truth

national wealth center marketing systems

Right now in the National Wealth Center Opportunity there has been a huge amount of ‘marketing systems’ cropping up to entice prospects into joining certain ‘teams’ or ‘groups’ within the program.

As a veteran marketer who has ‘been around the block’ it is my hope that this post really brings the reality of these ‘systems’ vs. the hype and bogus claims of what these systems promise or ‘guarantee’ by joining their system.

Newbies or people new to the industry need to know this information most of all, because these people are easily tricked and hyped into actually believing what some of these ‘systems’ promise.

I’m not saying that all marketing systems are bad, some are really great., but after reading this post you’ll know what is legitimate vs. something that is just trying to make money off of you without long term success.

The Truth About National Wealth Center Marketing Systems

Here is what to watch out for when looking into a National Wealth Center Marketing System:

  • ‘Guarantees’ – putting a ‘guarantee’ on any business opportunity or make money online product is absolutely illegal. Failure to comply with this has led some marketers to pay heavy fines and possible imprisonment due to the deception behind the system itself
  • Very high income claims – while it should be common sense that making a large income with any business venture requires consistency and hard work, ridiculous income claims run rampant with marketing systems that claim huge monthly incomes just for signing up into the system. This is obviously lies and hype just to get you to sign up into that system. Be smart.
  • No work involved – any system claiming that you don’t have to do any work to have success with the system is another red flag to really stay away from. While some systems are able to help you to some degree, you putting your business to work is what will determine a full time income vs. you getting 3 or 4 signups into your business.
  • Entitlement – systems with hype and guarantees attract one type of person: people who will do absolutely nothing to build their own business. These same people sit back and wait for the system to do all the work for them and take no action themselves whatsoever. Believe me you don’t want these people in your business and they should be avoided at all costs.

This post is not written to bash anyone’s marketing system as there are many already and plenty more that will be created to entice people, but if you follow the guidelines above it will really help you make a good decision when looking for a sponsor within the National Wealth Center opportunity.

Why I Don’t Make A System for National Wealth Center

I don’t make ‘systems’ for opportunities, what I do is create ‘sales funnels’ that I share with my members for them to easily duplicate success and also leverage my success as I do all the selling within the funnel itself, you can see how this works on the sales funnel page within this very site.

It is a much easier and quicker process for myself and for my members success than creating a complicated ‘system’ that my members have no control of.

Here is why a ‘sales funnel’ is much better than a ‘system’, whether it’s for National Wealth Center or any online opportunity:

  • Members are able to build their own list instead of the systems list, most are unaware that this happens within a system and members within a system are generating leads for the admin of the system
  • Members can use the funnel itself or easily edit the funnel if they wish to do so, this is impossible within a system that has been created. Systems are not customizable in any way whatsoever
  • Funnels become the members funnel and it is their own funnel vs. the sponsor’s ‘system’. This is great for empowering members to become great marketers and market the funnel
  • Funnels make members market or learn how to market; not being reliant on a system to generate sales for them and this is what really gets downlines moving making money for themselves and the sponsor sharing the funnel

I’ve created systems when I first started marketing online for members and quickly later learned to create funnels for these reasons above. The difference was like night and day between what type of prospects the funnel attracts vs. the system.

Systems will not only attract the ‘something for nothing’ types into the system itself, but they also almost certainly create very volatile environments within a business opportunity with creators of these systems fighting amongst the membership base as to who has the best ‘system’.

Veterans within the industry know this and I can assure you that no one within the home based business or affiliate marketing industry ever made 6 figures by just signing up into a system.

If you want real actual results and long term sustainable income I will show you exactly how to do that and be responsible for your own success, just go ahead and click the ‘Register Now’ button below…
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James Matthews
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How Do I Manually Mark Payments for Infinity Downline?


While Infinity Downline has a built in system to mark your referrals as paid when they pay through the system through your affiliate link, it is sometimes necessary to mark payments manually, in this post I’m going to show you step by step on how to do this.  First of all we need to understand why we need to mark someone manually as paid:

You will need to mark someone paid manually if and only if they pay OUTSIDE the program, this means they do not pay through your affiliate link payment page or signup page.  For instance, if someone wanted to pay you by cash or by a check every month for their subscription, this would be an instance where you would mark them manually as paid.

Some payment processors as well are not always 100% of the time tracked and marked by the company itself, so it’s always a good idea to view your back office by using the ‘view downline’ feature in the back office.  For instance everytime I have a referral pay through Payza for example, I always go in the back office and mark them paid manually.   Get in the habit of checking your back office regularly when you have referrals.

Step By Step Process on How To Mark Payments Manually with Infinity Downline

Step 1:  Log into your ID back office with your ID username and password on the main company site:

Step 2:  Find a Tab called ‘Mark Payments’ as show in the picture here:

infinity downline mark payments

Step 3:  Once You are in the ‘Mark Payments’ Page, you just simply find the username of the referral that signed up and then click the blue link ‘Process’

- If you have tons of referrals like I do and tons of members, do a ‘control-f’ (hitting control button and f button on your keyboard at the same time) search and enter the username to find the referral very quickly.

Step 4:  After you click ‘Process’ you will see the process page that looks like this:

infinity downline mark payments

It is only required to input the information of the ‘payment processor’, the ‘transaction ID’, and the ‘payment amount’…

- For Payment Processor just use the drop down menu to select the payment processor the referral used

- For Transaction ID you can enter the transaction ID the processor gave for the transaction, or your own transaction ID for your own  reference

- For Payment Amount this will always be ’25′ since Infinity Downline is a $25 membership program

Also please note that in a very few rare occasions, if the Infinity Downline server was having maintenance for a short time for instance, even though you receive a notification from ‘Site Admin’ you may still have to process and mark those payments, if your referral is reporting to you as being ‘inactive’ even though they have made a payment to you, then you can simply go in and mark and process that referral to make them active into the system.




17 SignUps In One Day – Another Day in Infinity Downline…

Most people think that online business or online networking opportunities are hard or that they just can’t do it.  I’m here to tell you it’s insanely easy to get 17-20 signups into Infinity Downline by just doing the right things.  I consistently have days like this each and everyday and it’s the easiest thing I’ve ever done.

Watch the video for proof positive evidence:

How Am I Getting 17 Signups In One Day With Infinity Downline While Others Get Zero?

infinity downline success

It’s just a matter of putting really great content and saturating content out there for what others are searching for online, and offering value to those interested.  It’s really that simple.  I don’t waste a minute of my time ‘convincing’ anyone of anything and the hundreds of members I’ve enrolled have all came to me WANTING to signup.  Pretty cool huh?

Those of us that are successful marketers know what works while everyone else struggles and that’s how we dominate every product/opportunity we get involved with.  Lucky for you reading this post however I teach you exactly what I do on my private training site.

People continually fail in internet and network marketing because of 2 main things:

1.  Mindset – they lack the belief or the courage to be successful; when in fact there are tons of people having success each and every day

2.  Knowledge – they do not have the knowledge of what works, what value to provide in the marketplace, and how to market whatsoever

My training focuses on both of these topics in step by step detail, so the only reason anyone would not have success, is if they just continue to choose not to have success.

Can You Have 17 SignUps in One Day With Infinity Downline?

If you can accept and adopt the belief that you can do it and follow my training and develop yourself and learn, then yes absolutely you can double, triple, or quadruple my success and have 40 signups a day.

I will say that alot of individuals ‘shoot themselves in the foot’ or find any excuse in the book of why they can’t have success even before they get started, and that is why most who fail continue to fail at just about anything in life, whether it’s an online business like Infinity Downline or offline business or learning a new sport, hobby, setting a goal, etc.  Everything in your life revolved around mindset, and learning to control your mindset for success is the most crucial part of your success, no matter what anyone else tells you.

You have to believe you can do it if you ever have a chance of ‘doing it’.  Click the ‘Join Now’ button below if you are ready to make a big difference in your life,

James Matthews
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“Is Infinity Downline Hard?”

“Is Infinity Downline Hard?”

Another very popular question I get asked alot is this one:

“Is Infinity Downline Hard?”  “Is it Hard To Make Money With This?”

infinity downline is easy

While Infinity Downline has been the absolute easiest thing I’ve ever done on the planet, I will say that some people just always have to complicate things for themselves no matter what and make things far more difficult than they actually are.

Infinity Downline is by far the easiest program out there and has a product line that virtually anybody can benefit from and understand, but yet it is some people’s nature to make this difficult on themselves by ‘thinking’ way too much about what it takes to be successful in any business.

Infinity Downline is Not Hard In Any Shape, Form, or Fashion

When I first got started in this business, I was running my own IT business and I could get signups by just stating this one statement to anyone I came across:

Hey I joined this program that teaches people how to use computer software, and you can make money at the same time

Not once did anyone ever say to me, “Hey that’s ridiculous”  “Yeah Right” or “Sure, tell me another story”

All I ever heard was this “Wow Tell Me More!

You see all business deals with communication, and it’s all about how you present this opportunity to others is where you will have success.  If you tell anyone you know that they are going to make a bazillion dollars in 2 weeks, of course they are going to laugh in your face and reject you.  But if you focus on VALUE of the opportunity you can get ANYONE signed up into the program.

It’s all about how YOU conduct yourself and present the opportunity to others that will determine your success with Infinity Downline, or whatever program you may be involved with.

Why Do People Make Infinity Downline Hard?

I believe they just cannot see the program for what it is, to some it’s all about money, to me it’s about value of the products and the residual income the program creates for the members.  Everyone can find common ground with that.  If your just in anything to make money, and make quick money from referrals, you are going to have a very difficult time, plain and simple.  On the other hand, if you are looking to help people duplicate your same success very quickly then this is going to be the easiest thing you’ve ever done.

I have step by step training on how to promote Infinity Downline online, offline, and any kind of way possible and have success with the program.  If your looking to make things happen and create a residual income that takes a life of it’s own, then contact me and I will help you have my same success!
To YOUR Success,

James Matthews
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Infinity Downline – How To Change Sponsors

How To Change Sponsors in Infinity Downline

I recently received an email from an Infinity Downline member who was in a very unfortunate situation. Their sponsor had passed away and had no clue on what to do next or how to go about their membership into the program.  While I NEVER cross recruit or in the business of getting members from other sponsors, I felt there was a need for this tutorial to help others in a similar or situation where they don’t feel comfortable in working with their sponsor.

This process just basically involves a member logging into their back office with their username and password, clicking on ‘Program Stats’, and then clicking on the 3 options to end their current subscription, which you’ll see described in the video below.

Changing Infinity Downline Sponsor or Canceling Infinity Downline Membership:

The signup process under a new sponsor will just be repeating the same process as when they first signed up, registering and I would recommend using a new email, you can setup many emails through gmail if you need a new email account to use.

I would never recommend changing sponsors for any reason other than a drastic situation, and I cannot stop anyone from changing sponsors if you feel you need to go this route.  Always remember that success in any opportunity is ‘staying in the game’ and never ever quitting, no matter what opportunity you are in.  I’ve found that most problems are never the cause of a sponsor, but caused by someone’s lack of ability to follow through and go through the steps of being successful, because so many people have been successful before you, it’s insane to think that you can’t do the same or just repeat the same process.

It’s all about just deciding to make it happen.

To YOUR Success,

James Matthews
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