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How To Deal With Negativity In Your Online Business…

As my success grew with the Infinity Downline online business, I definitely had to deal with alot of negativity along the way and deal with it daily now more than ever.  It’s funny how when you become more successful at anything, more negativity and discouragement are sure to follow.

This was hard to deal with at first, but I learned how to deal with negativity and use it to my advantage instead of letting it discourage me, this video will explain in depth:

The thing you have to realize about having success with an online business like Infinity Downline, is that the internet itself is a huge place for negative people that have way too much time on their hands.  They will always target those who have success and sadly this is all they are capable of pretty much doing.

Why Are People Negative Towards Leaders in Online Business?

The main reason for this is that people on a large scale do not like anyone who has much success and the time freedom that an online business like Infinity Downline gives to an individual.  It’s a sobering fact that I make more in a day than some do in a month working at a job, so this in itself creates alot of jealousy, envy, and disbelief from weak mindsets.

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Instead of learning and repeating the same process of creating success for themselves, some unfortunately will just ‘lash out’ and try to discourage those of us that are truly making a difference in our industry and helping people get free.  People that are negative will always be negative, and it really gets under their skin to see anyone making a difference and most of all helping others.

Another big reason why leaders face negativity is that they are the 2% of the industry who take action, don’t make excuses, overcome any obstacle while sadly some that sign up into online programs like Infinity Downline take no action, always make excuses, and quit at the first obstacle they encounter.  These people will always strike out at others who have success because they are incapable of taking any kind of accountability on their own.

What is the Best Way to Deal With Negativity in Your Online Business?

The best way I’ve found, as stated in the video, is to learn to let negativity motivate you instead of discourage you.  Whenever I receive a negative email from someone, receive a negative comment on one of my youtube videos, or receive a negative comment on this website here I always let it motivate me to work 100x harder and make a bigger difference.

Once you start doing this you will become unstoppable, you are bulletproof to any of this type of negativity and discouragement and you will simply just start to laugh at these types of people, knowing you were so important that they just had to take a shot at you ;)

If you want big success, time freedom, and to be your own boss so you can laugh at the haters and discouragers, then simply click the ‘Join Now’ button below…

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Infinity Downline Success – 3 Books You Have To Read…

Infinity Downline Success – 3 Books You Have To Read…

Alot of my viewers and followers who have tracked my success in Infinity Downline ask me how I got started in ‘doing things differently’.   ‘Doing things differently’ refers to making the transition from working at a job I hated to being very successful in the online business Infinity Downline.

The absolute biggest thing you have to do to have success within a home based business, or to have success in anything, is to change your mindest and BELIEVE that you are worth and can have the success you really want, whether that is tons of money or time freedom, you have to actually believe it happening before it happens whatsoever.

I knew I needed to change my mindset before I could ever have any success with doing my own thing, so I wanted to make this post to recommend the top 3 books I would have anyone read to gain an understanding and develop the foundation for your own success:

These Books are the following:

1.  The Unemployed Millionaire – Matt Morris

2.  The 4 Hour Work Week – Timothy Ferris

3.  Awaken the Giant Within – Tony Robbins

Are Books Essential for Success in Infinity Downline?

Absolutely!  If you are not reading some type of self development or self improvement material in a book format, then you need to be watching it in a video or listening to it on audio.  Good positive reinforcement for your mind is absolutely essential crucial to counteract the negative garbage that surrounds us and attempts to invade our minds 24/7.

I can’t stress how crucial this is.  When you start believing your success, then the universe will give you success.  That is the absolute truth I can give to you in reading this post.  Ask anyone who has been successful in any endeavor and they will tell you the exact same thing.  Mindset is the single most important part of your success!

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My personal routine is that I spend at least 30 minutes daily reading some type of motivational or self development book, course, training daily.  I don’t let any negative garbage in the form of television or the media enter my mind whatsoever.  I can’t tell you how much your life will improve if you start applying these same principles.

What Else is Essential To Success in Infinity Downline?

Besides improving your mindset completely to where you can believe your success, the only thing that is going to make you tons of money and allow you to get free is just all out consistent action and focus on your business.  The great thing of having a home based business like Infinity Downline is that you can work your business is hard as you want, or as easy as you want.  Your schedule and time is completely yours.

Take consistent focused action and apply with my world class Internet Marketing training you get access for free for joining me in Infinity Downline and you are virtually guaranteed success.

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How To Change Your Mindset, Be the 2%…

How To Change Your Mindset, Be the 2%…

In the beginning of 2014, it’s always great to start the year off right. To prepare for big success in Infinity Downline or any type of business, it’s absolutely crucial to get your Mindset right. This is the most important factor in any kind of success in anything you pursue in life.

Before you can have big success, you have to BELIEVE you can have big success. This is why 95% of people fail at online marketing with a program such as Infinity Downline, or any type of business for that matter.

To fully illustrate what I’m talking about, I made a video that includes an image that summarizes what successful Mindsets are all about:

Most people never adopt the belief that they can achieve massive success, and this is the reason most don’t.  When you learn to control and change your Mindset, anything in life is possible.  You can literally bend the universe to your will when you learn how to control your Mindset.  Building a giant income with an opportunity like Infinity Downline is a piece of cake if you can change your Mindset.

Why Do Most People Have Poor Mindsets?

I believe it’s because most people are beat down at every avenue they turn in our society.  Most people are predominantly negative so people are continually talked down, berated, belittled etc. at their jobs, from family, and from society in general.

Turn on the TV and what do you see?  95% of shows and news on the TV are full of negative garbage.  The news in particular is the most depressive amount of time you’ll ever spend during your day.  One way I completely changed my mindset was I stopped watching the news and the negative reporting going on everything under the sun, nothing positive is ever rarely shown on the news.

TV shows and our society in general are made to make people feel incompetent and inferior unless they look a certain way, buy certain brands, have a nice enough car, etc.  These type of ‘programming’ over time makes one feel very inadequate about themselves due to our ‘celebrity’ culture we live in today.  I honestly believe it’s a form of mind control to keep people feeling inferior, grateful to have substandard jobs, etc. but that’s a subject of another post.

This is also the reason why people cannot be successful in an online business like Infinity Downline, they have such a poor self esteem about themselves and never get themselves enough credit to even get started and will continually make excuses and never change their lives.  This is true for any business.

Is Changing Your Mindset Easy?

Changing your Mindset takes time, since most have been ‘programmed’ by the massive amount of negatives in our society.  Here are the biggest tips I can give anyone looking to change their mindset:

1.  Stop watching the News

2.  Surround yourself with Positive People

3.  Let go of the negative people in your life (not always easy but a must unfortunately)

4.  Fill your mind with good positive self development books (Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, Napoleon Hill)
5.  Just don’t let negativity enter your mind in any way shape, form, or fashion

As you start changing your Mindset, you’ll find that your view on yourself and what you are able to accomplish drastically improves very quickly.  You’ll start to realize that whatever success you want in life is entirely and completely dependent on you, and that my friend makes you absolutely dangerous ;)

If you ready for success, personal development, and everything under the sun and ready to build a massive income with Infinity Downline and my huge massive training site then just click the ‘Join Now’ button below…

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