SEO Omega Review – Rankings in 24 Hours?

I don’t normally review products, but when I was introduced to this product through a mutual network marketing friend and Infinity Downline business partner, I just had to check it out because I’m one of the crazy people on the planet that really enjoys SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

I’m known for my SEO skills, and I can pretty much rank just about anything over time, but as I started studying SEO Omega I realized very quickly that this product is teaching how to rank much more quickly than ever before.  SEO is an ever evolving industry thanks to our wonderful friends at Google (sarcasm intended).

In this SEO Omega Review we will look at each part of SEO Omega and break down what you need to know.

Who Created SEO Omega, Who Is Behind the Product?

SEO Omega was created by Alexander Becker and Alex Cass, two SEO experts that actually run their own SEO services for national businesses and organizations as well as building their own SEO sites to rank and sell products/services.  They have created quite the SEO Empire for themselves.

seo omega review

Once you get to know Alexander Becker (Check out his Source Wave SEO Blog) you’ll see that this guy is as REAL as it gets.  That’s what attracted me to this product the most.  I knew very quickly that their SEO tactics worked while studying the course because I’ve used similar strategies to rank my own sites, but you can see how much integrity Becker has in his teachings.

Both Alexander Becker and Alex Cass have built multiple 6 figure businesses online.  You can read more about them at Source Wave.

What Will I Learn In SEO Omega?

The course itself is broken down into 7 Modules with a few Bonus modules thrown in as well:

seo omega review module list

I can attest to the fact that this SEO course takes you by the hand and shows you everything you need to know about getting VERY Quick Rankings for low competition keyword and how to go after the big competition keywords with more effort.  I personally enjoyed the module on site design as it helped me learn several new strategies on how to structure a site to get way more ‘link juice’ flowing within the site itself.

How Can I Get SEO Omega?

If you would like to purchase SEO Omega or learn more about what the product offers, just go right here:

seo omega review

I wholeheartedly recommend SEO Omega, whether your in an Internet Network Marketing business like Infinity Downline, or getting started with selling affiliate products or services online, you cannot go wrong with this course. 

It has amazing amount of value in each one of the modules that can make you a small fortune online, but most importantly the entire course is taught in a way by Becker that is completely easy to understand and relatable.  Becker is a normal guy just like me who hates the ‘gurus’ and the ‘elitists’ out there who claim to be experts but have nothing to back it up.

I approve this product ;)

James Matthews
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