How Do I Make Alot of Money With Infinity Downline?

Do I have to get tons and tons of signups with $25 to make a considerable amount of money?

In this video I explain just how easy it is to make a sizeable income with this opportunity:

Everyone thinks, “That $25 is not that much, I must have to get tons of signups to make money?

This is entirely not true, Infinity Downline’s compensation plan is based around leveraging due to the Reverse 2 Up System (2 & 4th member from your signups are passed up to you).  So in reality, if you get 4 signups, you are potentially getting 8 signups, and so on and so on.  This continues to compound over the life of membership and as you actively recruit more and more members and they duplicate the same process.

This is how myself and other top earners really created a sizeable income in a very short amount of time.  Think about duplication instead of you in the trenches doing all the work yourself.  It’s an amazing concept and Infinity Downline is so great, and so easy that ANYONE can do it.  I even have senior citizens learning more about their computer and recruiting others!

25$ sure goes a long way, especially in this opportunity ;)

To YOUR Success,

James Matthews
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