How Do I Manually Mark Payments for Infinity Downline?


While Infinity Downline has a built in system to mark your referrals as paid when they pay through the system through your affiliate link, it is sometimes necessary to mark payments manually, in this post I’m going to show you step by step on how to do this.  First of all we need to understand why we need to mark someone manually as paid:

You will need to mark someone paid manually if and only if they pay OUTSIDE the program, this means they do not pay through your affiliate link payment page or signup page.  For instance, if someone wanted to pay you by cash or by a check every month for their subscription, this would be an instance where you would mark them manually as paid.

Some payment processors as well are not always 100% of the time tracked and marked by the company itself, so it’s always a good idea to view your back office by using the ‘view downline’ feature in the back office.  For instance everytime I have a referral pay through Payza for example, I always go in the back office and mark them paid manually.   Get in the habit of checking your back office regularly when you have referrals.

Step By Step Process on How To Mark Payments Manually with Infinity Downline

Step 1:  Log into your ID back office with your ID username and password on the main company site:

Step 2:  Find a Tab called ‘Mark Payments’ as show in the picture here:

infinity downline mark payments

Step 3:  Once You are in the ‘Mark Payments’ Page, you just simply find the username of the referral that signed up and then click the blue link ‘Process’

- If you have tons of referrals like I do and tons of members, do a ‘control-f’ (hitting control button and f button on your keyboard at the same time) search and enter the username to find the referral very quickly.

Step 4:  After you click ‘Process’ you will see the process page that looks like this:

infinity downline mark payments

It is only required to input the information of the ‘payment processor’, the ‘transaction ID’, and the ‘payment amount’…

- For Payment Processor just use the drop down menu to select the payment processor the referral used

- For Transaction ID you can enter the transaction ID the processor gave for the transaction, or your own transaction ID for your own  reference

- For Payment Amount this will always be ’25′ since Infinity Downline is a $25 membership program

Also please note that in a very few rare occasions, if the Infinity Downline server was having maintenance for a short time for instance, even though you receive a notification from ‘Site Admin’ you may still have to process and mark those payments, if your referral is reporting to you as being ‘inactive’ even though they have made a payment to you, then you can simply go in and mark and process that referral to make them active into the system.




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