Need to know how to change your current subscription plan for Infinity Downline?

I recently got all my credit cards out of my life (feels amazing!) and needed to change my subscription plan for Infinity Downline.  I thought this would make a great tutorial since I do get asked this from time to time, as some people’s own situations may change from time to time on how the pay for their Infinity Downline membership.

It’s important to mention that you do NOT lose your downline if you change your subscription method and the system is setup to protect that from happening. 

Here is how you change your current subscription plan for Infinity Downline:

STEP 1:  Log into your Infinity Downline back office, using your username and password.

STEP 2:  Click on the tab titled ‘Program Stats’

STEP 3:  On this page there is a link titled ‘Click here to make renewal payments’

STEP 4:  Click on a new payment option and setup a new subscription through your sponsors’ payment processor they have available (this may be several options depending on your sponsor)

Here is a video as well if that helps in understanding the process:


And there you have it!  Just 4 simple steps if you need to change your payment subscription for Infinity Downline.  It’s very important that you do NOT let your payment plan lapse or you will lose your subscription and your downline!  That is not a good thing so please make sure you always have an active paying subscription.

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