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Despite the company giving the steps in the back office when you login, I still get asked constantly how to signup or confusion sets in after the first sign in process, so making a page with video tutorials to address this issue has helped many through the signup process.

It is VERY important to realize that you are NOT an active member into Infinity Downline until you have paid the $25 membership fee.  This $25 membership fee is paid every single month into the program where your sponsor receives 100% commission monthly.  This works the same for you and you MUST be an active paying member to receive commissions and to be PAID, which is very important.  The membership fee is paid through your sponsor’s payment processors, which can be anything from PayPal, LinkPoint, Alertpay (Payza) to several credit card processors the company offers for you to utilize.

Why is it important to signup into Infinity Downline?

If you make referrals into the program without being a paid member, you will NOT receive credit for the referrals (sales) and it will be passed up to your sponsor, so please make sure you are squared away on this process.  It’s not difficult at all once you see how the process works and you really need to know how to instruct your downline on the signup process as well.

Infinity Downline Signup Process Tutorial:

Infinity Downline Signup Process broken up into Steps:

Step 1: Visit or ask for sponsor’s Infinity Downline website (join with me click here)

Step 2: Click the ‘Join’ Tab

Step 3: Input your username, password, and information

Step 4: Once logged in, Click the ‘Click Here to Start the Payment Process’ (seen in the image below):

infinity downline how to signup


Step 5:  Click on the Blue Link As Shown on the Payment Page Here:



Step 6:  Follow the Directions and Make your $25 membership fee transaction into the payment processor

Please Note:  (When signing up with me directly, I will be sending you Training Access & Bonuses as soon as possible after I receive the notification in my payment processor, so be watching your email closely for a ‘Welcome Email’ from myself)


That’s it!  You are active and ready to receive 100 % commissions from your referrals ;)


To YOUR Success,

James Matthews
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