If This Was So Easy…Then Everyone Would Be An Internet Marketer!

An Important Point we need to all realize about this Industry of Online Internet/Network Marketing:

If it was so easy to do this, then all your family and friends would be full-time internet marketers and would be not pursuing traditional careers as teachers, lawyers, doctors, etc.  I know we all get bombarded every single moment with spam saying you can make $100,000 or more in 6 weeks with this new internet marketing course or new software or new ebook, etc.

Think about it.  If it were that easy why would these same people keep releasing new products for you to buy, wouldn’t the first product been enough to teach you the promises of online riches?  I hope your getting my point.  95% of everything out there in this industry is hype and garbage or re-hashed garbage looking to make a quick dime off of people looking for real answers.

Well James, Is It Even Possible To Be Successful as an Internet Marketer?

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Absolutely.  Hundreds of thousands of people like myself are successful because we do the RIGHT things.  We are real actual people.  We don’t promise time freedom and 100,000$ dollars by doing no work whatsoever.  We are professional and help people make an educated buying decision if they choose to get involved.  It is very possible to be successful online if you just be a real honest person and do the right things.  It’s actually very simple once you learn how to do it the right way.

Being successful online is the same principles as being successful offline, you conduct yourself in a manner the same as if people were sitting in your living room.

You Talk About the Value of the Products of the Opportunity

You Talk About How the Products Benefit them and not You

You Talk About the Income Potential when there is Honest Work Behind the Effort

If more people online would do just those 3 concepts, then we wouldn’t have the 95% failure rate.  Most people who start an online business are looking to make quick money and will ‘hype’ and give many false promises to the masses.  We see this alot in the ‘make money online’ niche every single day where a new product is released every single minute promising untold riches for buying a course.

What’s the Real Secret Behind Being Successful in Internet Marketing?

Very simply just be yourself.  It’s a fundamental concept that has been lost in the hype and garbage of the Internet Marketing industry.  Be yourself and let people get to know you.  Explain Why You enjoy and are involved in the opportunity you are promoting.  Discuss the value of the products, the value of the compensation plan, be helpful and professional.  If you can do these things, then the sky is the limit online ;)

To YOUR Success,

James Matthews
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