Infinity Downline – 4 Year Anniversary!

I am very late in celebrating the 4 Year Anniversary for Infinity Downline, as the program was started in March of 2009.  But I had always wanted to write a post about just how beneficial and amazing a 4 year anniversary is for ANY company!

infinity downline anniversary

Especially in terms of an online business, this is a HUGE DEAL.  Seems we are always hearing of a company that is being shut down, investigated, goes offline, etc. any time we turn around.  “Infinity Downline” on the other hand has been a solid rock within the internet network marketing community and will always be stable due to the system and the ingenuity of the creator Peter Wolfing.

How Has Infinity Downline Been So Strong Over 4 Years?

There are a number of reasons why Infinity Downline is still as popular as ever:

1.  It’s Simple

2.  Anyone Can Understand the Program

3.  It’s Global

4.  Products Are Digital and have Immediate Access

5. Easily Duplicatable by each person joining the Program

6.  System is setup perfectly with programming and compensation

7.  Payments are Instant; No Waiting To Be Paid

8.  Compensation gets Insanely HUGE with the Reverse 2 Up System

I could go on and on about how great Infinity Downline is but those are just a few of the reasons.  Everyone is looking for a solid stable business to build that’s not going to disappear a year after they join.  This IS that business!

As a leader within Infinity Downline, I’m always cross-recruited by others in other programs about the ‘next thing’ coming out or I should join ‘this or that’ and my response is always the same:  “No thanks I’ll stay with something Stable!”

Will Infinity Downline Be Around Another 4 Years?

I personally believe that Infinity Downline will be around for 40 years and even after that.  Peter Wolfing’s overall corporation Multiplex systems is a debt-free company which has created many outstanding networking and internet marketing companies that have been true blessings to over 260,000 members just within Infinity Downline itself.

Ready For Something Stable?  If So ‘Join Below’…

James Matthews
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