The Number 1 Killer in Infinity Downline Business…..Or Any Business!

What would you think the number 1 business killer in Infinity Downline would be?  Lack of information, training, advice, help, etc.?  Definitely not with our Team ;) That would be a good guess but let me tell you the number 1 absolute killer of mankind’s hopes and dreams since the beginning of time:

“I Don’t Have Time”

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Now not the concept of actually not having time, but the big lying excuse of “I Don’t Have Time.

Let me proclaim that anyone who uses this excuse does have the time, because they do have the time to sit in the recliner and watch their favorite TV show, play video games, do their favorite activity, etc. all day long.  But when it comes time to build a business, then “I Don’t Have Time” is heard quite readily.  Yet what we do hear is tons of complaining that they don’t have money, more time to spend at home, time to travel……….doesn’t really make much sense does it?

Infinity Downline Business Killer Further Explained

You see, most people don’t have what it takes to really build a business, they start out on fire, excited, ready to go but when the first obstacle or roadblock gets in the way or more importantly they figure out that there is actual work involved…… instead of pushing through they start making excuses all day long.  “I Don’t Have Time” is the one I hear the most.  That saying is usually spewed out while sitting in the ‘lazyboy’ when they have all the time in the world to do whatever they want.

infinity downline business

This guy doesn’t have time either…

See how this is very illogical?  People do have time.  And I know for a fact that people MAKE time for what they really want.  I used to embarrassingly be so into video games, I would sit for hours and play mindlessly always thinking how awesome it would be to have an online business and make money, but yet still playing video games and doing absolutely nothing about my situation.

Why Infinity Downline Business Killers Exist

So What is the reason for the excuse “I Don’t Have Time”.  It’s very simple……MINDSET.  Mindset is so absolutely critically huge in having success. Everything, whether being a millionaire or choosing to be homeless is all about one thing, the human mind and what you believe about yourself and your environment.

The great news is that Mindset can be developed into success, and most people, through years of teaching have poor mindsets about themselves and about making money other than a J.O.B., but that’s another topic for discussion larger than the scope of this post.

If you find yourself as a person with a poor mindset, don’t worry, I was there myself until I started reading really great books (check out my bonuses) and started to develop my subconscious mind into believing I could be a success.

If your ready to stop saying “I Don’t Have Time”, and actually start changing your life starting today, then let’s just simply get started….. because it truly all starts right here.

To YOUR Success,

James Matthews
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