How To Change Sponsors in Infinity Downline

I recently received an email from an Infinity Downline member who was in a very unfortunate situation. Their sponsor had passed away and had no clue on what to do next or how to go about their membership into the program.  While I NEVER cross recruit or in the business of getting members from other sponsors, I felt there was a need for this tutorial to help others in a similar or situation where they don’t feel comfortable in working with their sponsor.

This process just basically involves a member logging into their back office with their username and password, clicking on ‘Program Stats’, and then clicking on the 3 options to end their current subscription, which you’ll see described in the video below.

Changing Infinity Downline Sponsor or Canceling Infinity Downline Membership:

The signup process under a new sponsor will just be repeating the same process as when they first signed up, registering and I would recommend using a new email, you can setup many emails through gmail if you need a new email account to use.

I would never recommend changing sponsors for any reason other than a drastic situation, and I cannot stop anyone from changing sponsors if you feel you need to go this route.  Always remember that success in any opportunity is ‘staying in the game’ and never ever quitting, no matter what opportunity you are in.  I’ve found that most problems are never the cause of a sponsor, but caused by someone’s lack of ability to follow through and go through the steps of being successful, because so many people have been successful before you, it’s insane to think that you can’t do the same or just repeat the same process.

It’s all about just deciding to make it happen.

To YOUR Success,

James Matthews
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