How You Get Paid in Infinity Downline

The most important aspect of any online opportunity is how you get paid in that opportunity, in this short video tutorial I describe just that:

When a prospect signs up through your direct affiliate link, the system will send you a notification about your new referral, and also the payment processor should send you a notification as well.  Once the transaction is completed, the $25 dollar membership fee is placed into your selected payment processor account (paypal, alertpay, linkpoint).  An Overview of the different payment processors can be viewed here.

It is very important that I also mention that the payment is INSTANT, no waiting whatsoever.  The payments are instantly available to you as a sponsor.  In many affiliate programs it takes sometimes weeks for payments to process, not so in Infinity Downline, and that’s another reason why I love this opportunity.

It was a goal of mine to make money in my sleep, and with Infinity Downline I’ve done that many times over, waking up to notifications of $25 over and over.

Who said making money had to be hard?  ;)

To YOUR Success,

James Matthews
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