Infinity Downline – Is It 25$ A Month?

It’s pretty much common knowledge that the reason Infinity Downline has such an amazing compensation plan is because it is a monthly membership program.  Despite this being discussed and repeated on the main company site, my own website, and countless others explaining this through every avenue possible, I still get asked this question quite frequently.

I decided to answer the question in a video, so please do watch:

Why Does Infinity Downline Have To Be $25 A Month?

Ask yourself this question:  “Is It Better To Get Paid EVERY Month, or Once A Month?”   If you live on the planet earth and are not either completely ignorant or criminally insane, then you’ve answered that it is MUCH better to get paid every month.   This is how large residual income is built and most importantly a stable income is provided to each member.  I am so glad the program is $25 A Month and I personally wouldn’t want it any other way.

I do have at times some people asking me why it has to be a monthly program, and my response aside from the above is that I state that if $25 is something you have to even think a second about, then any business is not the decision for you.  You are operating from a weak mindset and there is no way you can have any kind of success hesitating about something as low cost as Infinity Downline that can potentially pay you thousands and thousands of dollars every month, just like it’s done for me.

There is few if any other business opportunities like Infinity Downline that has such a low cost and with a compensation plan that can take off so amazingly quickly, I firmly believe that everyone should be a part of this program and learn how to create a massive income for themselves.

I Now Understand the Benefits of 25$ A Month Instead of Just Once, What Else is So Great About Infinity Downline?

Here are even more benefits to Infinity Downline that is ‘just too good to be true’ but in this case it actually is too good to be true:

- Break Even With Just One Referral (refer just one person and you are not paying anything for your membership)

- Just Referring 4 People Will Potentially Pay You Thousands with the Reverse 2 Up Compensation Program

- Huge massive income potential with no more effort or work on your own from the Reverse 2 Up Compensation Program

- Instant Payments into Your Payment Processor (No Waiting Whatsoever)

- 100% Commissions on Every Sale (If you’ve ever Sold anything, you know this is Great)

- No Admin Fee Whatsoever, Ever

That’s just a few benefits to this amazing business, but if you need more information go to my faq about Infinity Downline right here that will answer the most frequently asked questions.

If this doesn’t get you excited or get you ready for a big change in your life, then you need to check your pulse, this is the easiest and most profitable stable income producing program in existence.  Best part is that I’m going to show how to do everything step by step in my private exclusive training site, I’m here to help you every step of the way.

Click the ‘Join Now’ button below if your ready for a life of freedom and massive paydays,

James Matthews
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