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Infinity Downline Review

So, what is Infinity Downline and How can You make money from the program?  Infinity Downline is an online home business opportunity that ANYBODY can afford.  It was officially released on March 1, 2009 by Peter Wolfing; a trusted and well established Internet Marketer Veteran.  He had a vision, and that was to be able to offer just about anyone the opportunity to go into business for themselves at an unheard of start-up rate of only $25What?! Let me say that again, You can open your own business and have the potential to earn a substantial income for ONLY $25!!! Compare that to opening a typical business where you would have to pay rent, employees, payroll, upkeep, and not to mention the Tens, to Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars in start up fees that you would almost certainly have.   

Infinity Downline Review Video:

You may have already heard of this business opportunity, but being the business minded and intellectual person that you are, you decided to do your careful research, and I sincerely congratulate you for that.  This tells me that you are either seriously looking, or contemplating going into business for yourself (best thing I ever did).  You just need the right opportunity to get started.  You are looking for an honest and truthful review of the Infinity Downline opportunity, and how you can profit from it.  Well stop looking, you came to the right place!

Infinity Downline is a constantly expanding, stable and popular online business opportunity that gives you the potential to earn a true passive and residual income.  When you join Infinity Downline, you’ll instantly receive a product line consisting of hundreds of premium audios and videos, training you in offline and online marketing principles and computer skills while gaining access to a constantly expanding library of self improvement products to assist you in growing your business.  You will also receive a web site customized and personalized to you, with your name and phone number, for you to promote and profit from the moment you join

Let’s take a look at some of those products:

Infinity Downline Affiliate Marketing Training

Infinity Downline Product Creation Training Series

Infinity Downline WordPress Site Training Series

Infinity Downline Forum Training Site Series

Infinity Downline Squidoo Training Series

Here is a Video OverView of the Product Line – Amazing Value:

When it comes to cost, I have yet to find another Business Opportunity that can beat it (and I spent months looking at all of them).  The products, videos, audios, and personal training that are instantly available to you are valued in the thousands of dollars alone!  It’s simply a package that is nearly impossible to beat when it comes to starting your own Internet Business. But, before we go any further, I want to make one thing clear:

Infinity Downline is a legitimate home business opportunity, and like all legitimate businesses you must put forth some effort to become successful.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s look at the Good and Bad of Infinity Downline.

The Good of Infinity Downline:

Here is what made yours truly take a closer look at the program:

You can read the Infinity Downline sales letter all day, but until you actually hear about the system from someone you can trust (yours truly), someone who has been on the inside, it’s hard to take it seriously (I was skeptical myself).  This is my honest Insider Infinity Downline Review:

  • Great for anyone who wants to start a home based business with very small start-up cost ($25).
  • Great for marketers who are looking for an easy additional income stream to add to their existing opportunities.
  • Your personalized website is designed and ready for business the moment you become a member.
  • Complete, step by step, live and pre-recorded video training is provided to help anyone promoting and working their Infinity Downline business.
  • Ideal as a great beginning base for driven entrepreneurs to expand to other areas of marketing.
  • Because the niche (market) is already chosen for Infinity Downline, there is no need for market research as to what to sell and promote.
  • Infinity Downline gives you the potential to earn a six figure annual income as well as a massive residual income.  Some people make a little extra spending money from Infinity Downline, while others manage to earn an annual six figure income from Infinity Downline alone.
  • Infinity Downline works on a system of duplication: if one person can do something to succeed, then others can do the same thing to recreate their success.
  • The customer support and help desk are extremely helpful, always available and willing to assist in any matter that needs resolution.
  • Infinity Downline has A VERY INEXPENSIVE $9 ADMIN FEE. This is very rare.  Also 100% Payouts on every sale recurring to YOU!
  • Break even on the first sale!  100% Money back on the first person that you introduce to the system.  Everything thereafter is profit.  This is unheard of in the Internet Marketing Industry.
  • Overview calls that explain the system in detail to your prospects.  I highly recommend that you get on this call if you haven’t already…

infinity downline call bannerGet on the live Infinity Downline weekly conference calls and get motivated!

Or…Listen to a call right here!

*Please allow time for the audio to load and start playing*

Infinity Downline Call – MP3 File

The Bad of Infinity Downline:

What the Sales Letter Doesn’t Tell You

I told you I was gonna be honest!  I’m gonna give you the good and bad, not some article that goes on and on about the good parts of the program, and doesn’t give you the bad as well.  Just as almost anything you’ll find on the internet, there seems to be pieces of information that gets left out.  This information is left out for one reason, people are trying to make a quick buck from you.  I don’t believe and never will believe in doing business that way.  I feel that if someone has an upfront idea of what they are getting involved with from the start, they will have a much higher chance of success, which in turn helps both partners in a long-term profitable business relationship.  And that’s what sets this review apart from all the rest.  Now on with the Bad:

  • In addition to the $25 start up cost, you will also see a few optional expenses that Peter Wolfing (creator) recommends.  These include purchasing daily leads to promote your business, getting your own web domain and hosting to host a personalized web site (such as this one), and using phone broadcasting and post card marketing.  These additional expenses are optional and you do not have to buy them through Infinity Downline.  This is how Infinity Downline makes a profit.  It is entirely up to you if you want to invest more into growing your business.
  • As with any business on the planet, there is no 100% guarantee that you will succeed.  Hopefully you have not read into the hype all over the Internet about “join xyz company and make a gajillion dollars”.  If you see a web site like that…run away….fast, and call them a scam artist just before you leave.  With that being said, not everyone makes money from Infinity Downline. But honestly, has there ever been a business that has a guaranteed 100% success rate?
  • Although very valuable, the training that is instantly available to you can only teach you so much.  A lot of training and education vital to your success in the world of internet marketing (such as search engine optimization, article marketing, video marketing, and attraction marketing) are things that you will have to learn elsewhere…

Hint Hint:

My Exclusive Infinity Downline Masterminds Team Training and Resource Site

More on this later :-)

So Is Infinity Downline The Right Opportunity for You?

Are You Right For This Opportunity?

Honestly, Infinity Downline may not be for you.  I’m assuming that we haven’t personally met yet and that I haven’t gotten to know you.  So, I’m going to be very straightforward here.  If you expect to sign up and instantly start to make money without working the system or putting in any work ethic at all, let me be the first to tell you … You Will Fail.  But on the other hand, if you are success driven, and ready to apply the techniques that I teach my teammates and downline, and if you’re ready to take action and have a passion to create financial freedom and willing to work a little to get there… Then this business is without a doubt for You.

Infinity Downline may be a great option for you if you fall into one of the following categories (all of these applied to me):

  • A hard worker who is tired of the corporate world and desperately wants to work from home and enjoy life without a J.O.B. (Just Over Broke) running his or her life.
  • A stay at home mom who needs extra money and doesn’t want to work some low wage J.O.B. (low wage jobs are just about the only jobs available in our recession at the moment).
  • People who are happy with their career and/or job, but would like to build a business of their own to potentially earn thousands of dollars a year on autopilot.  Even an extra 200-300$ monthly goes a long way (speaking of personal experience when I first got started).
  • Someone experienced in business/marketing that would like to add an additional stream of income to their life (these people would have quite an advantage over most people starting in Infinity Downline).  If prospects can’t afford your primary opportunity, they can almost always afford the $25 with Infinity Downline.

Why Do Some Fail Why Others Succeed?

Not everyone makes a profit online (or in any business opportunity).

Honestly, with all of the business opportunities you see on the internet, can you tell me one where every member has had 100% success?  Infinity Downline is no different.  Here are several reasons why I think people fail with the Infinity Downline Program, or any online business for that matter.

  1. They simply give up before they have a chance to succeed (I’m sure you know someone like this).
  2. Lack of promotional efforts in their business.  If no one knows about your opportunity, how can you succeed?
  3. They think that they can just wait for success without doing anything to help their business grow and make money.
  4. They don’t continue to educate themselves about the Infinity Downline program.  The Infinity Downline training and marketing resources are highly effective and I highly recommend it to all Infinity Downline members.

The problem is that most people join Infinity Downline and then don’t want to do ANYTHING to promote their business.  Even though there are built-in advertising opportunities that can do 90% of the work for you, some people amazingly don’t get involved.  Most people will join and just sit back, not lifting a finger to learn and grow their business.  Nothing in life works like this, this method never has worked and never will work.  Please understand this.

So, What Do You Think Now?

Have You Decided If The Benefits Outweigh The $25 Cost To Open Your Own Business?

infinity downline review

There’s only one person in this world that can decide if Infinity Downline is the right opportunity for you…and that person can only be YOU.  While I can give you all the information in the world about the benefits of growing your own business for the long term, you are the only one that can decide if this opportunity is right for YOU.  Will you let this opportunity pass you by, or will you dive in and take action?

After reading through this review and educating yourself on Infinity Downline, you may be ready to get started.  If so, sign up here.  But, you may still have some questions.  If that is the case, please feel free to shoot me an email or give me a call (see below).  I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about Infinity Downline or me as your sponsor….without trying to sell you into my business opportunities.

Recently, I have been dedicating my time and efforts into growing my Infinity Downline Business and helping my team-mates do the same.  And although I have been in the marketing business for a year now, I learn something new and exciting every day that I will surely use for promotion of my online and offline business practices.  I TRULY enjoy it!  I can tell you without a doubt it’s so much more fun than a 9 to 5 J.O.B., and it definitely pays better! 8-)

So, do you want to start learning how to make a six figure income online?  Would you like to have your own money-making website?  Are you willing to take action toward changing your life, creating lifestyle freedom, and creating a solid financial future for yourself?

If you answered a “YES” to all those questions then I would highly recommend this program.

Continue on to the next pages to view the compensation plan, team benefits, and bonuses you will receive when you join me in Infinity Downline.


To YOUR Success,

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