Infinity Downline Scam

infinity downline scam


I’ve bet you’ve heard this many times:

Infinity Downline Scam

When someone says “Infinity Downline Scam“,

I believe it is important to look at the reasons as to why this is stated in the first place by individuals:

1.  They have tried a network marketing opportunity before and had little to no success.
2.  They have tried a network marketing opportunity and did not attempt to actively promote or work the program.
3.  There is an inherent mindset issue within most people that doesn’t allow them to believe that a program like this would work.

Also, most individuals have probably been involved with questionable businesses and most likely have been burned a time or two.  Unfortunately this is sometimes true in the network marketing industry, and is usually caused by suspicious individuals practicing underhanded business methods.

When this occurs, most people are very reluctant to get involved with a program such as Infinity Downline, even with the extremely low buy-in and almost guaranteed success.  Not to mention the ability to break completely even with just 1 referral!

Since we’ve looked at the topic of Infinity Downline being called a “scam” or “hoax” or whatever someone may negatively refer to the program as, I would like to give you my honest answer to the question:

infinity downline scam


1.  Infinity Downline is NOT a scam.

2.  Infinity Downline does EXACTLY what it says it does.

3.  Infinity Downline is the lowest cost, highest reward network marketing opportunity on the planet.

In 6 months with this company, I can assure you that Peter Wolfing (program creator) has created one of the most lucrative business opportunities out there, and has made it so incredibly easy for anyone, regardless of their marketing experience to succeed with the program, that there is NO way this could even be referred to as a “scam”!

Here are several reasons why Infinity Downline could NOT be a scam:

  • I have been paid on time, every single time from each of my signups
  • I have been paid by each of my payment processors with no problems whatsoever
  • I have continually built a downline from my signups and the reverse 2 up system works EXACTLY as stated
  • Most importantly and often overlooked part of this opportunity, the products themselves are of tremendous value!

Infinity Downline has been in business since March of 2009 and has approximately 200,000 members.  If this opportunity were a scam of any kind, there would not be this many people involved with the program.  I can also assure you that I would not be involved with any kind of suspicious program or business, as I pride myself in being involved with credible companies.

This business is “The Real Deal!”


To YOUR Success,

James Matthews
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