Just what is the Power of 4, and What Does It Have To Do With Infinity Downline?

The Famous ‘Power of 4′ is a term to describe the entire Infinity Downline business model and just how incredibly simple it really is.  I explain just how simple in this video:

The Power of 4 just centers around referring 4 people into the Infinity Downline program, then those 4 just duplicate those same results each week.  Your income as a result of this activity will explode with the unique Reverse 2 Up Compensation Plan.

Sound hard?

Of course notBut if it does let’s just think about the criteria of who would want to join Infinity Downline:

Who do you know has $25 and would like to have more money?
Who do you know would like access to an amazing digital product library worth thousands of dollars for only $25?
Who do you know would like long term passive residual income?

What Is So Special About the Power of 4 With Infinity Downline?

Power of 4 Infinity Downline

Very simply it’s EASY.  There is so much hyped garbage compensation plans out there and business models I couldn’t think of anything easier than finding 4 business partners who have $25 and just decide they are going to make it happen.  It’s just that simple.  Do not complicate this process.  People have a tendency to complicate everything and try to make things harder.  Keep it simple because the Power of 4 is very simple and best of all it’s so easy ANYONE can do it.

With all the confusing matrix plans, binaries, multilevel compensation plans from traditional MLM and networking opportunities I am very proud to be a part of something that is so SIMPLE that anyone, with any amount of work ethic, can make this happen for themselves.  Most people that join Infinity Downline with me have had very little success promoting overpriced and complicated programs, and really love Infinity’s very simple payment plan and structure.

So How Do I Start Using the Power of 4 With Infinity Downline?

Very simply just get started and sign up.  Then get 4 partners into your business that have $25.  I teach you how to get these 4 partners (as well as 100′s more) in my exclusive training that is completely FREE to you when you join my Infinity Downline organization.  What I teach works.  Plain and simple, and you can see picture proof evidence right here…..

Just always remember that it doesn’t require referring hundreds of people, it just requires referring 4, then those 4 just simply repeat this same process, then the Reverse 2 Up Compensation immediately starts taking effect and you are building many monthly commissions from your referrals bringing in their 4 and so on, and son on, and so on……until Infinity ;)

Ok that last part was a little ‘cheesy’, but I hope you are seeing just how simple and lucrative this all is.  I’ll help you every step of the way!

To YOUR Success,

James Matthews
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