Is Infinity Downline Real – Can I Really Make Money?

I just recently put together a video to address a question I get asked more often than not, and it really kinda gets to me.  That question is this:

“Hey James….Is This For Real……..Can I Really Make Money With Infinity Downline?”

While I have a huge amount of content online to answer this question in as much detail as possible, it really kind of amazes me how some people’s mindsets are these days and how many questions they ask before taking any action.

Watch the Video to hear me vent:

What else can be shown to prove my income and my success with this opportunity?  Nothing.  I’ve felt that I can only go so far and show so much to let an individual make a decision to get involved or not.  I’ve learned the hard way and through experience that people with broken mindsets will do anything to keep themselves broke, and you should never waste another thought on this issue.

Why Are People So Skeptical About Infinity Downline?

Very simple.  Programming since they could walk that they need to work at a J.O.B to make any sort of income, spend their lives in a cubicle, work for someone else their entire life, etc.  This is taught to us since we can walk as it preached as to what is ‘normal’ and ‘just what everybody does’.  Online Marketing & Internet Marketing is so ‘out of the box’ for some of the population there is no way they can ever think they can have any sort of success.

It’s really a shame.  And the process of being successful online is really very simple once you understand what works.  I believe that most people are just fearful about doing something ‘different’, but all the while complaining every single moment that they have no time freedom, no money, etc.   It really kind of perplexes me :(

is infinity downline for real?

Is Everyone Skeptical About Infinity Downline?

Absolutely Not.  The ones who just simply take action instead of ‘thinking’ are the people like myself who are successful and make things happen.  Having thousands of dollars pouring in every month without doing any more work on your part is amazing, and is the very essence of residual income.  Residual income is what Infinity Downline is all about with the Reverse 2 Up Compensation Plan.  It’s really an amazing program that once set in motion, it is a freight train that can’t be stopped!

To YOUR Success,

James Matthews
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