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I”m always honest, so this post is about the forbidden and often understood concept of ‘mlm’ which is an acronym for ‘multi level marketing’.  I got curious this last year and I decided to give the whole ‘mlm’ thing a go and see if I could build an offline team of sales and distributors in my area for a very popular weight loss company.  It worked.

But there is something you need to know about “MLM Scams”, especially vs. Affiliate Marketing (what Infinity Downline is), please watch my honest & sincere video:

Do I Think All MLM Companies Are Scams?

Of course not, and I’m not saying anything negative about MLMI’m just saying honestly that it’s about 100x more difficult and a constant headache of a sales job that you are running 24/7.  If you stop for a moment your business comes to a screeching halt.  I don’t see where the stability in something like this is after doing it successfully for a year.  I wouldn’t say ‘scam’ but I definitely don’t feel that most MLM companies are completely honest on what it takes to be successful in the traditional network marketing game.  It’s hard and draining.

After running my experiment this past year I’ve come to the conclusion that with a traditional MLM and the VERY high dropout rates, MLM companies are primarily making money off of the distributors.  Traditional MLM’s have ridiculously high autoship volumes that have to be kept even before a distributor is paid.  This makes it extremely hard for the average person to stay successful and actually make more money than they are paying.

Constant home parties, on the phone 24/7 with distributors and selling the product, etc. is just not my thing.  Some people love this, not me.  I would much rather build a site and push massive traffic and sit back and rake in sales and signups, but that’s just me ;)

So What’s Better Than MLM Scams Or What Do I Need To Be Involved With?

In my opinion you need to be involved in a program or an opportunity that allows you to completely do it from your laptop, anywhere on the planet.  You also need to be able to leverage your time.  In other words put a small amount of work into a program and it pay you much more in return.  Once you learn how to market online, target keywords, drive traffic, attraction marketing, you will never ever have to call anyone on the phone again or make anyone feel ‘different’ about your because you prospected them on your business (yes I’m talking to you MLM’ers – you know it’s true).

If your looking for something Better, you won’t find anything better on the planet than Infinity Downline, it’s the most simple and lucrative opportunity for anyone to be successful.  Don’t fall for the MLM Scams and the ‘hype’ associated with.  They are not giving you the whole story.

If your ready I’m ready to help you,

James Matthews
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