My National Wealth Center Website Is Now Live!

I’ve completed my website for National Wealth Center and it is now live.  If you are looking for all things concerning news and updates concerning the new National Wealth Center (Infinity Downline 2.0) please do bookmark or check on the site often.

You can view the site here:

national wealth center website

I will be posting weekly updates as well as detailed information as the company rolls out new changes and updates for the program.  Alot has already taken place and I’ve been receiving tons of questions concerning the National Wealth Center launch.  Best way to keep updated is checking out my website and watching for new posts on the site itself.

Why Did I Make My Own National Wealth Center website?

Due to my success with Infinity Downline, everyone on the planet wants my time whenever any questions need answered about that business opportunity.  A personalized website where I can list all the new changes and updates concerning National Wealth Center is the best way to keep everyone informed at the same time.

Also a personalized website is a very effective form of marketing in that allows people interested to get to know me and that I am in fact a real life human being.  Most anyone involved with any online business opportunity never does this and is a big mistake.

People do business with people they know, like, and trust and a personalized website accomplishes this goal in a big way.

It also separates you from 95% of other marketers as well because most everyone just markets their company affiliate site with little to no results.  What I’ve just told you is marketing gold so don’t tell anyone this ;)

How Else Can People Keep Up To Date on National Wealth Center?

The company is also doing weekly webinars as well as weekly calls concerning the opportunity.  You can be notified of these webinars and calls by subscribing to the company newsletter in either the Infinity Downline or National Wealth Center back office.

Peter Wolfing and Marcus Taylor are doing a phenomenal job of keeping everyone up to date to the minute of the program changes, enhancements, and upgrades.  This is what integrity is all about in the world of Online Network Marketing and am proud to be in league with these guys!


To YOUR Success,

James Matthews
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