I have NO Internet…….and I am Still Making Money with Infinity Downline!

A funny scenario has happened recently, my wonderful Internet Provider ceased to function over the course of 3 days until a service technician could arrive at my home and fix my problem.  Now to an internet marketer you would think this would be disastrous, be a funny thing happened…

I Made Money with Infinity Downline Even Without An Internet Connection!

This brings up a great point about building a website selling a product or an opportunity, this exists on it’s own and continually makes money for you whether you are working it everyday or not!   This is absolutely amazing in my opinion and it’s why I love this whole game of Internet Marketing.  Where else can you receive completely passive income like this?

We are all told from day 1 that to make money we have to work at a job, if we want to make more money we get a 2nd job, etc.  If your reading this you’ve probably figured out this doesn’t work, not if you want to have a life and see your family and be able to enjoy things…

How Did I Make Money In Infinity Downline Without An Internet Connection?!

Very simply put, people run across my site through one of my marketing strategies and decide to get involved…all on complete autopilot, whether I’m sitting right behind my computer or vacationing somewhere or doing anything…this just continually keeps happening and when you get it right…it’s an Amazing Thing!

If all this sounds good to you and your ready to make more money on autopilot, or with the least amount of work possible, then I want to show you how so you can experience the freedom that I have.  There is work involved in the beginning, but once you get everything set up it’s a great  feeling to wake up to opt-ins, emails about the program, and even better lots of $25 sale notifications in my email…

Just Get Started Already,

James Matthews
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